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X120e lenovo thinkpad

x120e lenovo thinkpad

The new ThinkPad Xe ranges in price from $ to nearly $1,; our version costs $ and has a GHz AMD Fusion E dual-core processor. Left side view - ThinkPad xe. 3, HDMI port, Your ThinkPad Notebook supports the high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port, a next-generation. Lenovo ThinkPad Xe cm (") AMD E 2 GB DDR3-SDRAM GB HDD Windows 7 Professional Black · On-the-go business, in style. · The perfect travel companion. BOND CERAMIC To be able you so much for the review detection for intrusion. "dtwm", "wmaker", "xfce", "lxde", "enlightenment", "Xsession", see for yourself and without the regular expression mode. Plus, Splashtop won't more, including how.

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x120e lenovo thinkpad

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As mentioned in our Xe review, the user can accidentally attempt to open the display from the gap between the touchpad keys and the base instead of the gap between the touchpad keys and the lid. The main blemish in the case design, however, is its protruding While a minor complaint, the battery does add noticeably more volume to the netbook. It also prevents the screen from opening up to a full degrees, and will instead reach about 10 degrees less before the outer lid comes into contact with the battery.

Models equipped with the smaller 3-cell battery will not have this issue. The overall build quality more than makes up for the additional girth, however. In addition to having all the physical connectivity options of the Xe, the ThinkPad Xe manages to squeeze in more.

Like many laptops, the VGA port does not provide screw recesses for securing the video cable. Oddly enough, Lenovo had decided to switch the original location of the Kensington lock from the right side of the laptop to the left side for the Xe. The left portion of the notebook is where most of the connections can be found.

Left-handers may be disappointed that all four ports are packed quite closely to the left front edge, while the right side looks fairly bare in comparison. Table or surface space for left-handed USB mice solutions may be limited. Integrated wireless connectivity options include Broadcom Bluetooth 2. The previously mentioned gigabit Ethernet port will allow for wired connections with Ethernet networks. As is common with most netbooks, users will have to make do without an integrated optical drive.

The keyboard layout here is the standard, non-backlit ThinkPad fare, albeit tightened to fit on a smaller surface area. Its dimensions are about Notably, the Fn key is located at the bottom left corner instead of the usual Ctrl key. While this may be an annoyance for some, users can fortunately switch the Fn key to function as a Ctrl key and vice versa under the system BIOS.

Regardless, the island-style keyboard is surprisingly quiet, comfortable and quite responsive. The only noteworthy issue with the keyboard layout is the design of the small directional arrow keys. Those with larger fingers can easily press on both the up and down keys simultaneously by accident, and the adjacent PgUp and PgDn keys are more deeply recessed into the frame, which makes them offer a bit less of a tactile feedback when pressed.

Also note that there is no dedicated key for scroll lock and no light indicator for caps lock, either. Otherwise, the entirety of the keyboard retains its velvety feel and unmistakable ThinkPad style and ease of use. The familiar Trackpoint makes itself at home between the G, H and B keys and stands out more than usual due to the smaller size of the overall keyboard. The UltraNav touchpad deserves similar praise to the keyboard, but we wish it could have been a little bit taller at only 2.

The surrounding buttons are integrated for both touchpad and Trackpoint use, while the center button allows for vertical document and webpage scrolling as needed. As expected, both the touchpad and Trackpoint have excellent accuracy and responsiveness. The ThinkPad Xe uses an This resolution is widespread for inch and even budget inch notebooks, so those who are comfortable with the common p resolution should feel right at home with the screen real-estate provided by the Xe.

Fonts and details, of course, will be smaller and very fine under the default settings. With the X-rite i1Display 2 , a maximum brightness of With a total average of only These could be considered fair tradeoffs for the overall lower brightness, but will mean that the brightness level should definitely be turned up for comfortable outdoor viewing.

Subjectively, the screen produces great colors and the image quality is sharp. The color spectrum coverage of the netbook is unacceptable for professional use due to its extremely limited color space representation when compared to AdobeRGB and sRGB. Still, professional image editors would not want to work with a sub inch display. Compared to the The matte display diffuses most reflections as expected, so outdoor usage in general is not as troublesome.

An included 0. Viewing angle stability is similar to that of the Xe, which is notebook-typical. Horizontal viewing angles are good, while vertical viewing angles are much less acceptable, especially if viewing from below. Colors will almost immediately shift when watching videos at slight vertical angles. This dual-core processor is a definite upgrade from the single-core Athlon Neo MV40 and is capable of p video playback while promising a low TDP of only 18 watts. Here, the processor runs at a speed of 1.

The Fusion processor also integrates a Radeon GPU , which offers 80 unified shaders and a performance level far surpassing that of the integrated Radeon HD in the Xe. The core clock can reach as high as The AMD A50M mainboard can support 2 modules maximum and is easily accessible by loosening the three screws from the underside of the Xe.

Boot up times are decent, even with no solid-state drive. A cold boot completed in a little under 40 seconds at its default settings. Disabling this tool will remove the latency spikes, but a BIOS and Power Management driver upgrade will solve this problem as well. If the problem is ignored, the user may experience audio stuttering issues when listening to audio streams.

The Xe achieves a score of 9. Additionally, the netbook is able to finish WPrime 32m in about SuperPi can be competed in seconds and seconds for 1 million and 32 million digits, respectively. The PCMark Vantage test provided a score of points, which is more than sufficient for heavy word processing and moderate web browsing with Flash and video. Additionally, the Xe Cinebench R10 single bit score is over twice that of the Acer and Samsung, which achieved and points, respectively.

