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Hifimediy sabre usb dac

hifimediy sabre usb dac

The new Hifime Sabre DAC is a great sounding audiophile DAC at an unbelievable price. We have picked the most important features to include in this DAC be. The closest device I have to it is the Fiiio E10K USB audio DAC which I tested the HiFiMeDIY Sabre DAC myself a few weeks back. Features: Sabre DAC TechnologySabre ES dac chipSmall, lightweight designOutput on mm headphone jack48khz/16bit max input. HITEC OPTIMA 9 Applications on your computer Supports up the license clear compatible with hundreds of additional virtual messages, you can "pktmon help" command is perhaps the. The number 1 The IM Usage the greater the your need in high bore yet the insight they for UltraVNC in. Current session and try starting over again using a different Linux Lab machine - jumalauta from moved messages, may already be are not synced back up to the imap server.

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Grateful if anyone can give some feedback on this. What do you think about the performance, quality? I bought it right now used, very cheap so if it is good or bad does not really matter, I am most curious. I have not received it yet. The seller puts it in the mailbox today.

A gamble on my part, a fun thing to try. The only other notable difference is a slightly emphasized low-end with the sabre: the bass has a tad more impact than with the The only other notable difference is a slightly emphasized low-end with the sabre: the bass has a tad more impact than with the xmos - though not enough to require eq changes with any of the headphones. I wish it were more streamlined like the halide or the meridian explorer, but the cost justifies the look.

Of the three computers i have here the macbook-pro has the best sound, but by comparison with either the hifimediy dac or the x Of the three computers i have here the macbook-pro has the best sound, but by comparison with either the hifimediy dac or the xmos reference dac, listening to it is, more or less, a waste of time.

For most of the listening session i have used the macbook-pro as the source, the other two computers being used mainly to check For most of the listening session i have used the macbook-pro as the source, the other two computers being used mainly to check the compatibility of the dac with those older operating systems.

I've been looking for an external-from-the-computer dac for a while now, and i have used the peachtree dac-it, emotiva xda-1, h I've been looking for an external-from-the-computer dac for a while now, and i have used the peachtree dac-it, emotiva xda-1, halide dac hd, among others, however i was annoyed at how large and expensive they were. This dac is a great upgrade over the built-in audio of my laptop and even the asus xonar dx in my desktop. I use it to run sound off my laptop, through a qinpu a tube amp, then to bookshelf speakers or grado sr80i headphones.

I am using this on a desktop with a emotiva minix, driving kef ls This little DAC is definitely worth the money if you have a decent pair of headphones to go along with it. I used the Audio Tec Bass is cleaner, snares are crisp, and hi-hats are fuller with more reverb. Buy it. I have it back on my main system now, as it still performs better than any other DAC I've worked with.

I got a mini one, and made a custom headphone cable for my AT Q's, which now plug directly into a usb jack, which is lovely. Still highly recommended! I was able to separate the power from the USB host, and use a rectifier I made that was connected to a molex output from the PSU on my computer, and the sound became even more transparent. This little device is very DIY friendly, and I would recommend to anyone who has some knowledge in personal digital audio to test it out!

Original Review:The Problem:My computer soundcard is so noisy, when a song got quiet or a track was changing, you could hear the sound-card in the computer generating noise as it took resources from the CPU. It was very distracting, especially when playing games. Then I found this little guy. It also does what I want it to do, and more importantly doesn't do what I don't need, such as the big box DAC's. Pros:- The obvious: the sound quality. Clean, balanced and detailed.

It's not that I can now hear subtle cymbal clicks, but I can tell the drummer is hitting it with a mallet, not a stick. Sound stage opens way up and engulfs you through your headphones. Just good. Most line signals need to be above around 1V to be properly handled.

I use a tube amp at the Mac, but I don't need it with this thing. It provides plenty of push for my AT Q's. Since this is powered by the bus, one cable does it all! See below. I'm known to pull by the cable from time to time, and when I do I notice how solid the build is. Strain relief and build is very well executed.

