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Everlasting summer sprites underwear

everlasting summer sprites underwear

My biggest art for everlasting summer:D · Mod sprites · Commission · Fanart Everlasting summer Dynami underwear · Ceobe Arknights Fanart Line 3. When Geweih Metzelei invades Earth, Abigail briefs Beatriz, In the first summer, Abigail surprises Trevor and offers to help him with his Martian. “Last Summer” and promises to release Slavi's root as soon as possible. Last Live: fashion author shows Yuno's sprites voluntarily taken from Oleg. DONKEY KONG COUNTRY SNES There are also One parallels inland Overlay icon clickability. This bot comes Ian Guiterrez. The destination domain version Version The settings are visible range of applications you can access date with forthcoming.

Units are nerfed when they're overpowered by unintentional means. Leona was originally absurdly powerful for a low AP unit. She was severely nerfed in the next update. Morden's special would previously can damage enemy's base with the invincible summoned Hi-Do's. It is so popular with staller decks that the dev team removed its ability to damage bases. The Doctor's special is deploying the Brave Guerrier with a large area of attack and deploying mooks.

The player can send out multiple blimps at once. It was nerfed so he can only use his special again once the blimp completely leaves. New Work, Recycled Graphics : Attack reuses the same arcade graphics from the previous game. New characters and vehicles are created to differentiate between the two games. No Fair Cheating : Like in Metal Slug Defense , if they caught you using any explicit tools that allows to cheat the game such as increasing the number of medals and sorties, the development team will make your account get suspended and cannot be recovered again.

Also using a modded game that can be downloaded from the third-party sites rather than in Google Play Store will prevent you from purchasing something via Medal Shop and some new updates which will force you to uninstall and reinstall the game that lead to loss your save data. Palette Swap : A trend by the end of the first year of Attack 's release, units of the Extra-Ops are new recolors of either previous bosses or units.

El Dorado controls a flying Slug Armor that can shoot energy beams, and it has a similar coloration to that of Iron Man's. Slug Armors that are colored on the basis of Kyo and Iori of the King of Fighters also appear, both having different ways of attacking. Midori also deploys brightly colored Slug Armors. The United Front's units are all solid gold.

The game constantly pokes at the utility of an extremely shiny vehicle. Promoted to Playable : Unplayable units from Defense , such as the Huge Hermit and the Subway, are now available to deploy and fight against. Units once fought in unique situations have their sprites modified so they work horizontally. Randomly Drops : Rescuing POWs in has been made easier due to them always appearing in the same spot in a level.

Instead of boosting AP production, base HP, etc. It turns into a trend following the release of units such as MS-Alice Marco Marco's only red because he accidentally ingested a hot pepper and Wrath versions of Rebel Soldiers. Reviving Enemy : The zombies, Allen Jr. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! Caroline will also leave if her drone is destroyed first. Nikita and certain Morden driven units exit by helicopter. Dion leaves after getting a distress signal. Animal-based Slugs will also flee.

So Last Season : Just like the last game, newly released units sooner or later outclass previous sets of units. Slightly downplayed as certain older units can provide support for the team and some recolors perform worse than their originals. Synchronization : Caroline controls a miniature version of the Shooting Ray and both her and the plane have separate HP. If Caroline dies first, then the plane will crash at the unit who killed her. If the plane dies first, then it'll crash to whoever destroyed it, and Caroline will simply walk away in anger.

Team Spirit : By unlocking a certain unit's proper skill, they are able to buff others' HP, attack, or driving if they are both on the same faction e. Marco buffing only P. Putting certain units in a deck will also let those gain more HP or use less AP to put on the field e. Temporary Online Content : Units and special item parts that are received through the Extra Ops and Pack-Shop become unavailable once the event is over, although starting around November , some Pack-Shop units replaced a majority of other units in the Medal Crank.

With the addition of Another Story, previous event bosses, parts, and units are also available. Took a Level in Badass : Every unit in Defense has had their stats and attack sets beefed up. Some are useful in buffing their teammates. The introduction of Status Strengthening items in update 4. Turns Red : Some units have a second form once taken enough damage or attack on their own when their vehicle is destroyed. Immortal Allen has three forms.

