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Use your personal account to save 'favourite' articles, chapters and books. Sign In now. Sign Up now. Skip to main content. Sign in with:. Username Invalid Username. Password Forgot Password? With a personal account, you can save books, chapters, images or other items to view later. Current Password Current Password doesn't match. New Password Enter min 6 Characters. Confirm New Password Entered password does not match. John Doe johndoe gmail. I would like to receive information on Drama Online and related Bloomsbury products.

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And mine will be more about the News than viral videos. And it will focus on Asia….. I joined one of those groups that always asks people to join them….. Hopefully that will make a difference. My YouTube income has gotten low….. I can live easily enough off of very little. And I need to do whatever I can to make sure he has all the chances in life that I never had. My contract on my phone runs out in a couple of months.

I need to use my phone calendar more to force myself into being more productive. When I was young I never had a computer……and I had so many different adventures in my city walking around with my friends. So sad for my son…lol. The weather looks like it will be fairly good and everything is looking up. I am officially the exclusive Scottoiler dealer for Taiwan. I bought a large amount of Scottoilers and am going to try to get them out on the market when I get back from my tour. Hopefully the locals love them and word spreads.

As my divorce gets closer and closer I worry more and more about how my son will be raised without me there to protect him. I put some clear lenses in them so I can wear them at night. Things are going good for me recently. My life was fucking horrible just a short time ago.

None of you realize how horrible it truly was…. So I sometimes showed my anger…. But lately things are good. Fighting much less with the wife. My son is potty trained for 6 months now. And I even have found a little time for gaming. My first Taiwan Tour is coming up in just a week. These tours are both fun and a challenge.

But hopefully this summer I can change that. My Private Series is going on sale today pre-purchase. Hey guys. My life is very different now. My son is at school and I have a lot more free time. Being kinda lazy to be honest. Trying to get caught up on all the gaming I missed out on these past few years. And am working on a Rave Biker 3…mostly in the idea stage…but got some good ideas.

My son being at school is interesting. I barely see him anymore in comparison to before. So I went from spending 12 hours a day with him to only 4 a day. But on the bright side it makes me all the more happy when I do see him. So even when want to make vids…. I just write them down and wait for better weather.

Must be a good tour if people are doing it two years in a row…. I might actually let a local do that tour for me kidding, kidding…. Last year I worked most of the bugs out of the tour…and this year should be much smoother. Wow, long time since my last post. Sorry about that. I should have more time since my son started school again…. When he was one and a half he went to school mornings for 6 months until he was two.

I still need to spend time uploading vids, reading messages, and trying to exercise. They fly all over the world and do more in a day than we do in a week. Perhaps I should start doing meth again…. My th video is looming. But my subscribers seem to counting it down which puts pressure on me to do something cool for it. I wanted to do a Rave Biker 3….. A compilation of my older vids…. Or perhaps every 50th being 20 clips.

Just an idea. The YouTube biking community lost a very unique and interesting biker vlogger Svengalie. I spent a few days dealing with my emotions about that. At first I took it very well….. He has children. If you have children…. My income is dropping along with my views….. No one does motorcycle searches during February…not in most of America anyway….. The ROT13 is used sometimes on forums and Usenet, as a way to obfuscate things.

For instance to hide a spoiler, or to prevent people from reading what you're writing with too much ease. However, understand that in no way, the ROT13 cipher would be enough to protect sensitive data. With the particularity of being its exact opposite, the ROT13 cipher is sometimes used in letter games. Some words, when translated with ROT13, prints another word instead of just random letters. For instance the word 'abjurer' will give 'nowhere'.

There's many variants to the ROT13 cipher, this one is actually only working on letters. For the numbers you can use the ROT5 10 numbers, so we take the middle which is 5 , if used in conjonction, both ciphers will produce what is called the ROT Another more complex variant is the ROT This one, instead of using the Latin alphabet, is using the ASCII table as a look-up table for the encryption process.

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THEY RAIDED ME. While I was ONLINE! - Ep. 13 - KingdomCraft

Conduct retail activities of businesses operating exclusively online.

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