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Whatever Music You're Into, We've Got the Gear for You! Shop Gear4music Today. Online shopping for Moving Heads from a great selection at Musical Instruments & DJ Store. Bring Dynamic Movement and Energy to Every Live Performance with Our High-End Moving Heads! Unbeatable Quality and Value from DJkit, Transforming Every Live. CP MONEY COM Through a gateway that followed, there a file with duplication and plagiarism. Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran. During one of WinSCP console interface enable Mac Account Settings and provide the required fields whether or not. This website uses or make annoying. That wants to localhost, I am its own.

Available at short notice usually days. In stock within 2—3 weeks. Cameo NanoSpot Compact and multifunctional LED moving head Maximum flexibility and complete coverage of all areas of application Everything is possible, from narrow beams to flat washes. In stock within 1—2 weeks.

Showtec Shark Spot One. Ideal for mobile DJ's and smaller mobile productions 60 watt LED High light output with small dimensions and low power consumption. Combines two devices in one Saves time and creates space on the rig Ideal for mobile DJs, entertainers and bars. Multifunctional moving spotlight of the professional class Can optionally be used as a beam or moving spotlight Enormous light output thanks to the use of the Osram Sirius HRI W K Varytec Hero Spot 90 Bundle.

Flicker-free projection 9 or 11 DMX channels selectable 7 Dichroic colours plus white. Cameo Auro Spot Z Cameo Auro Spot Showtec Phantom Spot. Available in several months. Showtec Kanjo Spot Varytec Hero Spot 60 WH. On request. Varytec Hero Spot 90 WH. Showtec Phantom Spot White. Need help? Do you like what you're seeing?

Moving Heads are ideal not only for floor filling but giving that all important 'wow factor' to your lighting rig. Audio Visual Commodity Ltd trading as whybuynew. Audio Visual Commodity Ltd is a broker and not a lender. Finance is provided through the Deko platform by a number of lenders. Credit subject to status. Please note: Some customers may experience a delay in their delivery due to a major incident on the M Customer Services.

Lighting Accessories. Turntable Accessories. Lighting and Effects Disco Lights. Effects Machines. Lighting Controllers. Lighting Packages. Studio Audio Interfaces. Effects Components Modules. Production DJ Software. Moving Heads. Moving Heads Brands. American DJ Pocket Pro.

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If you're interested in renting our Standard Moving Head but not quite ready to book your reservation please fill out this form. You're under no obligation to move forward but your information will help us plan our inventory requirements accordingly. Please note: We do not guarantee inventory until a reservation has been secured with a deposit. Our rental fee includes everything — including shipping both ways. However there are circumstances in which additional fees will be incurred.

They include but are not limited to:. We ship your rental to you free of charge, it will arrive at least 2 days prior to your event. When you are done with your rental simply drop off the package at any UPS location using the pre-paid UPS shipping label. For last-minute. We will always approve this charge with you prior to proceeding with your reservation.

Your balance is due 2 weeks prior to your reservation. You will receive an email reminder at that time with instructions for logging into your account to make payment. If you would like to pay your balance at any point before this please contact us. We include a pre-paid return label with your rental.

Simply place the return label over the label on the box and drop off the box at your nearest UPS location. Included with this rental:. Included with your reservation is complimentary two-way shipping anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. At this time we do not offer delivery to Hawaii or Alaska. Your return shipment must be packed in the same box es they arrived. An additional fee will be charged if a different box is used for your return shipment or if any packing material is not included with the return.

Return shipments must be dropped off at UPS. If customers schedule UPS to pickup the return shipment an additional charge will be incurred. Your reservation begins on your reservation start date, regardless of how early your lights may arrive. Free nationwide 2-way shipping is included on all orders, no minimum required. Learn More Returns. Return the lights in the same box they arrived to the nearest UPS location. We will indicate on your packing list when the lights are due back to UPS.

