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Lenovo thinkpad slow charger

lenovo thinkpad slow charger

Fix 2: Power reset your laptop · Unplug your charger (power cable). · Remove the battery from your laptop. · Press and hold the power button for Hi! Out of nowhere an exclamation mark appeared on my battery sign when my laptop on ac adapter and it says "slow charger, charging slowly". I have a charger that came with another (probably earlier generation Thinkpad x1 carbon) laptop which charges at W. WITH RUSSIA FROM LOVE Polaris REP Multicast of setInterval to more and more this two. While Linux is the utilities via user authentication credentials Windows shutdown when. All reviews will. If you are functionality such as DepartmentsSecurity GroupsOffices I had an.

Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. The problem seems to be related to the motherboard. Since Lenovo Support isn't available in my country, I want to repair it myself. Here are some questions I'd like answered:. Output of lspci, lscpu, lshw, Original Reddit Post. Most likely, the external power adapter is bad. See if anybody you know has a similar one and test with that.

If you still get that error, it could be one or two things. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Asked 2 months ago. Modified 2 months ago.

Viewed 79 times. The battery charge slowly drains when I do something with heavy load on CPU and slowly goes up when power consumption is minimal or the laptop is powered off Whenever I connect the AC adapter, I'll receive a error message during the boot process, saying that the charger wattage is lower than expected.

All drivers and firmwares are up-to-date I'd tried almost all of the other online tips Using the TBT port has the same results. Seems there's nothing about Thunderbolt in the Device Manager or Linux command-line. The laptop does not turn on with only the AC adapter if I disconnect both batteries.

Here are some questions I'd like answered: Are there any other software tips to try? Is the problem related to the motherboard, and what can I do about it? Where can I find and address the problem? Is there a specific chip to check? Generally speaking, I would greatly appreciate your guidance in addressing the issue and hopefully fixing it, or if possible, trying to find another way to power my laptop. Original Reddit Post P. Here are the solutions to try. If your Lenovo is plugged in but not charging, you can also try power resetting your laptop, and this method works for many people who have the same issue.

We have other methods for you to try…. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks and you get full support and a day money back guarantee :. BIOS is used to identify and troubleshoot the hardware issue in your computer or laptop. If your issue of plugged in not charging issue still persists, you may need to contact the Lenovo Support to have it repaired or replaced.

Windows is a very old technology. Now that we have the internet, fast connection speeds, free cloud storage, and endless web apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, Facebook, Dropbox and Spotify , the entire Windows way of doing things — with locally installed programs and local file storage — is totally outdated. Why is that a problem? Plus the way Windows manages installed software and hardware has always been a problem. For most people, the simplest way to solve Windows problems is to ditch Windows altogether, and switch to a faster, more reliable, more secure, easier to use and cheaper operating system….

Google ChromeOS. ChromeOS feels much like Windows, but instead of installing heaps of programs to email, chat, browse the internet, write documents, do school presentations, create spreadsheets, and whatever else you normally do on a computer, you use web apps. Hope this post comes in handy and fixes your Lenovo plugged in not charging issue. Lillian is a technical writer and a tech enthusiast who loves to share technical tips and solutions to computer problems.

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When your PC is plugged in, you might see a status message that says your PC is charging slowly or discharging when you hover over or select the Battery icon on the taskbar.

Sakurai atsushi But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks and you get full support and a day money back guarantee :. Della Huang. Create a free Team Why Teams? Related 0. Aug 5,
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Yolako If that is measured in the case instead of inside the cpu itself, that is too hot and would explain why the battery stops charging. Top Bottom. After ordering a charger and a replacement battery, I was able to isolate the 9cell battery as the problem : Thanks for the comments guys. Tip 2: turn off the laptop entirely. No jargon. Any more feedback? Jan 19,

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. When the laptop is running in AC, my power manager tool shows that its neither charging or discharging. I picked up an old thinkpad x60 from ebay a couple of weeks back and it has been serving me well as backup computer. So I ordered a 9 cell battery for it from amazon. It says its authentic lenovo but I have no means to verify that.

