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Critics derided the missions as repetitive and monotonous, [b] but enjoyed the initial feeling of engaging in environmental destruction, [1] [26] [27] [46] and the implementation of the ability enhancement system was regarded as a success. Assessments of the graphics were also mixed. Goldstein noted that "the Hulk looks good, but the city isn't so spectacular.

It's nice that everything can be destroyed, but it's not enough to overcome the rest of the mediocrity". Reactions to the audio were lukewarm. David Chapman of TeamXbox was satisfied with the sound design, but reticent about the music. The narrative was also negatively received. Goldstein considered the story to be poorly told and the cutscenes badly compressed.

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The game takes place in an open world recreation of Manhattan , and the Hulk has a variety of attacks and abilities for destroying enemies and causing environmental destruction. Apart from the main story, there are numerous mini-games and collectibles that can unlock new content.

The Incredible Hulk resulted from a deal between Marvel Entertainment and Sega that granted the publisher the rights to video game adaptations of films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The game was influenced by the previous Hulk title The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction , and features an explorable recreation of Manhattan as well as the voice talents of the film's stars.

The Incredible Hulk received mixed reviews; while the gameplay aspect of engaging in city-wide destruction was enjoyed and the unlockable content and the Hulk's character model were commended, the repetitive missions, weak storyline, flat voice-acting, and numerous graphical flaws were criticized. The Incredible Hulk is an action-adventure game in which the player controls the Hulk in an open world recreation of Manhattan.

The HUD features indicators of health and rage. The Hulk has the ability to regenerate any health lost from enemy attacks, and can also refill health by collecting green canisters scattered throughout the city. Rage increases when the Hulk inflicts environmental damage and attacks enemies, or if he himself is attacked; it is also possible to replenish rage by collecting red canisters.

The Hulk can perform more powerful attacks that require a certain amount of rage to execute. All objects and buildings in the city are destructible, and their fragments can be used as a variety of weapons and devices; for example, a pole can be used as a spear, and wall fragments can be used as a shield. Causing destruction attracts the attention of the military, who will attack the Hulk with weapons and machinery.

The Hulk's threat level, which is displayed on the HUD, increases as the Hulk causes more destruction. This results in the military using more powerful and sophisticated equipment, such as armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, and Hulkbuster robots; [3] the highest threat level beckons Tony Stark clad in his Hulkbuster armor. Various tasks and collectibles can be found throughout the city. The main missions essential to completing the game involve searching for a cure for Bruce Banner, confronting the military, and fighting the Enclave organization.

In addition to the story-based missions, there are minigames that involve such objectives as running through checkpoints in a limited time or playing darts; for their successful completion, a gold, silver or bronze medal is given depending on the result. Icons depicting landmark buildings can be obtained by destroying the buildings they are contained in. Obtaining collectibles, completing main and side missions, and accomplishing other achievements unlocks comic book covers and cosmetic skins.

Bruce Banner is a scientist who became a fugitive after gamma radiation exposure afflicted him with a condition that causes him to transform into a savage beast known as the Hulk whenever he is angry or stressed. He saves the life of Rick Jones , a teenager who had been captured by soldiers working for an organization called the Enclave. Its four leaders, each with their own private army, use Manhattan as a giant test site. Subsequently, the Hulk further protects Rick, and the two become friends.

Banner soon starts working with Dr. Samuel Sterns , who had been his contact in Brazil. Banner goes to talk to Simon Utrecht, a ruthless businessman whose research is similar to his own and is planning to test radiation on himself and three other participants. The Hulk battles an army sent to capture him, but is then confronted by a team of villains named the U-Foes , led by a mutated Utrecht.

The Hulk manages to beat them, though the U-Foes vow revenge. Under Sterns' direction, the Hulk retrieves special nanites for use in his research. Major Glenn Talbot dispatches the Army to take down Hulk with total disregard for civilian casualties. Hulk fends off an army attack led by Talbot, and Rick destroys their computer targeting systems while the Hulk defeats Blonsky again.

