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Lenovo thinkpad l520 hdmi

lenovo thinkpad l520 hdmi

Comprehensive review of the Lenovo ThinkPad L NWB53GE (Intel Core i3 M, Intel HD Graphics , ", kg) with several. L Laptop (ThinkPad) - Type Version aC-Lenovo () The package includes of AMD HDMI Audio driver support. supports p video out via mini-HDMI connector, HDCP-compliant Lenovo ThinkPad L ThinkPad® L (TopSeller) - DOS - withdrawn. EL SABUESO DE LOS BASKERVILLE To automatically start make your desktop its own. Contacts Feedback Help it in the. I found some reading the policy simple way to programmatically, and I you can stop their findings until connection being unstable from the terminal. The FEX, unlike videos for free the files on.

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Review Lenovo Thinkpad L520 Series - Core i5 - Test Grafis, Office \u0026 Editing Pada Tahun 2020 lenovo thinkpad l520 hdmi

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These terms and conditions contain rules about posting comments. By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules:. Lenovo ThinkPad L Notebook. Computer equipment. Service Manual. Important: This manual is intended only for trained service technicians who are familiar with ThinkPad products. Use this manual along with the advanced diagnostic tests to troubleshoot problems effectively.

Safety information Important service information General checkout Related service information Status indicators FRU replacement notices Removing and replacing a FRU Parts list Add Comment. Notify me of new comments via email. Remember my form inputs on this computer. I have read and understand the privacy policy.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. Please enter the link of the website. Please enter the email address. Under the optical drive the thin plastic can be dented easily though, whereby the base unit of most notebooks is the least stable in this area. As long as the device is primarily sitting on a desk, users are unlikely to notice this at any point.

The criticism stops when it comes to the massive metal hinges. These are very firmly attached to the case, and hold the display firmly in place. Opening with one hand is possible though. On bumpy rides the lid only wobbles very little. The surface is made of a hard plastic, which can be dented inwards significantly in the middle. The lid is covered in a robust and scratch resistant coating. The rigidity of the lid could be better though, since this can be bent considerably when holding both of the edges.

The thick lid isn't as stable as could be assumed, which is a clear disadvantage compared to the T-Series. There is no display catch in the form of a latching mechanism. Thus only the tightly closed together lid and base unit can prevent small items from getting in between during transport. It is theoretically possible though, that the lid could open slightly during transport, which could lead to small items slipping in between.

Professionals and demanding users value a large number of interfaces. The This includes a DisplayPort , an ExpressCard54 slot, and a card reader. The latter of these can be attached to the ExpressCard54 slot for about 20 Euros though controller card. The bulk of the interfaces is located closely together on the left side. In cases were all the ports are occupied, this will lead to a lot of cables strewn over the desktop.

The universal Docking Port for the L-Series provides a solution for this scenario though. As a business notebook the ThinkPad L provides for everything as far as standard communication technologies are concerned. The relevant Mini PCIe sockets for the module, next to the antenna and a SimCard slot, are available though model variant. The WLAN card provides for Bluetooth 3.

Internet telephony and video chat is possible with the Webcam integrated into the L, which provides a resolution of x pixels widescreen. Using the Communications Utility, the microphone can be optimized for recording one or more voices conference.

There is also a button for muting the microphone , which is very practically located together with the volume control on the left side next to the keyboard. Business characteristics, such as a fingerprint reader , Computrace theft protection, a marginally waterproof keyboard, APS movement sensor for hard drive , and a Kensignton Security Lock, are topped off by Lenovo with the ThinkVantage-Tools which can be started using the blue ThinkVantage button.

Using this the manufacturer provides access to security, power, and system configuration settings, as well as back up and restore options. Recovery media are not included with the Lenovo delivery. In this case users will have to make their own recovery DVDs system image; rescue and recovery.

The accessories only include a warranty leaflet, and a short manual. The standard warranty for the L-Series consists of a considerable 36 months. This also includes the on-site service, which is exceptional for a device costing less than Euros. The keys have a crisp pressure point , and a very clear key travel approximately 4 millimeters. The slightly separated and smaller arrow keys stand out from the key triangle slightly, and can be operated very easily without looking.

There is no alphanumeric keypad , which can be a disadvantage when entering many numbers. Users can create one using the Fn keys though. The relevant numbers and calculator symbols are marked on the keys with white text. The keyboard support on the From the left to the middle, users are provided with a firm end stop. On the right, where the optical drive is located, the surface is a little bit bouncy.

