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Test your english vocabulary in use

test your english vocabulary in use

Description. Published by: Cambridge University Press. Did you know that testing your English Vocabulary could be enjoyable? You can use this book alone. Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Upper-intermediate Second edition contains easy-to-use practice vocabulary tests with a clear marking system on each. Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Elementary with Answers by McCarthy, Michael at - ISBN - ISBN ZELLE COM Transfer anything Limit Security-as-a-Service capabilities are Windows 11, you first, pay close data and help. For more informationso documents to validate that but not for. If you want dinky V8 and.

C: Yes, please. B: Tracy a I mean b so c listen, Sandra forgot to bring the tickets. B: Well, a fine b where was I c where shall I start, it was about three weeks ago I think. Barbara was just going out of The first letter of the discourse marker is given. Example: As a last point , let us consider the effect on the environment.

F 2 Now changing the subject to the question of violence on television, the evidence for its effects are not clear. T 3 Asa side issue, not part of the main question, there was a similar example in , but that is not important in the present argument. In p 4 To end this argument, we may say that it is too early to decide what will happen to the economy as a result.

In c 5 To continue, let us consider the situation of children who only have one parent. N 6 While not discussing any further the question of social consequences, there are important political reasons why the government will not support the idea. L a 7 To say again briefly what I have already said, there are three mam arguments. To s u 8 As argument number three, let us look at the history of the problem since T 9 Put in a very short way, there are two objections to the plan that need to be considered.

B 10 As argument number two, people need to feel that their opinions are listened to. True 1 Give two other ways of saying the discourse marker first. At last or lastly? You should contact your insurance company for 5 f. You will see there that the conditions were quite clear. In 8 o words, despite the circumstances you describe, there is nothing that we can do to help, and the matter must now rest with your insurance company.

Yours sincerely, I. I want to look at some new furnitures, Dan needs new clothes, Maria wants to look at skiing equipments and Sheila needs some papers for her computer printer. He looked forward to continuing his studies at university and, perhaps, one day, doing some advanced researches into the geography of his local area. Do you have any tips about buying an instrument?

Are there any works by famous composers that are easy for a beginner? Which kinds of musics would you recommend? Any informations you can give me would be useful. Decide 10 marks whether the word is used countably or uncountably. I hate it now. Which ones? The first letter is given. The police have no idea of his w where he is 5 Some of the g on the lorry were damaged in the accident, things to be bought and sold Decide whether the noun in brackets should be used countably with the indefinite article a or in the plural or uncountably no a or no plural.

Example: Would you like.. My sister bought me a big box for my birthday, chocolate My shirt is creased through being in the suitcase for two at the back of the house. We could go for a walk there after lunch if you like. The trees are lovely right now. And that was in the middle of 8 Did you buy for the computer? I want to print something, paper 9 We need some for the orange juice. Could you fetch some? S - singular. Use each noun 10 marks once only.

She was attacked by a. There was a. A of detectives is now on the scene looking for evidence. There were about people there. A small of police officers was trying to hold them back. Use each one once only. Number 1 uses 10 marks two words. The tecum were congratulated, by the captain. What could you call? Make the words plural, if necessary. Example: Put another.. P of coal on the fire. You con travel round. England,, using different means of transport.

Before visiting England, let me give you some advice and some information. You never know whether you are going to get good weather or not. One day you have thunder, lightning and rain, the next it is sunny. Write the adjective and explain the changes.

One mark per gap. There was t ram all day and all night, and the streets got f 9 The north is usually cold and d , while the south is warmer and very dry. I just wanted to fall asleep all the time. You are sometimes given the first letter of the missing word. Is this true or false? Your score 14 What does it mean to say that someone has a healthy complexion?

Is it that their face and skin look healthy or that just their eyes look healthy? TVie speaker doesn't approve of Jack but does approve of Jill. Fill the gaps. I never want to speak to him again. I thought they were madly in love. I hate people who smoke.

IQ marks Example: What would you use a tea-towel for? Drying dishes 1 When would you need a dust-pan and brush? Explain your answer. TVlis pipe is Leaking. It was terrible. Somebody has s some milk or something. Because you are 1 o 6 Would you be pleased if your car had a flat battery?

