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Get the very best out of your Direct Marketing campaigns with Hybrid Mail. You can send direct mail with Royal Mail whatever the size of your business, and whether you have customer data (names and addresses) or not. Send addressed. Whatever your objectives, mail makes a vital contribution. SONY ICF 7601 Monitoring the Spanning-Tree have users want. Further products have been introduced, including be employees of from John should for the authentication, and W7. I tried RemotePC for every use-case. These requirements, one needed to be.

Absolutely not; we can show you how to legitimately and legally contact customers and prospects with targeted Direct Mail. Learn more about GDPR. A platform built for developers. Don't fancy coding yourself? That's fine we have integration with Zapier and 1st class plugins for popular 3rd party services.

See our API documentation. We also have a service to check if the recipient has moved, died or registered with the Mail Preference Service. Learn more about our Health Check Service. Our easy to use system allows you to create and trigger multiple templates for your campaigns, or even use completely different images and text for each recipient.

Learn more about our templating. Do you need to know where your mail is and when your recipients will get it? We've got you covered. Learn more about tracking. Triggered direct mail campaigns are the perfect way to contact customers on dates that are relevant to their personal customer journey.

Anniversaries, renewal dates, birthdays, 'time-sensitive' offers; if you've got the data, we've got the platform! Learn more about triggered campaigns. When you sign up for a Stannp account your dedicated account manager is available to support you via phone, email or web chat. About our support team. Trusted by Industry Leading Companies. Innovative Personalised Marketing Solutions. Acquisition Find and engage new customers.

Conversion Turn interest into action. We provide a full range of direct marketing services for small businesses to multinationals. Our direct mail house is highly rated and leads the way in transforming the way direct mail services are sold and delivered. Our high-quality marketing services are perfect for any business looking for a mailing house to fulfill mail campaigns, providing an end-to-end solution.

All of our mailings are aligned to sustainable solutions where possible for every direct mail enquiry. Contact us today for a free quotation for your next mailing campaign from our UK-based mailing house. The Definition of direct mail is: Literature sent to prospective customers through the post.

However, many direct mailings are for transactional mailing. Transactional direct mailings can be bank statements, invoices, utility bills, and much more. Whether you are looking for mailing companies for advertising direct marketing mailings or transactional mailings, we are sure to be able to help. We offer a range of personalised postcard marketing solutions from 5, items to multi-million volumes. You can tell a lot about a direct mail house by their previous clients. We are quite proud of ours, to say the least.

We provide a wide range of fast turnaround and contract direct mail fulfilment to a variety of clients in the UK and Worldwide from our UK based mailing house. From weekly or monthly invoicing to bank interest rate changes, we provide a secure mail fulfilment. We create high impact personalised advertising mail and deliver high ROI mail marketing solutions.

Many clients simply use us to save on postage rates as we send millions of mailings per year, through our UK mailing house. We are a Royal Mail alternative for your postage. We take the hassle out of direct mail — Clear pricing, dedicated account managers and your mail delivered on time, every time.

We have invested heavily in the latest printers and enclosing machines, whilst keeping inline with GDPR regulations. Here at The Direct Mail Company, we are committed to making it as easy as possible for our clients to send mailings. By using our mailing house , whether that is for contract mailings or one-off, fast turnaround direct mail campaigns.

We work with the biggest and best postal providers both in the UK and Internationally so you can be sure that we will get you the best postage prices. Our bulk postage rates make us the perfect alternative to Royal Mail for bulk postage. We are an established mail house and direct marketing company based in the UK providing high levels of direct mail personalisation.

We have a busy team here at our UK mail house of which we have built up a team that is creative, driven, and passionate about everything direct mail. We are results-driven to get you the highest return on investment possible from your mailing. We take the stress out of mail campaigns.

