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Kicking and slime quest

kicking and slime quest

A level 10 The Hinterlands Quest. + reputation with Undercity. This brew's gonna have a HUGE kick to it though, so we need a huge slime! Three days in a row, this quest chain has frozen and crashed for me. Always at Stage 6, when I am in flight and throwing slimes. Does it ever stop you and automatically kick you out or do you need to manually quit? Part of me just kinda wants to let it keep going and see. IT S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR ANDY WILLIAMS Manfred Manfred 9 This person is of battery but. Can be used. IP Address Tools everything around IT.

WoWWiki Explore. WoW info. Gathering Production Secondary. Allied races. Useful macros What are addons? More WoW info. Events Ongoing Seasonal Micro-holidays World. Instances Raids Scenarios Sanctuaries Worlds. Movie info. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Quest:Prime Slime. Edit this page. History Talk 0. This article or section is a Cataclysm stub. You can help expand it by editing it. Comment by reputation with Undercity.

Comment by Mikasan The only way I could do it as a mage, was to put down a Heavy Stone Statue heavy stone statue just before he consumed me. That way I could heal Comment by konradutterback little tip for hunters, let your pet have aggro for the beginning, so that he consumes your pet, and not you, just keep mend pet up, and you should be fine, i never took any damage :D. Comment by If you're like me, running around and around that hill, trying to find the entrance and starting to wonder if standing on top and jumping up and down long enough will cause a cave-in so that you can get to him - go to the river bank on the north of the hill - the entrance is down there.

Comment by the liquid of the boss to finish the quest i tell you, if you dont are a healer or you dont have a healer you will die because the boss is really hard to beat, if you dont get heal. So dont go alone Comment by Eladria This thing gobbled up my shaman's searing totem! I kept waiting for it to eat her, and then I suddenly looked up and saw her searing totem merrily blasting away from the inside. Now that's a spicy meatball. Comment by Zombette At lvl 85, the mob only deals damage. After my second attempt and dying I came here to read the comments and took the "mend pet" advice but did a few extras that worked without my character dying.

She was low on health but didn't die. I set my pet to defensive mode so it would only attack if I were attacked or told it to attack. After killing everything in eye sight and around direglob I reset my pet mode to assist to have it do it's "own" thing from my first shot at direglob. As direglob and my pet went at I kept shooting and mending pet. At that point while direglob was coming toward me I continued to shoot while running backwards so it was not able to consume me.

Comment by Kasperion Respawn timer for The Direglob was approximately 10 minutes from the previous kill. Comment by Rizzatto I used touch of death with my monk and it didn't drop anything. I went back, after I collected the crates I need and killed him again. This time I specifically didn't use touch of death and he dropped the sample I needed just fine. I don't know if that's a bug or what, but you might want to keep it in mind. Comment by Well how about this, I was being consumed and fighting away with my pet, another player strolled up killed the Prime Slime and took the sample before I could, nice one.

Comment by Tenjen Slimes consist of living goo but also of what it consumes. Comment by Thebe2 Entrance is a rock cave at He's about 60yds in, to the right down in a big pit, you will see him as soon as as you turn right from the entrance. If you are ranged you can cast or shoot from 'the upper deck', he will slither up to you, so you get in a few extra hits. He's not too fast. Comment by JasperKazai It's been said already, but the respawn time on Direglob is absolutely horrible.

Coupled with the fact that cross-realm server mechanics means quest areas are more populated, expect to have to wait awhile to get this quest done. I had to wait about 15 minutes. Comment by JPaterson Were these older quests not given the world tag, like newer content? I'm leveling a character for the first time in ages Horde , saw Direglob, got him, during which time an Alliance mage came by, who I guess was also looking for Direglob.

So I assume old content is still faction tag for quest mobs? On one hand, I feel bad he now has to wait ten minutes for the spawn.

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The slime is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series.

Escentric 01 100ml escentric molecules Please replace me with an appropriate Category:Stubs stub after the expansion is released. Gloopity gloop! In Terrariathe general slime seems rather mindless. Comment by reputation with Undercity. Tried disabling all add-ons and restarting my computer; no change.
Kicking and slime quest Armadillidium vulgare magic potion
Battle of immortal I have even tried running it with no mods active, in hopes that maybe it was one of them causing the problem. You can both dps Direglob and heal yourself while being digested. This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Comment by Zurr had the Direglob's consume ability bug on me, and didn't go away after killing it. The Slimes, along with the Blue dragon and the Knight aberrantare the only Dragon Quest monsters to appear on the show. He's about 60yds in, to the right down in a big pit, you will see him as soon as as you turn right from the entrance.

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