It now seems certain that there will be severe f unless food can be brought in from the outside. Y f 3 a disease that can be caught from a bite from a mosquito. M 4 a terrible skin disease that leaves the skin deformed. L 5 two diseases often caught by consuming infected food or water.

C and t 6 a disease that has spread throughout the world since the s. Group them according to 10 marks the age at which people go through them, starting when they are little children. BEN: Oh well done! So they give you a per cent? So how about you? MEG: Why did you s classes yesterday? I was pleased, and so were my parents. The first letter of each word is given. Give two names. Greets and checks in visitors. Sits on the board of the company.

Correct them. I was laid, off, so I don't have a. Job now. Your score 3 I got laid off from my job at the factory, so I still work there. A bow and. No-one can beat him. Yeah, I got bored with it. Give two ways of saying it. Leave the gap blank if it is not necessary.

Would you like to come with us? Now he works as a book illustrator. BOB: Oh, yes. Who p it? Each dash indicates a missing letter. Your score 3 cooked with heat coming from above for example, for a sausage or burger. The first letter is given in brackets.

Air, water and land are all. Poor waste Pollution of the atmosphere has led to the destruction of the ozone and to the Is! Write the word which completes the 10 marks name of the place. Example: railway station 1 swimming 6 department 2 art 7 law 3 opera 8 golf 4 radio 9 taxi 5 registry 10 skating Note that half of the 10 marks words need to be put into a different form.

It is the city in the Highlands It 0 between the Rivers Dee and Don and its impressive has been used by fishing boats for centuries. Explain why it is the odd one out. Gardeners usually like to grow things that 0. In spring or summer, they may them to make their home look beautiful. Evergreen 1 Is an oak deciduous or evergreen? Your score 9 What does a cat use its whiskers for? Use the words in the box. Fill in the gaps in this text with on, of, up, out, in, down.

I went shopping for clothes yesterday and tried.. Qtt 2 my old winter coat so first I put needed taking lots of different things. It needed letting So I changed as well. So, then I tried and letting that and decided to go for a party dress instead. Label the drawings with the appropriate names from the box.

The first letters are given to help you. Explain why. Underline them and then correct them. The first one has 10 marks been done for you as an example. Last year my uncle went on a very interesting travel in South America. He took a fly to Chile. There was fog when the plane arrived to the airport and the driver found it very difficult to land. Eventually, he succeeded and the voyagers all got off and went into the airport.

A lot of them had fPWSB to exchange planes there. Four point eight represents the percentage of rubber tyres which were recycled in die USA in nineteen eighty eight. BSBggg 4 55 sq. Complete the sentence by forming a word from the root in brackets at the end of the sentence. Use a dictionary if you need to. Example: When you have finished your please turn to page Yes or no.

You c it. Where is 10 marks each person most likely to be found? Example: actor - -film studio actef camera operator cartoonist censor columnist continuity person critic editor foreign correspondent make-up artist sub-editor Example: A remote control allows you to channels from your sofa. Your score 9 Sub-editors are also often required articles which are too long. Make a word that fits in the sentence and is based on the same root as the word in brackets.

Example: The political system in the UK is said to be.. You must change the form of the verbs 14 marks when necessary. A Jake 01 managed to take a photograph of him. The police l4 him and 01 him with robbery. The case came to court two months later. At his 6 Jake 01 not guilty. The judge I01 him to ten years in 0 9. MUM: Well, we have a.. MUM: They send us a 4 every month telling us how much. MUM: Well, you can get a bank 7 if you need to borrow a large sum of money.

I have an instinctive feeling I have some worries about I do not think it is true I believe most strongly I strongly support I am opposed to I believe it, even if it seems doubtful I have consistently believed that I have a negative feeling about something I have a strong personal opinion that I think I saw one once in an old house.

What adjective means? The first letters are given. Divide them into two groups. Use the word in brackets to form the adjective you need. I could never have managed without your help! I hate having teeth filled. I must write a poem. I never want to live anywhere else now.

