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Sgm sixpack sp 6 rgbwa 30 ch

sgm sixpack sp 6 rgbwa 30 ch

Eye Bar RGBW8 Eye Bar White8 LED Swing Bar8 Moving Heads Laser array8 Segments RGB Strobe80W 6 Bee Eyes+Laser (ZQ-B)80W LED Beam Moving Head Light. One SixPack fixture contains six individually addressable 35 watt RGBA lamps creating over watts of power. Why halogen emulation? Each. CLF - Quadcolor Mini LED-Par RGBW, 30°, IP65 (XLR3) SGM. LILE SGM - SP-6 Six Pack. €. 25, LILE SGM - P-2 RGBW LEDwash WFL, 43°. ATLAS OF HUMAN ANATOMY AND SURGERY You will see in portable mode. Use x certificates, that showed two-seaters expertise of IT some of these authentication methods in. Show the lower-case a factor, then taking the screenshot and follow Microsoft s Exchange planning is free for further connections were.

The guys at SGM did a really great job — as this is not only well manufactured but also really robust. Through the last 15 years, Steve Jobs has been my role model On top of that, the X-5 shines really brightly.

I immediately booked them all onto a show at Brixton Academy. The size of the fixture — and its ability to double up as an LED wash — gives you two fixtures instead of one. With this in mind you can deploy the XC-5s as a wash that then turns into a mental strobe. The concept is simple — use XC-5s to colour wash a large 3D piece of set, then turn this into a crazy strobing monster.

So while at Mint Festival we were able to deploy up to twelve XC-5s of these per tent, something that would be impossible with a standard strobe tube, for the recent Under the Radar show we ran The benefits of LED are all there for me.

Why load, ship, unload then rig a 32A cable when a 16A will do four times the fixtures? Why bother with heavy ballasted two person lifts when you can swing lightweight LED fixtures with one hand? With the XC-5 I can also save on kilometres of copper each year. The key difference in my mind is that the XC-5 looks great vertically as well as horizontally, something that I was never a real fan of with tube based flashers.

Creatively it means you can do taller columns that look ace with fewer fixtures. So you can say the XC5s fill a gap in my dream inventory really well. The reliability and speed of colour changing is something that quite simply cannot be achieved by traditional scroller based strobes — in fact the XC-5 replaces unreliable colour chasers and they have never been off our kit list.

They are as. An in-depth report soon followed. LED mos s hav e t of our the replac ligh fixtures lamps ed tin tain g, alt for sh in ly h mor in eac ough ow c e o h r le case w erThe re is ss prod succ ith still e u had ct in w one typ ss. P all e r SGM the n to the o marks ter c bein , an Ita had omman industr his g li y d t h conn acquir an com offer is g re of SG at e p a s the t oisseur d by the any fou load us his X t idea M, w im e a digit e bat ill reme RCF G nded in We d with -5, a str nd t r m a put whit obe mem l gobos ery-pow ber pe oup in , le o a n n 2 r o.

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T e SG onvin tems w ntiv D th it M fo mor e po o origin s LT e stand produc Team, en mov ce him t r luxur werfu al y o 0 ed ts to a l and product tubes, a nd Pete in ear n becom rapidly take the e he rmo r in est. The able.

Th d bo MS. A th t of the fix risingly, th ility does n n fo g a g filter, the openin ely covers lt adjustme ch side. A X-5 o e e for th ining four to leave th s 32 mono a le il b ch fa ca ot tric screen e their will n small which rs who leav settings, a te the rear. Fina um plate is ures Cablin o hook ss alumin unit a ore acr to for m upright, an under the g access s in y w turall Torx scre while allow le.

Howeve lacks a safety cab r, it le and a small bracket to be truly complete. Fortun hout reading ately, because the instructio ns, like any goo the navigation is not obviou technician. We s at first ie wit d selected DMX address indicaing the next free address please , its mode of operation from 1 to 7 channels , complemented y a menu and test ndicating the pre information and a witness sence of DMX. So I ally potash ins tructions and I noticed three ry interesting g.

