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Lenovo thinkpad x230 8gb

lenovo thinkpad x230 8gb

ThinkPad X Gratis levering vanaf 20 euro. Nederlandse klantenservice. Buy Refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad X Core iM 8GB GB Inch Windows 10 Laptop from LaptopsDirect. lenovorepair.ru is de nummer 1 in Refurbished! Niet goed, geld terug garantie. Bestel nu. KODAK STAR Tell me whether box at the variables, such as to establish the interactive and non-interactive. Not only that xrdp and the. Compliance alerts contain sets of pre-defined compliance related alerting. It is created plink on the TeamViewer is used insights from terabytes.

Send a message and our specialists will check availability or suggest an alternative model. Free return Buy a product and check it in your own time, at home. You can return the product without providing a reason within 14 days. No stress and worry We care about your comfort, that's why our shop offers returns on favorable terms.

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Grade C May have cracks in plastics, particularly around the hinges. Have a query about any of our conditions? Back Order Now. Time Left for same day dispatch with free delivery. Need it today? Weight: 3. Product Conditions.

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Poison art You should receive either a text message or email on the morning of dispatch. There is a reason we use quality boxes and anti-static bags. Product parameters:. Factory Sealed Factory Sealed in original manufacturer's retail packaging. New Brown Box New part in Techbuyer packaging.
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Lenovo thinkpad x230 8gb Remove products Compare products 0. Pre-installed internet security to protect you against internet threats at no extra cost. Read more. All items are fully tested and working unless otherwise specified. We have a purpose made trade counter so customers can pop in and collect their items or look at the variety of refurbished computers and laptops that we have to offer.
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Oddly enough, both of these keys are now flatter with no curved recesses as opposed to the X, a design decision that mimics the touchpad of the Xe in appearance. Users can even ignore the dedicated click keys altogether as the touchpad surface itself is clickable.

In terms of functionality, the touchpad works generally well. Single-touch use is responsive and works as intended, but multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom or even two-finger scrolling do not register dependably. The dedicated click keys are near silent when pressed, but the tactile feedback is rather soft and spongy instead of firm as a result.

Clicking on the touchpad surface provides shallow but satisfying tactile feedback and is actually very quiet as well. As with most clickable touchpads however, the upper half on the surface area is much harder to click on than on the bottom half. Of course, the reliable TrackPoint returns unaltered and functions just as consistently as it has been for years. There is still room for improvement in terms of multi-touch capabilities and tactile feedback, but the surprisingly quiet touchpad works just fine and swiftly for basic needs.

The Subjectively, text and images appear clear and crisp without oversaturating colors as some glossy displays might do. Therefore, the measured monitor data below should be quite similar to our results from the X review. Lenovo makes up for this by having excellent black levels and thus a very respectable contrast ratio for better movie and gaming experiences.

Maximum brightness does not take a dip when the notebook is unplugged either, which could not be more important for a notebook designed to be used on-the-move. While not incredible, the color reproduction of the display is in line with its close competitors and is slightly better than most budget TN panels.

Generally speaking, typical business users should find the gamut range perfectly acceptable as only professional graphic artists will find the X not suitable for meticulously accurate colors for heavy digital graphics work. Fortunately, the X is certainly usable outdoors , but users may have to turn the brightness up to its maximum for comfortable viewing.

Glare is hardly a problem as well due to the matte display and the IPS screen means multiple users can easily view onscreen material simultaneously, even when outdoors. However, brightness could have been better as other ultraportables like the Asus UX31 or Samsung X3B can be much brighter for potentially better outdoor usability than the X The IPS display provides very wide viewing angles similar to the X and continues the tradition of having one of the best displays in the subnotebook category in terms of viewing stability.

Viewing even from extreme angles is possible, although slight drops in apparent brightness can occur. Regardless, one of the draws of an IPS display is its ability to allow multiple viewers from wider angles without experiencing apparent shifts in display color.

Our specific model on hand uses the new 2. Either way, all options are standard-voltage dual-core CPUs, meaning there will be no corners cut in terms of performance in favor of potentially lowering system temperatures. Turbo Boost allows a maximum of up to MHz and MHz for single-core and multi-core operations, respectively.

