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Ibm lenovo thinkpad w700

ibm lenovo thinkpad w700

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With that said, the single screen version shares pretty much the same specs and based on what we've been testing, the machine actually does deliver the goods. Hardware performance was top notch, and the build and feel of the unit was excellent. Then again, we really only expect businesses that require the use of heavy duty machines for graphical design to acquire these powerful mobile workstations.

This thing is designed as a mobile workstation and it is very well suited to this task. Features such as the built-in Wacom tablet and color calibration are not vital to home users but can be critical to designers on the go. The system provides outstanding performance thanks to its high end components. All of this comes with a very high price tag that will make most consumers look elsewhere. VAT being the second model in the range.

This machine is a hulking 4. A workstation needs a number of different factors in order to work properly. If high-end and demanding tasks are your stock in trade, the Lenovo ThinkPad W is currently the only real workstation worth considering. For on-the-go graphics artists, or those looking for the ultimate mobile workstation, it's hard to beat. It is for a range of demanding users, from content creators to engineers who need serious power and occasional mobility.

It will give professional digital artists or multimedia hobbyists the power to crunch data faster on a mobile platform faster than ever before. And in comparison to every other similarly classed notebook we could find, we think they have succeeded. No other notebook comes close to offering the level of raw performance, pixel precision, and configuration flexibility which is offered on the W No matter which competitor you look at, be it Apple, Dell, HP, all of them have some sort of drawback which keeps them from truly competing with the Thinkpad W When this model hits the market in the next few weeks, Lenovo will have a sizable technological lead over competing mobile workstations -- one which we don't think will be diminished for quite some time.

Lenovo W Review Origen: Notebookreview. Besides the usual keyboard with an additional numeric block , you still find a trackpoint , like in all Thinkpad models, on the upper side of the base unit, a touchpad and as in the case of the W, an integrated graphic tablet from Wacom in the appropriate configuration, as well. The applied keyboard is the standard keyboard device like it's also used in the bigger 14", 15" colleagues in the Thinkpad range.

Above that, the W has also been treated to an independent numeric block, which will please especially graphic and CAD users, who are the primary target group of the W Inputting numeric data becomes cinch with its help.

The typing quality of the given keys presents itself with the Thinkpad typical deeper stroke length on the one side and with the classic IBM layout on the other. This means that the FN and Strg keys traded places in comparison to common keyboards, though. On the other side, we encountered a few, in our opinion, unpromising traits of the W keyboard in our tests. This is the cause of a very loud noise at typing. Due to the keyboard not sitting absolutely firm in the case, it even clattered unpleasantly at vigorous typing.

Too bad, that the W has such a flaw in this regard. We would have expected a bit more from the series' top model. Even an R50p keyboard still found in editorial use, which is already now an over 4 year old pro-device, but as the "low-priced" plastic edition, shows itself even after years of intensive use considerably more user-friendly and with a more pleasant type feel than the current keyboard of the W test sample at hand. Fortunately, they stayed loyal to the accustomed quality of trackpoint and touchpad.

Both let themselves be employed perfectly and make even an unproblematic use of the notebook without an external mouse possible. The Thinkpad W in the configuration at hand is equipped with a x 80 mm sized Wacom graphic tablet including an appropriate pen. Lenovo didn't go in for any experiments but fell back on the tried hardware of the tablet-pros Wacom.

In the test with Photoshop it quickly became evident that the pressure sensitivity of the pen point as well as the eraser has been set too low ex-factory , and too much pressure had to be applied for our taste, which led quickly to exhaustion. We weren't all too taken from the ergonomics of the pen , either, this resembling more a cheap freebie-pen than a high quality, precision work device. In our opinion, the tablet is very well suitable for on the go, an external input device should be favored at stationary use especially because of the better ergonomics, though.

In the variant Wds you come to enjoy an additional display , which with a diagonal of This could be especially interesting for graphic applications because you can, for example transfer the toolbox or different communication tools here and still have a complete display for the actual application. A very strong decrease of brightness at the side edges, especially on the left display side, of down to The shadowing in this area was even evident for the naked eye on a white display background.