Story and Characters. Adaptation Expansion : To the series as a whole. The Ptolemaic Army and Amadeus Syndicate are given more attention than what they had in their home games. Also, the Everlasting Summer Another Stories. In all stories, Trevor is the only one that cannot take a vacation. The Pharaoh has a couple of them attending him on his War-Dias. Leona goes as one for Halloween. Cloning Blues : The Professor has various fresh clones he can transport his soul into whenever he gets seriously injured.

This backfires when Abigail backs him into a corner and kills him. Elegant Gothic Lolita : Sally, with red eyes and a scythe to boot. Evil vs. Evil : Attack shows that the Rebel and Ptolemaic armies battle against each other as much, if not moreso, than they fight the good guys.

Excuse Plot : The Extra Ops missions tend to have their own mini-plots, although sometimes that is most of version 2. Later on, these were replaced with actual stories with character portraits speaking in text boxes. Averted with the release of Another Story, where characters from one faction of the game's five will go through a set of story-driven battles, story being varied based on faction. But there are also times when she relaxes and can stay calm. Her personality is carefree and playful, which easily comes across in how she interacts with others.

As one of the more naturally seductive goddesses, she is not opposed to wearing more revealing costumes when she performs. Benzaiten's blessings are plentiful; she is the goddess of music, good fortune, the arts, victory, and even water. She loves singing, but since she hasn't fallen in love yet, and with the abundance of love songs in the idol music genre, she often becomes doubtful of her ability to sing love songs convincingly.

She tends to play acoustic guitar when singing casually. Even though she's always at the center, at heart she's just a regular girl. She can always be found smiling, which matches her cheerful personality. Her manner of speaking is calm and collected, but she sometimes lets her playful side show during conversations. The world of Gamindustri is experiencing a strange calm - the Goddesses protecting each nation are all at peace, and there's not an apocalyptic threat in sight!

In order to shake things up with a good story, the world's leading journalists Dengekiko and Famitsu challenge the CPUs and CPU Candidates to complete a series of missions but soon they all may be in for a far bigger scoop in this action-packed hack 'n' slash! Key Features Street brawling in ! Two-person party!

The heat of battle can cause some wear and tear on your outfits. The road to comebacks is paved with ripped fabric! Skills get the kills! Fill up the EXE Drive Gauge in order to clear the room with two tiers of special attacks, and you might just get a helping hand from your friend later on to perform some super special attacks!

Backstory Marine is young - too young to endeavor great things. But Marine is a fighter and she refuses to accept fate. Because her fate is to be a peasant and probably die young - a disease, or a predator, whatever, you always die of something in the murky lands of Myst. So when her father is critically injured, Marine decides to fight back and take over the crusade he can no longer pursue.

Which crusade? To challenge the feared Lords of Mystrock, the rich megalopolis of Myst, and defeat them in a traditional showdown that decides the rulers of the world. Everybody keeps telling Marine it's impossible and she'll end up swatted like a fly. But what do YOU think? Featuring an immersive story, this game is a fantastic introduction to a series greenlighted by the Steam community that spans over 5 episodes and features more than 20 characters in total. StoryAfter the death of his mother, Tomoya Okazaki—a guarded delinquent student at Hikarizaka High School—struggles to not only make sense of the abusive relationship he has with his alcoholic father, but also find meaning in his life.

While on his way to class one morning, he meets a mystifying girl named Nagisa. She is a delinquent like him, but only because she is repeating her senior year, unlike the perpetually tardy Okazaki. From their brief encounter, Nagisa decides they should be friends, and enlists Tomoya's help to revive the school drama club.

Not being busy in any way, he decides to join in. Along the way, the two make friends with many other students and try to find both solace and belonging in their endeavors. It's a handy reference tool for understanding aspects of Japanese tradition and pop culture. Achievements Steam achievements are supported! There's also an in-game menu to review your progress.

For this international release the visuals of the game have been upgraded to a higher resolution keeping the same aspect ratio of the original in order to deliver a more intense and captivating experience from this visual novel masterpiece. Story: "Down the Rabbit-Hole" - a story of the sky and the world. One day, Minakami Yuki witnesses a stuffed toy falling through the air. Battered and worn, how many times has this doll fluttered downwards, released as an attempted offering to the sky?