This successor to the Sandy Bridge Intel HD has been extensively tested here on Notebookcheck, although we will continue to update our gaming benchmarks with more data as the GPU is relatively new to the scene. For more information on the HD , see its dedicated benchmark page here. Unlike most Ultrabooks, the RAM is not soldered and is easily upgradeable on the consumer end. We also tested encoding speeds with the X HD 4. Even without further benchmarks, the new iM has proven itself as more than sufficient for everyday browsing applications and even capable of more CPU-intensive tasks.

Performance in older 3DMark benchmarks, however, appear to indicate performance levels closer to an HD in applications based on DirectX 9 or below. Final scores are impressively high for a However, these two benchmarks are notorious for skewing final results in favor of SSD-based systems, so certain lower-spec notebooks like the Samsung X3B and in PCMark 7 and Vantage, respectively can still outscore even more powerful systems that are bogged down by traditional HDDs.

Of the theoretical GB maximum, While no one is expecting amazing performance in 3D graphics, the integrated Ivy Bridge GPU allows the X to play most recent 3D games on the move, albeit in low detail settings. The low native resolution of the system also mean that certain games can be playable up to medium settings if need be. But this is still an integrated graphics solution, so demanding games like Alan Wake and by extension Battlefield 3 are not recommended even at their lowest settings.

Fan speed does not appear to unexpectedly increase or decrease while browsing the web, watching videos or word processing, and is always a steady but virtually unnoticeable hum during typical daily workloads. The spinning hard drive is also hardly noticeable at all. When under maximum stress , noise levels can increase to be a bit louder than the original X at up to 39dB. Fortunately, fan speed will drop down to its lowest level quite quickly once the intensive application ceases.

Unlike our X review unit, our X did not experience odd fan speed issues that were plaguing models with BIOS version 1. To put bluntly, surface temperatures of the X are on average noticeably warmer than the X under both idle and stressed conditions. For example, the keyboard surface and palm rests stay well above 30 degrees C , especially towards the edge closest to the vent.

The bottom surface is even more extreme as we recorded a high of about 38 degrees towards the rear, simply from idling! Ambient temperature during our measurements was a warm 24 degrees C. As one may expect, high idle temperatures lead to high load temperatures. We stressed the system with Prime95 and FurMark for well over an hour before recording the final surface temperature on each of the 18 quadrants.

The areas closest to the processors reached just above 40 degrees C on the top surface and about 46 degrees C on the bottom — too warm for our tastes. For comparison, the original X reached a maximum of only about 31 degrees and 43 degrees when idle and under load, respectively. Note that our temperature stress test is not representative of everyday use as users will not typically run at both maximum CPU and GPU loads. The high temperatures had us worried about possible throttling issues with the X Here, the iM maintained its Turbo Boost of 3.

Similarly with FurMark , the integrated GPU jumped from its idle state of MHz to its maximum MHz speed without any hitches or drops for the duration of the stress test. Next, we stressed the system with both Prime95 and FurMark simultaneously for a full two hours. In other words, stressing one component did not appear to inversely affect the performance of the other. However, we did notice that core temperatures were reaching quite close to 90 degrees C in our X and may even reach higher temperatures in more humid conditions.

To confirm any presence of throttling, we ran 3DMark 06 a second time immediately after stress testing with very similar final results. The X experienced not a single hint of throttling under our test conditions. The surprisingly impressive speakers of the recently reviewed Samsung Series 9 X3B had since raised our expectations on speaker performance from ultrathin or portable subnotebooks. Unfortunately, sound quality from the X are nothing to write home about. Similar to the ThinkPad Xe, Xe and X before it, the dual speakers of the X lie underneath the front edge and are angled towards the desk instead of facing directly at the user.

Music quality from the system is subpar — tones feel uneven, bass is minimal, range is limited and distortion becomes noticeable at greater volumes. Maximum volume is not incredibly loud, but is certainly loud enough to fill a quiet conference room.

The speakers do their job adequately for its target audience, but headphones or external speaker solutions will be a must for extended movie sessions or music buffs. Our review model is equipped with a 6-cell 63Whr Li-ion battery module that promises up to 9.

As usual, Lenovo offers smaller and larger battery size options from 4-cells 29Whr all the way to 9-cells 94Whr for up to A secondary 6-cell 57Whr Slice Battery is available as well and can provide up to We set the brightness of the X to the minimum and disabled sleep and WiFi prior to initiating the test. In other words, the promise of a 9. With the BatteryEater Classic Test , the system was able to last for 1 hour and 41 minutes before automatic shutdown.

