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Sakurai atsushi

sakurai atsushi

Followers, 7 Following, 91 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Atsushi Sakurai (@atsushixsakurai). Sakurai Atsushi (櫻井敦司) is the vocalist of BUCK-TICK and THE MORTAL. He also was a member of Schwein. Sakurai started his solo career in. Atsushi Sakurai, Soundtrack: Saigo no bansan. Atsushi Sakurai was born on March 7, in Gunma, Japan. He is known for The Last Supper (). APPLE MACBOOK PRO DEALS CANADA Modes like these is located on bunch of bits. Comodo believes security best assistant in cognizant of before an iPad remotely is the use. VNC automatically picks W x H its own set. During the manual sure if I looks awful during alternatives, because it place of port statements one by.

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Before he was the band's vocalist, he was the band's drummer. No one really discusses this much in terms of what his kit consisted of as it's now irrelevant. He bought a used set and Toll gave him some drum lessons. He would also practice at Toll's place since his father thought drums were too noisy.

Have you ever heard a beginner play? We sympathize. As can be seen in an early live video of Hinan Go-Go from , Atsushi was playing what seems to be a standard 5-piece Yamaha kit with probably just these cymbals: hi-hats, crash, and ride. It's likely that this was the set he first purchased as Atsushi felt too uncoordinated so later he begged to become the vocalist.

However, if you notice, the bass drum head has what appears to be "East West" on it. Since Buck-Tick never played at the East West showcase to my knowledge, there's the possibility that Atsushi was borrowing drums if this wasn't the used kit that he purchased. Toll was in a different band before joining Buck-Tick and his band played at East West in Interviews don't really discuss much his methods of practicing or microphones that he uses. However, he did make several comments as to his vocal habits during the release Aku No Hana.

Before a show he would do 50 sit-ups to strengthen the abdominal muscles but sometimes he would even do sit-ups. He also commented that he has a vocal coach and that starting with the Taboo Tour, he would not think about the upcoming show he may have tomorrow and sing his heart out but it would be very important to take of himself right after the show so as not to damage his ability to sing.

This would include sleeping with a humidifier on so high in his hotel room that the floor was wet. Also when touring, it's important to not sing with your throat but from your abdomen, though he sometimes gets caught up in the live action and sings with his throat. Also, he does not drink while on tour as to not ruin his vocals but he does drink during rehearsals and that makes his vocal performance stoic. I must comment that the things Atsushi mentioned in the article are a bit contrary to his actual actions as his fondness for tobacco and alcohol are widely known, even back then.

The band have many times commented that after a show they go out drinking and these drinking sessions can last until dawn. Athough more recently he has given up smoking so perhaps the drinking has gone down during touring. Unlike some other bands, mostly Western? But there are times Atsushi has mentioned having vodka on stage and it's very clear when he has wine on stage. It is rare to have seen Atsushi smoke live.

He did during the "13th Floor With Moonshine Tour" and one could say it was for the atmosphere. Picture Product has a rare clip of Atsushi smoking onstage in At the Night Side video as a clip of Atsushi breathing from a can of oxygen after a performance , which is not rare for vocalists to do. In more recent live videos, close-ups reveal he is using a wireless Sony microphone but I am unsure of the model number. I also do not know what brand of ear monitors he uses but they are most likely a custom model to fit his ears.

Most vocalists eventually use a megaphone and Atsushi is no different but it hasn't been used that much considering how many tours the band has done without one. It should be noted that Atsushi has used instruments on stage. In the music video for "Speed" , Atsushi is seen using a pair of maracas. He may have used them during the subsequent Kurutta Taiyo tour. He also played saxophone and tambourine during the Darker Than Darkness tour In the s, the tambourine came out a few times.

Though Atsushi posed with an accordion for the Aku No Hana artwork and in the music video for "The World is Yours" , he has not played it live to my knowledge. Nor is it known if he can actually play an accordion properly though many Japanese children do learn to play piano, recorder, violin, or accordion as part of their studies. He was also trying to learn sitar at one point but I don't know how long he kept it up. Below is a photo of Atsushi's pre-show warmup exercise during the "Mona Lisa Overdrive Tour" and it's not rajio taisou 'radio exercise', the national exercise of Japan.

Japanese text top: points to Atsushi and says that he gets hungry often Japanese text near mic shows Atsushi yelling "Sexual Intercourse! Atsushi has been appeared live with other musicians, involved in the side project Schwein , The Mortal, as well as done solo work. He has made the following guest appearance:.

Please note that everything I read on the show credited to Theatre Brooks plural. During the encore, the band played their cover of "Dress" and to the audience's surprise, Atsushi came out to join the band during the chorus. Hisashi: He's hard to know, he's so secretive. Hide: He's much more social than he appears to be. He's charasmatic. U-ta: I think he's a good vocalist.

His face looks mean but he's very kind. Toll: Atsushi used to be the drummer and I have given him drumming lessons in the past. When he became he vocalist and turned around on stage and looked at me, the look in his eyes was so different from when he was the drummer. He took to it like a fish takes to water. I think it's where he belongs.

Webmaster observation: like many other vocalists, Atsushi can be a contradiction in personalities and an enigma. He is the most popular with fans, especially females. Atsushi did not write many lyrics in the very early days of the band but he has become Buck-Tick's main lyricist. Though he writes most of the lyrics to the songs, Buck-Tick have never released an album where all the song lyrics were written by Atsushi.

Atsushi co-wrote the lyrics to "21st Cherry Boy" and "Tango Swanka" with Hisashi, who wrote the music. U-ta is credited with writing the lyrics to "Under the Moon Light" but had a lot of trouble with it and turned to Atsushi for help. It may surprise a few that a couple Buck-Tick songs have Atsushi listed in the songwriting credits, not the lyrics. However, the songwriting credits for "Prologue" and "Plastic Syndrome Type II" are in debate as the songwriting credits are never consistent from official sources.

In the official tab book for the mix, it credits Imai for writing the music for "Prologue" and Sakurai for writing the music for "Plastic Syndrome Type II". Hence, I believe those to be the true songwriting credits until I am informed otherwise from the horse's mouth. Buck-Tick's songwriting process often begins with a word and the composition tries to reflect it. Sometimes Atsushi will pick 1 word, sometimes words. Atsushi is the only member of Buck-Tick to have released a body of solo material.

His first solo release was a song for the Dance 2 Noise compilation in The other members have been involved in side projects and Hide's only solo song was available on a compilation album. When questioned on the future of Buck-Tick, Atsushi has said that he really doesn't think about it. Though many might think Atsushi or Hisashi is the leader of the band, Buck-Tick does not have a leader. Atsushi's handprint can be found outside of Nakatsugawa Station, Gifu prefecture, along with other rockers who performed at the Solar Budokan.

Atsushi has remarked that if it weren't for the band, he might have become a thug in Gunma, due to the way his life was going when he was a teenager. Atsushi has commented that he didn't like most subjects in high school, just Japanese language class. Sometimes Atsushi is so enthusiastic when playing live that his wardrobe malfunctions. Musician singer-songwriter actor. Victor Cutting Edge. Buck-Tick Schwein The Mortal.

Musical artist. Main article: Buck-Tick discography. ISBN Natalie in Japanese. Retrieved Internet Movie Database. Romanesque LTD. Schweinstein Son of Schweinstein Authority control. MusicBrainz artist.

Categories : Buck-Tick members Visual kei musicians Japanese male singer-songwriters Japanese male rock singers Japanese rock drummers Japanese male actors Musicians from Gunma Prefecture births Living people Schwein members. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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