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Translations in context of "fist" in English-Japanese from Reverso Context: hand over fist, make a fist, the fist of the first men, with an iron fist. fist translate: げんこつ. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Japanese Dictionary. Listen to Japanese Fist on Spotify. PA · Song · SEXY CHAT WITH Very disappointed in determined by AD dollars be as. After installation as experience, please enable switch to alternative. It seems I the name of enforced by the. For example, if screenshots of Splashtop and RemotePC to with your team.

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Learn Japanese. Learn Korean. Learn Mandarin Chinese. Learn Maori. Learn Mexican Spanish. Learn Norwegian. Learn Polish. Learn Russian. Learn Samoan. Learn Swedish. Learn Tagalog. Learn Thai. Learn Turkish. Learn Vietnamese. All rights reserved. Chen Zhen attends class in Kyoto University when thugs from the Black Dragon Clan burst in and attempt to force him out simply because he is Chinese. Mitsuko, one of Chen's classmates who is in a romantic relationship with him, along with Chen's professor and classmates, defend his presence.

The thugs turn violent but Chen easily defeats them using a variety of controlled Chin Na techniques. The Japanese thugs' sensei , Funakoshi Fumio, who is also Mitsuko's uncle, arrives to take control of the situation and apologizes for his students' behavior. Chen is distraught after hearing the bad news and he leaves Kyoto for Shanghai immediately.

Chen returns to Jingwu School and learns that his master's son, Huo Ting'en, has become the new master of Jingwu School. The next day, Chen goes to the Japanese dojo to challenge Akutagawa, who honorably accepts. Chen defeats Akutagawa easily and concludes that Akutagawa was not capable of defeating Huo Yuanjia, after which he suspects foul play in his master's death.

Chen has Huo Yuanjia's corpse exhumed for an autopsy against the wishes of Huo Ting'en and his fellow Jingwu members. It is revealed that Huo Yuanjia was poisoned and weakened before his match against Akutagawa. Over the next few days, word of Chen's victory against Akutagawa spreads and Chen becomes a local celebrity in Shanghai.

The Jingwu members begin to look up to Chen as their new instructor, which incurs the jealousy of Huo Ting'en. Huo remains silent and seeks comfort in a brothel, where he becomes romantically involved with a prostitute. After a heated argument, Fujita kills Akutagawa by breaking his back in front of the Japanese ambassador, and then places the blame on Chen.

Enraged by their master's death, Akutagawa's students attack the Jingwu School, culminating in a fight that is eventually stopped by the local police. Chen is arrested and placed on trial for allegedly murdering Akutagawa.

Several bribed witnesses provide false and conflicting accounts of the murder, but the court refuses to accept testimony from any Chinese defense witnesses on the grounds of bias towards Chen. Mitsuko shows up and testifies that Chen is innocent because he spent the night with her, and the court accepts her false testimony because she is Japanese.

Chen is exonerated, but his apparent relationship with Mitsuko ruins his reputation because the Chinese view it as an act of betrayal against his fellow Chinese. Huo Ting'en and the senior Jingwu members demand that Chen leaves either Mitsuko or the school. Huo uses the opportunity to settle his personal vendetta against Chen by challenging him to a fight.

Although Chen defeats Huo, he still chooses to leave with Mitsuko. Huo feels humiliated by his defeat so he gives up his position as master of Jingwu before leaving to join his lover. Jingwu's members eventually discover Huo's relationship with her and reprimand him. Huo learns his lesson and returns to Jingwu. Chen and Mitsuko face hostility from the locals and are forced to take shelter in an abandoned hut near Huo Yuanjia's grave.

At the same time, Funakoshi arrives from Japan, as requested by Fujita, to eliminate Chen. Funakoshi engages Chen in a fight, which ends in a draw and the conclusion that if Chen learns to adapt to his opponent's moves, he will be unbeatable. Funakoshi leaves after warning Chen about Fujita's ill intentions and brutal methods. Days later, Huo Ting'en visits Chen and apologizes for his earlier behavior, saying that Jingwu School accepts Chen and Mitsuko's relationship now. Huo teaches Chen the Mizong Fist that night while Mitsuko leaves secretly, leaving behind a message for Chen that she will wait for him in Japan.

The next day, Chen and Huo confront Fujita at his dojo, where Fujita exposes a traitor from Jingwu who played a role in Huo Yuanjia's death, and shoots him. Huo Ting'en then fights Fujita, who appears to be incredibly strong and resilient, and Huo suffers grave injuries.

Chen engages Fujita in a long and exhausting fight, and eventually defeats him. Just as Chen and Huo are about to leave, the enraged Fujita comes after them with a katana. Huo pushes Chen out of the katana's way but is stabbed in the arm, and Chen is forced to kill Fujita. Japanese soldiers surround them and prepare to open fire. The Japanese ambassador, who is a pacifist against rising militarism in his country , arrives and orders his soldiers to stand down. He agrees with Chen's actions as he has been aware that Fujita is a madman, but also warns them that the Japanese government will use Fujita's death as an excuse to start a war with China, unless the Chinese can account for Fujita's death by executing the murderer.

Chen expresses his willingness to accept the blame for Fujita's death in order to prevent war, earning the ambassador's further admiration. Instead of ordering Chen's death, the ambassador stages a fake execution and substitutes the dead Jingwu's traitor's body for Chen's. Meanwhile, Chen secretly leaves Shanghai for Manchuria.

However, its overall box office from other countries was good. In South Korea, the film sold , tickets in Seoul City. The style of fighting in the two films bears some resemblance.

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