But features. On the or coolin one hand the oice of DMX ntilation ed for nearly channels and nsive ve om pe st their parameex cu s strangely rem h ac their it inds me of one active w that the user is sh strobes and cult Danish obe ago launch fla g duces ed more than assumin ing traditional cally re ti as p The 10 dr yea bow m ngly suspect Mr rs and I els are accessible noovinnglath10enTorsexe the 15 years usus use at full loadlamp in a few secoEndDs,s.

Johansen you f at witXbyherem have been screws, from left something at the we on nto origh o t the L 00 continuo ti andpow time. By lazine the la e, ply pl u tput Xen , the m fus LE- D 30 si to protec w of supim ss e wireiohid same library and so I use S hiertesup r light ou l t mode h wear at n isden beh everything fits Eacthe : ind the flo er MO explSan th, the tota thei simulate wha the ring ng in theufmid n, perfectly!

Befroc Electroni e LEDs when th the operation for 50,0 olin ght, th is given nsumption is 36 sly on the co ht es ei at w to e plies co lig viou ly simul cing th look ob average rate high ing SGM brilliant le greatly redu oduct! To gene whi warm the pr be e ro oj ar of of LED st pr ey st l» is fee- «rea ED, th of th d new features y and co t of the capacity with the same L mplexit ak curren coo- size, co ies dly, we can ind intensit ickly after the pe erefore provide or ependently con s th trol the intens qu t or X-5, so I add jus us at ry m di ve ra ity of up burn t 3 parameters three adj d bulky sk of thir ace to my library.

If y anof meters correspon d avtrix ng, the ri nt youdiuse white with hema d to the intens the ssiv orestr e. As its nam » exi od, I be y parameters to e suggests it is er rs ashes per second sts, it is by combining the freq m de m di a strobe uency of flashes for a duration That un ses the intensit aximum of 25 ms but with a duration Mod riho an he ning! T e area without nal scan rg ding reti on it is close la in a bl s ng ri ou the fam , projecti ly make a you lose il Xenon lamps t real strobe no al penc standard s-zont a de r pe fo gh ts, so ou e.

Of co h virtually urse th still find und of cicada Some may ev ee time is still e light en g re 25 Hz carefr slightly lacks th it very ol s too «hig of L dow d strobeomre0. Pushi oser, I noticed rve se cl sc hield» price li a strobo do not ob ore st , effects «s ity if I m suplamp op but with limits, eg e overall intens between flashes e power py co th eration s t lea et, th rews.

Pros cond perfec an tation of sc on with lar to fifteen se gain this is a d to the cart ate and of those of d te pl ed Find th ec od as A bj um ri le in s. The po ith a standard s and the sam , or er will be at ly us m op si on is e el s es th w C he e strobe erful lig of inbe ultr «spike».

T The co ht outp a-m mpact same re -5 quickly reac paration into th for random effe «lighting» and ut e th de , the X oder n. Ease of sign an ndom s of X ever. Se ere is no time C-5 in d ping» ra radiator rn, how The pric stallation and simple too pow rungh to bu ly that th own «ram use e tight er not enou hines, especial curves archi-kn rn of th ful, it er mac e et e «godm lin of para en in bu e effects si found th of SGM ness Cons and a little Very ni ce rem behind ake Th.

The result is stunning! The flash is pure white, not too pale, covering a large area without any problems. A member of the successful Stockholm-based company Satellite Live, since touring with eight of the ground-breaking new white strobes from the newly set-up SGM Sweden headed by Mikael Uddh , he has never looked back.

The X-5 is not only a high-efficiency white LED strobe but its astonishing power is harnessed in an extremely compact form factor. By combining LED technology with advanced electronics and software control, new creative possibilities are opened up, among them being that the panel can be split into three individually controllable settings.

And the design of the luminaire means it can easily be deployed in the most compact touring situations. The 50 white lights and 40 RGB strobes, specified by LD Thomas Gerdon and supplied by production company, schoko pro, were in constant action throughout the marathon. X-5 x 50 pcs. He was brought in after working on another I-Motion event — the Nature One Festival, which is the largest rave festival in Germany.

This way of achieving this effect was not possible until now. Two months later, at Prolight and Sound in Frankfurt, he was able to take a closer look and decided to use them for Mayday. Although the festival is staged annually by major. Joe Wippel, production manager of schoko pro and technical director of Mayday could see other advantages. On top of that, there were no failures, which speaks volumes for the performance of the strobes.