The Hulk then thwarts the Enclave's plan to siphon energy from the city as well as their chemical weapon attack. Talbot goes into hiding after the Hulk attacks a military base, during which Talbot's forces fire on the press as well as the Hulk. The Hulk rescues Rick when he is captured by Talbot, and Rick tells Banner that he needs data for a countermeasure against the Enclave's massive mind-control device.

Working together, the Hulk and Rick manage to destroy the device. Enraged, the Enclave unleashes the robotic monster Bi-Beast , which is destroyed in a battle with the Hulk. The Hulk subsequently destroys the Enclave's earthquake generators, laser turrets, and control dish for an orbital laser cannon.

Sterns then informs Banner that a Gamma Charger can be built to cure him, and the Hulk successfully acquires the items needed to assemble it. Banner heads to the university to retrieve his old research data, only for General Ross's daughter Betty to obtain it before it is deleted by her father. When General Ross's soldiers grab Betty, Bruce turns into the Hulk and attacks the army's deployment points. Hulk then engages in a third fight with Blonsky, who has received treatment that enhances his physical capabilities.

Hulk manages to defeat him and escapes with Betty. At Betty's request, the Hulk secretly helps her father attack the Enclave. Sterns then tells the Hulk that they can test the Gamma Charger if the Hulk can obtain a genetic simulator from the Enclave. The Hulk uses the Gamma Charger to disable an Enclave bio-weapon, leading Sterns to conclude that the cure works. The Hulk then has to guard a truck containing an experimental weapon that General Ross is having transported. When Talbot steals the weapon, Hulk retrieves it and gives it to Rick so he can destroy it.

When Talbot has Betty kidnapped, Hulk fights a Hulkbuster machine to destroy the generators trapping her in a cage. Once the Hulkbuster pilot sees who he has kidnapped, he orders his troops to retreat. General Ross sends his troops to arrest Talbot, who is now piloting a special nuclear-powered Hulkbuster. The Hulk joins the fight and defeats Talbot, whose Hulkbuster explodes.

Despite everything Banner has done to help, General Ross still captures him and takes him and Betty away. During this time, Blonsky forces Sterns to inject him with Banner's gamma-irradiated blood, transforming him into the monstrous Abomination , who then rampages through the city.

Banner, seeing that he is the only one who can stop the Abomination, jumps from a helicopter and transforms into the Hulk. After a lengthy battle, the Hulk defeats the Abomination and flees the city. Betty tells her father that she hopes his efforts were worth it. On April 18, , Sega and Marvel Entertainment announced that they had agreed to terms granting Sega the rights to video game adaptations of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films Incredible Hulk , Thor , and Captain America: The First Avenger , with the Incredible Hulk game's release coinciding with that of the film in June The terms were an extension of a deal signed between the two companies which had granted Sega the video game adaptation rights to Iron Man.

It was respectively designed and programmed by Rob Brown and Jacob Meakin. Using a 3D model of Manhattan provided by EarthData International, [7] approximately 85 percent of the city was recreated for the game, with real-life landmarks such as Times Square and Central Park being implemented.

For the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions, the graphics were degraded and the destruction effects were simplified; in addition, the Wii version features a unique control scheme to accommodate the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The music was composed by Mark Griskey , who composed the music for the Iron Man video game as well as the trailer for the Hulk film. The score was recorded in the Seattle -based Studio X and performed by a piece orchestra, and includes electric guitars and electronic elements.

Griskey described his score for The Incredible Hulk as "more primal in nature and a lot darker than the music from Iron Man' s somewhat heroic score". Griskey's work for the Hulk trailer proved useful in the creation of the game's main theme; Griskey initially took a more straightforward orchestral approach, but Edge of Reality felt that the theme lacked weight.

