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Spotlight 9 audio 3b

spotlight 9 audio 3b

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Pangea temporary hotfixes here. Keyboards Ks Multi-Device. System Requirements. Suggested Answer Key A: I can think of lots of popular superstitions. To start with, it is considered a bad omen to see a woman with an empty bucket walking toward you. It is also bad luck to give anything sharp such as scissors or a knife to someone as a present. B: True. Direct Ss to pay attention to time expressions such as every morning, at the moment, already, since, etc, to help them.

Answer Key 1 A: does the parade start? Direct Ss to use the present perfect and adverbs of frequency if possible when talking about their partner. B: Yes, I have because this summer I went camping. Have you ever been to a fancy dress party? A: Yes, I have. It was last month. A: Have you ever stayed up all night? Have you ever played a musical instrument in public? A: Have you ever taken part in a parade? B: Yes, I have as we have one every year in my town. Have you ever danced in the street?

B: I sometimes go out for a meal to celebrate a special occasion. B: I usually go out with my friends at the weekend. A: How often do you go shopping? B: I seldom go shopping only when I need something. A: How often do you do the washing-up? B: I always do the washing-up, every night after dinner. Suggested Answer Key 1 What a beautiful new outfit! What have you been doing? A: What have you done so far? Suggested Answer Key A: We are building a gym at the moment. A: Fantastic! B: That sounds fun.

A: Great. I am very excited at Christmas because it is a very special time. There are some Christmas cards over the fireplace. In picture C some young girls are dressed up in costumes and talking part in a street parade.

There are lots of people watching the parade. Suggested Answer Key In picture A a young girl is celebrating her 16th birthday. She is about to blow out the candles on her special birthday cake. In front of her are some gifts that she has received. Play the recording again if necessary. Elicit which words helped them to decide on their answers. Ss complete the task.

Ss check their answers in Appendix 3. Ask Ss to find similar idioms in their L1. He got lots of cards and presents but the icing on the cake was the surprise birthday party. It will be a piece of cake for you.

He really takes the cake. It sounds to me like she wants to have her cake and eat it. I felt nervous at the last carnival because I was in the street parade. Point out that we do not use commas for defining relative clauses. My sister and I wanted to do something really special for their silver anniversary, so we threw them a surprise party.

We sent out the invitations a month in advance and booked their favourite restaurant for the celebration. When the big day arrived, we told them that we felt like going out for dinner and fortunately they agreed. The look on their faces was amazing. They were speechless! All their friends and family had gathered together to celebrate the joyful event. The party was a huge success.

We danced all night and took lots of photos for their anniversary album. We had a great time and our parents had an unforgettable night. Suggested Answer Key 2 A cinema is a place where we can watch a film. Alternatively assign the task as HW. It is for readers of a teenage magazine. Girls like to float candles and delicate flowers in the hope that it will bring them happy marriages. In the past, young people used to burn fires and jump joyfully over them holding hands.

There is also a belief that on the eve of Ivan Kupala magical herbs can be found in the forests. In villages all over the country, people look forward to Ivan Kupala Day enthusiastically. It is an ancient celebration which continues to be fun for all family members whatever their ages. It is held to celebrate the holiday of St John the Baptist Ivan Kupala and it is still very popular today with young Russians.

Everything about the celebration relates to water. On the evening before called Tvorila night, children have playful water fights and throw buckets of water all over each other. It is a great way to play jokes on people and get away with it. I feel thrilled when I play a joke on someone. Direct Ss to write brief notes not full sentences under the headings and use them in their talk to the class. Remind Ss to use present tenses. It takes place on 25th January and has been a tradition since when the Moscow University was established.

On this day students and professors exchange gifts, awards are given to outstanding students and at the Lomonosov monument a cup which symbolises knowledge is lit. There are also musical performances, comic sketches and a magnificent fireworks display in the evening. Storytelling is a popular custom in Ireland.

A huge crowd lined up to get tickets to the Shakira concert. The celebration was a great opportunity for John to see all his old friends again. A: Yeah, then we made Earth Day crafts such as recycled magazine holders, colourful Earth Day kites and tin can sculptures that were displayed in the arts and crafts Earth Day school exhibit.

A: I felt proud to be a part of the Earth Day celebration. B: Me too. It gave me a sense of satisfaction to know that I was doing something valuable to help protect our planet. Suggested Answer Key A: A school celebration I really enjoyed was our Earth Day celebration which was full of educational and fun-filled activities. B: Me, too. First, all the students read Earth Day poems in front of the class and then we sang sing-along conservation songs, which was great fun.