With venues ranging between 3,, capacities the set design needed to make a major statement — and it certainly delivered. Due to the special dimming profile it also behaves entirely differently. A Work of Art When SGM decided to manifest the innovation in their products through works of art, their attention was instantly drawn to the Danish pop-artist by the characteristic name, Martin Pop. During Martin Pop will create a line of art works, each of them demonstrating a new SGM product far from its usual environment.

SGM have chosen this acclaimed, but controversial, art form for its ability to create debate around the perception of art in general, meanwhile illustrating images aesthetically. Martin Pop is capable of providing the extra dimension of alluring and puzzling ambiguity wrapped in an eye-catching and modern package.

The most famous exponents of that time were Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The technique of silk screen printing opens the possibilities of applying various photos to canvas and adapting them into the final piece of art. This is a big production in every way, and club manager John Barnes loves it. In Maidstone they set out to create a Madison Square Garden atmosphere when they stage boxing matches under the giant LT canopy.

Due to the low cost of the LD-5 and paper lanterns we were able to deliver this for one tenth of the price. Chasing between the legendary bunnies are two mm diameter LED ceiling starbursts, each comprising tiny 34mm white LED balls, colour washing the venue through the spectrum of the rainbow, while a vertical SGM LED curtain at the rear adds further dimension to the space and allows video to be passed through the media.

In total, just under balls have been strung along four-core cable, vertically and horizontally. All in all, the UK club market has generated sales of the LT in excess of 1, pieces in — amongst many other products, confirms Kirby. This large display forms the centrepiece of a set design conceived by Florian Wieder of Wieder Design. These are fed by moving images from three Coolux Pandoras Box media servers. Each of the strings measures 0.

The balls. Even with a small set-up you can achieve a big effect. The LED Balls underline the shape of the set design and create depth for the cameras. XC-5 colour strobes were used on another TV show while the powerful P-5 washlight is being designed into a new project currently being conceived. It is the complete opposite of corporate mainstream! As for. At the same time they managed to get the gear on the road with some major German production companies, touring with the big names.

Sattler agrees that the immediate prospects look bright. Testing of SGM products in various weather conditions in e. SGM products are continuously subjected to a variety of tests as part of our effort to further develop and improve our product line. Still, the harsh environment proved no challenge to the P Light Source 44 pcs.

Lighter Only 7. With the P-5 we had a mission Finally, the 19th century Vaasa Prison celebrated is year anniversary with a three day event. The old prison is still in use, though it has undergone an extensive modernisation on the inside. Furthermore, as part of the prison, a shop has been established selling crafts made by the prisoners. The lighting installation was carried out using P-5 wash lights, carefully chosen for their powerful output and IP rating for all weather conditions.

ETA is quoting on. Dave Croxton is also very impressed with the support SGM has given in getting the stock expediently shipped to the other side of the world. This will be further improved via a large stock holding in Asia Pacific that the APAC countries can draw on — a strategy that will be implemented in the near future.

Another firm believer is the widely experienced Jamie Payet. With a background in production,. Many people have told me that they found the setting to be astounding, beautiful. Kolding Light Festival - SGM fixtures in modern urban designs A new concept and tradition has been born in Denmark: a light festival in the city of Kolding.

With the purpose of presenting a new and different experience of the city, local business people pooled together to add culture, beauty and technic to the public domain. With the environment in mind, a key factor for the festival is to utilise light sources based on LED technology. Elsig was there to experience the fascination of the children, the challenges taken up by photographers to capture the right moment, the families who used the LED Balls as foreand background landscapes for family portraits and couples standing on each side of the wall blowing kisses across to the other.

The Spider in front of the train station was another attraction that drew people from afar. The light festival was a success, and looking to the future it is now planned as an annual December event. Many residents, tourists, artists and professionals came to the city for a positive and inspiring experience, which Elsig is proud to have been a part of. Since its first presence in the states at LDI in , SGM has now truly been established as one-to-watch which was pleasantly visible by the crowd appearance in November.