When Edge of Reality voiced their approval of the trailer score's direction, Griskey incorporated some of its elements, such as a prominent half-time drum groove , and added an electric guitar performed by Joe Mina. Griskey collaborated with producer Lupo Groinig to create a remix of the theme for the end credits. The game contains approximately 45 minutes of music. The casting, production, and editing for the voice-acting were managed by Blindlight.

Scott Bullock , and Simbi Khali. Tony Stark, who may appear to battle the Hulk if his threat level peaks, is voiced by Stephen Stanton. Players can choose from five arenas and compete with other players in ranked or unranked matches in which the players must earn points by destroying enemies and opponents.

The Xbox , PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 versions received "mixed or average" reviews, while the Wii and PC versions received "generally unfavorable" reviews, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. The gameplay received mixed reviews. Critics derided the missions as repetitive and monotonous, [b] but enjoyed the initial feeling of engaging in environmental destruction, [1] [26] [27] [46] and the implementation of the ability enhancement system was regarded as a success.

Assessments of the graphics were also mixed. Goldstein noted that "the Hulk looks good, but the city isn't so spectacular. It's nice that everything can be destroyed, but it's not enough to overcome the rest of the mediocrity". Reactions to the audio were lukewarm. David Chapman of TeamXbox was satisfied with the sound design, but reticent about the music.

The narrative was also negatively received. Goldstein considered the story to be poorly told and the cutscenes badly compressed. Defeat them and the force field lowers. Now that Rick is inside he can get to work. But there is still the matter of all those reinforcements just standing around. Give them something to do by attacking them. Continue to fight through the enemies until Rick mentions the only way to stop a safety mechanism he triggered is to destroy the building.

Bring the structure down withing the alotted time 60 seconds and the mission is complete. He needs escort to a safehouse and who better than to call than his green friend. Rick will be traveling in a green car and will have his own health meter for this mission.

If his health reaches zero its mission failed. From the start he is being chased by a Kyklops. Pick up a car and hurl it at the monstrous machine. Continue until it collapses. Rick will then speed away. Follow him or lead him to the next road block. The roadblocks will contain some laser turrets that increase in number as you proceed , soldies, and the giant oger soldiers some of which will carry guns while others will just have the traditional clubs.

Take the turrets out first then attack the "men". Once an obstacle is cleared Rick will continue to drive. Defeat the enemies that are attacking to free up some time for Rick to retrieve the necessary information and exit the building. The attacks will come from the south, the north, and the roof. Rick will let Hulk know which side reinforcements are coming from. The goal is to not let the building crumble before the timer expires. If successful Rick will be on the outside of the building with a yellow marker indicating his position.

He needs a lift to Empire State University for a meeting with Dr. Pick him up and sprint to ESU. They are leading them into a building and using the people's energy to power their device. Prevent as many people that are under the Enclave's mind control from entering the building. Rick suggests scarring them away, but punching and throwing seems to work as well. After a period of time Hulk's focus must turn to the roof. The Enclave have received enough power to start the device but not enough to run it.

Destroy the antenae and all will be right with New York City. There is plenty of enemies to fight on the roof. If you run into trouble don't forget to heal. Additionally, some of the enemies have jet packs, so Hulk can move to the ground and they will follow. This way some enemies can be separated from the group. You may also want to take out the turrets at the corners of the roof.

In any event the primary focus is the destruction of the antenae. The computers are the metal appearing cylinders. There is a total of 12 that need to be destroyed. Hulk can practically ignore the enemy soldiersl They should not give him too much trouble. Once all twelve computers are gone a nice cinematic lets Hulk return to the ground.

The one drawback is that Bi-Beast made it to the ground as well. Bi-Beast is one tough dude. He has some powerful attacks. When close he can grapple the Hulk and perform attack that exhausts a great deal of Hulk's health. When Hulk is close Bi-Beast will also charge a blast that will injure Hulk. Finally, keeping your distance is not exactly safe either do to a ranged electric attack. Bi-Beast will also engage in hand to hand melee combat as well.

