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This is a list of notebooks produced under the ThinkPad brand, Lenovo completed the ThinkPad brand acquisition in May Financing as low as 0%✓ Price Match Guarantee✓ Free Shipping✓ Introducing the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold: the world's first foldable PC: fold it like a book. Released in August , the ThinkPad Tablet is the first in Lenovo's line of business-oriented Tablets with the ThinkPad brand. The tablet has been described. MAMIYA RB 67 PRO SD We like to free remote control. If required, to some extent compensates to take the of the program Product Specific Configuration to Britain on. Comodo Account Questions - Clarification of any doubts regarding.

This design was refined with the ThinkPad P, which offered an improved 9. While both models are incredibly thick by today's standards, they nonetheless were quite revolutionary for their time. While offering only iterative improvements in other features over older models, the CD's optical drive would remain a staple of mainline flagship ThinkPad devices until the ThinkPad T removed the drive in Lastly, we will mention the ThinkPad C.

The "Butterfly ThinkPad," as it has come to be known, is held in high regard for its beautifully designed keyboard mechanism. The internal keyboard is separated into two halves. When the laptop's lid is opened, these halves swivel together to create an oversized keyboard that overhangs the sides of the case. The C has achieved such renown that a unit was included in an industrial design collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

There were far too many ThinkPad models released between and to discuss here , by our count , but suffice it to say that IBM hit a home run with the C and continued to score year after year. ThinkPads quickly grew to become the de facto business laptops.

However, IBM would soon find itself striking out. At the turn of the century, IBM was on top of the business-laptop world. While the 90s saw the introduction and evolution of the ThinkPad line, the early s were marked by device stagnation. IBM codified the ThinkPad model name scheme that we know today, but a lack of innovation and some questionable design choices left the company in a difficult situation.

The early aughts did see a few successes. Marketed as a minimal-compromise "thin-and-light" business laptop, the T20 crammed Pentium III power into a reasonably compact case. IBM shrunk the ThinkPad package even further with the X20 later that year, albeit while sacrificing a bit on the CPU clock speed and other specifications. Each of these would spawn their own successors.

The T-series continued to be a general-purpose "jack of all trades" business line. The X-series was marketed to road warriors in need of an easily luggable machine, and the A-series was billed as a desktop replacement. The next year saw the introduction of the R-series with the ThinkPad R30, a budget-friendly ThinkPad that could be thought of as an ancestor of the current L-series. There were also a few outliers, like the ThinkPad S30 that was sold only in Asian markets. Each year saw iterative improvements in each line with nothing standing out.

ThinkPads were starting to stagnate, so IBM attempted to market new ideas that ultimately fell short. Perhaps the most notorious of these is the ThinkPad TransNote, a notebook computer embedded into a literal notebook. Comprised of a padfolio with a full computer in one side and a paper notepad on the other, the TransNote was too much of a niche product and ultimately failed.

IBM sadly couldn't keep the train on the tracks. The deal was finalized in May of , and Lenovo took to the ground running. The transition to Lenovo was almost unnoticeable: The T60 retained many of the tried-and-true ThinkPad design choices. However, the T60 introduced something that was revolutionizing the computer world - multi-core processors. The T60 also marked the first use of the magnesium-alloy roll cage that came to define ThinkPad build quality, a 3G modem, and more.

The T60 is still held in high regard by computer enthusiasts and is seen by many as the last true ThinkPad, mainly due to its design language, build quality, and aspect ratio display. There is still a large community dedicated to the T60, and the machine has been well-supported by enthusiasts in the Linux community. Under Lenovo's direction, the ThinkPad line would once again rise and dominate the business market. The T60 did extremely well in the market and helped the ThinkPad line recover from the wounds it suffered over the previous half-decade.

The next year saw a shift in direction for the ThinkPad line. Unlike the T61, the T was only available with a widescreen display. While most laptops on the market at this point were shifting to widescreen displays, many ThinkPad fans hoped their beloved business laptop would hold on to the older aspect ratio. Thus, the T created some controversy among the ThinkPad crowd; some saw the shift in design as a step forward, while others decried Lenovo's decision as anathema. Either way, widescreen was here to stay.

Widescreen-only display options came to the X-series as well with the ThinkPad X The W-series denoted workstation-level notebooks, and both laptops packed serious power. The W would receive an update some months later that added a built-in second The ThinkPad Ts debuted in June of that year, attempting to marry the compact size of the X-series with the all-around usability of the T-series. This design has slowly been refined year after year to the svelte, sleek ThinkPads that we know and love today, but there were a few bumps along the road.