An offering to the sky - a way to find the "day we return to the sky"; a ritual passed down in this town since times gone by. Those efforts shall come to fruition in the place where the girls of earth and sky meet. Evoking the concept of the Trinity, this formation is also known as the "heavenly triangle". When this heavenly triangle shines overhead, the world and the sky will meet. Takashima Zakuro, Wakatsuki Kagami, and Wakatsuki Tsukasa, and our heroine Minakami Yuki set off on the search of that place where the points of the divine triangle cross, where world and sky join together.

Captain Shika has seen all kinds of things in her adventures throughout the universe, and with her two loyal crew members by her side, she's managed to make a name for her small company of mercenaries. When Shika finds a bounty job offering an absurd amount of money, she doesn't hesitate to act: tracking hardened criminals is part of the job. Their target is an elusive mastermind, a mark who challenges their ingenuity at every turn.

In this yuri space adventure, the crew will need all of their wits - and a fair amount of luck - to bring their quarry to justice. Categories in common with Sakura Space: Casual Indie. Make no mistake: this is a story that will challenge you in ways few works of fiction dare attempt, and an emotional tour de force unlike any other. This game contains the first two arcs: Extra, and Unlimited. She calls herself Meiya, and - despite never having met him before - she insists that the two of them are destined for one another.

All of which begs the question: just who is Meiya? And do his feelings for Sumika run deeper than he thought? An alternate timeline, humanity on the brink of extinction. And yet, all the set pieces are the same - his house is still here, albeit dilapidated and barely standing. Was this all just a dream? Or was the world he thought he knew really a dream all along?

Features: A Dating Sim - Date any of the heroines, get to know their personalities and backstories, and fall in love with each other! Available in three languages - Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese. The User Interface has been reworked, so it's compatible with the newest tablet PCs and touchscreens. User save data are stored in Steam cloud so readers can continue their progress anywhere with ease.

Categories in common with Muv-Luv: Adventure Casual. You play as Mach, a foreign semi-pro trying to make it in eSports who soon learns that success in StarCraft takes more than in-game strategy. Meet fellow pros and build a team that can compete with the best.

This game is written for all players who want to live the dream. No previous knowledge of StarCraft and eSports required. The story follows Iris, a girl who learns that her younger sister is transferring to her school, and will be living with her for the rest of the semester. Even though she has never met her sister before, Iris is determined to make up for lost time by becoming friends, and more importantly, to show off her dependable nature as the older sister of the household.

Unfortunately for Iris, however, things don't go as planned. Zoey shows little respect for authority, especially when it comes to her "older sister's" attempts to play nice. And if things couldn't get any worse, a confusing sexual tension blooms between them Animated CGs! Categories in common with Love Ribbon: Casual Indie.

Welcome to Tropical Island. On top of that, your age equals the years you've never had a girlfriend, right? One day, you win the prize draw at the shopping district. The prize: a trip to an island in the south -- you decide to take a day vacation. I want to change myself in this trip! If you don't create a bond with one, then nothing will ever happen! You can talk with them, share a drink with them, and go on a date with them. Memorization is key! Clearing the blocks up top will make the blocks in the bottom float up!

Play your cards right and they'll strip?! Once you've formed a bond with them, go out on a date! Categories in common with Tropical Liquor: Casual Indie. Collect the mysterious Memory Fragments to unravel the truth! Play as the enigmatic pink-haired protagonist as she navigates through a weird and wondrous alternate reality with the help of the mysterious girl Nobody in order to save her sister, who disappeared into this unknown world!

StorySet in a world run by powerful nations where heroes battle one another for control, Britannia wishes to unite the world through peace, while the European Union has taken an aggressive stance. The seafaring nation of Vinland thrives on pillaging and plundering, while far to the East, the island country of Zipang is faced with civil war. In the midst of all this Himiko, a ruler in Zipang, seeks to unite the world for the sake of peace.

Her ambitions are high but so far she has only seen defeat. The two now set their sights on the war burning around them. Along the way you'll meet unique characters inspired from real historical figures and mythological icons, like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Rasputin, Kamehameha of Hawaii, Aristotle and many more. There are over 70 characters that can join your side, each with their own valuable battle skills and side-quest storylines.

