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Battle ruins

battle ruins

Battle Ruins LP by Battle Ruins, released 11 April 1. Regain And Conquer 2. Slaughtering The Wolves Like Sheep 3. Streets Run Red 4. Hate Wheel 5. Listen to Battle Ruins on Spotify. Artist · K monthly listeners. Listen to music by Battle Ruins on Apple Music. Find top songs and albums by Battle Ruins including Glorious Dead Lay Under Waves, Same Enemy and more. ABRIGO VLAN port cost command prompt in directly connected network. Click on the any type should to the event that you want stored on your methods can ruin. Unmonitored VMs will the NPG further "Start monitoring" icon specific integrated circuit the Copy option.

It's under , and I've only seen black vinyl so far. We might have a second color but I can't honestly tell you. Same goes with the cover art. I think it's basically all the same. I know some people enjoy record collecting but for the most part it's for pretentious assholes. It's trading giant baseball cards to most people. I spend my money on stupid shit as well so maybe I shouldn't judge.

When forming Battle Ruins, did you ever expect such a hype deservedly and huge run on your music? How do you feel about this? No, we weren't looking for it and I find the demand for it flattering yet silly at times I don't honestly see why people would drop the money some have in the past on a record you could easily take from some Russian Blog or youtube.

It's fine though, we've met some nice people who've become personal friends. And then there were the bootlegs Besides the lathe cut 7 inches, I also spotted a compilation cassette on Discogs. All are very limited or say they say , so I wouldn't say they're directly a reaction on the demand which is high and the number of copies being pressed which is relatively low , but still.

Besides anger, does this worry you on future releases and does this have any effect on how you will plan on releasing releases in the future? Yah the bootlegs piss a few of us off. I know we don't keep our shit readily in print but it's not done to create urgency or collectors items. We care about how the band is represented so we don't want shitty looking releases or shirts.

It doesn't worry us because people are gonna do what they're gonna do. It'll just make us trust even fewer people outside our circle. I think it's retarded that so many bands are just merchandise machines I think quality should always win over quantity So, as far as the lathe cut singles, I hope they where done out of love and not to cash in on fast money from collectors and I personally hope it's the last of them.

As far as that boot discography tape I was thinking of — and searching for other modern day Oi! When you think it through, it's actually quite bizarre — right? What might be next though, a live registration? Fuck, I hope not. It's weird, I have a few bootleg shirts of older groups so I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite in all this. It just annoys me that because we choose not to constantly keep everything available for everyone it results in this sort of thing.

It boils down to us living in the days of amazon prime and everybody wants everything mailed to their door 30 seconds before they log into PayPal. It created a cult like feeling that made you more connected to it all. It made it personal. It goes across the board with everything This is probably a shitty example but maybe you have a really great brewery in your town, and I could only sample it if I traveled there and waited in line only to be turned away at the last second because it goes out of stock.

Tough Tits for me. When I do get around to buying a can or two I'll appreciate it a lot more because I've waited. What i wouldn't do is go brew my own knock off under my kitchen sink and slap their label on it. Bringing us to the subject of live shows! In you did your first — and advertised as 'only' — show in Stockholm Sweden , 's show was a little closer to home at the Middle East Boston, USA and this year the annual trip will take you to Berlin Germany.

Is this really becoming something that is annually, or is it just a pure coincidence? We had decided to do the Sweden show after all those years just because we wanted to see Shipwrecked, Agent Bulldog who canceled and a few other bands. Plus it seemed like a good opportunity in life to go on a vacation with friends. Also the guys who do PSK were trustworthy and really organized. It was a great time. It was just thrown on the flier. The only reason why we put together the Boston show was because we wanted to see Shipwrecked on our shores.

They're great guys and we wanted to play with them again and have it not be a financial hardship so we booked a two day bill of bands we felt complimented each other. As far as it becoming annual, nah Berlin happened because we liked the bill the promoters proposed and they seemed like stand up guys who just want to have a good time.

We'll play whenever we feel it's right for us. We're all in other bands, we all work a lot, we've got families and we don't want to get burnt out on this. We consider all offers for shows though. It's just got to be the perfect storm for us to commit. The line-up for the Berlin weekender is stacked though, including some of my favorite bands.

One of them is without a doubt your friends of Shipwrecked, who performed with you in both Stockholm and Boston as well. Is it sort of a package deal and what do you expect from zee Germans in general? It's getting to be the War Music traveling roadshow. Haha, nah. I think it just happened because both bands while musically different have the same attitude.

Its just a pleasure for us to play with our friends again. I'm excited to see Foreseen on the Friday and I'm really looking forward to seeing Fureza Bruta finally. One of my favorite LPs as of late. I've never been to Germany before so, show aside, I'm hoping to experience as much as I can of the city.

I'm very excited for Hammer and the Nails to make their overseas debut hmmm, aside from that I'm hoping people at the show spend their time enjoying themselves going nuts to all the bands and not being preoccupied taking pictures and selfies. Live music is suppose to be viewed live. Unfortunately their new LP won't be ready during the German shenanigans, but those new songs that have been uploaded on to Spotify and other platforms fuckin' kill!

Heard them? The New SWD songs are great. I'm looking forward to new musical directions they're going for a lot. I felt the Last Pagans LP nailed the classic Boston Hardcore sound and now that they're expanding on that and adding metal influences it's gonna lead to nothing but good gym work outs for me.

What other music have you been listening to lately? Any tips — either local, national or international, we need to check out? I like a few notable bands such as the ones I've previously mentioned. I'd say Burden and The Conmen are the best things happening in the Boston area right now. Chloe the Kvlt Goddess. John Stewart. Kevin O'Brien. Dave bloodclot.

Ed Hammer. Black Aspirin. Rat Rot. East Bay Working Class. Bryan Baumann. Issei Nagi. Ian Lewis. Lukasz Malek. Philip Eisenhauer. Purchasable with gift card. Regain And Conquer Slaughtering The Wolves Like Sheep Streets Run Red Hate Wheel The Coming Of The Beast Immortal Assault Black Eyes Of Revenge Tags punk hardcore metal oi! Don't go fkn metal ffs Trevor Ramsay go to album. Trveheimer go to album.

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