The beveled keyboard, long held to be one of if not the best in the entire laptop world was swapped out for a modern "chiclet-style" keyboard popularized by Apple's MacBook laptops. While the new keyboard was still excellent and received praise from critics and users alike, there was a sizeable and very vocal group that abhorred the shift and cried foul.

This change trickled down to Lenovo's other lines that year, including the ThinkPad X , W , and others. Lenovo misstepped again the following year with the ThinkPad T and Ts. Fall 's ThinkPads got rid of the dedicated mouse buttons above and below the touchpad, instead opting for a clunky ClickPad. This ClickPad was almost universally hated by ThinkPad users as Lenovo designed it with a click mechanism along the top and bottom of the pad.

The thought was to shift to a modern ClickPad while still allowing for the use of the TrackPoint. Lenovo listened to the outcry this time and brought back the dedicated mouse buttons on 's T However, the buttons that once sat below the touchpad have yet to return. Otherwise, the ThinkPad design has largely stayed the same with minor changes.

It should be noted that Lenovo has slowly shifted the ThinkPad line toward the conventions followed by the rest of the laptop world: Newer ThinkPads are getting slimmer and lighter at the expense of port selection, expandability, repairability, and loss of features such as an easily removable battery or upgradeable RAM. Lastly, we must mention the X1 series.

While the original X1 was no doubt slim and compact, it made several compromises to cut the fat. The X1 can be credited with "popularizing" the chiclet-style keyboard that made its way into mainline ThinkPads with the T To clarify, the first ThinkPad to our knowledge with a chiclet keyboard was the mediocre ThinkPad Edge 13 in early While the original X1 received a mixed reception, 's X1 Carbon was almost universally praised.

The X1 Carbon brought a better inch matte display with a higher resolution, better color reproduction, and a brighter backlight. The X1 Carbon, like its name suggests, featured a new carbon-fiber construction that made it lighter and sturdier than its predecessor. The X1 Carbon was an overall hit. The device remained largely the same save for the unique and gimmicky "Adaptive Keyboard," which is a dynamic LCD screen that replaced the physical function row keys.

This screen could change special keys based on what application was open and contained a capacitive touch panel for input. It was not well received. The X1 and X1 Carbon devices have seen iterative updates since , culminating in 's excellent X1 Extreme. As one of the longest-running laptop brands, the ThinkPad line has known its share of ups and downs. The future of the ThinkPad looks mixed; while Lenovo has done well by the storied business brand, the Chinese manufacturer has also experimented with new designs.

That appears to be the case with this year's batch of ThinkPads, especially the T Under Lenovo's direction, ThinkPads have steadily trimmed down. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 22 November , at Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use. TemplateX , XD. T40 , T40p. T42 , T42p. X60 , X60s. T60 , T60p R61 , R61 T61 , T61 X61 , X61s. R61i , R61i T61p , T61p T , T R , R SL , SL SLc , SLc.

T , Ti , Ts. W , T , Ti. W , Wds. X , Xi , Xs , Xsi. X Tablet , Xi Tablet. Edge 14" , Edge 15". L , L SLk , SLk. T , Ts , T L , L , L Ti , Ti. E , E

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Amongst other various awards and acknowledgments, Bruce Aarsvold himself has been known to recommend ThinkPad laptops to inquisitive laptop purchasers.

Beyblade spryzen The Z13 model was introduced in three new colors—black, silver, and black vegan leather with bronze accents—while the Z16 is only available link one of them, silver. Under Lenovo's direction, ThinkPads have steadily trimmed down. On later X1 Yoga generations, the keys themselves retract in the chassis, so the computer rests on fixed small pads. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The NumLock key was activated, causing letters on the right side of the keyboard to function as a keypad instead of their original character.
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Nvidia geforce 1070ti Tablet 2. To boot from the CD or the network, press F10 during the boot-up process and select where you would like to boot from. T61T61 For consumer-oriented laptops, see IdeaPad. MyLenovo Rewards. Telco Infrastructure Services.
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Nano vna f v2 It doesn't get more revolutionary than this. The next year saw a shift in direction for the ThinkPad line. Cloud Solutions. T14s Gen 1 AMD [54]. I started working with Notebookcheck in October of and have enjoyed writing news and reviews. Archived from the original on 15 September
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Ksc75 headphones ThinkShutter One TB3 x? The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch featured an adaptive touchbar instead of a traditional function row. View All Solutions. X61X61s. Template:X1 Yoga G5. ThinkPads used aboard the space shuttle and International Space Station feature safety and operational improvements for the environment they must operate in. The next year saw a shift in direction for the ThinkPad line.


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