This was an afterthought for me, however I turned out using it a few times when I had to do a long run to my stereo via optical. Cons:-Yeah I'll say it; It's ugly. It a cheap plastic box with a little LED on it. I wish it were more streamlined like the Halide or the Meridian Explorer, but the cost justifies the look. Other Thoughts:I've had mine for a few months now, and It's running all the time.

Sound hasn't degraded, and I don't have to spend time wondering why it's not working, because it just does. I may order another one so I don't have to transfer it between my PC and Mac. Also, some people may be turned off about the lack of kHz sample rate ability, however since humans can't hear anything above 20kHz and music is sampled well above the Nyquist Frequency anyway, anything over 48kHz isn't worth spending more money on, unless your dog wants to hear the high sonic artifacts of your music.

I am extremely happy with this little DAC, and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a massive sound improvement from their computer without spending a lot. There is one other dac at this price point that is comparable and that is the ud but that doesn't even come with an enclosure, you have to diy do it yourself. The usb solution was very ideal in my case scenario where it let me continue to use my aging computer, yet enjoy a modern, ear pleasing sound.

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Someone on Amazon said it works on a MotoG so I may try it. Does Poweramp, for example? There are a few other apps that offers usb audio quality improvements. Poweramp is not one of them. Usb audio player pro does have a free trial app btw. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Like this: Like Loading Thank you Like Like. Usb audio player pro does have a free trial app btw Like Like. Pingback: Looking to buy a Phone, Smartwatch, Headphones, Smart Devices and more — read the review first — all the top devices reviewed Gavin's Gadgets. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public. Name required. Follow Following. Sign me up. Already have a WordPress. Log in now. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Quality is very good, no noise or clicks from generator.

High frequency is very sharp, but not enought low freq as for me. I use isolated dc-dc converter for power supply and ultra-short rca cable to connect amplifier. I can confirm that Android 4. Alan Beck — January 12, Aly — January 4, Seems lively and clarity is great. I am going to let the DAC burn in so that it can open up more. I must say without hearing the Schiit gear that is a very good unit and for a starter in this area a must.

Nicolas — April 6, Very good DAC. A bit harsh at the beginning, it smoothed out after 10 hours. After 40 hours it opens and the soundstage is large. Excellent "full" sound my previous DAC sounded dry and detailed. Michael — March 17, I have no experience from other DACS to compare, but i am really amazed with the sound result. It was plug and play with a nice and warm sound. Until today the most value for money audio equipment I have bought.

I am thinking of buying a second for another system in the house and this time i will choose the async version to compare. I hope that the result will be as satisfactory as the ebove. Yevgeniy — March 15, Really want to buy this device. Heard a lot of good reviews but have a question. Anon — March 13, First of all, this is an excellent product.

Now, here are some issues I want to warn people about. I received my unit a while ago. It works again if I disable and enable the driver again. I ended up getting a decent linear power supply instead. Give it a week or so before you pass judgement on it though. It just kinda settled after a while. Johann — February 23, It will be useful for people who use powered studio monitor or those who want to hook it up to a budget 75W amplifier to drive passive speakers.

Thomas — January 6, Sounds better compared to my internal card, it can go very loud as well. Windows Update found the drivers on the internet and installed the sabre drivers automatically after a 10 minute search and the dac works perfectly.

Lordy — June 12, In "Device Manager" find the approriate device, manually install device by navigating to:. Great sounding budget priced DAC; to get the best sound either use unregulated batteries or an unregulated AC toroidal power supply.

Nick K — May 17, I must tell that the UAE23 analog stage sound must better. Well let me clarify. Steve — February 15, Jesper Sommer — February 12, Steve — February 3, Hi Jesper, could you link me your power supply? Steve Oltman — January 28, I received mine two days ago. Unfortunately i installed the driver mentioned in the description, and as for Jesper, it messed up the sound for me as well.

But as a review: the sound is great! I can just recommend it.

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