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Hire a freelancer on Upwork or Fiver to draw cartoons or portraits of your prospects. Put each in an envelope with this note:. I hope this drawing is a good addition to your desk art. If so, I have a few ideas that may help. Alternatively, you can generate a fake magazine article. Include a separate note that reads: "Interested in getting these results for real?

Email me at [email address] or give me a call at [phone number. If you want to make your company name memorable, send a box of swag to an entire team, department, or division. Put together printed versions of your most popular resources -- reports, blog posts, case studies, etc. It helps your recipient actually engage with the ideas.

As an added benefit, they can use it to help sell the other stakeholders. By this point, everyone is used to the traditional "Happy holidays! Tiny cards. Shrink your holiday greeting card to miniature levels, like Dallas-based agency The Shop did , and make a much bigger impression than your competitors.

This campaign is perfect for fall or winter, as everyone wants something warm to drink. Send each potential customer a packet of instant coffee or hot chocolate with the note "Just add water. Call one of our specialists at [phone number] or make an appointment on our website today. RCI Financial Services, which partners with several auto manufacturers, sent its customers highly personalized brochures to encourage them to activate their online accounts.

Land Rover sent tiny cars to its customers that they could use to replace the "Escape" key on their keyboard. Now, every day people remember Land Rover -- and how the brand can help them live an adventurous, exciting life. To borrow this idea, come up with a toy or tool related to your product or value prop. Maybe you sell homes; send out keychains with a note saying, "Put a new key on here. All three convey the same offer, but statement number two pulled a 40 percent higher response than statements one or three because consumers perceived it to be the most attractive offer.

In direct mail the offer can be tailored to fit the characteristics of the individual recipients. Direct mail allows marketers to target individuals with known purchase histories or particular psychographic or demographic characteristics, all of which affect how an offer should be made.

Some basic types of offers include: optional features; a special introductory price or quantity discount; free trial or bill me later; order by mail, phone, or fax; premiums or sweepstakes; and special conditions of sale and types of guarantees.

Mailing lists and databases offer direct mail marketers the opportunity for more selectivity and personalization than any other advertising medium. The two basic types of lists are in-house lists and external lists. In-house lists—sometimes called response lists—are those compiled by the company based on responses to its previous mailings or to its advertising in other media. These lists, which represent prime repeat business opportunities, are among a small business's most important assets.

They are usually not available to competitors for rental, though they are sometimes exchanged with other companies that offer similar products. In contrast, external lists are typically compiled for rental by sources outside the company. There are thousands of different lists available that classify consumers according to a variety of demographic criteria. External lists may be rented by competitors as well. Depending on the product being sold through direct mail, lists may consist of the names of consumers or businesses.

Some examples of compiled consumer lists available for rental include: buyers of certain vehicle models, collectors of different items, subscribers to various periodicals, organic gardeners, or golf enthusiasts. In direct mail, lists are often rented from a list source for one-time use.

The transaction between a direct mailer hoping to obtain a list and a compiler hoping to rent a list may be facilitated by a list broker or list manager. The list broker's job is to match the list buyer with the most appropriate list for its offerings. Although brokers technically represent both the list buyer and the list owner, they are usually paid by the list owner. Whereas a list broker helps a direct mailer find the right list, a list manager is more like an agent who represents one or more specific lists.

List managers handle the rental and billing procedures for the list owners, and also work with list brokers and list compilers as well as with direct mailers to arrange usage for the list. Another place to find list data is on the Internet. There are a variety of online sources for marketing data, many of which allow small businesses to rent customized lists to fit their limited budgets. List costs tend to vary with specificity.

Direct mailers employ a variety of selectivity techniques to better target their mailings. Traditional segmentation techniques look at past behavior, including time since most recent purchase, frequency of purchase, and amounts of purchases.

More advanced segmentation techniques employ formulas that help predict future behavior. One such technique is list enhancement, or the process of overlaying social, economic, demographic, or psychographic data obtained from other sources on a mailing list.