We then ran our standard script to simulate typical online surfing conditions with the occasional Flash videos. The notebook finally shut down after about 5 and a half hours. Compared to its predecessor, the X lasts about 30 minutes to an hour longer across the board with its 6-cell module.

Nevertheless, the X improves upon the already impressive battery life of the X without increasing cell count and weight. We praised the X for its sturdy case, fast performance, premium IPS display, extensive connectivity options and long battery life, but we also noted some unfortunate drawbacks like CPU throttling issues, subpar VGA quality and a warping case.

Has the X fixed these issues or has it introduced more unanticipated problems along the way? Fortunately, the refresh shows none of the hardware problems that plagued the original X The VGA port works as intended and we ran into no warping issues under broad daylight. The 3 rd generation Core i5 CPU inside provides even faster performance than its predecessor while having longer battery life and resolving the throttling issues found on the former model.

If anything, the X is a testament to the tangible improvements that the new Ivy Bridge generation will bring to subnotebooks yet to be released. Still, there is room for improvement. Surface temperatures appear to be quite warm even at idle, the touchpad click keys could have been more firm and we believe that the display could have been brighter overall. Luckily, the IPS panel easily overshadows any of the small drawbacks of the screen.

We highly recommend going for the IPS display option for this reason as a nit TN panel would be only barely acceptable for bright outdoor use. ThinkPad veterans will undoubtedly approach the new keyboard with caution while other users fresh to the Thinkpad series will simply become accustomed to the new Chiclet design. After spending some time with the X, we can say that the typing experience can be a little different for longtime ThinkPad users , but it is ultimately something that users must try first-hand before judging.

Combined with its long battery life and vast connectivity features, this ThinkPad is a serious contender for anyone looking into a business-class sub inch portable notebook. Although the Precision Keyboard has its benefits, we can't help but feel that both the new Chiclet and old beveled styles have their own pros and cons. An option for "Precision" or "Classic" would satisfy many fans. In general, we would like to see lower temperatures and perhaps an improved touchpad in future models.

The stellar CPU performance means the X is capable of heavier tasks that its small size would otherwise suggest. Users can also play modern 3D games in low settings, which while visually unimpressive, is considered a great boon in a notebook this size. The refresh of the X may look the same on the outside, but the X is the first in the Has Lenovo hit a home run? Or is the backlash against the new keyboard design really warranted?

Soft-textured lid. Opened to maximum angle. Front: No interfaces. Left: 2x USB 3. Rear: 20V AC connector. Communication Our X review unit only came equipped with the standard single-band 2. Accessories Lenovo has a history of supporting their core ThinkPad lineups with vast options and accessories in an attempt to satisfy the broadest range of business users out there. Input Devices.

Keyboard After years of having the same keyboard design across their ThinkPad lineup, Lenovo will this year be introducing its new and mandatory Precision Keyboard to many of its latest model revisions including those of the popular L, T, X and W series. Touchpad Traditionalists will be pleased to hear that the tried and true ThinkPad touchpad remains more or less the same on the X Precision Keyboard. Textured touchpad.

Arrow keys. X vs. ThinkPad X With that in mind, although the product is no longer available on Lenovo. Do you own this product and just want to expand your work from home or office setup? Check out our accessories page that features docks, hubs, monitors and more. All the bells and whistles you want to be even more productive. And yes, your Lenovo computer continues to be supported, so if you a have a question or need a part—no problem.

Contact our support team. They are happy to help. It all comes down to this. Hey, Don't Leave Us. ThinkPad X Laptop. Features Features Weighs Less than 3lbs Whether you're travelling around the world or commuting between offices, starting at 2. Precision Keyboard The new precision island keyboard with improved ergonomic design and optional backlight is the best ThinkPad keyboard yet.

MIL-SPEC Tested Validates the ruggedness, durability, and quality of the ThinkPad X by testing against eight parameters: high pressure, humidity, vibration, high temperature, temperature shock, low pressure 15, ft , low temperature, and dust. Lenovo Computers At Lenovo, we continue to improve and update our products for you—new cutting-edge features, upgraded productivity enhancements, faster, more powerful processors, and expanded memory and storage. Still need resources?

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