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Lenovo thinkpad t61p t9300

lenovo thinkpad t61p t9300

IBM ThinkPad T61 Core 2 Duo GHz T Laptop Off-Lease Refurbished Grade A Cosmetic Condition: very minimal wear, no screen defects Functional. Lenovo ThinkPad T61p with faster T CPU. Windows XP Pro installed and ready to use. 2 available. The price is for one T61P laptop with one AC adapter. JCMParts Specializing in new and used electronics for over twenty five years! Description " Widescreen Lenovo Thinkpad T Series T61 Laptop w/ 20V. GAMER CONTROLLER Computer from anywhere around it by. Mirko Cro Cop Woohoo way to. For the almost-latency-free.

Now you can look at this however you like, but I prefer to read it from left to right. As we move right, the numbers you see represent how much additional power is required by each specific component. I determined this by first running the laptop without any battery connected. I then installing a charged battery pack and recorded the difference in measured power. Inserting the optical drive drew another watt. Surprisingly, enabling bluetooth consumed six more watts, while Next, running the hard drive with HD Tune required three more watts.

Not bad. Next up, I performed the same tests with my main workhorse, the ThinkPad T61p:. Interestingly, the T61p consumed slightly less base power than the older T43p — just 15W! What I found particularly impressive was the ability of the CPU to throttle back, even when set to its highest clock rate. The difference between an unloaded and loaded CPU at full clock was 22W.

The more modern graphics card of the T61p consumed about twice as much power as that of the T43p — fully 13W, bringing the total to 67W. Still not too bad. I should also note that with the T61p there was no noticeable difference in power consumption e. So there you have it! Not quite as good as an some netbooks, or the SheevaPlug , but still not bad given the processing power it affords me.

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One of my biggest hobby electronics projects thus far has been the development of a solar power system, used primarily for home automation for details see Part I and Part II.

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Sigma 35 art canon Lenovo Thinkpad T61pThe T61p fulfills the expectation of the T-p series to be more powerful and in general "better" than standard T notebooks. Intel New Look. Front camera. Laptop Repair Canada.
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lenovo thinkpad t61p t9300

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