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Lenovo y27gq 25 benq zowie xl2740

lenovo y27gq 25 benq zowie xl2740

BenQ ZOWIE XL 27 inch Hz Gaming Monitor with G-Sync Compatible/ Refurbished Lenovo 65EDGAC1US Legion Y27GQ 27" x QHD Hz.5ms Gsync. Comparison between: " Lenovo Legion Y - " BenQ ZOWIE XL Brand, series, model. G-SYNC, Lenovo, Y27GQ G-SYNC Compatible, Acer, XBQ GZ, Yes, 25, IPS, x (FHD), Hz G-SYNC Compatible, BenQ, XL THE 70S SHOW Learn about the. Want to check for is new backup created by SqlBak, you need. The "projectile" styling be Very helpful to facilitate analyzing to the communi to all the commentators here.

Number of reviews: 5 Average rating: 9. Review automatically translated. Similar products Best sellers Our brands. Similar products. Best sellers. Samsung Our brands. See related product. An error has occured We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Never again be the victim of a coward in a dark corner. The black equalizer increases the visibility of dark scenes without overexposing light areas. Optimized in-game accuracy Colour vibrance gives you the flexibility you need for colour performance.

With 20 settings of colour vibrancy levels , you can achieve your specific display expectations and preferences for all types of game play. Easy access to settings for different scenarios Different scenarios require different display settings. The S Switch is designed for easy access to settings and to switch between different saved modes. Whether you're reading, surfing or playing, switching between presets and navigating the menus is as easy as 1 and 2 make 3.

The built-in memory allows you to save 3 favourite profiles suitable for the driverless concept. Customised display angles The height-adjustable stand can be moved with a single finger so you can adjust the screen height to your preferred angle for added comfort.

Game modes that enhance the gaming experience Every game has its own optimised settings. Each XL monitor is equipped with several settings. You can easily switch between these game modes using a shortcut key. Minimises visual distractions Concentration is a key factor in e-sports games. Stay on top of product news and trends with our newsletter and receive exclusive offers and campaigns every week!

You can also find guides and product tests that will help you get the best deals. Yes, I want to receive news and offers related to PriceRunner's product range, competitions and recommendations via email. I can withdraw my consent at any time. Read more in our Privacy Policy. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, and to analyse our traffic. Monitors hz gaming monitors. Benq Zowie XLK. Benq Zowie XLS. Lenovo Legion Y27gq Lenovo Legion Y Dell SHG.

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One issue with this resolution is the XL's size. At 27 inches, the XL begins to reach a PPI pixels per inch that may not be preferable to some game players, where a smaller In certain multiplayer games having visual information compacted is an asset. Of course, that's nothing that shifting the monitor's distance couldn't fix. All in all, the visual quality of the XL isn't the monitor's main selling point.

But for a TN panel monitor at p, the XL provides as much as necessary for the monitor's intended purpose. Plus, the monitor's healthy range of settings and customizability makes its weaknesses more tolerable. The BenQ Zowie XL is being sold explicitly as a monitor for esports, and it delivers that beyond just sheer performance.

The monitor itself is designed for ease of use, optimal whether it's being used in a home setting, at an impromptu LAN, or taken to a convention to compete in a tournament. And it achieves that through a diverse array of physical features. Simple features that are of particular importance include the XL's small weighted base stand. The XL's stand is a small heavy square that rests near directly under the monitor, meaning that it can fit in very small spaces.

Another simple but useful feature for the XL is its strong handle at the top of the monitor's stand, making the monitor very easy to carry despite its weight. The XL's stand also allows it to be shifted and adjusted as necessary. Its height can be raised over 5 and a half inches, it can be tilted upward 20 degrees, and it has degree swivel left and right to make for full vertical usage.

And all movements feel very fluid yet firm. There's no need to be forceful or worry about the monitor drifting out of position. It's an impressive amount of maneuverability for a large monitor. On the side of the monitor itself are several useful features including two USB 3.

These easily accessible features are also intended to be for esports players , those who may need to set up quickly or otherwise have limited access to their case. In testing, they each worked perfectly fine with no noticeable additional delay, including with a keyboard and mouse slotted into the USB ports.

Smaller monitor features include a USB-connected button pad with several buttons and a scroll wheel for quick menu navigation and a headphone hanger inset in the side of the monitor. Also advertised is a nonreflective inner frame, a solution for a rare problem where frustrating lighting can create distracting reflections a the side of the screen. While this isn't a high priority feature, it does seem like a thoughtful addition.

Finally, the XL comes with a set of mounted blinders that can be attached on either side of the screen. These blinders can be useful to block out distractions and are easily removable for a desktop setting. This "Shield" is another example of the XL's many options available to ensure the monitor is useable in a wide variety of environments. Like many of these features, the blinders aren't necessarily important, or even likely to be used by a majority of buyers, but it is nice to have as an option just in case.

BenQ Zowie's XL is a uniquely positioned high-end p monitor. Its two core selling points are its performance and its esports feature set. The concept of an esports monitor isn't necessarily odd, given that playing competitive games professionally is an increasingly feasible option.

However, while those additional features are interesting they aren't necessarily adding much value to the monitor. The handle, blinders, and non-reflective frame can be useful, but they're more handy than meaningful. It's worth setting aside the XL's esports virtues to focus on its performance.

Where the XL makes a persuasive esports argument is with regards to the performance of the monitor for online competitive PC gaming. The Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time are this monitor's core selling points, and are well justified in that regard. For p competitive PC gaming, the XL is top of the line.

Playing these games or similarly fast-paced action games at over fps provides an absolutely noticeably smoother and more reliable experience even compared to a Hz or Hz monitor. It's for those who are willing to sacrifice some visual quality for extra frames. While the XL may be somewhat of a niche product, that isn't at all a negative. For those who want the buttery smooth experience of over fpsand have the PC hardware to back it up, the XL is the monitor of choice. That it also comes with a solid array of customizable settings and a number of useful adds makes it all the more attractive a product, but it's the opportunity of fps competitive multiplayer gaming that justifies the XL's expensive price tag.

Product Information sheet. Add To Cart Buy Now. This field is required. Buy Now. Recommended Video Card Requirement:. Spot Hidden Enemies. Black eQualizer OFF. Black eQualizer ON. Optimize Gaming Precision. Personalize Viewing Angles. Easily Access Settings for Different Scenarios. Game Modes for Enhanced Gaming Experience. Minimize Visual Distractions. For More Information. Refresh Rate PC Max.

Accessories included in the box. Refresh rate. Display area. Pixel pitch mm. Fast liquid crystal. Power supply. Voltage rating. Gross weight kg. Black eQualizer. S Switch. V 3-way. Video cable. Power cable. You Might Also Like.

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