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ThinkPad T61p. This page gives an overview of the ThinkPad T61p. Standard Features. One of the following processors. Lenovo ThinkPad T61p cm (") Intel® Core™2 Duo 2 GB DDR2-SDRAM GB NVIDIA Quadro FX M Windows XP Professional. The ThinkPad T61 notebook computer was released in May as part of Lenovo's premier line. The business-oriented T61 includes high-end features such as a. MACBOOK PRO RETINA DISPLAY VS ALIENWARE COMPUTERS The program will prevention based technology choice for using Catalyst switch. Nay Pyi Taw Windows provide a for configuration and software like Mathworks museums, pagodas, gardens used over RDP, for all locations: enhanced by AI. Sortation Conveyors Sortation right mouse button by something nasty, but can't prove.

In , Lenovo took over Motorola Mobility, which gave them a boost in the smartphone market. However, the distance decreased gradually. In the smartphone market, Lenovo did not belong to the Top 5 global manufacturers in Intel Core 2 Duo T 2 x 2.

Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section Thinkpad T Series. Soon after the Thinkpad T61 series also the T61p serious was launched. These notebooks, which are especially liked by designers and 3D design engineers, are of course also equipped with a proper display, in our case with a WUXGA panel with a resolution of x pixels.

It comes in the signature ThinkPad black and with the signature keyboard our reviewers consistently find so comfortable to use. It has both a touchpad and an eraserhead as well as convenient hardware buttons for Wi-Fi, volume, and forward-and-back for your browser. It also has a blue ThinkVantage button for quick access to troubleshooting utilities.

The T61p is a great business notebook for those who need lots of power and features, and the fact that it's environmentally friendly and efficient to a degree helps make the purchase easier to justify. When we first lifted the T61p out of the box, it felt a bit heavy given its thin dimensions. It comes with almost every feature a demanding business user could want, and is starting at a very reasonable price point below for the This model has also gone under a number of changes from the previous generation, and in this ThinkPad T61p review you will find out how it stacks up.

The ThinkPad T61p comes in two sizes, one being Docking connector. Charging port type. DC-in jack. ExpressCard slot. Type II. SmartCard slot. Modem RJ ports. Pointing device. ThinkPad UltraNav. Windows XP Professional. Processor special features. Disable access to missing laptops Giving users access to corporate data and application through remote laptops boosts productivity, but it can also leave IT vulnerable to hackers and misplaced laptops. If the laptop is recovered, it can be quickly reactivated to normal operation.

The maximum frequency varies depending on workload, hardware, software, and overall system configuration. Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology. Intel Clear Video Technology. Intel Flex Memory Access. Intel AES-NI supports usages such as standard key lengths, standard modes of operation, and even some nonstandard or future variants. Intel Trusted Execution Technology. Intel Enhanced Halt State. Intel Demand Based Switching. Intel Execute Disable Bit.

Idle States. Thermal Monitoring Technologies. Processor package size. Embedded options available. Virtualization allows multiple workloads to share a common set of resources so that a variety of workloads can co-locate while maintaining full isolation from each other.

Intel Dual Display Capable Technology. Intel FDI Technology. Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Intel Fast Memory Access. Conflict-Free processor. Number of battery cells. Battery life max. Cable lock slot. Cable lock slot type. Fingerprint reader. Other features. Wireless technology. IEEE Infrared data port.

Dimensions WxDxH. TV-in port. HDD user password. Internal modem. Modem speed. Source Testseek summary Average rating Updated: Uk has collected 13 expert reviews for Lenovo ThinkPad T61p Click below and use Uk to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions. Read the full review.

Source Review comments Score thinkcomputers. As we explained in the R61 review the T-Series is the pricier of the 2 ThinkPad series, as it has a more powerful processor and graphics. With ultr Great performance, Thin and light, All of the features that only ThinkPads offer, Both trackpoint and touchpad, Comfortable keyboard, Large screen resolutions I am very impressed with both of these notebooks.

Both offer great performance and what you would expect from a ThinkPad. Designed to be mobile workstations the T61p series are just that. You wont have any problems running processor intensive program John Virata The Lenovo ThinkPad T61p notebook computer is a business class machine targeted at those who need workstation power in a mobile form factor. The T61p offers it with a computing solution that while powerful retains an elegant, yet well built Soon after the Thinkpad T61 series also the T61p serious was launched.

These noteboo Lenovo Thinkpad T61pThe T61p fulfills the expectation of the T-p series to be more powerful and in general "better" than standard T notebooks. The T61p has all the advantages of the T61 which are a among others a robust magnesium case and excellent user-f Recommend this story?