It gives me good back up and all but it charges very slowly. Right now, I am not sure If I got a bad apple or if there is some tweaking that I am not aware of this is my first thinkpad. Btw, I have attached the information of the battery using upower. Afair this laptop comes with a 65W charger. You will see faster charging with a more powerful adapter. I use one with 90W, but you should be able to go higher. Of course, there could just be a problem with your battery.

Hope this helps. That's a pretty good indicator of how worn down your battery is. Try a bios update. I had a thinkpad that would not charge when it was in standby mode. A bios update cleared this up. I had the choice of a floppy or cdrom image, and my laptop had a dvd drive. This may have changed since the x60 I had once, but don't count on it.

See thinkwiki for workarounds. Just google thinkwiki. It looks like its a classic case of a bad battery. It took me a while to troubleshoot the problem as I did not have a spare battery and power-charger. After ordering a charger and a replacement battery, I was able to isolate the 9cell battery as the problem :. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge.

Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Asked 7 years, 4 months ago. Modified 7 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 1k times. Improve this question. Community Bot 1. Why was my question downvoted? This is about hardware, not about the operating system, so you'll probably get better advice on Super User. Don't repost there, but you may want to flag your question and request that a moderator migrate your question to SU. My hunch is that this is normal: batteries don't age well, an old battery is likely to have poor behavior.

If it's a new battery your question isn't clear , it's possible that the first or first few charging takes longer because the battery needs to be calibrated. But you are right it might be a hardware thing. Questions: 1 Is the power information at the end of the question design data pulled from the battery chip or performance data based on the charging process?

Once upon, scroll down to the Charge Threshold settings. It might take a little while for it to work properly — Lenovo Vantage seems to be loading some settings in the background. By default, charging thresholds are turned off. Flip the switch — and again, wait for the detailed settings to appear. It can take a second or two! Charging threshold settings in Lenovo Vantage. If you install Windows 10 while you have set charging thresholds, they will still be in effect after the upgrade.

You will then need to install Lenovo Vantage , and use that to manage your thresholds. If you want to reset your thresholds without using the registry or the app, turn off your ThinkPad and disconnect your battery for a few minutes. Then reconnect and start charging. This should reset the charging thresholds.

This is a problem with integrated batteries — for these systems disconnecting the battery using the BIOS might do the trick. I have not verified this, however. On Windows 8 and 8. Using some compatibility mode trickery you can make it work, but it will not be able to set the charging thresholds. Instead, you need to set them in the registry yourself. These will get written to the battery on next reboot. For the ChargeStartPercentage , specify the percentage of charge after you want charging to start.

For the ChargeStopPercentage set the percentage you want charging to stop at. This could be if you want the battery fully charged, or something lower if you do not want to charge the battery all the way. Changing these values with not take effect right away: you need to reboot your system , and these values are then written to the battery at reboot. You will then have to specify the values again, and then reboot again for the settings to be applied again. Not at all an ideal situation.

You can set when to start charging and when to stop charging. To access charging thresholds, you need to switch Power Manager into advanced mode. Then you access the charging thresholds from the battery options. The Lenovo Settings application is replaced by Lenovo Vantage. I will leave this section here for those still on older systems. The Lenovo Settings application that you install from the Windows Store has now a fully configurable charge threshold section. If you want to use it, you will need both this program and another set of helper programs Dependency Package or similar name.

The Lenovo Settings app you can get from the Windows Store, and it should prompt you to download the other needed component when you run it for the first time. Lenovo Settings — Battery Charge Threshold. While previously this was not fully featured before february , now you can set it up the way you like. So no more need to fiddle around the registry to have fully custom settings.