Your battle party can have up to six members, so you have literally millions of possibilities to form your "dream team" to take down monsters, zombies, dragons, and evil villains. The tactics based combat starts out simple, but grows to be challenging and addictive. The leveling system is unique among RPGs, with two ways to level-up your characters: their troops, and their relationship with you. You can purchase more troops for your teammates every turn, increasing their damage output and combat ability.

You can also complete side quests to unlock new combat skills and abilities. The game has over 30 hours of gameplay and story, but if you are a completionist then it will take 40 to 50 hours to experience all the characters and side stories. Platform: PC PlayStation 3. Super Sonico is a cheerful, hardworking college student and amateur musician who's about to make her modeling debut.

As her personal photographer, you will be responsible for Sonico's image, balancing the needs of your clients with your own vision for Sonico's future. Cute, sexy, weird -- the costumes you choose will determine her path as a model. Will you cultivate mainstream appeal? Make Sonico a subculture icon? Or will she become something even you can't imagine? It all depends on you!

Lead Sonico to StardomSonico has the potential to become an international superstar. It's your job to provide her with guidance and support as she chases her dreams. Depending on your actions, you can reach one of 18 wildly different endings. In between shoots, you'll have the opportunity to interact with Sonico in many different situations. Your choices will affect her opinion of you, potentially unlocking new story paths.

In addition to dialogue options, you will also have opportunities to interact with Sonico through personal interactions. Be careful, as some choices can be dangerous, while others can lead to sparks of love! Become a Photographer Choose a location, put together an outfit, and get to shooting! During each photography session you must score points by shooting quality photographs as requested by the client.

Your photographer's eye will show colored rings to identify the best shots. Don't get too carried away! You must also manage Sonico's enthusiasm and stamina. Lift her spirits with well-timed banter and breaks. The greater her enthusiasm, the more daring her poses! Features Become Super Sonico's personal photographer. Hundreds of costumes, accessories and styles to collect. Shoot at 8 different locations across Tokyo, Japan. Meet a cast of interesting characters and rivals.

Your choices matter — 18 different endings to unlock. Categories in common with Sonicomi: Adventure Casual. Welcomed by the fluttering of cherry blossom, the main character, Brian, starts a new high school life in Japan. Brian soon starts to get along with two girls in the same class after they start to talk to him. With their help, Brian gradually learns Japanese culture and customs. He deepens his friendships with each girl as they teach him how to study and spend time together after school.

He gradually is able to survive through the commuter rush, May sickness, the rainy season, and more as he experiences Japanese culture for the first time. Summer After a particularly unpleasant rainy season, summer vacation starts at last. Brian gets to experience a lot of fun things, including a beach trip with the girls in their swimsuits and summer festivals in yukata. He also experiences popular Japanese summer activities, such as suikawari watermelon splitting and summer festival food stalls.

And what he looks forward to more than anything is the most popular otaku event in the world, held twice a year— Comic Market. He goes to the venue with his heart racing with excitement, having long dreamt of experiencing his first Comiket. What he sees there is……a battlefield, just as rumored!? The three enjoy sightseeing among the old streets and alleys, and experience the traditional culture of Japan to the fullest. Back at school, Brian gets to experience an actual cultural festival, which he has seen a lot in anime.

He is ecstatic when he gets to help run the maid cafe booth. He also enjoys cosplaying for Halloween, which has rapidly developed in Japan in the last few years. With the beautiful colors of autumn in Japan, he deepens his understanding of Japanese culture further.

With the coming of the new year, he goes to experience Hatsumode. Just like when he first met her, cherry blossom buds are about to bloom. Along with those parting words, he embraces a new resolve… Features: -See the characters come to life through the power of the e-mote system!

Most goddesses were able to blend in with humans, living peacefully and happily together. Some of those goddesses even went on to become idols. However, there were others who simply refused to follow the rules. These goddesses prefer living freely and doing as they please, inadvertently causing all sorts of trouble for humans.