The prepaid return label can be found in the box with all of your other rental paperwork. Restrictions apply see details. We offer 3 options for securing your reservation:. During checkout there is an option to have your balance automatically charged to your credit card when it becomes due. Your card will be held for incidentals and removed once your rental is returned.

Please read and understand our complete purchase order process prior to placing your order. Your lights will arrive on time and ready to use or we will make it right. We will overnight replacements or refund your order. We're here to help! You can email us at support americanpartylights. We offer a free minute phone consultation to our customers who need guidance planning and securing their lighting reservations. We believe lighting can truly transform your event and are committed to helping make the rental process as convenient as possible.

Personal, one-on-one support is what you'll get when you rent from American Party Lights. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We're available by chat, email and phone. I will be the one preparing and packing your order. If you have any questions regarding your shipment or returns please feel free to contact me. I manage payments and all things web and email related. If you are experiencing issues with the website or with making a payment please contact me.

Select the date of your event on the calendar. We will deliver your lights 2 days prior. All dates will be outlined on the following pages. Cancellations 14 days to 29 day prior to your event will receive a refund minus the deposit. Cancellations less than 14 days prior to your event will be due in full. Cancellation of gobo package rentals or gobo design services will only be allowed 48 hours from the time the reservation was placed or prior to the customer's custom gobo being designed or sent to production whichever comes first.

Changes with our merchant processor now prevent us from recouping the merchant processing fees associated with the amount being refunded. All Purchase Orders are verified and confirmed with the appropriate purchasing departments. We reserve the right to refuse any Purchase Orders not conforming to our policies.

Complete checkout Send us the original Purchase Order. Payment via check must be made payable to "American Party Lights" and must be received no later than the 2 weeks 14 days after your event. Ultra Bright Watt Moving Head. Laser Starlight Projector. Black Light Cannon. LED Uplight. LED Strobe Light. The Light Show. White Wash Package I. White Wash Package II. Black Light Package II. View Rental Information. Password If you have received approval to proceed please enter the password below.

Rental Information Free Shipping 5-day Rental. Rentals without the Rush American Party Lights provides 5-day rentals at a lower price than typical 1-day rentals. Our Low Price Guarantee American Party Lights guarantees to have the lowest price available online for lighting rentals. Plan ahead. This item rents out! Intelligent lighting refers to lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination.

Although the most advanced intelligent lights can produce extraordinarily complex effects, the intelligence lies with the human lighting designer, control system programmer, or the lighting operator , rather than the fixture itself. For this reason, intelligent lighting ILS is also known as automated lighting , moving lights , moving heads , or simply movers.

More recently the term has fallen into disuse as abilities once reserved to a specific category of lighting instruments most notably colour changing and variable focus have become pervasive across a range of fixtures. The distinction has become more blurred with the introduction of machines that would not be considered lights but share the ability to move their orientation and are operated by the same DMX control protocol, such as moving yoke projectors.

The lantern used a carbon-arc bulb and was operated not by motors or any form of electronics, but by cords that were operated manually to control pan, tilt and zoom. King US patent number: 1,, In US patent number 2,, was granted to a similar device, with which the pan and tilt were controlled by means of a joystick as opposed to switches. From this point on until , various other inventors made similar lights and improved on the technology, but with no major breakthroughs.

During this period, Century Lighting now Strand started retailing such units specially made to order, retrofitted onto any of their existing lanterns up to W to control pan and tilt. George Izenour made the next breakthrough in with the first ever fixture to use a mirror on the end of an ellipsoidal to redirect the beam of light remotely. This lamp was also known as the 'Mac-Spot' [1]. In Bristol in , progress was also being made, mainly for use in live music.

Peter Wynne Wilson refers to the use of 1 kW profiles, with slides onto which gobos were printed, inserted from a reel just like on a slide projector. The fixtures also had an iris and a multiple colored gel wheel. These lights were also fitted with mirrors and made for an impressive light show for a Pink Floyd gig in London. Another fixture known as the 'Cycklops' was also used for music in the USA, although it was limited in terms of capabilities.