Elicit from Ss what they think a Pow-Wow is and discuss. It is a famous festival held at the end of June and the beginning of July. People from all over the world visit the city to celebrate the arts of ballet, opera and classical music. Many musical concerts take place in the St Petersburg Philharmonic Hall.

There are theatrical performances and street events too. This event makes Russian people feel proud of their culture and history. Thousands of people sing and dance and represent their tribes and at the end of the event the best dancers win prizes. Have Ss listen to and read the verse of the poem. Heading D does not match because emotions are not mentioned in the text, but rather the way in which the occasion is commemorated.

They hold memorial services all over Britain and take part in a two-minute silence. They also wear poppies, read poems and listen to traditional wartime songs. These events are special to most people and by remembering them, you are able to show a relative, friend, or colleague that you care about them, and that they are appreciated and have not been forgotten.

Events such as Independence Day, religious holidays or celebrations that honour a certain individual are occasions that are important for a society to remember. They remind the people of a particular country of their unity as a nation. Direct Ss to pay attention to three facts they would like to remember. It officially marks the day when the war ended in and the main reason for the celebration is to remember the people who died or took part in the war in another way.

For example, some citizens who did not fight had to work in the factories making guns. On 9th May, people lay flowers on graves, veterans march in parades wearing their medals and the President of Russia sends out letters to congratulate the veterans for their bravery. In homes all over Russia families enjoy eating huge feasts and giving presents to one another. B: I would like to tell my family that the poppy is the symbol of Remembrance Day because after World War I they were the only poppies that grew on the battlefields.

Also, many poems have been written for Remembrance Day and people around Britain hold memorial services and take part in a two-minute silence. The vase is very delicate, so be careful not to break it. I pointed out that the two-minute silence had begun. The rock singer was considered to be the top celebrity at the event.

A lone figure was standing over by the tree. My brother plays a bugle in the school band. The referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the game. Suggested Answer Key The quotation wants to point out that it is never established or decided who wins a war.

We only find out who has survived it by counting the fatalities. Why not? What superstitions do you have in your country? What special occasions do you like to celebrate? Have you ever been to a carnival? What did you do at it? What did you like about it? Suggested Answer Key a word map p. Do you think the map helps you to understand and remember the words? What else is in the unit? Why do you think the unit will be helpful?

How do the headlines relate to the pictures? What is the unit about? Where do you think this neighbourhood is? What is your neighbourhood like? What do you think you will learn in the unit? Do you think it is important to protect animals and their homes? What can we do to help?

T: What does it show? T: What do you think the unit is about? S3: How astronauts live in space. T: What do you think life in space is like? S4: It must be very strange living in a space station with no gravity. T: Would you like to be an astronaut and live in space? How many members are in your family? What things do you do all together? Suggested Answer Key I think the title means how we live our lives and where we live.

We will probably learn about life in different homes, neighbourhoods and families. Elicit answers to the question in the rubric and discuss. Ss listen to and read the text to check their answers. There would be no gravity and so you would have to stop yourself and other things floating away. There are six rooms in it. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a bathroom. In the bedrooms, there are beds and desks.

In the living room, we have an armchair, a sofa and a TV. In the kitchen, we have a cooker, a fridge and a dishwasher. Outside there is a drive and a garden. Monitor the activity and check for correct use of collocations. Direct Ss to use the vocabulary they have learned in the unit.

Suggested Answer Key B:. A: Where do you sleep? I often do the washing-up. Sometimes I take out the rubbish or dust the furniture. I never wash the clothes or hang out the washing. My mother does that. Occasionally I help make breakfast. Suggested Answer Key 1 The astronauts travel through airless space. Suggested Answer Key. Just lift up the covers on the bed and get in between the sheets to sleep.

You can relax under the water spray and none of the droplets will float away. Have a break and relax a bit by only doing some light exercise instead of the more strenuous workouts you are used to! Enjoy your stay on Earth! It would get boring floating all the time. A: Maybe, but then there would be so many things to do. It would be fun to float around in zero gravity. Everything is difficult to do in zero gravity. Also, there is too much cleaning to do on the station.

I think it would be very tiring. We also have to cover our eyes to block out the sun as it rises and sets every 45 minutes. We do, however, sleep very well in space. A: Do you have to do any chores in the station to keep it clean?

B: There are a lot of household chores to do on the station. Bacteria grow rapidly in zero gravity so we have to clean the station everyday. A: Do have any free time? What do you do? Emphasise the importance of looking at the sentences before and after each gap to make sure the chosen sentence makes sense in that context. Ss listen and check their answers.