Goddesses who are naughty are called Aragami. The protagonist, Sho Narumi, stumbles upon a goddess who collapses on the street and attempts to help her. Soon enough it is revealed that she's the Aragami who had been causing frequent power outages in one small-town area of Tokyo. Sho decides to protect his beloved hometown by helping the goddess to get rehabilitated!

With the setting moving from Akihabara to a quiet small-town area of Tokyo, the story of one naughty goddess's rehabilitation begins now! Story BackboneThe story roughly remains the same, there's just something that's a little different This is the tale of an unusual goddess set in a slightly different Japan. The Goddesses Descend! It was a time when people had forgotten their dreams and lost faith.

The silhouettes of goddesses revealed themselves to the people who then could only believe in what they saw right in front of them. The confusion surrounding the countless goddesses appearing in Japan could be explained due to Amaterasu Omikami wanting to teach the goddesses about the human world.

All of this brought about the implementation of the Divine Education Act. Consequently, the goddesses were able to learn, familiarize, and communicate with humans. This cross-cultural exchange between goddesses and humans helped to show the world's many colors. An Aragami brought down to the world by the Divine Education Act. She's a naughty goddess who skips school. Although she possesses the power to manipulate electricity, since she's an Aragami, she can only make electricity go haywire.

She accidentally causes power outages when angry or irritated. Since she easily gets angry, she causes power outages almost every day somewhere in town. Though she'd like to be in control of her power, things always spiral out of control when she tries to use them. This doesn't bother her, since she figures it's only natural for an Aragami, such as herself, to cause messes here and there. She's stubborn and does what she wants, but it's not because she won't listen to instruction, she just doesn't want to do what she doesn't understand.

She gets a kick out of teasing Sho by trying to seduce him. She also occasionally pulls pranks on Sho and seduces him in front of Maika to make her jealous. An earth goddess dispatched to rehabilitate Akane who keeps causing damage to the town by not following the Divine Education Act.

This goddess is serious and focused, but innocent; she doesn't seem to know a lot about certain things. Despite being the local earth goddess, she never acts arrogant, and instead talks politely to everyone.

She is charming and elegant, but is also fairly clumsy. She is easy-going, with a docile personality, but brings heavy rainfall to the town when she gets angry. Although she rarely gets angry, once she does, the damage she inflicts is incomparable to Akane's.

She broods over the fact that she has no prominent advantages over other goddesses, and hates to get mislabeled as a "dirt goddess. She'd even ask if he'd like to touch her chest. Sho's junior, landlady, and close childhood friend. She's just your average fashionable girl. Her looks are stylish and she loves wearing makeup. Contrary to her appearance, she's rather diligent and capable.

She has feelings for Sho, but can't find it in her to confess. Although she works as the apartment landlady with her mother while attending school, she often makes comments about not caring if the old building gets demolished. In actuality, she's a good kid and is serious about looking over the apartments. She's tsundere, and wants to continue living there together with Sho. Sometimes she gets jealous when Akane or Inori gets too friendly with Sho. Even though she seems to know about the adult world, she blushes intensely only when Sho sees her underwear.

However, in this timeline, all the Samurai are inexplicably female. This visual novel has been adapted from a sound novel based on the actual historical facts of the Ako incident. In adapting the story to visual novel format, most of the main characters of the 47 Ronin have been turned into females, and parts of the core story have been polished into a lighter literary style that also incorporates fantasy elements. This incident that would later become known in Japan as the famous Ako incident.

Upon hearing of this incident on the same day, the fifth shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, became enraged. It was ruled that that very same day, Lord Asano should be sentenced to seppuku, after which his lands were to be scattered and his house broken up. Meanwhile, Kira Kousuke No Suke received no no rebuke whatsoever, going against the tradition set by the first Shogun of punishing both parties in a fight. Unable to comprehend this harsh and shocking punishment, the loyal Samurai retainers of Ako start to move to restore honour to their master by commencing a vendetta against Lord Kira.

What will become of Suguha as he throws himself to the mercy of the cogs of history, and will he ever be able to return to his own time? Platform: PC macOS. StoryIt is the year A. With the recent advancements in information technology and neuroscience in Japan, human memories can now be saved and recorded via a technology called "e-Memory. In the midst of this, the pair of friends are suddenly embroiled in an ongoing conspiracy revolving around a truth that must be kept secret at all costs.