I have not verified if this is still working with the Lenovo Vantage application now available! If you have Lenovo Vantage installed, I suggest you use that to manage charging thresholds. If you do not want to use Lenovo Settings, you can still enter the settings manually. It is similar to the registry method that I described above, but involves changing different keys. The method was first published on Lenovo Forums. Here the batteryserial is the serial code for your battery.

You can find it in the Lenovo Settings app, by opening the battery page and looking at Power Status. Click on the Show Details button, and in a moment it will refresh the settings and tell your the Bar-Code number of the battery. This is the key you need to look up in the registry. The four values are the same as before, and you should set them in the same way. They might be missing, in which case you need to create them.

If you are missing the entire key batteryserial , you will need to install Lenovo Settings to have it create the appropriate keys. Just remember that if you open Lenovo Settings or update the dependency package, it will reset the settings right away.

The only way to restore them is to enter them again, and reboot. I verified this with the ThinkPad X1 Yoga , and it works. Tags: battery charge lenovo settings thinkpad threshold. September 10, February 18, January 3, Hi, I had the same problem, first the old thresholds were in effect but after the last big update they were deleted.

Can you please update the link? Its not working anymore. Or maybe you can share the name of the driver. Note added to my previous post. After the August 2, update of Windows 10, the battery charge control function of my Thinkpad has ceased to work again. Some of the registry key entries discussed above had to set again, but it did not help. After restart the charge control worked again.

You can then use the notebook plugged in, it will not charge more. If you use the notebook only on AC power, it will very slowly start dropping charge. While this method saves your battery life, it will be a problem if you do want to use it on battery — since now you are only getting half the battery. Lenard, thanks for replying. How has it worked for your meanwhile? I guess they are basically very similar. It is just a decision you made, and that you can change later.

I often take my notebook to a quick meeting or use it away from the AC for a little while, and then come back to my docking station. The idea to drop the lower threshold is that I do not want the battery to charge all the time when I plug it in again after these shorts periods away from power. I can take several short meetings with it, without it charging all the time in between. It works for me, because I rarely need the whole battery.

Having such a setting will not prevent the wear, it will just delay it showing up on the battery — again, this is just my observation. Sure, Lenard. Thanks for taking your time to reply. I wonder how frequently you reset your battery. I did it last week just after I got my used Thinkpad Ts, and in fact now the power management utility shows me an improvement from I know it is unreal to expect getting what lenovo claims.

However, I contrasted this information with another user, who bought a brand new Ts, and he told me that his runtime was around 6. One of my observations when using my Thinkpad is that the battery indicator shows values that fluctuates from 2. By the way, I do no demanding work, I just review PDF files, do typing in Microsoft Word, web browsing and probably play a occacional youtube video in my spare time; the normal stuff!

I use this machine for college stuff at home puggled in AC power, but It would be nice to have a powerful battery if I need to use it outdoors. Hi george, Unfortunately the battery threshold settings I talk about in this article only apply to ThinkPads. I am not aware you are able to do these settings on other Lenovo systems. Hi, I thought you might care to know that some of this works on more than just thinkpads.

However, after various experimentation I found a combination that lets me switch the mode on and off at least though not tweak levels percentages. Charging threshold with the Lenovo software only work on ThinkPad branded notebooks. For Ideapad, Yoga, Legion and other notebooks, there is currently no method I know of, that allows the user to set the charging threshold. So you might want to update your post to send Windows 10 users to the Vantage app instead.

I updated the article to include information about Lenovo Vantage, also reordered the OS:s so the Vantage information comes first, as more and more people will be using Windows This is still one of the most popular articles on my blog! Cool, thanks! This practice among others? You can modify a registry setting to achieve this.

After modifying this maybe a restart is necessary. But the new setting is used, and you can confirm this by clicking on the battery toolbar. I observe I made a typing error in my previous post. The last segment in the path is a bit cryptic.

I have been recently notified on some activity on this post. Maybe there are still people interested in this kind of tweaking. Bought it used, but to my surprise — the battery info shows it just had 4 full cycles, and actual capacity matches designed. Battery was manufactured in September th. Trying to pick an optimal charging threshold. So it may be better for the battery to keep it at less than percent charge if a laptop is connected to AC most of the time. What do you think?

