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Lenovo thinkpad l530 amazon

lenovo thinkpad l530 amazon

Lenovo ThinkPad T inches Laptop PC, Intel Core iM GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, GB SSD, Win Pro x64 (Renewed). Get the pros and cons, key specs, and reviews of the Lenovo ThinkPad L from Lenovo's new Smart Clock Essential with Alexa is 29 percent off at Amazon. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for THINKPAD L - INTEL - CORE I5 - M - GHZ - RAM: 4 GB - SERIAL ATA at lenovorepair.ru APPLE MACBOOK PRO 2 5GHZ 4GB 500GB 13 Infections that COMODO arbitrary number of. AdvancedSetup Posted May should precede other for the logs Lawgiver45 These look. Monitor cts role-based looking for such. Click Enabled, then only the system in the following an interactive voice. The viewer has wrote on :.

Moon , Twitter Facebook Reddit Mail. Dent , Rutherford , A newsletter a day keeps the FOMO at bay. Just enter your email and we'll take care of the rest: Subscribe Please enter a valid email address. Apple, Google and Microsoft score poorly in repairability report This comes amid Right to Repair pressure from legislators.

Fingas , Android 12L is coming to tablets and foldables 'later this year' The big screen-friendly interface is coming to devices by Samsung, Microsoft and Lenovo. Low , The biggest MWC news you might have missed Spoiler alert: There were way fewer phones than usual. Palladino , What's that?

Holt , The best of CES Engadget's top picks from 12 categories, and our overall favorite from this year's show. By Engadget , Furthermore, the Lenovo Thinkpad T is housed with a high-quality Li-Ion that does not heat up or swell. Also, you can work for up to 5 Hrs without worrying about battery drainage. Hence, you can easily carry this lightweight and compact laptop in your backpack while you are going out somewhere.

Also, you will get a warranty of 3 Years on it from the manufacturer from the date of purchase. User Reviews and rating Be the first one to review. Rate Device Review Device. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Lenovo Thinkpad T Specifications Summary. Popular Laptops Comparisons VS. See more News. Lenovo Videos. Submit Rating. Critic Rating: 3.

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We could say that the weight and size of the battery are partially responsible for the instability. Other than these faults, we found no other defects with the case. The open card reader slot allows a look at circuitry in the laptop and this could have been closed to improve the aesthetics of the device. The weight comes in at 2.

But this might be due to different components in our opinion. The housing dimensions remain unchanged. The ThinkPad W comes with almost every port that would be expected on a workstation. You get 2x USB 3. It is unfortunate that the mini-Display port forces the user to buy an extra adapter to connect to it. This interface could have been beneficial due to its high data-transfer rates and the ability to daisy-chain more equipment together.

Since the two USB 3. This should only be relevant when you have to transfer large data from one USB 3. Most interfaces remain unchanged and are placed near the front , thus being easy to reach. On the other hand, the connected peripherals now interfere much more than the ones at the back, since the cables and the devices are located directly in the working area, next to the notebook.

Neighboring ports are then blocked. Bluetooth 4. A smart card reader is available in some versions. The smart card reader can be optioned in by using the online configurator. A Kensigton Lock slot is also available to tie down the notebook to the work space. Lenovo is known for the extensive range of accessories it provides for ThinkPads. Different docking stations like the ThinkPad Mini Dock Plus 0Ax , additional batteries, modular slots and a lot of universal accessories such as external hard drives, mice, keyboards and displays are available.

You might be able to get a few good deals on some parts. The hard drive and two free RAM slots are easily accessible through the bottom panel and allows for quick upgrade. In order to reach additional components, the keyboard, secured by two screws, must be removed. The fan is accessible after removing the keyboard and allows for easy maintenance.

Lenovo offers a month Europe-wide manufacturer warranty for the ThinkPad W series. The biggest concern with the current ThinkPad W was that the new keyboard would not measure up to the traditional IBM keyboard that was legendary for its quality. Apart from the visuals, the typing feel is good with a clear pressure point and a middling stroke. We could state that the fears about the drop in the quality of the keyboard due to the change in style were unfounded.

We like the new back-lighting for the keyboard and it is beneficial for working in the dark. The ThinkLight feature is still available on the laptop, but will quickly loose its significance in a few iterations of the laptop.

There is nothing new to be said about the TrackPoint. The operation is flawless and the keys below it are extremely responsive. Fortunately Lenovo has refrained from integrating the separate touchpad buttons into the surface like on the Xe. In our opinion, the traditional version works considerably better and causes no problems.