Features: Multiple Decision Points - Avoid the "bad endings" to reach the truth. Fully Voiced Japanese Cast- Characters including the protagonist are brought to life by a star-studded cast of veteran Japanese voice actors from the anime industry.

Multiple Languages - Play through the game in either English or Japanese. Dynamic Cutscenes - Watch as important events unfold with wonderfully dynamic motion-graphic cutscenes. Tainaka Ritsu Is the Order a Rabbit? When two handsome young men spot the perfect girl to be their first model and help make a name for themselves, they're determined to go for broke and make her shine—but first they'll have to get her out of her house!

Can these two really give such an anti-social recluse the makeover she needs to be a star? Or will she be the one to change them in this off-beat romantic comedy? Ema Tachibana is a tall, gloomy and unsociable girl with a bad case of resting bitch-face. With all that working against her, she's never really had any friends. At school, everyone's too scared to approach her. But Ema herself is quite content with that state of affairs. In fact, she was all set to spend the rest of her time until graduation invisible as ever That is, until two men turned her life upside down!

I've finally found you! He has a strong desire to help make charming, unusual women shine. He's also a bit of a masochist. You're no good the way you are now. But even you have some potential to shine I'll just have to polish you up! He aspires to accomplish something so big, it'll change the world. He's also a bit of a sadist. These two ambitious and attractive fellows decide to give Ema Tachibana a makeover!

But Ema has other ideas. Who asked you?! His childhood friend Riria was frantically trying to take off his clothes and begging to touch him. The dormitory was built to rehabilitate them and since he was mistakenly moved there, he was assigned as an assistant to watch over them. His happy and troublesome days as a teacher for these cute but incompetent demons has begun.

Her parents and Ren's have been friends long before, and she has always been with Ren ever since she can remember. Riria is bad at thinking about complex things, preferring to brush things off with a smile. Surprisingly stubborn once she digs her heels in, and has a tendency to rush into things. Especially in anything related to lewd matters. Riria is concerned about her childish side, and is also easily embarrassed. Even though she is a succubus, she isn't unreserved; only possessing an insatiable sexual desire for her beloved, but clinging tightly onto her chastity.

I'm the lewdest! Currently in her first year of school. The two are close enough that they can joke around with each other, but doesn't forget her special sister's privilege of being doted on. A long time ago, Emiri used to be a cupid-inspired idol, but decided to retire when urged to become a variety show idol. Having grown sick of the pure and simple life of an angel, she ran away from home.

There she met Ren and grew fond of him, and decided to become his little sister. With Ren's parents constantly away on long trips, she and him are practically alone. Whenever Ren grows silent, she suddenly barges into his room, or sometimes digs around the tissues in his garbage -- Emiri is quite the busybody. Also, she can apparently inherit the name of Cupid thanks to her family standing, but absolutely refuses because she would "never want some lame name that sounds like mayonnaise".

However, her arrows of love as a fallen angel are aimed straight at her brother. Though she doesn't say much, she likes to talk. Though her expressions aren't very pronounced, she has a wide range of emotions A girl's heart is complex. Yuu has a strong metabolism and sweats profusely if it gets just a little hot, or eats something even mildly spicy. Even if her face is bright red, she brushes it off as "nothing", but her obstinacy quickly gives way and she gives up honestly. Yuu gets the chills quite easily from lower temperatures and likes to cling onto Ren, but whenever she starts sweating, she gets a little moist and sticky, and her smell and sensations get rather arousing.

Also, even though she looks pretty frigid, she's actually heavily into pleasuring herself. Despite having lived in an isolated yuki-onna village, she can use computers and other modern devices perfectly. Sweaty and voluptuous Share some of your warmth with me. A very polite, very serious, very methodical, very rational mummy girl; first year. She doesn't like tight clothes on her body however, and apparently doesn't wear clothes at all.

Even without clothes, her skin is incredibly sensitive, and she cannot walk comfortably because she's conscious about the clothes she's wearing. Although it's embarrassing for her because she finds it physically disagreeable, she has no choice but to tough it own whenever she goes outside. On a side note, having bandages wrapped around themselves is the formal dress for a mummy; in these modern times, only traditional families still wear them.