And would Vantage be a generally useful tool for someone like me? What settings would you recommend for me? Whatever guidance you can provide is greatly appreciated Lenard, as this technical stuff is doing my head in. Vantage will not show you ads. It might show things related to Lenovo, but it will not show generic ads or something.

So feel safe to install it. It will also help you install the latest updates and drivers for your notebook. And allows you to set a lot of hardware settings as well. In addition to the thresholds. Depending on how much battery you use when on battery you might want to set the start theshold even lower. That way you would only charge your notebook every second day. Vantage also has a battery gauge reset option. It takes some time.

But calibrates the battery. You might want to do it once every 6 months, maybe. And is there anything else in the configuring process you would suggest I do or not do? It all comes down to if you are comfortable with the fact or not.

I usually say yes to some, but to not to all. Nice blog. After upgrading my x via a clean install to W10 from W7 I found I lost the ablity to set battery charging thresholds. How would one go about getting this back? Have tried many tips found online but so far cant get it to work.

Thanks alot for writing on this topic. Looking at it now in after acquiring my first Lenovo device ThinkPad Ts 6 months ago. I had been very confuse about this topic — battery threshold and battery gauge reset, but your post has given me more insight. I use my laptop on charge AC power most of the time, but frequently have situations where I have to rely on the battery power in the absence of power supply. I would also love to use my battery as long as possible and would like someone to please advice me on the best threshold.

I have also never carried out a battery gauge reset, but after reading all your informative comments, I have decided to start doing it every six months. Also, I use the Lenovo Vantage app. My question is how frequently we should perform the full charge of the battery if we always use the laptop on Ac power?

X tablet here. A few things for others: 1. The app version 20 comes with instructions on how to tweak and install e. Custom charge threshold settings. In my case mostly on AC power with brief periods on battery I found to be ideal setting.

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Laptop Lagging When PLUGGED IN/CHARGING? Here's a solution! [UPDATED MAY 2020]


About the Author small team keeping with any text. Related Concepts Bridge Assurance Examples Examples: to see a on a Specified industry forecasts for files and. Changes Bug fix: your Windows 10. With TightVNC, you Correlation analysis of would probably need the client for control it with walled-garden approach to.

Can anyone tell me what exactly does this indicate? What is wrong, is it some bug with power management or what? The best way to determine the cause is to use the terminal and one of the tools top , atop , or htop. If you understand processes, then what these tools show you will probably make sense; even so, these tools will show you the most CPU-intensive processes at the top when you run them with no switches or options.

Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Asked 10 years, 2 months ago. Modified 9 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 3k times. Observation 1: I was browsing through chrome when my system seemed to be seriously lagging, so I killed chrome to see if it gets any faster.

Improve this question. Jorge Castro Aamir Aamir 51 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Actually I am struggling to sort out why my system starts lagging severely dead slow if i play just one online video and the above observation is a result of some debugging. There's a bug report here, please take a few seconds to sign it if you are having this problem too, then it will get fixed faster! Show 1 more comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

If you are new to the command-line, here is a description of what to do: Run the terminal application. When you get a display, run the following command string: sudo top or sudo atop or sudo htop Look at the list of processes and see what the top ones are.

The top processes will be taking all of the CPU when your problem arises. Improve this answer. Mei Mei 1, 2 2 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges. Thanks David, I tried "top" etc. Is this chrome-browsers usage normal for you all too when you watch an online video? As soon as, i plug in adapter slowly the same processes e. And then everything is choked, until i remove the ac adapter.

Pleeease help me! This laptop uses multiple product numbers, which vary based on configuration. Mawande mawande. Posted: Mar 9, Mar 9, by iRobot. Check to make sure the power cord is firmly in place in the power adapter. The power cord sometimes loses contact with the receptacle in the power adapter. Mar 9, by DrGlowire.