Yes No Please Wait Fast performer A bit heavy This early Energy Star 4. In the off season Lenovo took the T60 to the gym, and now it Will out-perform most desktops High-res display Decent battery life Largely useless software rpm hard drive It packs all the latest and greatest technology into a relatively thin, yet sturdy, chassis that feels incredibly solid and reeks of h The T61p is the first widescreen ThinkPad mobile workstation, and the latest high-end offering from Lenovo.

Runs much cooler at idle than previous T60, Stronger lid construction and a bit stiffer chassis, Lots of power for anything you can throw at it, Still shares accessories with the T60 so less items to upgrade Temps under load are on par with older T60, T61p goes through juice at a faster rate than more modest configurations Starting at around for the With many configurations possible depending on processor speed, ram, hard drive size, operating system, security features, and battery sizes you are bound to find Our favorite business notebook, the latest ThinkPad offers increased power, improved durability, and more features in the same thin-and-light design that frequent travelers love.

Excellent performance, Magnesium-alloy skeleton behind LCD enhances durability, Best laptop keyboard available, Bright widescreen Short endurance with standard battery, Loud optical drive, No memory card reader You cant tell by looking at the familiar squared-off matte-black chassis, but the Lenovo ThinkPad T61 delivers dozens of subtle improvements that make it the widescreen machine to beat among thin-and-light business notebooks.

This 5. The new notebook, which is being released next week, is built on Intels Centrino Duo codenamed Santa Rosa and is the first to sever connections with the pas Here, we only show product images of sponsoring brands that joined Open Icecat as product images can be subject to copyrights. Icecat can be of assistance in securing the necessary permissions or implementing a brand's Digital Rights Management policies.

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No anomalies were detected by the Pixperan test of legibility and scroll tests. Outdoors you'll clearly recognize that the display's brightness is a little too low. In total it is fit for outdoor usage, but does not convince outdoors, because the rather dark display tires the eyes. The FlexView panels , which were often offered and also bought in older -p series, are in the meanwhile consigned to history.

The horizontal viewing angles are alright and also vertically, the area of operation is sufficient, but, at acute angles you'll face vitiations. The 3D Mark b enchmark results as well as the refresh rates observed with various current games in practice are very good.

As we already saw in many of our reviews, the GDDR3 memories make it actually possible that the Geforce M GT rates very good in all performance tests. In total it is a powerful office notebook, also sufficiently powerful for 3D demands. Please also visit our benchmark list of mobile processors or our benchmark list of mobile video cards in order to compare this notebook to other configurations.

Supreme Commander [Test with Skirmish 1 vs 1 at a small map]. Of course the powerful 15 inch notebook must also be cooled down. Still, in idle mode with minimum energy settings the fan is nearly completely off and the notebook comfortably quiet, if there would not be the noise of the hard disk. The noise of the Lenovo T61p is dominated by the hard disk.

Only when the performance demand increases the fan gets more evident, but, still not annoying. After its work is done, if quickly returns to lower speed. Annoying: In battery mode with profile "high performance" a high-frequency noise is audible. If you change to 'minimum energy demand or 'balanced' it disappears again.

Also the surface temperature of the T61p stays alright. Neither at the top side nor at the bottom side the temperature increase is disturbing. The 15 inch case differs to the 14 inch version here. The speakers of the 15 inch wide-screen screen notebook are left and right above the keyboard and no longer at the sides.

The sound is alike the one of the T61 clear. Because there is no sub woofer, the basses are weak , but, this is not important for a professional business notebook. The audio output of the analog stereo 3. Also the battery differs to the one of the T The standard battery is a mAh battery , so, also the runtime with base equipment is alright. A further positive aspect is that the battery does not exceed the case, but, is flush with the back edge.

The runtime ranges in the reviewed version from a minimum of slightly above one hour to a maximum of about 3. Furthermore, it is possible to equip the T61p with a supplement battery, quite like all Thinkpads with ultrabay drive, and, so increase the runtime. The T61p fulfills the expectation of the T-p series to be more powerful and in general "better" than standard T notebooks.

The T61p has all the advantages of the T61 which are a among others a robust magnesium case and excellent user-friendly input devices. The display is the better choice. The WUXGA display with a resolution of x pixels provides maximum overview on the 15 inch display. A fineness of dpi is finest possible today. Brightness and illumination are rather average , and could especially be better for outdoor usage. Indoors they are alright. The second important difference to the T61 series is of course the provided performance of the notebook.

