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k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'genjutsu' hashtag. Genjutsu is one of the main branches of jutsu. Focused on creating illusions, genjutsu torments the mind of a shinobi, exhausting them just. Genjutsu (幻術, Literally meaning: Illusionary Techniques) is. GAS CLUB Use your Android the various parts so many genjutsu. Wasabi's immutable buckets is changed physically, tend to be. Check out the The best tool sitting on the potentially malicious or great support.

Most genjutsu is performed visually, requiring the target make eye contact with the caster. Other methods include integration with nature transformation, as shown with Water and Lightning Release , and in the anime, ingesting special pills that activate when the target sleeps. Audible genjutsu is deemed the most dangerous because the user can trap victims from long distances.

Despite its usefulness, genjutsu is rarely employed, most shinobi preferring the real, tangible effects of ninjutsu and taijutsu over the imagined effects of genjutsu. The difficulty of performing genjutsu in the first place presents an additional barrier to its use: genjutsu require precise chakra control in order to manipulate the target's senses and advanced intelligence to make the illusion convincing, prerequisites that even someone as skilled as Jiraiya lacks.

Some, however, are able to specialise in genjutsu, with Kurenai Sarutobi being regarded as one of Konoha 's experts in the field and members of the Uchiha clan being particularly feared because of their Sharingan's generic genjutsu. According to Hagoromo, the Byakugan can also be used to extend the range of genjutsu.

Those under the influence of genjutsu will either appear to be unconscious or continue to move around under the pretence of the genjutsu. The latter is very effective in battle as a genjutsu user can make themselves appear to be somewhere else and attack the victim from behind or change the environment to make the victim see a flat plain where there is a steep cliff. Boruto Wiki Explore. Episodes Chapters. Konohagakure Sunagakure Kirigakure.

Although a powerful jutsu, some genin—including Shikamaru—successfully avoided the attack. Additionally, many high-ranking ninja avoided the attack, suggesting it's only effective against civilians and low-ranking shinobi. A fierce technique, this jutsu forces the target to confront their deepest fears.

This fear can take the form of an image they desperately want to avoid— or take the shape of their deepest darkest fear. Kakashi used this jutsu on Sakura, forcing her to experience the death of Sasuke. Unable to comprehend the event, Sakura becomes disturbed and eventually passes out. Whilst terrifying, the individual can remain unaffected if they recognize their fear as nothing more than an illusion. However, that's easier said than done—making it particularly effective against the inexperienced.

Although not one of his strengths, Jiraiya effectively used genjutsu during his battle with Pain. A sound-based genjutsu brought on by the singing of toads. Once the opponent hears the song, they immediately fall under the illusion. They are then surrounded by four Toad Samurai who seal the individual within a barrier. Although powerful, the jutsu is difficult to pull off. In fact, it's such a complex technique that only the great Toad Sages have successfully mastered it—and it takes time to set up.

If the opponent is alerted to their presence, the Toads cannot carry on with the ritual. A genjutsu famous amongst the legendary Senju clan causes the victim to see nothing but black. Taking away their ability to see, the genjutsu makes the opponent vulnerable to attack. This was first seen in Naruto , used by the reanimated Hashirama on the Third Hokage.

However—although formidable—it does have its weaknesses. Those caught in the genjutsu can still access their other senses, picking up on the user's scent or chakra. Using his sharpened sense, Hiruzen could defend himself from the reanimated Hokage by picking up on his chakra and energy.

Available to those who wield the mangekyo sharingan, Izanami is said to decide one's fate. The sharingan user selects an arbitrary moment and memorizes everything about it, including themselves and their opponent's physical sensations. Once memorized, the user activates the jutsu, putting their opponent in an infinite loop until they stop fighting and accepting their fate.

Itachi used Izanami on Kabuto , forcing him to evaluate his actions and accept his punishment. Historically, this jutsu was used to reprimand a fellow Uchiha who abused Izanami's counterpart: Izanagi. Izanagi is a broken ability that grants the user the option to change destiny. Performed with the sharingan, the user applies illusion to reality, granting the user complete control of what transpires whilst the jutsu is active.

The best example of this is when Danzo fought Sasuke —changing the fight time and time again to bring himself back from certain death. Due to the significant power it holds, the jutsu typically exhausts one's chakra. However, if the user has access to Hashirama cells and is an Uchiha—they can keep the jutsu active for prolonged periods. One of the most powerful genjutsu in existence, Tsukuyomi is frequently used by Itachi Uchiha to trap and torture his victims in an illusory world.

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This extended time was active at the cost of an ongoing drain on Danzou's chakra. So when active, it allowed him to absorb numerous fatal attacks at the cost of one of the Sharingan eyes permanently closing on his arm and becoming useless.

Should Danzou need to conserve chakra and protect the eyes, he would cancel the jutsu and attempt to avoid critical hits. Kakkou's Genjutsu Interrogation Technique Unnamed. Because it was a war-time situation, Kakkou hoped he could extract troop movements and battle plans from the young ninja. To try and break her will, he put her under a Genjutsu sensory spell.

Because of Rin's strong will she was able to resist the pressure and not reveal any information. Kamira's Genjutsu Unnamed. This unnamed Genjutsu is a technique used by Kamira. Kamira will cause the area around the target to be enveloped by darkness. Once inside the black space, the target will see grotesque figures said to be tortured criminals, the previous victims of the technique. These grotesqueries will reach out and grab a hold of the target.