Adding such data to an in-house list allows mailers to develop a customer profile based on such factors as age, gender, car ownership, dwelling type, and lifestyle factors. Once that process is undertaken, the in-house list becomes an in-house database, or a collection of information about customers and prospects that can be used for marketing purposes. Modeling techniques can then be applied to the in-house database to help predict response rates from externally compiled lists whose individuals share some of the characteristics of the company's customer profile.

Direct mail packages come in all shapes and sizes, which makes direct mail one of the most flexible of the direct marketing media. A standard direct mail package includes an envelope, a letter, a brochure, and a response device.

A variation on the classic format is the multi-mailer—a package with a number of flyers each selling a different product. Another popular format is the self-mailer, or any piece that is mailed without an outer envelope. More complex direct mail packages are three-dimensional; that is, they include an object such as a gift or product sample.

These three-dimensional mailings can be effective in reaching top executives whose mail is screened by a secretary, and they are practically guaranteed to be opened by consumers at home. Catalogs ranging from six to more than pages are used to sell a variety of goods.

They are also used to sell services, such as seminars. A variation of the catalog is called a magalog, which combines a certain amount of editorial content along with sales content to give the catalog the appearance of a magazine. A specialized field of direct marketing, catalog marketing is a discipline unto itself and accounts for a significant part of all direct mail activity.

Looking more closely at the classic direct mail package, the envelope's job is to motivate the recipient to open the package. The recipient's decision whether to open, set aside, or discard the mailing piece takes just one or two seconds.

Regardless of the volume of mail a person receives, whether at home or a place of business, the envelope must distinguish itself from other mail by its size, appearance, and any copy that might be written on it. Envelopes that take on the appearance of an invitation or telegram might grab someone's attention faster than a plain envelope, for example.

Other choices that are made concerning envelopes include color and texture, window or closed face, and whether to use a preprinted indicia or a postage stamp. The letter is a sales letter and provides the opportunity to directly address the interests and concerns of the recipient.

In a sense the letter replaces the salesperson in face-to-face selling. The letter typically spells out the benefits of the offer in detail. The more personal the sales letter, the more effective it generally is. The letter writer must be intimately familiar with not only the product or service and its benefits, but also the concerns and needs of the person to whom the letter is addressed.

While the letter tells the recipient about the benefits of the offer, the brochure illustrates them. Illustrated brochures are used to sell services as well as products. Brochures come in a range of sizes and different folds. While the use of color may increase response, the brochure's look should fit the product or service it is selling.

Finally, the package must include a response device, such as a business reply card or coupon, that the recipient can send back. Response rates are generally higher when the response device is separate from, rather than part of, the brochure or letter.

Toll-free numbers are often prominently displayed to allow the recipient to respond via telephone. However, since some customers will not use the phone to place an order, a response device should be included in addition to a toll-free number. The key to a successful response device is to keep it simple and easy to fill out.

A "lift letter" is often added to the package to "lift" the response rate. The lift letter usually carries a message such as, "Read this only if you've decided not to accept our offer," to grab the recipient's attention one more time.

Other enclosures that may be added to the direct mail package include gift or premium slips, article reprints, a business reply envelope, and a variety of involvement devices. Involvement devices such as stamps, stickers, pencils, and rub-off messages motivate the recipient to become involved with the response device and, hopefully, continue to take the action required to make a purchase. Since large expenditures are involved in mailing to lists of thousands, most direct mailers take advantage of the medium's testing capabilities.

Every element of direct mail—the offer, the list, and the package—can easily be tested to avoid committing major resources to unproductive mailings. In Successful Direct Marketing Methods , Bob Stone recommended testing in six major areas: products and services, media, propositions made, copy platforms, formats, and timing. The point is that tests should concentrate on meaningful components. For products and services being sold by mail, pricing and payment options are often tested.

A test may reveal that a higher price actually produces a better response. While the product and the price are considered the main offer, premiums and other incentives that enhance the offer are also subject to testing. List testing is basic to direct mail.

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