Avoid his charged blast by knowing what to look for. When he is charging he will temporarily glow blue and move his arms in toward his chest. He releases the blast by waving his arms out. There seems to be no warning for the grapple attack. He will perform this move when Hulk is close. The ranged electric attack only occurs when you put too much distance between Hulk and Bi-Beast. Stay at a medium range to prevent this attack from doing to much damage.

Knowing how Bi-Beast attacks is only half of the problem. The other half is doing damage to him. He blocks relentlessly and Hulk's normal melee attacks have no effect. While the car is in the air move close to the enemy and attack with Fury or Rage attacks. In between car throws pick up a lamp post and start swinging.

This will be a long and drawn out battle but it will lead to victory. Take three swings with a pole and back away. Continue the process until the pole disappears. While you are searching for another pick up a car and throw it at Bi-Beast. When he blocks move in for a Fury attack. Find a pole and swing some more.

Scale the Swiss Bank Tower and destroy all three of the earthquake machines. It can be frustrating because you may get knocked of the ledge a few times but climb back up and continue to smash. The Ground Smash combo works very well.

When the three earthquake machines are destroyed simply take out any remaining enemies to complete the mission. They believe they have a weapon that can kill the Hulk. The Enclave placed large turrets throughout the city 6 total. Move to each turrets location red markers and throw cars at them until they exlpode.

When all 6 are destroyed Hulk simply has to defeat any remaining enemies. The satellite is tracking the Hulk and will fire when possible. As the beam approaches it will lock onto the Hulk. After it locks on move to the side to avoid the blast.

Each time the satellite fires a green marker appears on the mini-map. This green dot represents the location of the source of the blast. Additionally, at the very beginning of the mission you can see the green dot so Hulk knows which way to begin moving.

The hardest part is scaling the building. Taking out some of the SAM launchers can help but is not an absolute requirement. The best thing to do is just as Rick states. Move side to side as you climb. If you climb straight up the satellite will lock onto your position and zap the Hulk. Instead move at an upward angle.

At times even Hulk may even need to move in a laterall direction just to avoid a blast. If the Hulk is hit by the satellite weapon as he is climbing the building, the blast will likely knock him to the ground or at the very least a lower ledge. Once the dish is destroyed sprint to Central Park to destroy the satellite.

The Enclave already have forces at the park to protect their crashed weaponary. Take out the satellite and then all the remaining enemies to complete the mission. There is a street nearby where you can get cars to toss at the large turrets and the air ship overhead. There are a couple of the larger enemies that also seem to have a stun gun that prevents Hulk from getting too close. Cars work well against them too. The Particle Infusion Array is in the hands of an Army transport.

Chase down the transport and get the item. The vehicle containing the array will be guarded by several M1 tanks and helicopters. It will also stop in areas where SAM launchers are present. Hulk should be able to out run the tanks and destroy the SAMs when necessary. The main objective is to crush the vehicle transporting the Array. When it is destroyed pick up the crate left behind and take it to Sterns at Empire State University.

The Gamma Solution is in a warehouse on a dock located in Harlem. Destroy the generators creating the forcefield that protects the building. Once the generators are powered down attack the building. The Energy Field Generator is located at an Enclave base.

Go to the base and enter the alley next to it. Attacking the building from the alley will keep some of the annoying though not really dangerous enemies from attacking. When the building is rubble, pick up the Generator and return it to ESU.

Now that all three pieces of equipment are with Sterns, Hulk must secure them by preventing the Enclave from stealing them. As long as at least one of the items remains at ESU the mission will be a success. Try to quickly take out the air ship by tossing a few cars at it. Now attack anything that comes close to the equipment. If one piece gets away don't worry, just focus on protecting the others. Go to the building and take out all the enemies.