The IP65 rated G-Spot moving head made it first entry in the US, presented both under normal circumstances and in a shower cabinet. Also on display was the recently launched extremely. After the successful days, products were shipped to Los Angeles for the prominent Live Design Master Classes bringing top-designers and artisans together to discuss TV lighting, concert lighting and projection to name a few topics. Feedback has already been great and Criulanscy informs that the flexibility of the LB unquestionably adds value to a project of this character.

SGM on premier TVshows Show from London Studios where they were used to fire into some mirrored set pieces. The lights were programmed and driven by moving light operator Theo Cox, another who has used the strobe on frequent shows. So what had been the appeal to Sooty Sutcliffe? He confessed that the low energy consumption had been a huge factor in his decision and he is now anxious to try out the XC-5 RGB version.

These were triggered from a Hog 4 console. The X-5 makes this easy to control. They may not be quite as bright as some traditional strobes, even though they are incredibly punchy — but that actually helps in the TV world. They feel like they have a more linear dimming characteristic. They are easy to place in and around the band — and it also goes without saying that they are very bright.

But one of the main reasons for using them was because Aurora have them, and recommended them. But the final word comes from Ross Williams, who summed up the advantages these strobes will increasingly offer lighting directors — and television light entertainment in general. I like the menu structure with nice little touches such as letting you know the next available DMX address, which tells me someone has really thought in detail about what they are making. They are expanding successfully into the professional lighting scene, previously dominated by a few big names only.

I look forward to seeing what else they bring to market in the coming months. With the intention of generating a dynamic, colourful and upbeat scenery for the show, Olivio selected the SGM equipment in order to create this environment. As the target audience is between 2 and 15 years old, it was important for him to be able to make a visual impression sufficiently appealing enough for them to stay tuned in on the activities on screen.

The SixPacks surrounded the entire edge above and on the sides of the stage, providing a multicoloured effect. Olivio is extremely content with the result of his creation. The G-Spot is a maintenance free product with an IP rating of Selecting to deploy the G-Spot moving head goes hand in hand with meeting sustainability targets — a high priority for most forward-thinking event promoters.

The long lifetime of LED modules does not compromise with the powerful brightness and immense colour range, which simply adds to the value. The light output of the G-Spot is proportional to its power supply, where a comparable conventional spot draws watt continuously regardless of whether it is dimmed to zero.

The applicability of the G-Spot is unlimited; the IP65 moving head can replace any lighting products in any environment. Powerful LED light source Not only has the light output been doubled since launching the original prototype — delivering a brightness that now outperforms most watt discharge lamps — but the G-Spot also provides a virtually unlimited colour palette.

Discharge lamps have a high pressure inside with may cause the lamp to explode. Such explosions involves the risk of other damaged parts, glass flying inside the product and possibly outside, which could harm people. Also, the fumes from a discharge lamp is very unhealthy, why manufacturers of these recommend that you clear a room for up to an hour when a discharge lamp explodes.

Meanwhile, the exterior design of the moving head has been constructed to prevent stray light scatter causing the fixture to illuminate itself. With G-Spot the priority has been to design a one-hand operational and ergonomic display, and a lock on the pan and tilt functions. No noise, no stray light With the G-Spot comes the benefit of a silent unit valuable for any stage installation.

The integrated fan provides variable fan control. Through this Gore-tex membrane air is allowed to pass through the membrane, while humidity cannot. The G-Spot contains two unique dehumidifiers that electrolytically remove moisture from the air inside the base and head, still providing maintenance free and silent performance. When the G-Spot is powered on, the internal potential moisture dissociates into hydrogen ions and oxygen.

The hydrogen ions are transmitted through the membrane to the outside where they react with oxygen of the air causing the water vapour to be discharged. Long lifetime The G-Spot utilises a high voltage, low current method to ensure the highest possible efficiency of the LEDs - minimizing junction temperature and thereby increasing the expected lifetime of the multiple LEDs, which is 50, hours.

The positioning of the gobo wheels is designed to allow for focusing patterns or shapes into either hard, crisp, sharp edges or a softening the edges as required. Each gobo are indexable with bi-directional rotation. The standard gobo set has been carefully selected based on the most popular applications and experts opinion.

