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Jitariu has done design work for Goldmund, PS Audio, and. MSB, so it was inevitable that a Rockna DAC would eventually appear. But it took until before its. Rockna Wavedream NET Review and Measurements TLDR: The Wavedream NET is a top of the line music server, CD transport, and streamer. It's. ROCKNA WAVEDREAM THE SOUND YOU EVER EXPECTED, AND BEYOND. wdream_up-1 · back. We are proud to present our current flagship in digital audio reproduction. FOR TIME Sophos Home is keeps breaking down functional choice that. Our Windows computers keeps an inventory and checks and connection to the. Ahaa, its fastidious willing to work compare the capabilities guys think that your VPN on "Entry Level" has this time me.

The price is of course quite steep, and so this is definitely something that would be part of a much higher end setup, but, given that it could potentially replace a server, CD transport, AND streamer, actually, the price starts to look quite good! Performance as a digital source is nothing short of exceptional. I did find that utilising the I2S output from the Wavedream NET to feed the Wavedream Signature DAC did result in a slight increase in quality, particularly in precision of imaging, in particular with the direction of musical elements becoming more focused and precise.

Though the Wavedream does seem to have an excellent USB and internal clocking solution, so the performance increase was not as drastic as some other dacs which benefit from bypassing their more mediocre implementations. Data is not at all altered and I did check to make sure it was bit-perfect. This system is intended to address jitter and timing, not audio content or DSP. To measure jitter, the device is connected to the digital input of the APx, and the analyzer is set to analyze jitter, not audio content.

This is the primary factor that a good streamer or DDC will seek to improve. Aaaaand we have a new top-dog! For a DDC or streamer alone this would be immensely impressive already, but for a device which also has a server and other hardware inside, Rockna has clearly done an exceptional job designing the NET.

But here, Rockna has galvanically isolated the server portion internally and clearly done a good job on the power supply too. Noise is exceptionally low, not quite as low as the SU-6 with its supercapacitor based supply, but still better than many other sources.

But people do love matching stacks, and with the reputation the Wavedream DAC holds, this is going to be a popular pairing. To test this, I fed a Improvements here are less obvious, with the main changes being the elimination of a couple deterministic spurs at around A reduction of a couple dB on almost all spurs when using I2S here.

Well, only you can decide that. Hello, and thank you for the review! Hi Nicolae, thank you for the reply, and thank you for making such a fantastic product! Would you be able to let me know how to enable the roon endpoint feature? Great Review. Internals of the Wavedream NET. Wavedream NET digital output section. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Two large toroidal mains transformers and a humongous for this type of a component filtering bank of over ,mF capacitance on permanent stand-by speak for themselves.

It can also be used as a line preamplifier with one particular feature — the volume control inside the Wavelight is fully analogue, although it is controlled digitally, thus any precious data truncation and loss can be avoided. All vital controls are physically present on the sleek front panel next to a crisp and large display window. Multiple sources were used and included CD, high-resolution disc formats, internet radio and, of course, a vast selection of all existing high-resolution music files WAV, FLAC, AIFF played back either from a dedicated advanced server setup or, occasionally, even from my high-end laptop computer.

A lot of time has been spent using commercial streaming services, predominantly Tidal and Qobuz in their highest quality resolution settings. And for a good reason. It took a good couple of days for all the circuits to be adequately conditioned and it was fascinating to monitor gradual improvement of the overall sound in a clearly perceptive manner during the initial 48 hours or so on mains power.

Of course, had I read the manual more comprehensively, I would have discovered that this is precisely what is to be expected during its first hours out of the box! The overall sonic signature of the Rockna Wavelight DAC is very traditional, almost old fashioned in character and colours, but ultra-modern in terms of how its highly musical character happens to be imposed on the listener. Speaking in digital terms, I often felt like I was listening to the most beautiful Wadia digital sound of yesteryear rejuvenated to be able to keep pace with the most capable and sonically impressive DACs of today.

In other words, a high degree of musicality without any dissection of music; detail serving music, rather than the other way around. From the quietest passages to the loudest moments within a wide variety of recordings, Wavelight exhibited a solid and firm grip that remained present at all times, totally undeterred by anything thrown at it.

Soundstaging is also very good indeed and well developed in all three dimensions. Interestingly enough, Wavelight is quite insensitive to any particular genre of music and handles admirably complex classical music as much as small jazz combos or solo singers, etc. Overall, a very versatile performer ticking all the boxes. I experimented with most of the digital inputs available and, just as expected, found the sonics best through the I 2 S input which is executed in a handy format of a HDMI port.

So, for as long as the digital output of your source has the same interface, any audiophile grade HDMI cable will provide the most complete connection and no loss of streamed data. No less interesting results were achieved listening to commercial streaming services. High-resolution files sounded real, full bodied and often almost as good as best recordings on CD, and some even better than that. That does not mean that, again, a good high resolution is incapable of sounding enjoyable, but I find they can lack consistency in sound quality.

Last, but not least, while the built-in preamplifier section works well and sounds really good, best results will be, as always, heard from the Wavelight DAC used just as a DAC into a line input of a dedicated, full blown, line preamplifier with output on the Wavelight set at maximum. VAT in the UK, it is reasonably priced for what it offers, and its design properties and sonic performance are both very respectable in their own right and when taken as a reflection of its cost.

As soon as the Wavelight NET server comes into play, the DAC and, in this setup also the Preamplifier, will be able to live autonomously and be self-serving while performing at their best into a power amplifier and a pair of speakers. As this will run under I 2 S, this will also have significant sonic benefits too. And that will most certainly give the Wavelight combination an ideal opportunity to shine through with all the potential built in them. Resolution: 24bit Passband ripple: 0.

URL: rockna-audio. URL: audiofreaks. Media servers are usually drab, hide in a corner somewhere computers. Based on a deceptively clever and unique amplifier circuit, Alan Sircom tries the smallest product using Chord Electronics' Ultima circuit; the pocket-sized integrated amp power of Anni. When Valhalla and even Valhalla 2 cables were launched, audiophile Ethernet cables were in their infancy.

Streaming is now more important than ever and Nordost steps up with specially designed cables for the task. Dynaudio's high-performance reputation doesn't just rely on expensive loudspeakers. The Emit 30 floorstanding loudspeaker packs a lot of loudspeaker into a very affordable package, according to Alan Sircom. Most Popular. Magico M6 floorstanding loudspeakers Alan Sircom Nov Back to top. By Nicholas Ripley More articles from this author.

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