They will then be thrown into the void to the mercy of a spectral dragon. The horrifying oni can even extend from the targets own body to attack them. All aimed at transfixing the victim with fear and shock while Kamira herself chokes and kills the target. Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that creates false attackers to delay and confuse the enemy.

Though these servants are not real, the actual ninja is able to remain hidden and throw kunai and shuriken matching the movements of the servants. This makes it appear the false servants are capable of attacking. When the enemy attempts to attack the servant, they will merely disrupt the servants illusion body but not destroy it.

Kokohi no Jutsu - False Place Technique. Kokohi no Jutsu is a simple Genjutsu technique which changes the appearance of a nearby object. Kokuangyou no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique which causes the ninja's opponent to be enveloped in total darkness. While in the black void, the ninja will be unable to see any incoming attack or threat. Kori Shinchuu no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique which causes the target to travel around in circles. If the ninja is unable to detect the illusion very quickly, they can become exhausted mentally and physically when they are unable to reach their desired target by traveling along the same path over and over.

Kotoamatsukami - Distinguished Heavenly Gods. Kotoamatsukami, named for first of the Japanese gods, is a Ninjutsu technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to control the minds and opinions of others, without the victim's awareness. It is regarded as Uchiha Shisui's ultimate Genjutsu of his Mangekyou eyes. This power helped Shisui be regarded as the most powerful Genjutsu user of the Uchiha.

His skills were so legendary, that he decided to end his own life for fear his eyes fall into the wrong hands. In their normal Mangekyou state, each eye can cast one mind control jutsu approximately every decade. No direct eye contact with the victim was needed, as Kotoamatsukami could be cast while still being covered and hidden with cloth.

However the victim still needed to be within the vicinity. Godaime Mizukage regarded Kotoamatsukami as being similar to the jutsu used to control her predecessor Yagura by the man known as Tobi. With the addition of genetic material from Senju Hashirama, Danzou was able to utilize Kotoamatsukami on a much more frequest basis, though not more than once in single day. To that end he used the ability to help him become the preliminary Rokudaime Hokage and almost become supreme leader of the shinobi alliance.

Shisui enrusted his left eye with his friend Uchiha Itachi, who implanted the eye in a crow. This crow he later implanted into Naruto, with the added command that upon seeing Itachi's Mangekyou eye again, it would cast the command "Protect Konoha" back at the Mangekyou holder.

Kotoamatsukami was so powerful, that it was able to overlay a new command on Itachi, who had been resurrected via Edo Tensei. After forming the needed handseals, the target will see bean vines grow from the ground.

These vines will snake and wind all around the victims body, lifting them into the air. A bean pod will raise and open to reveal the clan member with weapon in hand ready to strike. A skilled Genjutsu user can reverse the technique and escape its effects. Kurenai's Flower Petal Dissolve Unnamed. If Kurenai becomes trapped in a Genjutsu or wants to appear to be trapped she can disperse into a shower of flower petals. With this technique these petals will fly around and consume her targets, dissolving their bodies away.

Kurenai's Flower Petal Escape Unnamed. If Kurenai comes under attack, she can use this technique to cover her escape. After forming the needed hand seals, Kurenai's body will disperse into a shower of flower petals. These petals will confuse and distract her opponent while she escapes or hides. The Genjutsu affects the user by attacking their sense of hearing. By combining their voices into a melody only toad's can sing, they can bind the body and mind of the one who hears it.

The victims will feel themselves trapped within a binding cube held in place by four large toads. While under the Genjutsu, they will be vulnerable to outside attack. The Genjutsu's weakness stems from the length of time it takes for the toad's to come into harmony, and that as a hearing-based Genjutsu, it gives away their location immediately.

After Yoroi forms the needed handseals, a huge ball of fire will descend from the sky to envelope his target. The victims of the genjutsu will believe they are being engulfed by a torrent of fire and flee their location for safety. After forming the needed hand seals, Kurenai will disappear and approach her target.

The user can then hide the projectiles they throw within the illusory ones that clones throw. Kokuangyo no jutsu Bringer-of-darkness technique Name: Kokuangyo no Jutsu, literally "Bringer of Darkness Technique" Type: A-rank, Supplementary, Short to mid-range m Users: Shodai Hokage This jutsu creates an area of complete darkness around the victim, enabling the user to attack without being seen. If the ninja is unable to detect the illusion very quickly, they can become exhausted mentally and physically because they are unable to reach their desired target by traveling along the same path over and over.

Once near her target, a tree will grow at their feet and its branches will bind him so they are unable to move. Once the target believes they are captured, Kurenai will appear from the tree and stab the target with a kunai. The ninja will use the rat hand seal to cause a circle of leaves to spin and envelop the target and then fall away. Once cast the world will appear normal to the target until they see the illusion.

The target can avoid the spell by forming and using the dispel skill. Uchiha Itachi uses this ability to inflict several days' worth of torment on his victims in an instant, which tends to leave the victim bedridden. However, Tsukuyomi is an enormous drain on the user, which discourages its frequent use.

Itachi is seemingly only able to use it for the equivalent of three days maximum. About NarutoHQ.

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