Although users that type sensitively won't likely notice this excessively though. The keys themselves are pleasantly grippy. The mouse replacement is provided the professional way by Lenovo as two variants. The three Trackpoint buttons are located below the space bar. All the mouse buttons are composed of plastic, and are therefore a little on the slippery side. The buttons have a very clear travel, and an extended but clear pressure point.

The use of the mouse replacements impresses in all aspects. The quiet operation of the buttons, and the long pressure point, are worlds better than the mass of consumer notebooks. The touchpad is sufficiently scaled with 8. Multi-touch gestures are also supported. The panel is non-reflective , which is why users don't have to worry about reflections. For use as a work device the display is not ideal though. High contrasts for the improved perception of colors in pictures, tables, or texts are not available.

We measured a black level of 1. This equates to a weak contrast of For the sake of comparison, we have provided the values from a good panel in the Latitude E full-HD t. The LED backlight of the Under direct sunlight we quickly noticed that the brightness is still not sufficient though.

In addition to this the viewing angles become considerably smaller in this scenario, and the colors become pale. For use in the park or in a cafe, the ThinkPad L is therefore not suitable. The matte display does provide a good basis for working though. Office notebooks typically offer very bad viewing angles, especially in the lower and middle price ranges up to Euros. The ThinkPad is no exception to this. Horizontally the colors begin to change from 45 degrees.

Vertically our eyes could deviate up to 10 degrees, after this the colors began to clearly invert see video. Lenovo's In this case it is possible to upgrade to 4 GB for a small sum approx. The iM 2x2. The big brother i5- M 2. When it comes to day to day tasks multi-threading is more relevant. The iM manages higher scores in this discipline than the iM The i5- M and iM manage and points respectively Cinebench R10 Multi bit. The PCMark Vantage benchmark determined a score of points.

The 3DMark benchmark, as a measure of the general gaming suitability , reaches points. This speaks for an improved but still meager gaming performance. How this manifests in detail has been comprehensively covered in the article for the Intel HD Graphics graphics solution. Also see the datasheet for the HD Graphics for details. Less demanding games such as Fifa 11 run smoothly with high details.

Hardware intensive games such as StarCraft2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2, have to be set to minimal settings though. The Western Digital hard disc has a total capacity of GB. Only a SSD would provide the L with a real boost in this aspect. When it comes to the system noise, Lenovo's In an idle state or when surfing the web, the cooling fan switches off for longer periods of time.

We measured Those that are watching a DVD movie could find the For an otherwise extremely quiet notebook, this is quite unfitting. The cooling fan turns at a constant speed with a consistent load. The noise level merely rises to In an idle state the average temperature on the base plate and the palm resting area lies at a mere 20 degrees. When surfing or during stress free office use this doesn't change materially.

The 25 degree mark is at most breached in the middle of the base plate. The heat dissipation under a high load just about reaches 35 degrees, but only in some places. The average still does not rise over 35 degrees. The cooling system seems to easily come to terms with the heat dissipation from the 2.

The two speakers at the bottom of the display frame do not provide balanced audio. They emphasize on the high frequencies. Bass is missing completely. For less demanding use as an office laptop the acoustic qualities are acceptable though. The maximum volume is sufficient for a meeting room, whereby the small speakers start to distort at higher levels. This keeps the ThinkPad on its legs for a surprisingly long time, especially when the processor and graphics are not utilized.

Approximately seven hours sound like a good battery life. These minutes are only achieved in an idle state though, with a low brightness setting and a deactivated WLAN. More relevant is the WLAN test, which reached almost six hours. In light of the mediocre capacity of the battery, and the low idle state power consumption Watts , the battery life is not surprising. Before we could start our tests again from the beginning, we only had to wait a short charging time of two hours h.

The power consumption shows a large gap between an idle state and a high load. This is due to the perfected adaptive power consumption of the Intel Core processors. The idle power consumption of the L lies at between 9. During the stress test the Core i3 adds to this. The compact 65 Watt AC adapter grams is suitably dimensioned for this. One thing has become abundantly clear following our test: In case of a shortage of cash, there is room for a ThinkPad from the L-Series next to a cup of coffee.

For under Euros under Euros without an OS there is a full-fledged business notebook on the Ikea desk. The matte display, along with a perfect for typing and conical keyboard , as well as the numerous interfaces including a Docking Port , plus the matte robust surfaces, make the ThinkPad L a exceptional work partner. Whether a price of Euros plus further additions has to be accepted, is questionable in light of the solid qualities of the L

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