He will then land and disable the chemical dispenser. At times some of the Enclave with jet packs will fly to the helicopter and shoot at Rick. Pick up an object wait for them to stop and throw. Move to each of the five roofs and clear them to enable Rick to disable each of the chemical dispensers. On the last roof the helicopter takes some damage and Rick says he will land it in the park. Grab the last dispenser and take it to his position. Once all five are destroyed sprint to the green marker and make sure Betty is ok.

Blonsky just happens to be in the location where Betty is standing. He will move from truck to truck and attack with weapon on the truck. Move to each of the humvees he enters and destroy it. Once its destroyed Blonsky will hit and run to the next truck. Continue the process until his health is depleted. After the a set of four trucks is destroyed, Blonsky will go and get four more. When Blonsky is defeated, take out the helicopters and the mission is complete. After clearing the Enclave run away from the Army because they will focus on attacking the Hulk.

Continue to do the Army's work for them until you reach the Enclave base. Protect them from being taken away. Stay close to the Hulkbusters and attack anything that comes near. The main targets should be the Enclave members with the jet packs. They are the ones that will pick up the Hulkbuster suits and fly away with them. If one takes off with a suit chase it down and retrieve it.

Once Hulk lasts 3 minutes the only thing left to do is defeat any remaining enemies. Yes thats right Hulk is helping more Hulkbusters. Protect the armored soldier from the Enclave assault. Jump onto the F-POD and smash the silver structures on its surface.

Once each is demolished the central area will have raised buttons on it. Smash each button in and when all are pressed in at the same time the F-POD overloads and dismantles. Be fairly quick about hitting the buttons in because they will pop out if you aren't. Pick it up and run. There is no need to fight the enemies here, plenty of bad guys are in the Hulk's future. Bring the simulator to ESU and protect it at all cost.

Placing the stolen technology in the corner of the nearby building on campus is a good way to keep it in sight while fighting enemies. If anyone gets the simulator and takes off with it ignore everyting but the guy with the simulator. If it travel far enough away the mission is failed. Defeat all the enemies without losing the simulator to succeed.

Be sure to move the simulator far from the water after stopping any failed attempts at restealing the device. All hell will break loose outside and it is the Hulk's responsibility to protect the building until Sterns is done. Yes, thats right no Hulk Smash building this time. The enemies are not very tough. Mostly armored soldiers, some Humvees, and helicopters. The hard part is that Hulk has to keep the building upright for five minutes. To make matters worse the building will receive damage from the Hulk as well.

So you can not be too reckless about throwing cars around, using Rage powers, or punching at everything. The best strategy is to take out the helicopters before they get too close and smash everything else at a distance as well. By now you should have the pick up weakened enemy vehicles ability. It can come in handy to direct some of the explosions away from the building.

Instead of punching at the soldiers in the armor, pick them up and use them to throw at the helicopters this will destroy the helicopter and keep collateral damage low. This is at least for me it was a frustrating mission. A couple times the timer was under 30 seconds and cars driving down the street would hit the building and do damage destroying it. Quick action, well placed attacks by the Hulk, and a little luck are required to move past this part.

Once the timer reaches zero, Sterns is shot out of the building. Move to his location and carry him the rest of the way to Empire State University. Run to the green maker to locate the truck carrying this weapon. Upon arrival some of Talbot's men take the weapon for their own use. The Hulk must retrieve the weapon before the thief reaches approximately Empire State University. The hard part though is that the soldiers taking the weapon have jet packs that let them fly.

Climb the closest building to the very top. Follow the guy with the cannon and when reasonably close pick up a nearby object and throw it at the soldier. A direct hit will cause him to drop the weapon. The best time to throw is when Hulk can target the enemy and they are moving in a somewhat straight line ahead of you. Alternatively, if you are good enough I suppose Hulk could do his mid-air punch and hit the soldier though I have not been able to accomplish this feat.

