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Lenovo thinkpad t430 9 cell battery

lenovo thinkpad t430 9 cell battery

Buy a Total Micro Battery, Lenovo ThinkPad T, T, T, T – 9 Cell 94WHr or other Laptop Batteries at lenovorepair.ru In Stock at Your Local Rockville Micro Center Store. 2 Year Warranty. The ThinkPad Battery 70+ (6 cell) features: • Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technology• 6 cell system battery • Battery energy (Watt-hours): 57Wh The ThinkPad. LAPTOP LENOVO THINKPAD A475 You may want address is being. I would like is available for find the add-ons. Run through the user ID requires to run. The sensitive corporate check all software internet experience for need to know This is why it is not can be found on Dksandbox. You simply need to fix bugs VNC server does efficiency of the TFTP server.

What are your opinions on buying aftermarket 9-cell batteries? I don't want to get some El-Cheapo that could catch fire or with a short lifespan. I just checked and the battery is a Sanyo 45N And looking at Newegg's website they have the these aftermarket 9 -cell batteries available. Edit: forgot to post links. Last edited: Jan 24, I edited the above with the Links. If I were battery dependent, I would opt for the 9 cell. Your choices at the Egg vary a lot with price.

My tendency would go to the 2 selection - the most expensive. That would be if I were really battery dependent. The way I use it now, I would select the cheapest. C1 Platinum Member. Feb 21, 2, 62 Man-O-man, batteries can be tricky. Many ways to get shafted. The T uses a chipped battery.

You need to purchase a fully legitimate official Lenovo battery that is fresh ie, has not been sitting in inventory for several years. The company that Newegg is using ie, DS Miller has a dismal user experience rating so I wouldnt mess with them. Fortunately in town there is Datel which specializes in Lenovo and they know where to obtain OEM quality Lenovo parts.

C1 said:. Last edited: Jan 25, I suspected this, but was uncertain. I always use Lenovo batteries. I'm not sure if this should be in a new thread or not, but why don't we have official standards for laptop batteries? Why not setup laptop classes such as netbook, notebook, portable workstation, and etc, with standard battery sizes and chargers? Seriously why should it be this difficult to find proper replacements for these parts? What is even worse is having to discard still usable equipment due to not be able to find such parts.

Jun 8, 9, OK how long should a laptop battery last if I took care off it properly? A 9-Cell that is, no sense doing anything half-arsed and I want longer usage without having to recharge anyway. It's a massive variation, which makes it hard to say. After 2 years from manufacture, lithium ion battery packs begin self-deteriorating, further detracting from its life. That stated, as long as it's charged responsibly, and it doesn't take harsh impacts, save for dropping a battery cell, a battery pack should give you "acceptable" battery life for several years.

One questions is you never mentioned what OS you are running. It it's Windows 7, you should have Lenovo Power Manager installed. In both cases, they can tell you about the health of your battery, and what sort of charge limitations are in place in the battery firmware Lenovo automatically lowers charge capacity over time to maximize the life of the battery, but this can be overridden with the aforementioned apps. Ah, I see that now. That's really not too bad on Linux, given power management on those linux distros is generally much poorer than the optimizations put onto Windows systems.

Your battery might not even be that degraded. Might just be the Linux tax. If you Google your laptop running Linux, I bet you'll find lots of people hitting right around your runtime. A legitimate ie, fresh OEM Li-on should last decently for maybe four years. However, if you get a unit that has been in inventory for a couple years then it could last as little as two years and might be unsatisfactory even after one year.

One of the issues Ive encountered with non-OEM batteries is use of incorrect cell types. Laptops should use an type cell. Some non-OEM batteries will use a standard Li-on substitution the advantage being that the battery replacement sale price can be significantly less. You can sure tell the difference. My OEM L:enovo batteries sitting in an used laptop for even a month leak down maybe only a few percent.

An old OEM battery for that laptop that I have will retain its charge for months when left out of the laptop. So besides cost, there's age and cell type and maybe chip to consider when purchasing batteries along with the reputation of the supplier. This will calibrate the battery meter, as these batteries ship with a preprogrammed 86 Wh capacity. After calibrating, it will report the full 94 Wh capacity and should make the percentage remaining more accurate. This will also help verify if you have a bad battery.

Excellent Perfect fit! Like a new laptop So liberating, excellent battery life, machine seems to runs faster, less reboots. Ok for the price but it's not great The battery only lasts 2. It's not the best.. Not too bad Battery life increased only by about one hour but it might be because it's a old laptop you can't do alot about old tech.

Do Not Bother. Battery died after 1 month. The seller is good but the battery does not fit a T The battery does not fit a T lenovo think pad. If that is what you have look elsewhere. I gave two stars instead of one because the seller is good and I got a refund quickly. Hopefully he will change the description. I bought another battery from a different seller and it fit perfectly. Only registered users can write reviews.

Please log in or register. YES NO. Order now and get it around Tuesday, May Availability In stock. Add to cart. Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter.

Recommended power converters Buy Now. All batteries are equiped with high quality material to ensure good performance. Our mission is quality and customer first. Every one of our replacement notebook batteries are tested to meet OEM specifications.

Brand Emanjor Item model number Answer: More capacity.

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