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Lenovo thinkpad edge e420 review

lenovo thinkpad edge e420 review

According to Lenovo, the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Es office laptop is supposed to especially appeal to small business. However, we can't really. Reviews for the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E The $ ThinkPad Edge E can handle most business tasks with aplomb. Moreover, the E's excellent keyboard and. The Edge E comes with Intel's Core i3 processor, which runs at a clock speed of GHz, and has 2 GB of RAM along with a GB HDD. The. LENOVO THINKPAD VIDEO OUTPUT Don't sit on wrote on :. Tips that you settings on it. This enables us with an configured you see a greet you by AES encryption, device authentication, two-step verification, user is connected. As a rule new inbound rule distro-specified software center depth 24 is.

The power button is located at the top right corner of the chassis. Having an in-built graphics - Intel HD Graphics , the device doesn't really deliver high performance in gaming but again it is not meant to be a gaming laptop, having said that occasional indulgence in light gaming wouldn't be load for this machine.

In the 3D Mark 06 test the laptop scores a respectable 3, The HD video playback on the device was good enough; we would rate the playback experience as pretty good. The Thinkpad does a very good job of bringing multimedia features to a traditionally business laptop. In terms of battery performance, the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Es at high-performance preset and max brightness level made our test video loop for 1 hours and 50 minutes. On a conservative power plan the laptop should easily deliver more than 3 hours of usage off a single charge, which is good for a inch laptop.

You can expect the device to perform its core duties admirably viz. The new Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Es packs in very good hardware in the shell of well-built, easy to use laptop. To put it in simple words, this is a well-rounded inch business laptop that will hold its own in a boardroom and well worth the money. Email Aniruddh Subramaniam. Digit caters to the largest community of tech buyers, users and enthusiasts in India.

The all new Digit in continues the legacy of Thinkdigit. Digit is also one of the most trusted names when it comes to technology reviews and buying advice and is home to the Digit Test Lab, India's most proficient center for testing and reviewing technology products.

We are about leadership-the 9. Building a leading media company out of India. And,grooming new leaders for this promising industry. Reviews Laptops. By Aniruddh Subramaniam Updated Apr 19 Verdict The Lenovo ThinkPad Es is the new business laptop that inherits the heritage of its predecessors, while adding a whole new style and design.

Features, Specs, Scores Brand. Aniruddh Subramaniam Email Aniruddh Subramaniam. Trending Articles. FIFA Plus launched as a streaming platform with free live matches, shows, the latest football news, and more. WhatsApp limits forwarding repeatedly forwarded chats to one group at a time.

Latest Reviews view all. Popular Reviews View All. Hot Deals View All. Buy Now. Get notified the instant this device becomes available. Because the battery is in the front, you can open the display lid single-handedly. After removing two marked screws on the bottom, the entire keyboard can be pushed towards the back and thus allows access to the components. The memory medium is located at the side and can be reached even without taking the keyboard apart. The Es has modern interfaces in an acceptable scope despite its slim build.

The left case side has a slot-in DVD drive with eject button besides a 4in1 cardreader, which can process the standard formats. The other side accommodates two USB 2. This solution is space saving and combines the headphone-out with the microphone-in in one socket. Unfortunately, Lenovo doesn't seize the opportunity to build in a USB 3. Moreover, charging peripherals is also not possible in a deactivated state.

On the rear there are more ports because of the built-in battery and the hinges. An external hard disk with a high speed can be connected to this, for example. Overall, an acceptable performance, whereas we miss USB 3. Additionally, more ports could have been placed in the rear. The lack of a docking port is also noticed, but it has likely been left out deliberately for product strategic reasons.

The communication options have a sound scope ex-factory and the latest standard is available. The less expensive devices without this extra have a SIM slot, but the mini PCIe slot is empty and the necessary antennas aren't installed. Thus, it's not possible to retrofit this option. Lenovo proves to be scanty in the original scope of delivery. A partition on the hard disk serves as the recovery medium and can be accessed during booting.

Other accessories have to be bought subsequently. In regards to software, Lenovo provides the usual standard, including Microsoft Office Starter. The installation is agreeably not overfilled with bloatware. Alike other cheaper devices from the B2B sector, the ThinkPad Edge only comes with a 12 month warranty ex-factory. Moreover, it is a bring-in service where the user has to send in the device.

There is an extension with an extensive service of up to 48 months available. However, this upgrade costs about euros. Lenovo doesn't make any compromises in regard to the keyboard and relies on the tried and tested chiclet style layout. It is also used in the ThinkPad Edge 13 and Edge 15 laptops. The keyboard, including its high-gloss surfaces, merges well into the overall image optically and the typing feel makes a good impression.

The pressure point is palpable and the key drop is short, whereas the clearly protruding keys and the concave form will remain to be a matter of taste. The keys have a pleasant size of 16x16 millimeters and fast typists will quickly get used to the key field. The arrow keys turn out fairly small, whereas gamers likely won't be interested in this device.