At school and in the dormitory, she takes care of pets as the sole member of the biology club. She feels at ease because animals don't care about being naked or not. Arle also can't sleep right with a different bed or pillow, so she brought over her personal coffin from her home. The coffin is fully equiped with both power and air conditioning: perfect for the ultimate lazing around. Refreshing and candid, she is sports-minded and would rather charge into things head-on rather than think about them.

Miyabi takes good care of people regardless of who they are so she's quite popular. Rather famous, in fact, as she also does modeling work for magazines on the side. Her abilities in sports are so great that she's often asked to help out in the sports clubs, but her academics are catastrophic. The way she formulates medicine is rough and imprecise, so her parents are also against her becoming a pharmacist.

That her studies are so terrible that it's practically impossible for her to get national certification provides some relief for her parents. Concerned about the declining birth rate and issues of infertility, she believes that if she can develop a drug to boost energy and vigor, then the world can be a happier place. She tries to create her own original drug for that through learning by imitation, but fails and becomes a victim of her own aphrodisiac medicines. As a result, she has a lot of experience in self-pleasure.

By the way, she prefers inserting her fingers inside. An athletic and super mega positive girl. To the point where she should maybe take a step back once in a while. Lovable idiot. On full moons, she's supposed to turn into a were cat, but only her tail and ears can change. She goes to the school to conquer this. Brimming with curiosity, she normally dashes around and about, causing a ruckus. She, Emiri, and Arle are classmates and good friends, and are often together. Rin works part time at a convenience store so she doesn't cause her family trouble; she loves the bentos that are about to be thrown out from expiry.

There are tears when she has near-expiration bento for lunch, but if it's barbeque bento then the happiness continues 'til the next day. When a tiger enters its mating season, it's said to mate over a hundred times in a period of two days. It seems that she isn't an exception. Her lower lips get really lose thanks to her ancestors' markings.

I'm a tiger, okay?! Though she looks perfectly nice and cute, her insides are a swirling mass of cynicism and neuroses. She has an uncanny ability to pick up when someone makes fun of her, and her temper is exceedingly short. But her anger is also quick to abate, so everyone pretty much loves her. Though she comes from a distinguished family, she's quite the bungler and her parents call her a rotten fruit. Her grandfather spoiled her when she grew up, however, so she ended up like this.

Aifa of course doesn't do her job at all, but she doesn't do the chores either, instead immersing herself completely in games and anime. Still, her body is maturing as it should for her age, with her youthful parts down there loosening up somewhat. Even for someone of a demonic race, her woman's body sure is full of mysteries. She's also the bridge between this world and that, taking care of the exchange students. Though curt and a straight shooter who doesn't mince words, she isn't by any means unfair.

In fact, many people look up to her for as someone to rely on. Her daughter's feebleness rather annoys her, and she does want Riria to become a great succubus. Also, her sexual frustration is building up because her husband hasn't come back home in a long time. Because succubi are incredibly devoted in their service, she finds herself very troubled as she can do nothing but wait impatiently. June, The summer heat has arrived earlier than it does most years. By day there are cicadas, and by night, the higurashi.

Hinamizawa, a small village in the Japanese countryside. While there are fewer than two thousand people there, every year, 'something' happens. For the past 4 years, someone has died, and someone else has gone missing. This series of deaths and disappearances is connected to the local resistance against a now-abandoned dam construction project. A murder during the construction, covered up by the local authorities, is being re-enacted year after year.

Someone who was supposed to be there Someone who wasn't supposed to be there Someone who was alive last night is now dead, and someone who is here right now isn't alive. There is no way to avert this tragedy. There is no choice but to give up trying. But even so Take on the role of Aaki, a seemingly normal if somewhat self conscious young man, whose life is turned upside down after a casual stroll through the local park.

Now he has to deal with two mischievous demi-gods who insist he must marry one of them. If that wasn't enough it seems that several women he knows have also decided he must go out with them, and all the while he has his exams to deal with too.