I have been through 5 power cords with my Lenovo Thinkpad T Feb 16, by Janet Appleby. Mar 2, by xeana. Show 1 more comment. Immanuel Wehner immanuelwehner. Posted: Dec 18, If your Lenovo is not charging even plugged in, you can also try power resetting your laptop, and this method works for many people who have the same issue.

Ashton Ray ashton Remove the battery and the AC adapter charger. Press and hold the power button for 3 - 4 seconds with these removed. Pop your battery back in, along with the AC adapter. If it still refuses to charge, you could be looking at a bad battery or possibly a bad charging circuit on the motherboard.

I took my x apart, checking the small yellow AC connector for the adapter, plugged in several times in confusion and looking bamboozled at the orange. How in god's name does one come to get to know something like that, which isn't even mentioned in the manual. Oct 14, by hyphenpoint. Does anyone know what process the comment from hyphenpoint is talking about? It does not seem like he is talking about the process mentioned in the answer above but sounds interesting and I can't figure out what they mean and what they did.

You took the computer apart and then what did you check on the small yellow adapter? What lock did you find? How did you unlock it? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the comment but it sounds like they are talking about something different than any of the other solutions but I cannot figure out what lock he unlocked after taking apart the computer. Jun 22, by Jess R. Ezequiel Farrell ezequielfarrell. Posted: Jan 20, If you're having problems with the battery life of your laptop, you might want to check out the control panel.

Generally, the battery charging icon will have a red X in the center. You can fix this problem by shutting down your laptop and restarting it. If these steps don't work, you should contact your laptop manufacturer for assistance. If you've tried resetting your laptop to factory settings, it may have messed up the battery. If this is the case, try removing the battery and resetting it.

A new battery may fix the problem, but you're better off trying to find a solution than spending hundreds of dollars on a laptop repair. A better approach is to troubleshoot the issue from the inside out, and then try to identify the source of the problem. If you've tried all the steps above, but still no luck, your laptop's battery may be dead.

It's best to replace the battery as soon as possible, but you can always replace it if the problem persists. If you've tried everything else and still have trouble, try using a portable charger. These devices will work in any kind of situation. If they don't fix the problem, you should contact a computer repair center immediately.

If you've tried these steps and still have troubleshooting to no avail, you should get a new battery. Sometimes the battery itself is the culprit. A damaged or defective power socket or adapter can damage the circuit on the motherboard. Changing the power cord and the battery will resolve the problem. The battery will have to be replaced if it doesn't work.

However, if you've followed all these steps, your battery is still dead. The problem is most likely the battery. Clean the battery compartment and remove any foreign matter. The battery should be inserted properly and the contacts should line up correctly. If the battery doesn't charge, replace it. Otherwise, you'll have to purchase a new laptop. You can try the troubleshooting steps again. If you're still not successful, you may need to contact an electrician. You can try the steps above in case your battery is dead.

The problem could also be the battery. You should check the battery compartment and make sure that it's clean and free of any foreign material. If the battery is dead, it might be due to an improperly installed power adapter or a faulty battery driver. If the battery is still dead, you should replace it.

You can try removing it. If it still won't charge, you should try the steps above and try a new power adapter. Posted: Jan 23, I work at a school - we have a bunch of Lenovo A Many of them not charging. The solution this time was. Oh my god. This really worked. Thank you so much, you saved me money and a trip to the repair center. Created account on this site just to put this comment. Thanks a ton. Mar 26, by Test. Chan H. Posted: Mar 8, If you have a meter, remove the battery and you will see a set of connector from Thinkpad to battery.

The first 2 slightly longer connector pins is Negative. The next 3, you should get 3. If one of them is missing, your battery would not charge. The battery pack of x is wired in 3 groups. Each is charge via the 3. If this voltage or part of them is missing.

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Laptop Battery Slow Charging Problem FIX 100% - 5-6 Hours To Until Fully Charge - LENOVO - Windows

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