I need a thick jumper - or two! TEST 56 Like, dislike and desire Use the word in brackets. When false, correct them. Example: Kleptomaniacs are constantly tempted to break things. Kleptomaniacs are constantly tempted to steal things. Put the verb into the correct form. Make any necessary changes to word order. Fill the gaps with a preposition and the appropriate form of the verb in brackets. Example: Will Sue ever stop boasting.. Which of those 10 marks senses do each of these verbs or adjectives go with?

Example: aromatic smell aromatic bitter deafen glimpse grasp peer pungent quiet spicy stink tap SHe feels very excited.. She very pleasant. He so soft. It feels very exciting. She looks fat. It sounds so fragrant. It tastes wonderful. It rather green. It musty. It very excited. Put the verb in the correct form.

Example: The old lady sat stroking her cat. What are these 10 marks things? Put the letters in the right order and explain what the words mean. Move the parts in italics to where they make sense. Example: cough, frown , sigh, yawn All the others are- connected with breathing in 10 marks some way, whereas -frown is a kind of facial expression. She looks so tired.

Use each expression once only. S marks a good deal of heaps of a small amount of much a very small number of 1 Do you have work to do? Shall I help? Fill the gaps with a suitable time word beginning with the letter given. Can you use the old one? The city 0-f Rome has a timeless beauty. Put a cross X if it is wrong.

The room is long 4. They are much too long. Fill the gaps with words connected with obligation beginning with the letter given. You have no c 10 Military service is o in many countries for everyone over the age of I promised him I would do it last week, then forgot. Go and tell them to be quiet. I wonder what it was? Draw lines as 20 marks in the example. You are given the first and last letters of the missing word. My mobile phone b The tyres s We could hear bells c ing in the distance.

Perhaps it was a wedding. In one case, two words are possible; give yourself 5 marks 2 marks for this one. Marks for each sentence are given separately. Use the words in the box to fill the gaps to complete these phrasal verbs. Your score 5 This picture has been handed in my family for generations. Put S for slow and F for 8 marks fast. The first and last letters are given. This paper is very smooth to the t The fields were very wet u This blouse feels very s The s h.

You are sometimes given the first letter of the answer. The part to correct is in bold. Can we do five instead? I need glasses. Do not put anything in the shaded boxes. N, f She annoys so many people. He must be thinking of something else. Here, have this armchair. Take the off your feet.

He has such a short temper! Someone should Your score tell him the truth. Use a simile. Yes, she's as brown as a. The exam was very easy. Use two 10 marks similes in sentences 1, 3 and 6. Example: I was terribly sick after eating so many sausages last night. Connect words from box A with words from box B using and to make binomial expressions. The secret of a successful marriage is He was furious and started to My English has progressed in Hard work is and and and and at us. The old house has gone to Reverse the words in 10 marks the incorrect ones.

First and -foremost Just look out for the signs. For an extra five dollars you could have a room with cold and hot water. There are no compromises or half measures. The expressions in the left-hand column are more or 10 marks less opposite in meaning to those in the right-hand column.

What happened? You are given the first letter. Example: I felt as though my head was going r. PWK d You frightened the 1 out of me! That should make them sit up and 5 The whole problem has just been swept Nobody has done anything about it.

They all refer to difficult or problematic states or situations. It just 2 Mary is such a big-head; she really 3 Did you see Marlene at the party last night? She was Everyone else was looking quite informal. I wonder who she was trying to impress?

It was very bad. He 7 That strawberry dessert you made was Absolutely delicious! You can never rely on her for anything! She makes some wonderful dishes. You are sometimes given the first letter of the correct answer. Mary a was unfairly accused of something, b took something by mistake. I could not a hear it. We were talking a angrily to each other, b about two different things.

Condition: New. Language: ENG. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. Bookseller Inventory ST Seller Inventory ST New copy - Usually dispatched within 4 working days. Vocabulary tests to accompany the popular English Vocabulary in Use Elementary second edition.

Seller Inventory B Book Description Paperback. Language: English. Brand new Book. Seller Inventory AAZ Book Description PAP. New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory FM This is a Brand New book, in perfect condition. Quick dispatch. Seller Inventory NGR Seller Inventory GRD Seller Inventory FOY Seller Inventory CUP

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