B: I am sorry. B: Sorry! You drive me crazy. B: Please forgive me. They may be in a restaurant. They seem to be a family. The mother and the daughter are talking and smiling so they must be happy and the father and the son are listening so they must be interested in what is being said.

It is used to emphasise certain words and phrases. B: What have I done now? A: Just look at the state of my bedroom. How can I make it up to you? A: You can start by tidying up this mess. B: OK. A: Thank you. Write your own answers to the quiz on the board. Suggested Answer Key 2 I avoid tidying my room. I enjoy listening to music. I look forward to going shopping tomorrow. I will visit my aunt on Sunday. My parents let me stay out late on Saturdays. I want to become a teacher.

I like watching TV. Cockroaches are glad to live in warm and dark places. Dust mites like eating dead skin. Cockroaches can carry diseases. I heard him practising the piano. Answer Key 2 James is clever enough to solve this problem. Ask the two Ss to demonstrate the correct positions indicated by the prepositions. Emphasise the importance of looking at the sentences before and after the gap to make sure the chosen sentence makes sense in that context.

He brings us fresh fruit when we are ill. Mr Jones, my neighbour on the corner of my street is easily annoyed and complains whenever we make any noise. My neighbour across from my block of flats is very nosy and watches us from her window. I live in a modern flat on a noisy street.

My block of flats is behind a large supermarket. Next to the supermarket is a large park. On the corner is a busy restaurant. In front of my flat is a bus stop. There are attractive modern houses and flats. The streets are narrow and noisy. There are lots of big, expensive shops that are always crowded.

I live in a spacious, comfortable flat on a noisy street. A good neighbour is friendly, sociable and helps people who live near them to feel part of a community. Thank you. B: Sure, it would be a pleasure. When are you leaving? He keeps digging up my flowers. B: Oh, would you? Thanks, that would be great! Answer Key 1 I am writing to my English-speaking penfriend Richard.

What did you do? Did you have a good time? Write him a letter and answer his questions, then ask him about his birthday plans. What present would you like? Will you have a birthday cake? B You have received an email from your English-speaking pen-friend Robert. It was great spending time together. I hope you will come and visit again soon. Write him an email to thank him and his family for their hospitality, then invite him to stay with you.

Is your family big or small? Can you tell me whether your family is big or small? What did Ken say? In an indirect question the verb is in the affirmative, that is the verb follows the subject. Do you know where Catherine is? Alternatively, assign task as HW. Have a wonderful time on your birthday.

Write soon and tell me all about it. I arrived home safely yesterday. I had a wonderful time at your house and I would like to thank you and your family for your hospitality. You were all so warm and friendly. Everyone made me feel like a part of the family. I would love it if you would come and stay with me next month. Do you think you will be able to come? I really hope you can. Let me know as soon as you can so we can make the arrangements.

It was great to hear from you. I had a great summer. We went to the seaside for a holiday. We stayed in a small hotel close to the beach and we went swimming every day. It was a lot of fun. Are you having a party for you birthday?

I would like to get you something. Have you ever been abroad before? Check Ss understand the meaning of the phrasal verbs. He set off in the direction of the seafront. Ss can then check their definitions in their dictionaries. Suggested Answer Key 1 The front of 10 Downing Street is very famous because the Prime Minister and other famous politicians make important announcements from outside this big black front door.

B: The Cabinet Room is where government ministers meet to discuss important issues. A: Margaret Thatcher is a former prime minister who once lived at Number B: Sir Robert Walpole was the first prime minister. Number 10 was given to him as a gift, but he decided it should be used by all future prime ministers. In London, England. The Prime Minister of the UK. It is where the highest offices of the state are located. They are surrounded by strict security.

It also contains many churches, squares, gardens and palaces, which are among the city s most popular tourist attractions. Answer Key The article is about animal habitats and the dangers they face. They face problems caused by new houses, farmers and tourism. Frogs and newts are amphibians. Dragonflies are insects. Trout are fish. Herons and owls are birds. Snakes are reptiles. Hares, Siberian tigers, black bears, wolves and lynxes are just a few examples of the wildlife that live in the forests.

Unfortunately, deforestation from logging companies and hunting is threatening these animals. Many birds such as ducks, Siberian cranes and geese live in the wetlands. Mining and oil drilling are destroying the habitat of the wetlands and these animals face extinction. Unfortunately, humans have destroyed many wildlife habitats by building roads and houses everywhere. Water pollution, litter and poisonous chemicals from farms and factories endanger many animals such as otters, frogs, newts, trout and herons.

