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Lenovo thinkpad 64741eg t4001

lenovo thinkpad 64741eg t4001

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Lenovo thinkpad 64741eg t4001 order cake walmart lenovo thinkpad 64741eg t4001

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Pressure resistance and feedback are designed so that pleasant typing is possible. The keyboard is fairly loud especially at vigorous typing, in particular the space bar. Generally you can touch type with this keyboard right away without any problems. There are only a few hot keys; three are for controlling the volume or rather muting and the already famous, above mentioned ThinkVantage button. Touchpad and trackpoint can be both activated and deactivated over Fn-F8 independent of each other.

Both have the usual Thinkpad qualities. The touchpad distinguishes itself through a pleasant, gliding-eager surface and is let in somewhat into the case so that its boundaries are very palpable without having a sharp edge. The vertical and horizontal scroll area is optically marked and works flawlessly. The touchpad buttons run smoothly, are quiet and show a pleasantly long stroke length.

The red trackpoint in the middle of the case attracts attention, as usual. Additionally to the standard cap, two further trackpoint caps all are red, only the form differs are included. With this there ought to be something for every taste.

Just like the touchpad, the trackpoint allows a very precise movement of the mouse cursor. Unfortunately the correlating buttons are somewhat louder and click audibly; but there are no complaints as for the functionality. Lenovo currently offers two different display variations for the Thinkpad T The LED panel provides for a higher brightness and better illumination.

Particularly in the right upper display area a brightness decrease of down to A relatively modest result for the maximum contrast value of results of a relatively high black value of 1. However, the applied screen could be a bit brighter for this intention, especially for working in the sun. The viewing angles of the tested screen are subjectively sufficient horizontally, but a loss of contrast has to be counted with by slanting of the viewing angle. Vertically, it already comes to image distortions at slight deviations from the ideal, perpendicular viewing angle in the way of a darkening or rather an over-illumination.

The T offers extensive configuration options in regards to hardware equipment in order to appeal to the largest possible clientele and to fit the notebook perfectly to the individual needs of each single user.

Being based on the Montevina platform , it can be equipped with a whole row of Core 2 Duo processors with vPro technology. Our test model had a P processor with 2. In compliance there are also models with a hybrid graphic solution available , though. This modification function can be executed under Windows Vista even when being used.

Therewith both RAM slots were occupied and for an upgrade at least one of these two chips has to be exchanged. Depending on the configuration the various hard disks are used in the ThinkPad T The appliance of a second hard disk via the Ultrabay-Drive slot is also thinkable. Either you can increase the total storage capacity or provide for additional data security through drive mirroring with that. The data carrier with a rotation velocity of rpm has a gross storage capacity of GB.

The data carrier reached average results with transfer rates of up to This relatively small difference results out of the larger main storage capacity and the faster hard disk rpm in the from Notebookreview tested model. Our test candidate is therefore well equipped for basic office functions and internet. De facto, these applications and also simple image processing ran smoothly and barely had interruptions.

This device is neither designed nor equipped for sophisticated games. The notebook is very quiet with an average of 30 dB A and merely the running noise of the hard disk is audible without load idle and with usual office applications. Unfortunately, an agitating high frequency peep tone becomes partly audible — but not in the energy savings profile, though. The notebook gets slightly louder with a maximum of DVD playing is even a bit louder with The temperature also stays within a frame under load.

A maximum temperature of merely With a maximum value of 37 degrees Celsius , measured in the middle, the bottom side gets a bit warmer. Because just about body temperature is reached, there is no argument against the use on the thighs. The loudspeakers are found on the left and right of the keyboard in the back area. Their sound isn't spectacular. The maximum volume is okay but their sound is tinny and thin because the basses and the midrange tones are weak.

They are sufficient for occasional video viewing, but the use of headphones is advisable. The sound via 3. Just like in the Thinkpad T , a 6 cell lithium-ion battery with a capacity of mAh Alternately a larger 9 cell battery is also offered for the T as well as an Ultrabay supplementary battery. The 6 cell battery already protrudes slightly out of the back side of the case.

Besides that, it is an identical assembly part as used in the previous T61 models. The new Ultrabay battery can be used in older models, but older Ultrabay batteries, in opposition to the 9 cell main battery, not in the new T-series models, T and T The included 6 cell battery shows the same weaknesses as those in the T : It also sits in the T with a very sizeable gap in the case and wobbles somewhat in a docked state. In the BatteryEater Reader's test at minimum brightness, activated energy savings profile and deactivated WLAN, it delivered a maximum runtime of minute s 4 hours, 26 minutes.

The T still survived 98 minutes 1 hour 38 minutes under load in the BatteryEater Classic tes t. With an activated wireless module you can work for approx. DVD movies can be enjoyed for up to minutes 2 hours, 7 minutes with the 6 cell battery without a break. With the T Lenovo managed to design a professional notebook with communication features and a good mobility once again.

If there is more need for 3D performance, you may find these in the T models with hybrid resolution. The allow changing between the integrated graphic chip and a dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD, depending on performance requirements or rather energy savings requirement. The base for this equipment is a very buckling resistant, robust case , which can especially score due to the stable display and the massive hinges.

But at a closer look you can find weak points , such as in the Ultrabay slot area. The classic ThinkPad qualities were maintained also for the input devices. The keyboard has a very user-friendly layout and pleasant typing traits, even if it is partly a bit loud.

Mobility doesn't come short either, with a relatively energy saving P, integrated GMA MHD graphic chip, matt display and standard 6 cell battery. The battery life can be extended through choosing the appropriate graphic chip in models with the hybrid-graphic solution.

The optional battery variants , such as a larger 9 cell main battery or even an Ultrabay supplementary battery can also contribute to an extension of power socket independence. An office notebook like the Lenovo ThinkPad T also benefits from the very low emissions.

This applies just as well to the notebook's soundscape as to the surface temperature, which always stays within a limit. Conclusively you can say that the Lenovo T office notebook can be recommended for professional or private users , who put value on an extensive mobility but don't want to or can't completely sacrifice certain performance reserves.

Many thanks to Cyberport. You can configure and purchase it here, as well. Lenovo Thinkpad T bei Ciao. The classic Lenovo ThinkPad design with the red trackpoint and excellent input devices. Other business notebooks with the same processor and graphic chip, but also with a larger display Review Lenovo Thinkpad T Notebook.

Business Device from Tradition. Magnesium frame inside of the case. Front side: Firewire, main control for radio communication, audio ports. Back side: Kensington Lock, battery, power socket. Input Devices. Thinkpad T Outdoor. Viewing angle stability.

PCMark 05 Standard. HD Tune. Transfer Rate Minimum: Transfer Rate Maximum: Access Time: 17 ms. Burst Rate: CPU Usage: System Noise The notebook is very quiet with an average of 30 dB A and merely the running noise of the hard disk is audible without load idle and with usual office applications. Noise Level Idle. And yes, your Lenovo computer continues to be supported, so if you a have a question or need a part—no problem.

Contact our support team. They are happy to help. It all comes down to this. Availability: Offers, prices, specifications and availability may change without notice. Lenovo is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors. Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Lenovo makes no representation or warranty regarding third-party products or services. Lenovo makes no representation or warranty regarding third party products or services. ThinkPad T This product is no longer available for purchase on lenovo. View all available products:.

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