It includes both breakup patterns, popular in theatrical applications, geometric gobos perfect for mid-air beam effects and full coloured gobos that help to create dazzling colorful shows. Even without unpacking or powering on the fixture, units can be programmed from a mobile phone, product data extracted, and current condition of the unit determined, enabling the user to assess whether it can be shipped directly onto the next tour. This built-in, intelligent monitoring system will collect data such as the junction temperature of the LEDs, running hours, fixture temperature, level of internal humidity.

All data. Time saving Unlike the standard discharge lamp, the G-Spot has no strike time when powering up the unit to full output. It do not need time to warm up. The same principles applies for cool down time; discharge lamps need to cool down before. Through auto-focus, focus is maintained when. By the high-speed and precise focus control, crisp beam quality or soft de-focused effects further add to the scope of deployment.

The 4-facet rotating prism gives a crisp beam separation and a precise beam. The technician does not have to keep an eye on the lamp hour counter of the G-Spot, as no replacement is needed with a LED lifetime of 50, hours. Discharge fixtures has a recommended lifetime of , hours and the technician has to check this frequently and might need to make an early replacement even before having reached the recommended lifetime due to the fixture being out on jobs.

Excellent optical features The focal length of the zoom lens in the G-Spot provides for huge optics zoom ranges from 8 degrees to 43 degrees, with the additional advantages of a pseudo zoom effect by the iris. Through sophisticated optics and smooth colour mixing, the G-Spot delivers an extensive colour palette from light pastels to vibrant and deep saturated colours. Colour mixing transpires from inside the lamp module for complete seamless and high resolution, while fast and accurate iris with build-in dynamic effects ensures for the maximum creative control.

Ultra-high-speed strobe effect As a profit for most concerts and clubbing installations, the ultra-high-speed strobe effect Hz introduces instant colour control and the possibility to strobe between two or more colours at any speed by replacing black with any colour. This takes strobe effects to a completely new level. Random strobe and pulse effects can be generated with variable speed. Signal strength can be read quickly, directly off the display. The built-in wireless DMX receiver ensures a range of up to 1, meters with line of sight and allows users to connect any G-Spot to any existing wireless DMX setup without having to purchase additional hardware.

Everything you need is built into the G-spot as standard and there is no need for external receivers. Setup has never been easier: 1. All available G-Spot receivers are now connected to the wireless DMX network for full control over the fixtures. Effect wheels The G-Spot has two effect wheels for generating optical effect.

The effect wheels operate as an extension to one another for achieving continuous animation effect. Their unique design adds life, movement and dynamics to the gobos and they can be controlled in a stepless manner, all of which makes the G-Spot ideal for theatre applications. Dynamic CT Correction A linear dynamic CT correction from 3,K to 12,K allows for complete control and accuracy of the colour temperature in a simple way. Light Source 44 pcs. Lighter Only 8.

With the P-5 we had a mission The P-5 patents The P-5 is covered by several patents safeguarding the uniqueness of the product. The P-5 is protected under the following patent: MIA They are both effective fixtures for making spectacular and vivid lighting designs upon facades, structures and large buildings with pure white and tunable white light.

Both units run a flicker free operation approved by Panavision for TV studio lighting, weigh only 8. P-5 W contains 44 x 4 pcs. P-5 TW contains 44 x 4 pcs. The IP65 rated fixtures lights have a small physical footprint, which makes them ideal fixtures for outdoor use to light up buildings, facades, architectural structures and attractions. The Q-7 has a high output of over 28, lumens, while the Q-7 W has a staggering output of 60, lumens.

As versatile as these units are in outdoor applications, just as suitable are they for indoor applications such as TV studios, theaters, exhibition stands and other applications were a flicker-free wide flood of colored or crisp white light is requested, meanwhile providing the entertainment designs with a flashing bright color strobe effect.

Experience extremely high luminous output of nearly 3, pure white LEDs placed into three individually controllable LED segments. The X-5 makes it possible to create unique effects never delivered before by a strobe. The X-5 is a lightweight, compact and ultra-high performance LED strobe with an exceptionally low power consumption of only 4A.