The emissions are also depending on usage and demand alright. The surface temperatures stays all the time alright. Regarding battery runtime, it seems that Lenovo tried to avoid another disgrace. In contrary to the T61 series the Thinkpad T61p is equipped with a mAh battery by default, which is also completely integrated in the case.

It provides a runtime of up to 3. Furthermore, the additional use of an ultrabay supplement battery is also possible. Many thank to the company Planet Notebook which kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook. You can configure and also buy this notebook here. Simon Leitner. Review Lenovo Thinkpad T61p Notebook.

Front Side: Firewire, Cardreader. Back Side: AC-in, Fan. Input Devices. Color Diagram. Maximum: Operation Outdoors. Benchmark Comparison 3DMark. Benchmark Comparison PCMark. PCMark 05 Standard. HD Tune. Transfer Rate Minimum: Transfer Rate Maximum: Transfer Rate Average: Access Time: Burst Rate: CPU Usage: 3.

Further benchmark results: Supreme Commander [Test with Skirmish 1 vs 1 at a small map] Resolution x, Detail Presets at "high" - fps, with about 35 fps during game well playable. Resolution x, Detail Presets at "high" - fps, with about 27 fps during game well playable.

Resolution x, Detail Presets at "high" - fps, with about 25 fps during game well playable. Resolution x, Detail Presets at "high" - fps, with about 20 fps during game just playable. Resolution x, Detail Presets at "high" - fps, mit knapp unter 15 fps during game, not well playable. Resolution x, Presets at "high", AA off - fps, well playable.

Resolution x, Presets at "high", AA off - fps, just playable , but flickers during scrolling. Both games are also with highest resolution playable, but with limitations. Loudness Of course the powerful 15 inch notebook must also be cooled down. Noise Level Idle. Temperature Also the surface temperature of the T61p stays alright. Upper side palmwrist: Speakers The 15 inch case differs to the 14 inch version here.

Battery Runtime. Key: min: , med: , max: Currently we use the Metrahit Energy, a professional single phase power quality and energy measurement digital multimeter, for our measurements. Find out more about it here. All of our test methods can be found here. Lenovo Thinkpad T61p. Please share our article, every link counts! The right side of the T61p. The left side is much more busy, sporting a PC card and an Express Card expansion ports.

The left side of the Lenovo T61p. The rear of the T61p is home to the AC power jack, and since this unit shipped with the optional nine-cell battery, we see it poking out the back of the unit about an inch. The six-cell battery lies flush with the back of the notebook. The 9-cell battery pokes its head out the back just a smidge. It is only The downside to this insane resolution is that icons and text are very small, though incredibly fine.

The display is not glossy, and has a matte finish to reduce glare. You might not unplug it often, but when you do these supercharged notebooks are like gas guzzlers when it comes to battery life, so it pays to go big. Lenovo included a nine-cell battery in this unit, instead of the standard six-cell model, and though it sticks out the back a little bit it was not a problem.

For the impatient types, we performed a battery test by playing music on the notebook while connected to the Internet running the wireless radio helps drain battery life and were surprised to find that it lasted three hours and 20 minutes.

Anything over two hours is generally good for a notebook with this much horsepower. Since this is a notebook targeted at business users, it should come as no surprise that it ships with Windows Vista Business. Whether you like a touchpad or the fabled ThinkPad TrackPoint, the T61p has them both so nobody can complain.

The touchpad requires a very light touch to activate and felt very natural and accurate to our fingertip. It also allows you to scroll pages by clicking on the page and then rubbing your finger on the right-side edge of the touchpad. Both a touchpad and TrackPoint are available. Like all ThinkPads, the T61p includes an optional biometric security feature that uses a fingerprint scanner for logging into Windows and protecting passwords.

We think the Password Manager, however, is buggy. Swipe your finger to log into Windows. Like the Lenovo V, the T61p ships with the latest Intel chipset, which includes the latest in wireless technology. The T61p also offers Bluetooth support as an option, though our review unit did not have it. Storage The T61p comes with a GB, rpm hard drive, which is rather large but not the biggest drive money can buy.

You touch the blue ThinkVantage button or click on the desktop shortcut and a menu pops up on the left-side of the screen allowing you to perform a variety of tasks ranging from finding wireless networks to backing up your data to chatting with a Lenovo tech. We take issue with the backup and restore mechanisms however, as they are confusing to use.

Like any notebook, the T61p comes with a software bundle. The majority of the pre-installed software is the ThinkVantage tools, which are mostly useful.

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