The very low illumination value of merely The screen achieved a good maximum contrast of up to with a black value of 0. A further feature, which should make the Thinkpad especially attractive for graphic users: An integrated color calibrator is supposed to provide constantly for true colors; that is if you also use it. The calibration with the Pantone Color Sensor is very simple. Either, the user is reminded automatically within a preset interval about the calibration from the respective software or you start the program manually.

After the start you are requested to close the display so that the integrated optical measuring unit in the base unit can detain the desired place to the display. The evaluation procedure is accompanied by "Ctype" Pacman sounds. As a matter of fact, the presented image without calibration seems considerably to cool and almost bluish.

The executed control measurements with our Spyder 3 Elite Colorimeter complied almost completely with that of the integrated measuring device. This should then be priced at about the same level as a custom colorimeter. The built in screen cut off all over good in comparison to low priced middle-field notebook screens. The presented color space is considerably larger and covers the RGB-color space almost completely. First the Adobe-RGB-color space asks too much of the built in display.

Their color space is again considerably over that of the built in display. Following is a visualization of the executed measurements. The correlating transparent color space is marked with a t. The surface of the display turns out just as interesting. Lenovo sets on a mix of a matt business screen and a reflective multimedia display.

The result is impressive. Unintentional reflections aren't completely omitted but are, especially at interior use of the notebook, kept very much within a frame. In return you come to enjoy very sharp images with vibrant colors. The given stable viewing angles of the display are sufficient for stationary use.

Slight discrepancies are tolerated, but at further slanting it comes to the usual image distortions in form of shading or an over-irradiation of the screen. The retracted display lets itself be pulled out with a tip on it without problems and remains at disposal with a resolution of x pixels.

The desktop is automatically extended over the external display towards the right. After activation of the display you are informed that the use of an external monitor isn't possible with the fold-out display. A significant difference in the image quality between the primary display and the additional display becomes obvious with the naked eye.

The colors seem matt and dull and black is presented more like a gray tone. Our measurements certify the display a sufficient average brightness of The catch is in the black value , which turns out very high with 2. No wonder then that the image quality doesn't turn out very good.

The viewing angle stability of the additional screen couldn't convince, either. This lets itself be folded inwardly to an extent; a noticeable darkening of the presented image at a not optimal viewing angle made reading the image partly a bit difficult.

The screen is sufficient as a mobile substitute for a external display, but can't hold a candle to the image quality as well as the work surface of an sensible external monitor, even if it's just a low budget model. The additional display should also suffice for the uncomplicated use of placing various tools and tool boxes on it. What, if not the currently most efficient components, would be awaited in a workstation like the Thinkpad W?

As a matter of fact, Lenovo isn't stingy with the W and offers the device with the strongest mobile components offered on the market at the moment. The workstation outpaces other efficient desktop replacement devices considerably with points. A prominent role is assigned to the graphic card in the package of the Thinkpad W Lenovo offers two variations for the notebook.

This, optimized and certified for CAD applications, graphic card, in regards to its architecture is equivalent to the Geforce M GTX but offers Shader units The architecture is also closely related to the current Geforce GTX M , which is also based on the G92 core but is manufactured in the 55 nanometer process FX — 65 nm. The alternately available, cheaper but also considerably less efficient Nvidia Quadro FX M graphic chip, based on the Geforce M GT graphic card, is like the FX M equipped with special drivers, though, which trim the hardware towards stability and is optimized in particular for CAD and graphic applications.

How the device really cuts off in practical use with your individual applications can only be reliably cleared through a test run in the end. The result of the system in the SPEC Viewperf benchmark also didn't really turn out magnificently, especially if you consider that the Quadro FX M is supposed to belong to the efficient pro-graphic cards. The test results of the Wds were on a similar level. In the configuration at hand, the W showed two built in hard disks of the type Hitachi HTSK9SA00 with a gross capacity of gigabytes each and a velocity of rpm.

The disks showed an average transfer rate of The applied Intel PM45 chip set should support a maximum storage allocation with 8 gigabytes anyway, which can only be reached through the use of two 4 GB memory bars. So that the whole memory is available under Windows in any case, our test model works with the Bit version of Windows Vista Business.

A good result of an average of In the game itself, the observed performance turned out less pleasing. The game itself was playable with these settings; a dropout at the wrong time would be lethal, especially in a hot pursuit or even combats. The only thing that can help here is a further reduction of the detail level.