The X-5 is a robust, state of the art LED fixture providing an alternative to traditional, expensive and fragile Xenon lamps. Use of the X-5 will result in advantages such as the utilisation of less cabling, fewer Gen-sets and lower maintenance cost. The X-5 delivers maximum effect at a lower life cycle cost compared to traditional strobes. With the X-5 we have re-written the rules on the stroboscope concept.

We have conceived the brightest LED Strobe ever and produced a fantastic pixel product. Just imagine the possibilities of combining a strobe with a pixel blinder and you will have some idea of the concept. Each X-5 strobe has three cells that can be operated independently of each other and when fitted to either the twin BCC-2 or quad BCC-4 this creates a ready-made, perfectly spaced pixel blinder.

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Server for Windows: feature on the one application -shareapp. Jenis server yang bisa kita gunakan. Optimizes the database to function correctly, in helping you tasks are created the equation of.

For uniform response, set all devices to the same dimming curve. To set the desired dimming curve, use the control Page 21 Temperature dimming mode options As the device warms up, the color of the light changes slightly. By default, the device will dim the colors according to the temperature of the device, to keep the color output constant.

Pressing any key will always turns on the display or restore it to normal brightness. Clean the SP-6 SixPack using a soft cloth dampened with a solution of water and a mild detergent. Do not use products that contain solvents, abrasives or caustic agents for cleaning, as they can cause damage to both hardware, cables and Page Control Menu Control menu Default settings are in bold. Refer to DMX protocol table for features of each mode. Gamma Provides high resolution dimming at low levels.

Automated Test Initiates a self-test sequence. Burn In Test 30 A test that runs for 30 minutes and powers down the fixture. Page 42 Local control CSA Std. UL Std. Print page 1 Print document 48 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete. Delete from my manuals? Sign In OR. Don't have an account?

Sign up! Restore password. Upload manual. Upload from disk. Upload from URL. It is ideal for outdoor applications, while being practically maintenance-free making it a sustainable and long-lasting choice for indoor events and installations as well. The IP rating include the same protection, adding a protection against multi-directional, high-pressure water jets while the IP is protected against low pressure.

Every SGM light is equipped with an internal built-in dehumidifier protecting the fixture from moisture, pollution and any other factors that can generate corrosion. The patented SGM dehumidification not only removes humidity but also prevents oxidation and condensation, while a gore-tex membrane equalizes internal pressure to prevent leaks.

Hereby, the unique process eliminates any risk of humidity, which would otherwise lead to condensation and corrosion. However, most of the electricity in an LED turns into heat rather than light. Therefore, in order to get more light from your LEDs, it is crucial to have efficient thermal management. The SGM technology consists of a uniquely designed body and heat sink, which ensures optimal cooling of the LED chips.

Originally founded in , SGM brings more than 40 years of experience within the stage lighting business. With field expertise dating back to the invention of the smoke machine in the 70s, Peter Johansen, founder of Martin Professional, successfully established the company headquarters in Denmark in , and followed by the introduction of an architectural division offering superior dynamic LED lighting, which comprises colors, strobe effects, pixel lights, positions, patterns, and gobos, in practically maintenance-fee fixtures.

Omega Bracket. SixPack Hanger Bracket Set. SixPack Horizontal Bracket. USB Base Station. There are no products selected for comparison. Availability date: Delivery times. Add to compare Add to wishlist. Photometrics The SixPack delivers verified lumens with a narrow beam angle to create a bright punch over long distances.

Pixel array setup The SixPack housing is trapezoidal-shaped so that multiple units can be hung in vertical or horizontal matrixes or clustered into an array using the unique easy-install rigging system. Halogen emulation The SixPack will not only control the color, but the LED will even emulate the decay of the old halogen lamp. Mounting options The SixPack can be rigged with two or one regular clamps, by using the included U-bracket or by using the included vertical mounting bracket. About SGM.

Dehumidification Every SGM light is equipped with an internal built-in dehumidifier protecting the fixture from moisture, pollution and any other factors that can generate corrosion. Related articles. Download s. Download file. SixPack - Dessins 2D - SixPack - Dessins 3D - 6. SixPack - Diagramme Lux - SixPack - Firmware - SixPack - Manuel utilisateur - 2.

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