The touchpad is smooth and has good response to finger movement. The surface itself is not particularly big, but offers the usual functions such as zoom, rotate, etc. It responded promptly and allows for a smooth glide, despite Lenovo's usual dot pattern. The ThinkPad W is available with three different displays. In our test unite we had, like in the W, a high-resolution Full-HD display made by AUO which offers a large work area and this means plenty of space for windows, toolbars and documents.

A matte surface, wide viewing angles and a large color space should provide for very good image quality which can easily be considered by a professional for graphical applications. Although it is obvious we are dealing with the same panel as in the W, we have found a couple of small differences.

We begin with the very impressive brightness level. Brightness can be controlled in 15 steps. Thanks to the matte surface working inside with these ergonomic settings is no problem. Outdoors , on the other hand, the maximum setting is used in order to sufficiently compensate for the very bright surroundings. The good brightness value and the low black value of 0. This is not the best value, but compared to other notebooks, it is still good. The older ThinkPad W also did better with a contrast ratio of The results in images, movies, and games are good and the difference with higher contrast displays is only visible in direct comparison.

What is misleading in this case is the very large color space, which the display can reproduce. The total amount of colors that the display can reproduce is and exceeds that of all currently available notebooks. The plethora of colors is enormous, but at the same time seems unnatural. Calibration seems to tame the color depth and inevitably leads to a loss, if we want to have a balanced representation.

From a professional point of view, we are not happy with the color space reproduction, as it is not sufficient in order to cover the whole sRGB color space. While the blue-green-yellow-orange-red area is well covered, the blue-magenta sector coverage is too small.

This is unfortunate, since this display is targeting professional users, who work often with the sRGB color space. A color-consistent work in this space is therefore limited. Also the X-Rite Colorimeter , which is integrated in the palm rest, does not satisfy us completely.

The supplied software has a very limited functionality and allows for few adjustments. The chosen color profiles and the result of the calibration could not be verified or compared using the Pantone software. A profile preview, white balance adjustment or a fine adjustment tool for example are missing. The quality and accuracy of the calibration were therefore not tested. The viewing angle stability is significantly better than conventional notebook displays, but does not reach the consistency that IPS displays have.

While the image content is always easily recognizable, but when deviating from the optimal viewing angle a small color change is quickly noticeable. Tilting the screen away gives the image a yellowish tint and tilting it towards you, the image gets a magenta tint. Horizontally there are hardly any noticeable color or brightness changes. Here we are dealing with consistently high performance components. Only the conventional hard drive with a capacity of GB seems out of place. Those who need even more can go up to 32 GB using 8 GB modules.

The core components are thus appropriate and will provide enough performance to last several years. The elements with potential for improvement , like the RAM and storage device, can easily and at a moderate cost be upgraded immediately or bit by bit. Given the components at hand, the system performance is very good and is only slowed down by the hard drive. The daily tasks such as office, internet browsing and communication can easily be dealt with in the energy saving mode.

Image processing, Full-HD videos or spreadsheet calculations also do not require many resources. It is obvious that there is hardly a task which can pose a problem for this system. Utilizing the CPU for such tasks is not recommended since it is an inefficient process that can completely occupy the processor when it could have been used for other parallel processes. The two GPU options available in the laptop can perform these tasks much more efficiently and faster than what a processor based conversion would take.

We tested this with Cyberlinks Media Espresso 6. The ThinkPad W is equipped with a conventional hard drive, which delivers surprisingly good results. A 32 MB cache and one platter with a capacity of GB round up the list of specifications. It belongs to Hitachi's second generation of flat drives and delivers up to The access time is 18 ms which is usual for HDDs and loses out to the fast solid state drives. The Lenovo ThinkPad W offers quite a number of different storage options.

The second hard drive is then placed in the place of the optical drive using an Ultrabay adapter. There are even more exciting options offered by the mSATA slot. While Intel's HD Graphics houses sufficient performance for many tasks, the specialty of the professional Nvidia Quadro KM is the calculation of complex 3D models.

It belongs to Nvidia's current Kepler generation and is manufactured on the 28 nm process node and has a bit wide memory bus. Through a special driver, this graphics card is optimized for reliability, compatibility and performance with CAD, DCC and 3D visualization software in mind. Numerous ISV certifications , which Lenovo advertises aggressively, emphasize this claim. In order to test this we used, like with other mobile workstations, the SPECviewperf 11 benchmark.

Here the performance of the graphics card is tested in the context of professional software such as Catia, Maya, ProEngineer and others. In comparison to last year's ThinkPad W with the Quadro M , the current Quadro KM improves in almost all fields, but for most professionals this is not enough of an incentive for a new purchase. Only if you own an older model, does the investment reflect the noticeable performance increase.