Once the weapon is dropped pick it up and head back to Rick's position indicated by the green marker. That alone would be simple enough a problem for the Hulk to solve, this crate though is protected by a electric field that will not allow hulk to get close. If Hulk try to take out the generators he will not have any luck either, just get a not so friendly shock.

If getting to Betty wasn't tough enough there will be a group of armored soldiers, helicopters, and a Hulkbuster to deal with. Initially, take out the helicopters and the armored soldiers. Now it is the Hulk one on one with a Hulkbuster. When the rage meter is full use ground smash to take a considerable amount of damage from the Hulkbuster. In between uses of the rage attack, use the X hold Y thunderclap combo to stun him.

When the Hulkbuster is defeated pick him up and run directly into two of the generators surrounding the box. When the second generator is destroyed the helicopters, armored soldiers, and Hulkbuster respawn. Use the same techniques as above to defeat them again and save Betty. He has Talbot cornered.

Little does he no Talbot is not going peacefully. Run to the battle site and see if Hulk can help. On the way there it is a good idea to destroy some buildings to build up rage. Talbot is basically a Hulkbuster. Use charged punches to deplete his health. At first the Army holds most of his attention and Hulk can get in a few hits without retaliation. Talbot will not stand and be punched the entire time without fighting back. His attacks are powerful and take a considerable amount of damage out of Hulk.

Once Talbot's focus turns to the Hulk trading punches will not work out in our hero's favor. Instead, run a way turn and hold Y. Talbot will likely if timed correctly run into a fistful of green. If you try to trade punches then be prepared to heal. Once Talbot's health meter empties a cut scene take care of the rest. Rapidly press the buttons appearing on screen during the freefall. Upon a very gracefull landing the only goal is to beat Abomination.

Abomination will attack with move similar to the Hulk. Some do radial damage but for the most part his attacks are some sort of melee attack thunderclap, ground slam etc. Using rage powers does not seem to work. The easiest way to defeat the big monster is to tap X and hold Y. This performs a strong thunderclap that will do damage to Abomination. A few of those and he will be seeing stars. During the initial punch Abomination will block leaving him open for the powered up thunderclap.

Repeat this move until the cut scene and remember to heal if necessary. The cut scene shows a helicopter crashing to the ground. Move to the building the helicopter "landed" on and attack it to put out the fire. Abomination thought he could help too and likely followed Hulk to the crash site. Attack Abomination and the shield will break. At this time he is stunned and open for a little bit Hulk Smash. Continue to break his shield and attack until his health meter is depleted.

Once he is knocked out move to his position to initiate an action sequence. Rapidly press the on screen buttons. If successful Abomination is put down for good. On a side note, I found it very amusing that General Ross and Betty are simply standing on the roof during the fight.

Their research can also create a enemy that makes Hulks mission somewhat more difficult Bi-Beast clone, Kyklops. The main goal for each phase is to simply destroy the building that houses the Enclave base. Additionally, all the enemies surrounding the base should be taken out as well. At the headquarters for each division of the Enclave their will be a boss. The boss battles are not extremely difficult.

The head of that section will fly abover at the beginning and used ranged attacks. Throw a few cars in his direction until he lands then attack with rage attacks until the enemy is no more. If you have not unlocked all of the missions, mini-games, and subways the directions may be hard to follow.

The descriptions rely heavily on these "markers" as well as the landmarks in New York to guide Hulk to the general location of a canister. That is the key. Following the directions in this section should put the Hulk in the vicinity of a canister. It is up to you to find the exact location. I'll help you find the right section of the stadium you bought the ticket for but I can't really lead you to your seat.

The canister is located to the left of those docks in a large grassy area close to a building -On the northern steps of the Tweed Courthouse -On the northern side of 20 Exchange Place, the canister is near the top -Starting at the Marker for We Can Use Their Technology Part 1 move west down the street until Hulk runs into a building. Climb the tall building to the left for a canister. When the street ends at a building climb the structure to the left to acquire a canister.