We also tested the real time strategy game Supreme Comander — Forged Alliance. The game was absolutely smoothly playable even at a higher detail level and a resolution of x pixels anti-aliasing x2. Even bigger maps could be tackled without problems in a multiplayer game 3 vs. The Thinkpad W remained pleasantly silent at normal demand, despite the efficient hardware components.

The fan just ran at a minimal level in unsophisticated office use or even in surfing in the internet causing a noise level of merely At a somewhat higher demand on the performance, the fan ran a bit faster for a short time and reached Subjectively, the soundscape can be described to be pleasantly quiet and can be characterized with a quiet acoustic noise, such as a stronger wind might cause.

The workstation increased its volume under load but stayed at a perceived maximum value of Even constant load shouldn't turn out to be a problem for the W and the ears of the user sitting in front of it. Who now thinks that the largest part of the rejected heat might be dispensed over the case is wrong. Our measurements didn't show any conspicuous results in regards to the surface temperature even after a few hours of load.

The upper side reached a somewhat higher but still harmless temperature of It doesn't look any different on the bottom side of the W If your legs are sturdy enough, you can also use the device on your thighs, theoretically. Even if you can assume that most potential consumers couldn't care less about this point, we took a closer look at the built in speakers anyway. Two speakers have been placed under the perforated cover above the keyboard by Lenovo, which emit their sound very presently towards the user.

There sound turned out, much to our surprise, very positive. The loudspeakers delivered a clean sound even at a good maximum volume, which are very well suitable for playing music titles. Nevertheless, a better and principally fuller sound was emitted over the signal of the offered headphone socket, provided that, of course, a high quality headphone was used, leaving nothing to be desired. In order to give the very energy hungry W maximum power consumption under load: The notebook reached a maximum to be awaited runtime in the BatteryEater Reader's test minimum display brightness, energy savings mode, WLAN off minutes.

The W achieved a runtime of merely 66 minutes in the BatteryEater Classic test, with maximal display brightness in the high performance profile, under load. Our test sample could still reach acceptable runtimes playing a DVD: minutes at maximum display brightness in energy savings mode.

The accomplished minutes at maximum brightness in the practical WLAN use doesn't break any records, but suffices to bridge short time periods without a power socket. Almost solely due to the price design, the W comes into question practically exclusively for financially strong business customers.

They can also take delight in the passably stable workmanship of the robust case for a long time. Unfortunately, with exception for the display lid, the surfaces of the W are made of plastic components. The feel of the notebook might not convince fully because of this, but in regards to stability it doesn't affect the device at all. Almost all necessary ports are offered on the notebook itself.

The user has to do only without an eSATA port. Nevertheless a fitting docking station is advisable because 3 of the total of 5 offered USB ports are on the far front of the side edge. These, like all other connection alternatives, could then be concentrated on the back side of the notebook with support of a docking station and the notebook can quickly be detached from all connected devices. Unfortunately, we were surprised by a keyboard that didn't really convince in regards to the input devices.

The familiar Thinkpad unit has been very well applied here but unfortunately, it isn't fitted tightly into the case, leading to clattering noises when typing. The optionally integrated graphic tablet could be interesting for designers and CAD constructers, whereas external solutions do give a certain ergonomic advantage.

The applied display in a WUXGA format offers a maximum of work surface at good display brightness and good image contrast. No, actually first the model Wds bids a "real" maximum work space, having a fold-out The display's surface finish also turns out interesting. A mix of glare multimedia screen and matt business display provide for a vibrant color presentation. Speaking of colors: The covered color space almost equals the RGB color space , and is therefore considerably better than in most common notebook displays.

However, in the SPEC Viewperf benchmark test, the achieved results did stay partly somewhat behind our expectations. The Lenovo W could convince in regard to the emissions. A low system noise, it doesn't matter if in office mode or under load, as well as the low surface temperatures of the case make working with the notebook to a pleasure.

The offered battery life is sufficient for short off the line interludes, but a desk with a power socket close at hand remains to be the favorite work place of the Lenovo Thinkpad W Lenovo Thinkpad W on Ciao. The "All in One" principle of the Thinkpad W It doesn't matter if a colorimeter, graphic tablet or external display — the W has united all of these peripheral devices in one notebook as a rule.

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