The Nvidia Quadro KM allows for smooth playing of many current games at high settings. Only when we turn up resolution and presets, in games upwards of Anno , does the notebook run out of steam. In this case it helps to untick some of the graphical options or lower the resolution.

This will not be enough for the hardcore gamers, but casual players, who must also work with their notebook, should be pleased. In the stress test with Prime95 and Furmark the notebook was very stable. The CPU could continuously operate at 3. A subsequent run of the 3D Mark 06 scored points without any issues.

Even during prolonged conversion tasks or gaming sessions we did not notice an performance decrease. The cooling system does a good job and keeps the notebook under the predefined threshold. A power supply throttling was also not observed, thanks to the W unit. When running the laptop on the battery, we observed a behavior similar to that of the predecessor W Here the CPU works at the meager 1.

This is of course better than the lower MHz clocks of the ThinkPad W , but we still have performance that is significantly hindered. We also ran a couple of benchmarks on the battery "High performance" profile. While the pure CPU benchmarks were significantly worse, the graphics ones such as Heaven and 3D Mark 11 performed surprisingly well and fell slightly behind the results when connected to the mains.

The lower results can be traced back to the throttled CPU, which at 1. We have not found a solution to this performance throttling problem. According to CPU-Z, the processor always works with a maximum 1. The graphics card performance on the other hand is not directly throttled, but indirectly is slowed down by the lower CPU performance. The increased performance has, in comparison to the previous model, led to an increase in fan volume even at low load.

While the measured The fan is always on and audible, even at low load. Under medium load conditions, the noise level increases slightly to Overall the noise characteristics are good and do not reach unpleasant tones and do pulse on and off. However, the optical drive proves to be annoying with a high frequency whistle.

We see this as a drawback of the Optiarc burner, which normally should not occur. The increased fan operation provides for a cooler case , although we measured high values at the air outlet; For a workstation of this class, these values are still quite reasonable and not noticeable if the machine is placed in the work area rather than on the lap. The two built-in speakers , on both sides of the keyboard, a deliver a better sound quality than the one in netbooks or entry-level notebooks, yet the highs are dominating and drown the weak mids and bass.

With a couple of adjustments a little improvement can be achieved, but the sound characteristics come nowhere near those of the Asus N If you want to use the notebook for multimedia, you should procure speakers or headphones , just like with the W It sticks out of the housing quite a bit, but also provides very good battery runtimes. According to the specifications, there is a smaller 6-cell 67 Wh battery, which fits flush in the housing, and a 9-cell Ultrabase battery with 97 Wh can be connected to the docking port.

The 62 Wh battery is available with the 3-year extended warranty. All the batteries can be charged through an external charger, which is a relief if you travel often and for prolonged periods. Despite the increased performance, thanks to Ivy Bridge and Kepler, Lenovo has managed to significantly decrease the maximum power consumption. If we measured a maximum of W with the W, the corresponding values for the W are only W. In contrast, the minimum power consumption has also increased considerably from 7.

In daily use the energy consumption will be anywhere between these two extreme values. Depending on utilization, between 20 and 80 W of consumption should be expected. The battery runtimes benefit from the large capacity of the 9-cell battery. In the Battery Eater Reader's test minimum brightness, wireless off, Energy saving profile the system reached minutes 11 hours, 18 minutes with Intel graphics.

With the Nvidia Quadro graphics it lasted minutes 9 hours 7 minutes. In the DVD playback test, at maximum brightness, we had run time of about 5 hours which is excellent for this class of machine. The Battery Eater Classic test High performance, all the consumers on, maximum brightness finished in minutes 2 hours 42 minutes and very clearly benefits from the throttled CPU.

Legendary spill-resistant, full-sized, ergonomic keyboard. Convenient multimedia keys provide quick and easy access to microphone, speaker, and camera controls. At Lenovo, we continue to improve and update our products for you—new cutting-edge features, upgraded productivity enhancements, faster, more powerful processors, and expanded memory and storage.

Everything you need to meet the demands of your business, your schoolwork, your life—reliability, power, and productivity. With that in mind, although the product is no longer available on Lenovo. Do you own this product and just want to expand your work from home or office setup?

Check out our accessories page that features docks, hubs, monitors and more. All the bells and whistles you want to be even more productive. And yes, your Lenovo computer continues to be supported, so if you a have a question or need a part—no problem. Contact our support team. They are happy to help. It all comes down to this. ThinkPad L Laptop. Active Protection System For models with traditional hard drives, an accelerometer detects movement and stops the drive when a fall or similar event is detected.

Lenovo Solution Center A simplified dashboard that reflects total system health. SuperSpeed USB 3. ThinkPad Precision Keyboard Legendary spill-resistant, full-sized, ergonomic keyboard.

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