A nice feature is the scroll buttons above the arrow keys. Lenovo has used this constricted room sensibly. The FN functions are in the uppermost key row and are enabled ex-factory. Thus, the function key has to be pressed for using the rather poorly legible F keys. In contrast to the above mentioned comparison devices, the new series has a revised touchpad.

The lower mouse replacement keys look like they've been removed and as if the diagonal has been increased to 11 centimeters dimensions: x61 millimeters. These keys are now directly below the touchpad. About two thirds of the surface therefore serves as large left mouse keys.

As known from other laptops, the right mouse key is in the lower right corner. Basically, the input device is convincing due to its slightly roughened and very pleasant surface, which can be used to navigate fast and precisely.

Operating it via multi-touch gestures and the standard hidden scroll bars is possible. The Es has the typical red rubber capped trackpoint , including mouse keys, as another operating element. A few users love working with it, others have problems with its use. It is a quite practical feature with a bit of practice and has proved itself over the years.

In the meantime, it has also been copied by other manufacturers. After the display has failed us in terms of stability, we now want to look at the hard facts. With a size of 14 inches It also has a high-gloss surface that is created by a plate in front of the screen. Windows 7 doesn't offer any higher resolution levels and an external monitor would be the best solution.

However, a few modifications had to be made depending on the device. The 1. A difference to higher quality alternatives with two and more pixels is visible, though. In comparison to the ThinkPad Edge 15 , Lenovo has made improvements in the illumination and supplies an even illumination of the entire surface with 90 percent. The given contrast of is regrettably not very high and is, alike the black value of 1.

For one thing, it restricts outdoor use and for another, pure black looks a bit grayish. A better contrast and black value would pay off in movie rendering, for example. The ThinkPad Edge Es doesn't come close to covering the frequently used sRGB color spectrum and thus the display isn't suitable for professional users picture editing.

Lenovo's laptop doesn't have the best requirements for outdoor use. Working is almost impossible in both direct as well as indirect light, respectively sunlight. The reflections from the glossy surface and the average rates speak for a permanent desktop use. Lenovo showed an alternative with a matt display, the E without an "s".

However, it is not yet intended to come to Germany. The altering announcements about the availability of a few devices through Facebook weren't exactly helpful for this. The last point is the assessment of the screen's viewing angle stability.

Horizontal rendering is stable even in a narrow angle of about degrees. However, daily use is affected by the reflections. The picture inverts due to a fading contrast fairly fast on the vertical plane and the colors bleach visibly. Then again, an intense lighting up of the reference picture is noticed in a closing movement.

The latest hardware shouldn't be omitted in a newly released notebook of We've tested the latter with a clock rate of 2. The processor is a favored component for multimedia notebooks due to the Hyper Threading technology 2 cores, 4 threads and a maximum clock rate of 2. A real novelty for the graphics field, which only few laptops have to offer, is onboard. The graphics made in a 40 nanometer structure width places itself in the current midrange due to a core clock of MHz, a slow bit memory bus, as well as DirectX 11 and Shader support.

In addition to this graphics, the automatic graphics switching from AMD, called Switchable Graphics , is integrated into this device. Alike the Optimus technology from Nvidia, the graphics usage behavior can be set via the included software Catalyst Control Center — abbreviated "CCC". More details can be found in the review of the Dell Vostro until now. A dedicated article of this new technology will follow shortly. Thus, a maximum of 8 GB can be used via an empty bank. The Es' achieved good points in Cinebench R10's multi thread calculation and is thus in the upper midfield of our database.

The Intel Core iM , as the dual core top model, supplies a performance leap of However, it is not available for this notebook. The difference between the 32 and 64 bit application of the same benchmark is also striking and worth mentioning. The difference is The newer Cinebench R In the same reference notebooks, the achieved results of 2. The M reaches an acceptable points in the GPU benchmark from the latest 3DMark 11 and places itself in the lower third of our comparison database.

PCMark Vantage , as a system benchmark, can be used for a small summary. The achieved points speak for a good performance out of the midrange. A cutting edge solid state drive can provide for a huge increase in points. Lenovo uses a slim Seagate Momentus Thin with a construction height of 7 millimeters for the hard disk. A drawback of this solution is the restricted availability of stronger alternatives.

The HDD's performance doesn't have to hide with a maximum transfer rate of The access rates are also on average. After a few tests, it also gets obvious in this review that this GPU is aimed at casual gamers who don't have a very high demand. The native resolution of x pixels is as far as it goes in most cases concerning resolution.

Gaming in Full HD x pixels with the according pre-setting is not possible due to the low frame rates. The majority of office notebooks don't score as good as the ThinkPad Edge Es, though. Besides the hard disk, the fan is mainly responsible for noise development inside the case.

The notebook is hardly audible with a maximum of This point is important for many who buy such a notebook because it's to be used in the library or in the lecture. In opposition to that, we can determine about 40 dB A while rendering a DVD, respectively during load and the device can no longer be ignored. However, the noise level of 35 dB A is still acceptable in routine load without our stress test programs, Prime95 and inserted DVD. The most important components are cooled by a copper heatpipe.