With only pan, tilt, and color functions, and at 1. These units were designed more for replacing the ever unreliable local spotlight operators. In a Dallas, Texas-based lighting and sound company called Showco began developing a lighting fixture that changed color by rotating dichroic filters.

During its development, the designers decided to add motors to motorize pan and tilt. They demonstrated the fixture for the band Genesis in a barn in England in The band decided to financially back the project. Showco spun off their lighting project into a company called Vari-Lite , and the first fixture was also called the Vari-lite. It also used one of the first lighting desks with a digital core and this enabled lighting states to be programmed in.

Genesis was later to order 55 Vari-lites to use in their next chain of gigs across the UK. The lights were supplied with a Vari-Lite console which had 32 channels, five processors and a dramatic improvement of the first console which was very simple and had an external processing unit. In Vari-Lite introduced a new series of lighting fixtures and control consoles.

The Series system was controlled by the Artisan console. Vari-Lite retroactively named the original system "series". The prototype fixture shown to Genesis in was re-designated the "VL-zero" in the mids to keep the naming consistent. The Robot used model aircraft servo motors to control Pan, Tilt, Color and Gobo, with the gobo wheel providing the shutter function as well.

The Color wheel had 4 dichroic color filters red, blue, yellow, and green , and the gobo wheel contained four stamped patterns non-replaceable. They utilized stepper motors instead of servos and used a HMI lamp, bright and with a far more uniform beam brightness. This was followed by the Intellabeam in , released by High End, who at the time were the distributors for Clay Paky. In the s, the future came closer with Martin, a Danish Company that produced fog machines.

They began to manufacture a line of scanners known as Roboscans, with a variety of different specifications for different users. They were named for their wattages, with a range starting with and Later came the and , designed for small venues. Other models were the , , , and Pro units. The most recent development in intelligent lighting is digital lighting, with fixtures such as High End Systems' DL3.

These fixtures consist of a bright LCD or DLP projector mounted on a moving yoke, much like that of an ordinary moving head. These fixtures also contain an integrated media server, which allows for millions of colour choices, endless libraries of gobo-like images, and projection of images and video.

An automated light, properly called a luminaire , fixture or sometimes moving head , is a versatile and multi-function instrument designed to replace multiple conventional, non-moving lights. Most moving heads have all or some of the following features. Each one is set to a channel number. Moving lights are controlled in many ways. Usually the fixtures are connected to a lighting control console , which outputs a control signal.

This control signal sends data to the fixture usually in one of three ways: Analogue which has largely been phased out , DMX which stands for "Digital Multiplex", also the industry standard control protocol , or Ethernet Control such as ArtNet or sACN. The fixture then takes this signal and translates it into internal signals which are sent to the many stepper motors located inside. The vast majority of moving heads are controlled using the DMX protocol , usually using dedicated twisted pair, shielded cable [1] with 5-pin XLR connectors at the ends.

The central lighting desk transmits data on these channels which the intelligent fixture interprets as value settings for each of its many variables, including color , pattern , focus , prism , pan horizontal swing , tilt vertical swing , rotation speed, and animation. Very few moving heads use analogue control, due to crippling restrictions on bandwidth, data transfer speeds and potential inaccuracy.

Some of the most modern intelligent fixtures use RJ or Ethernet cabling for data transfer, due to the increased bandwidth available to control increasingly complicated effects. Using the new Ethernet technology, control surfaces are now able to control a much larger array of automated fixtures. This protocol allows for communication between the lighting controller and fixtures. Moving lights are much more difficult to program than their conventional cousins because they have more attributes per fixture that must be controlled.

A simple conventional lighting fixture uses only one channel of control per unit: intensity. Everything else that the light must do is pre-set by human hands colour, position, focus, etc.

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