Both the Aspire One D and F carry a 1. In the multi-core benchmark of CineBench R10 bit , the N was able to score points 1. The 1. The As expected, 3DMark and CineBench scores are quite similar between the two, meaning this The graphics-benchmarks for the Xe are decent as well, especially for a netbook.

Some games will be fairly playable, albeit only with most details turned down nearly to a minimum. For further information about video performance, please go to our games list and our benchmark list of mobile video cards. Results from HD Tune provided an average transfer rate of The noise levels produced by the Xe range from almost complete silence to being noticeably audible.

The fan will never be completely off, however, during light use. Only under load will fan noise become perceptible from a normal working distance, but never to a point where it can hinder any video or movie playback experiences. Overall, the fan noise should not be an issue and certainly performs exceptionally well at keeping the chassis surface temperature cool. In our review of the Xe, the ThinkPad was able to stay relatively quiet at the cost of slightly higher idle and load temperatures.

The Fusion APU series, however, is optimized for better heat dissipation, and the advantages are shown by the impressive temperature results below. At idle with maximum energy saving options, both the upper and lower surface portions of the laptop stayed relatively cool at below 30 degrees Celsius across the board.

Even more remarkable are their temperature results while under load when the Xe was stressed under FurMark and Prime95 for a little over an hour. At worst, the notebook peaked at only The temperature range of the underside surface was also quite low, so no specific areas of the laptop were uncomfortably warmer than another.

Background temperature during this surface temperature test was A separate throttling test was performed by stress testing with FurMark and Prime95 for over 2 hours. Background temperature during the throttling test was 27 degrees C. GPU clock speeds stayed constant throughout. CPU speeds, however, fluctuated between 1. Processor temperature also got quite high, hovering around 90 degrees C.

The netbook was observed to automatically enter sleep mode once it reached a core temperature of about 92 degrees C. After streaming a video for 20 minutes, we measured the middle of the Xe's keyboard at degrees, the touchpad at 96 degrees, and the middle bottom at 98 degrees Fahrenheit. We consider temperatures over 95 degrees uncomfortable and over degrees unacceptable. However, perhaps because the degree area on the keyboard was only in the base below the center keys or because the plastic key material was not highly conductive, we didn't feel much heat on our fingers while typing.

The small label area on the bottom near the battery was a different story, reaching a very noticeable degrees. The We still saw a sharp and relatively bright image of the desktop at 90 degrees to the left or right of center. For an inexpensive business laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad Xe offers really solid audio. It was also loud enough to fill a small room. On the right side of the Xe are a 4-in-1 card reader, a standard USB port and an always-on USB port for charging gadgets while the computer is powered off or asleep.

The standard definition webcam handled low-light environments with great aplomb, providing bright, sharp images even in our dark living room. During Skype calls made from both our living room and office cubicle, fine details of our face were clearly visible. This new platform delivers stronger graphics performance and better battery life than the previous generation AMD Neo processors and packs enough punch for productivity work. The 7,rpm, GB Seagate hard drive inside the Xe booted to Windows 7 in a modest 57 seconds, about 4 seconds faster than the category average and nearly 30 seconds quicker than the HP Pavilion dm1z 80 seconds , but 9 seconds slower than the original ThinkPad Xe.

That's a rate of The ThinkPad Xe's Radeon HD integrated graphics processor far outpaces the graphics performance you can get from similarly sized and priced systems with Intel integrated graphics, but it has limitations. On 3DMark06, which measures overall graphics prowess, the Xe scored a strong 2,, well beyond the category average of 1, and far better than the ThinkPad Xe 1, or the Atom-powered HP Mini The HP Pavilion dm1z, which has the same technology under the hood, got a similar score 2, Don't buy the Xe if you plan to play anything more than a casual game.

The notebook managed a barely playable 23 fps in World of Warcraft at low settings. With the special effects turned up, that number dropped to a slideshow-like 11 fps. Those numbers are a little worse than the 24 and 13 fps turned in by the HP Pavilion dm1z, but are far better than Atom-based netbooks with integrated graphics that can't handle mainstream games.

We experienced significant driver issues when playing videos on the ThinkPad Xe, and we're still working with Lenovo to resolve some of them. At one point during our testing, any HD video we played was jerky with p YouTube and QuickTime videos managing only 15 fps. After consulting with Lenovo and doing a system restore to factory settings, we were able to achieve smooth rates of 25 fps on a p downloaded QuickTime trailer of Drive Angry.

However, even after our system restore, p Flash videos such as a trailer for Avatar on YouTube were jerky and a p downloaded QuickTime file of the Iron Man 2 trailer managed a barely watchable 18 fps. Worse still, the Xe had serious problems playing many Flash videos at full screen. When we tried to play episodes of Bones and Human Target from Fox. The same problem occurred several times with YouTube videos.

Eventually, we determined that we could stop the green screen issue by right-clicking on the Flash window and disabling hardware acceleration. However, without hardware acceleration, Flash videos were choppy at best. At this time, we know that Lenovo is working to resolve these issues and we are confident that the Xe will be able to play p videos smoothly in both Flash and other formats by the time it ships to end users.

We'll update this review once we hear back from Lenovo. Battery life is one area where the ThinkPad Xe really shines.

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