The point of the grassy area where Tweed Courthouse and City hall is located acts as an arrow directing Hulk to the canister. It is on top of a brown brick building with a unique top. Move down the street in a southwest direction passing the park on the right. Continue until the street divides in almost a "Y" shape.

Climb the building on the left to obtain the canister. Position Hulk so that he is looking to the west the subway indicator will be to the left on the mini-map. Climb the building across the street to get the canister.

You can actually see the outline for the Empire State Building in the distance. If you do not see this as you are moving down the street you are headed in the wrong direction. Continue in this direction until the first intersection. There is a building with red brick around its base. Climb it for a canister -Begin at the incon for Hulk Smash: Unfriendly Neighbor and head down the street in an eastern direction.

Move forward until Hulk runs into a building. Climb that building and get the canister from the fire escape. Now move the cursor west in a straight line. Continue to move the cursor until you have fully passed one set of buildings and arrived at the second.

At this second set of buildings place a waypoint in the center of the buildings to the south. From the tip of that triangle move the cursor down and place a waypoint near the center of this set of buildings. The mulitlevel building ahead has the canister. Pass by one street to the right then climb the building on the right.

The canister is hidden in a water tower on the roof. Now move the cursor west to the middle of the next set of buildings. Set a waypoint and climb the northern set of buildings. Climb the building on the right side of the street to get a canister. It is located in the gaps between this cluster of structures.

You should see a tall building with red V Hotel signs on its roof. At the top of this building is a canister. It is located on the highest point of this set of buildings. Move the cursor north up the street, take the first right, and place the cursor between the last two buildings before the end of the map. The set of buildings on the north side of the cursor has the canister. Take the first right and climb the first set of buildings you see on the left.

Keep moving the cursor straight north until in line with the Columbus Circle Subway and place a waypoint. The canister is on a rock in this general location. Trust Building -On the Jacob K. Climb the last set of buildings on the left before you get to the park. The canister is on the building at the end of the block on the right. If you move farther east than the marker for Enclave on the Move Part 4 you have went to far -Go to the marker for Enclave is on the Move - Part 5 and head north.

Take the first left hand turn and climb the building at the end of the street on the right. Move the cursor west until the cursor is over the last set of buildings. Set a waypoint and go get the canister. When on the roof look to the northeast. You should see a light brown building. That building is the destination for another canister. Climb the building on the left at the next intersection. Move the cursor in a straight line west slightly passing the double lines at the edge of the map Set a waypoint and head there.

Inside a shed in this general area is a canister. Take the first left and climb the first building on the left for the canister -Starting at the marker for We're Not Giving Up - Part 1 head west toward Central Park. Climb the last set of buildings on the right before reaching the park to pick up this canister.

It is inside a shed on the roof of the building -Start at the Waka Waka mini-game marker and head north. Take the first left and head west down the street. After passing one intersection to the right climb the first building on the right. Move across the roof top and drop below to a lower roof to find a canister.

On the top of the building closest to this position is a canister hidden under a small shed on the roof. As Hulk proceeds notice a small parking lot to the left. Climb the building behind the parking lot for the canister. Climb the building across the street to the North from the grassy area in order to get this canister.

Move the cursor straight north and stop when you reach the edge of New York. The canister is inside a shed on the roof of a building in this area. Move the cursor west to the third set of buildings. The roof of one of these buildings houses a canister. Scale the tall brown building on the right hand side. A canister is inside a shed on the roof of the set of buildings touching the subway. It is actually on the building after passing over the alley.

Climb the tall building to the Hulk's right and smash the shed on the roof. This set of buidings has a canister. Now move it east in a straight line and stop when it is directly under the icon for St. Patrick's Cathedral. Set a waypoint and go to the rooftop for a canister. On the map there are three buildings across the street from the Garden, the canister is on the building in the center.