We can help by writing to local councils or wildlife charities. We should never throw litter on the street and pick up any litter we see in woodlands, hedgerows and parks. We can also create habitats in our gardens or on our balconies. Ask Ss to think of solutions to the problem of habitats being destroyed and write a few of their ideas down. Suggested Answer Key We can make sure that any new houses that are built are not built anywhere near an animal habitat or that at least another habitat is created for the animals nearby.

We can also plant new hedgerows and woodlands for plants and animals to live in. We can protect areas of countryside and make them into wildlife protection areas. There are however, some rare and important animals that live in this area. The polar bear, reindeer and musk ox live in the tundra and need this habitat for their survival. Global warming is destroying this habitat and the survival of these animals.

Progress Check 2 and Look at Module 3 should be done in one lesson. What is your favourite room in your house? What do you think makes a good neighbour? Suggested Answer Key a dream dictionary p. Why do we want to understand our dreams? How do they relate to the unit? Do you believe in haunted houses and buildings?

Do you know of a haunted house or building? Do you like looking at art? Do you think art is important? T: What does the picture show? S2: It shows a strange sea creature under the sea with a ship crossing above it. T: Do you think such animals exist? S3: I think some do as so many people have seen them. I think others are just stories made up by people. T: Can you think of any strange creatures from your country? Do you remember your dreams? What kinds of things do you dream about?

Do you think they mean anything? Write down any new vocabulary on the board. Remind Ss to use the content of the text to understand the meaning of the highlighted words. Allow Ss time to write down any new vocabulary in their notebooks. The Kraken has got huge eyes and giant tentacles with sharp hooks. Bigfoot is two-legged with long arms, a short neck and a hairy body. The Loch Ness Monster is from Scotland. The Kraken is from Norway.

Bigfoot is from the USA. It is a creature that lives in a lake in Scotland. It is a giant sea creature that attacks ships. It is a giant hairy creature that walks like a human but looks like an ape. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. I was sitting next to the lake enjoying my lunch when suddenly, I heard a strange noise and saw the water on the lake begin to move.

The next thing I knew, a snake-like head popped out of the water and slowly looked around. I was terrified. The creature slowly began lifting its great long neck out of the water. I turned around to see if I had packed my camera in my bag to get a picture of it. I scrambled through my bag but when I turned to snap a photo, the creature had disappeared. Not even a ripple appeared on the water to show that it had ever been there. As quickly as it all began, it was over and the monster was gone. I never would have thought it came from the 6th century!

A: Yes, and what about the Kraken. Can you imagine seeing a squid big enough to wrap itself around an entire ship? B: Yeah. What about Bigfoot? I was impressed that over 3, people have seen it! You look very angry. Do you have any idea what that means? B: I think it means you feel confused. A: You could be right. What could it mean? What do you think it means? B: Well, it could be a sign that you are feeling confident!

A: You must be joking! B: I think it means you feel you have lost your way in life. A: Do you really think so? I feel very nervous and anxious. S4: I do think dreams have meanings. They express what we are feeling or experiencing at a certain time in our lives.

S3: I have seen a few books that talk about what dreams mean. Suggested Answer Key S1: I only remember a few of my dreams. I rarely have nightmares. S2: I dream about people I know and places I have been. Ss listen and repeat the phrases. Check for correct intonation. I feel better now. What do you think it could mean? B: It means you are sad because you have missed an opportunity.

A: Surely not! B: It could mean that you are stressed out because you are unprepared for something. A: I doubt that. Suggested Answer Key 1 What do you think this dream means? You poor thing! All I can remember is that I was locked in a room all by myself and I had to sit an exam. I felt very alone and afraid. Do you have any idea what it means? Try not to let things get to you and relax before sleeping. Explain that they are clues to which past tense should be used in a sentence.

It is incorrect to say: I would love ice cream, but now I prefer cake. Ss listen and complete task. I joined a new English class last January and by June I had taken my exam. I left my home town five years ago. While I was studying for my exams my sister was flying to Paris.

I was walking in the sunshine last Sunday when I got caught in a shower. Last winter I had the flu for three weeks. Encourage Ss to use their imaginations. While I was playing in the garden, I found an old bike my dad used to ride. I brought it to my grandfather and he put air in the tyres. I went for a ride through some woods near the house. I had been riding along a path for about an hour when I heard a strange sound.

Suddenly, I saw something moving in the bushes and went over to see what it was. It was a strange animal. It was lying on the ground and it was crying. It tried to get up, but its leg was tangled up in something. I quickly untangled it and it got up. It was unlike any animal I had ever seen. I was glad to help, but it sure was a strange day!