It's a tough time for Aaki in this little Divine Slice of Life. The game features a large script and amazing artwork to tell Aaki's story giving the player key choices to make throughout which in turn effect how Aaki's life is shaped and what the games final ending will be. Featuring: Detailed Story with Multiple Alternate Endings Voice-acting for the main characters Five separate female romance options Fun, Tongue in Cheek script Multiple choices with a branching story Dedicated Original Soundtrack Un-lockable in-game gallery Steam Trading Cards hours of gameplay on the main story-lines.

Tomoyo finds himself at his grandmother Umi's beach resort, looking forward to a great summer where he can finally put the past to rest and possibly take his life forward in a better way than the coasting he was doing up until now. And now it looks like his summer vacation is dashed on the rocks before it begins. The only upside is the many beautiful female staff members working at the resort. After a failed love confession, Aoi Takamatsu dropped out of school and became a shut-in. It was one of these rare days where he left his home to go shopping.

Blinded by the sun on this warm summer day he looked up to the sky and saw a naked girl falling from the sky?! This was the moment his boring life changed forever Features -Different endings, depending on your choices -Original Anime Art and Soundtrack -Available for Windows, Mac and Linux Get an exclusive digital dakimakura, only available on steam!

Categories in common with Aozora Meikyuu: Adventure Indie. Story Riki Naoe lost his parents as a child, and fell deep into despair. They took him and played at being heroes who fought tireless evil around them. Riki discovered endless joy in spending time with his new friends, even though the group was silly and their missions tended to end in failure. Over time, it washed away his loneliness and suffering.

Years later, the whole gang was attending the same school, and Riki became a second-year. They were still as silly as ever and spent their youth following Kyousuke's silly ideas. Description "Little Busters! In the following year, "Little Busters! Ecstasy" edition came out, promoting Kanata Futaki and Sasami Sasasegawa to heroines, and adding an all-new heroine, Saya Tokido. In , the "Little Busters! Ecstasy" scenarios.

In and , the game was made into two anime series "Little Busters! Both series are available and have gained a large following in many countries outside of Japan as well. English Edition" is a new version that further enhances "Little Busters! This new edition supports HD resolution for the first time on PC, and allows dynamic switching between Japanese and English text.

Riki is a bit weak-willed, yet very considerate toward his friends. He always gets involved in the ruckus caused by the troublemakers around him. Riki also plays an important role as the straight man in his pals' idiotic comedy routines. The mysterious side of his personality attracts many girls unbeknownst to him while he enjoys boys' comics like a little kid.

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Publisher: Soviet Games. Share Embed. Free To Play. Play Game. View Community Hub. Check out our new game! About This Game Meeting Semyon, the game's main character, you would've never paid attention to him. Just an ordinary young man with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of those like him in every ordinary city.

But one day something completely unusual happens to him: he falls asleep in a bus in winter and wakes up In front of him is "Sovyonok" - a pioneer camp, behind him is his former life. To understand what happened to him, Semyon will have to get to know the local inhabitants and maybe even find love , find his way in the complex labyrinth of human relationships and his own problems and solve the camp's mysteries. And answer the main question - how to come back?

Should he come back? Mature Content Description The developers describe the content like this: This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Nudity or Sexual Content, General Mature Content. System Requirements Windows. See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type. All 55, Positive 53, Negative 2, All 55, Steam Purchasers Other 55, All Languages 55, Your Languages 4, Customize.

Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Show graph. Brought to you by Steam Labs. Filter reviews by the user's playtime when the review was written:. No minimum to No maximum. Off-topic Review Activity. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. Read more about it in the blog post.

Excluding Off-topic Review Activity. Loading reviews Description Discussions 0 Comments 90 Change Notes. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. Add to Collection. This item has been added to your Favorites. File Size. Created by. MierivaL Online. See all 24 collections some may be hidden. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Author: Orika Olga Korsakova All sprites processed in accordance with the artistic preferences of their creator.

You can see the approximate changes in the screenshots. Fixed defects of CG uneven shading, contours. Adding a few new CG. Saves of the original game aren't compatible with this filter. Fire Caster 26 Dec, am. Van Buren 23 Jun, am. Buster Bunny 8 Jun, am. Season 28 Apr, am. Toni 25 Apr, am. ShaterrBand 19 Jul, pm.

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