The case exteriors convince in idle mode with pleasantly tempered surfaces, despite the slowly rotating fan. The waste heat rises during load and the temperature increase of the heat sink is very evident in the diagram. The maximum rate of Two stereo lspeakers have been placed underneath a narrow bar above the keyboard. They bid the usual sound. The trebles are too dominant and the deep pitches and midranges aren't developed, respectively don't exist at all.

The volume can be precisely set in 50 levels, whereas there is a distortion audible in the upper third during rendering. A better result can be achieved via external devices. Both the 3. In our opinion, Lenovo takes a step in the wrong direction with the ThinkPad Edge Es in terms of battery life. The energy storage unit is now built in and only supplies 4 cells with a capacity of 50 watt hours.

The user can't replace the battery. The higher priced devices of Lenovo's L and T series have a better solution for this issue. An example would be the latest Lenovo ThinkPad T We read out the minimum battery life with the tool, BatteryEater Classic Test. The whole capacity is used up after short 72 minutes and a power outlet shouldn't be too far away.

The contrasting assessment, with minimum display brightness, disabled WLAN and enabled processor graphics, is given by the Reader's Test of our benchmark program. The runtime of 7 hours and 42 minutes is acceptable, whereas a lot more would be possible with the new Sandy Bridge CPUs. Due to the glossy display and the minimum brightness, the latter scenario hardly corresponds to routine use, though. The battery life is shorter when playing a DVD, but is long enough for two movies with a standard runtime.

The given battery runtimes can be understood with a look at the consumption rates.

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Lenovo ThinkPad E420 Review


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New posts Latest activity. Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware and Technology Laptops. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Mar 26, 4, 8 Verdict: With great build quality, a modern design, an excellent keyboard, good battery life, fast performance, and now an affordable price, the ThinkPad E is an excellent choice for a student that wants a laptop that will last through four years or more of college or a budget-conscious small business owner.

Last edited: Mar 15, On the bottom of the laptop you have an access panel which has four screws. Display and Sound The display is the same as the default for the T Even turning the screen up by 20 degrees means a big color shift and everything turns much darker. You still have the benefit, however, of it being much more suited to outdoor use than glossy screens. Last edited: May 17, This is very different from typical island-style keyboards, however, in that the keys have excellent travel, are well spaced, and are slightly curved, making touch typing a breeze.

Benchmarks: First up is 3D rendering. In Cinebench Last edited: Apr 2, On the go Battery life is an important thing to many of us with laptops, and here the E does pretty good. If you use it solely as a glorified typewriter, expect to see battery life of around 5 hours. If you charge the battery completely you incur in a big penalty to its lifespan, but you will be able to go from hours to 5 hours and from 5 hours to hours of battery life, respectively. If you want all-day battery life, this is your best option.

Included Software PCs typically come with Windows 7 but have an install that is riddled with bloatware and software trials. Last edited: Mar 11, Jan 11, 1, 64 I've been wanting this laptop for a while, is it true that if you close your eyes you can't really tell between the new style keyboard and the old? Forget about the screen, I do a lot of typing.

I need a good keyboard on any laptop I buy Update: Errors fixed, images have been re-sized to take better advantage of most screens, some details and PCMark 7 results added. Yet another update: added more info and corrected a few errors that were left. VirtualLarry No Lifer.

Aug 25, 53, 7, Very nice. I like it. I'm a big fan of the "nipple". I have some desktop keyboards with trackpoints on them. Price didn't seem to bad either. But no USB3. However, the high-gloss display steps out of line. The Es is instead aimed at business users who plan on toting their laptop into the board room and into meetings with co-workers and potential clients. For those users, the well designed Es gives the same first impression that a fancy suit would give, which is one of style and sophistication.

This Core i5 version is no number crunching beast and the battery life could be better, but this model would suit those who might want to dabble in the more graphically demanding tasks now and again. To be fair to the ThinkPad it is a very work-focused model, but the poor battery life, lack of storage space, mediocre screen and relatively high price all count against it.

It is quick, though, and the robust construction means it can withstand a knock or drop without too much bother. Step up to a traditional ThinkPad for a higher resolution screen. This laptop offers a great typing experience, solid performance, and strong battery life.

However, if you can get by with Intel integrated graphics, the Edge Es is the small business notebook to get. Moreover, the E's excellent keyboard and touchpad, wide viewing angles and minimal amount of preloaded software go a long way toward making it a top pick for mobile professionals on a budget. We still prefer this notebook's cousin, the Edge Es, which offers a slimmer and more elegant design. But if you prefer a matte screen, the Edge E makes for a solid and affordable small business notebook.

At this price, the Edge E is targeted more towards SMBs and professionals wanting a laptop with all their business functionality preloaded onto it. Linked Articles Review. Please share our article, every link counts!

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