I used to go skiing with my friends. When I was ten, I would ride my bike for hours. They used to feed the chickens. Suggested Answer Key Yes, the description is detailed. The people are a group of field workers collecting grapes. There is a man on a cart on the left of the painting and a group of women carrying baskets on the right.

The place is in the open countryside. The colours are natural shades of green, red and blue. The picture is realistic. Ss listen and complete the task. Suggested Answer Key A: We need to decide on an activity to raise money for charity. What do you think about having a photographic exhibition? B: It sounds interesting, but I am worried about whether everyone would be able to get involved.

Do you think everyone has a camera to take pictures? I suppose it could be expensive to develop and enlarge the pictures, too. B: What about a demonstration by a wellknown local artist? We could get someone to come in and teach a variety of art skills. We need something that can be interesting for everyone. OK, how about a classical music concert?

What about a painting competition? Everyone can paint and we have all of the supplies here. It is a portrait of a group of schoolchildren on a Sunday school walk with their teacher. In the background is the sky and the open countryside and on the right is a country cottage. The teacher is in the foreground in the centre surrounded by her pupils.

The children are enjoying themselves and some of them are holding flowers, so it may be springtime. The colours are pale shades of blue, green, red and brown. The painting looks very natural. Check Ss understand the content of stories. Suggested Answer Key 2 Mary was singing happily as she was riding her bicycle. It could be about a ghost that haunted an old inn.

An interesting story has a variety of verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Ss listen to the story and complete the task. Suggested Answer Key It was a dark, stormy afternoon during the school holidays and Ann and Tim were watching TV at home, feeling bored. Suddenly, Tim noticed an interesting exhibit which was a model of a man wearing a very old costume.

It had disappeared! Ann and Tim ran quickly back to the reception desk. They were terrified! They told the lady there their story. Tim looked at Ann. She was completely white! The spectators at the football match were cheering wildly. My cousin will show me the sights when I visit London. She was the wife of Lord Grey of Chillingham. He left her and broke her heart.

Petersburg, Russia. Many Russian tsars, including Catherine the Great, used this luxurious palace as a summer home. The palace was built by Catherine I of Russia and it is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The palace was damaged in World War II and reconstruction continues. Inside there is the Great Hall that was used for receptions and formal dinners. Tourists can tour the many apartments and salons that were added over the years by various emperors. There is a museum that tells the history of this great palace and displays many of its beautiful contents.

Catherine Palace was a grand home of the tsars and a valuable part of Russian history. In fact, it dates back to medieval times. Chillingham Castle is haunted. The castle has more than one ghost. The castle offers ghost tours to visitors. Edward I stayed at the castle. The castle has dungeons and torture chambers. Cubist paintings break the objects down into shapes whereas surrealist pictures put strange images together.

Suggested Answer Key S1: What do you think this quote means? S2: I think it is saying that some people like to draw and paint things rather than write about them. S3: I agree. I think it is easier to express feelings through art, rather than writing about them or talking about them. S4: Well I like to write things in my diary. S2: Yes, but other people prefer to draw and paint about their lives. S1: I think they are many ways to express yourself and show your emotions.

People should try different ways to express themselves. Pablo Picasso painted it in It shows a table with a bowl of fruit and some bread on it. The painter uses dark, green and bright yellow colours. The painting makes me feel calm. It shows a painting within a painting. In the background I can see the ocean.

The painter uses a few plain colours. The painting makes me feel sad and lonely. I can see swans on a smooth lake but they have the reflection of elephants in the lake. The lake is surrounded by a rocky landscape and unusual trees with a clear blue sky. The artist has used bright colours in shades of blue, brown and yellow. This painting makes me feel curious about how Dali came up with the idea. The author feels sad looking at this painting. Do you think dreams mean something?

Do you ever have the same dream over and over again? Do you believe in ghosts? What are some famous ghosts? What do these bubbles say? What kinds of technology do you use? Does it make your life better? Why or why not? What technology would you like to have or use in the future? What problems have you experienced with a computer? How did you feel? S2: Different electronic parts, such as a screen from a computer. S3: About all the rubbish we have collected from different technologies.

T: Have you ever thrown away electronic waste? S4: Yes. I once threw out an old mobile phone, but I sent it to recycling. What kinds of things do you think robots can do? What do you think robot will do in the future? Do you think robots will improve our lives? Suggested Answer Key Technology refers to all things electronic or digital which have been made for practical purposes in order to improve our lives. I think we will learn about different kinds of technology and how they affect our lives.

Refer Ss to the pictures and elicit how the laws are related to the text. So they possess mobility and accuracy. A: I agree. B: They may also be able to talk. B: Me, neither. The text is also about robots and what they do.

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