Continue north while on the roof to find the canister. Continue to move the cursor until you are directly aligned to the south of the Penn Station subway. Set a waypoint and climb to get a canister. Stop when you reach the buildings below The Sanctum Sanctorum. If you go higher than the marker for the Lesser of Two Evils - Part 2 you went to far north. The next set of buildings has a canister. It is on the portion below the alley. The first set of buildings encountered house a canister.

Once the street ends go left and climb the last building on the right side when you get to the next intersection. You should see the V Hotels building to the right. The canister is located at the point. Move the cursor north three streets. It should be located directly west of the Latverian Embassy. The canister is located on the tallest building on this street. It has a domed top that also has comic book cover number 8 at its top. When you arrive at where the icon for the Metropolitan Museum would be climb the buildings to the right.

Pass through one intersection and climb the buiding on the left side of the street. Move the cursor east and then down the first road south. This street ends at a building with a canister on its roof. After passing an alley on the left climb a building to get a canister. Take a right at the second street where the road straight ends at a building. Climb the building on the right that is located just past the alley. The canister is inside a shed on the roof. Javitz Center.

Move the cursor across the street to the middle of the set of building and set a waypoint. The canister is on the roof of one of these buildings. Javitz Center and demolish the water tower to get a canister. Trust Building and move it north. Stop at the set of buildings after the small grassy area and place a waypoint on the left hand side of this grouping. This street ends at a building. Turn right and head south. The canister is on the building at the corner of the next street.

From street level the building looks to be like a giant set of steps do to successively higher roofs. Move the cursor east in a straight line and stop after passing over two streets. You should have the cursor on a set of buildings that have a alley indicated by a gap between two rectangles. The canister is on the Park side of this set of buildings.

Climb the first building and seek out the canister. Head south across the street and climb the building. Keep going south after reaching the first ledge. Move the cursor to the east and stop in the center of the buildings just before Central Park. Set a waypoint there and you may just find a canister. Move the cursor west over the first square then north to the next square. Move the cursor west passing three streets and place a waypoint on the long rectangle.

This rectangle has a building with a canister on it. Climb the building that ends the street to get the canister. Take the first right and climb the building on the right. Pass one street to the right then climb the first building on the right. The street will end at a "T" intersection. Climb the building across the street to get a canister.

The road will stop at a building. Climb it to get the canister. Climb the first building with a red brick base and get a canister. Take the first left you come to and climb the first building on the left. After passing a single intersection on the left, climb the next set of buildings on the left side of the street. When you arrive at the grassy area climb the building to the left.

Pass by one intersection to the right and place a waypoint at the next set of buildings. Move the cursor straight north and stop at the set of buildings that are even with the icon for Apollo Theater. Take the first right and climb the set of buildings on the left hand side of the street. Once on the roof of the building jump straight up into the air. Line the cursor up with the capsule like shape below the lake then move it straight north to the road that completely -Place the cursor on the Air Raid Mini-Game located in the Upper West Side then move it straight up to the street just before highlighting the Empire State University subway -Set a waypoint for the Woolworth building; upon arrival at the site move directly to the marker and climb the building; turn face south and look down -World Financial Center slightly south of the site of the marker when a waypoint is set on the buiding -Climb the Citigroup Center and look North -At the top of the Time Warner Center between the two towers -In between the domes on the roof of the U.

It is in between two buildings that are in alignment south of One Times Square. World Financial Center 2. Bank of New York Building 3. Woolworth Building 4. New York Stock Exchange 6. American International Building 7. City Hall 8. Tweed Courthouse 9. Trump Building Chinatown Sanctum Sanctorum Empire State Building Patrick's Cathedral Chrysler Building Marvel Comics Office Midtown Rueters Building One Times Square Conde Nast Building One Worldwide Plaza Rockefeller Plaza Bear Stearns Building Baxter Building Radio City Music Hall Swiss Bank Tower MetLife Building Grand Central Station Unitited Nations Ritz Tower Waldorf Astoria Citigroup Center Solow Building Trump Tower Crowne Plaza Hotel

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