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Novation xiosynth 25

novation xiosynth 25

Synthesizer One part, voice polyphonic · Keyboard Keys: 25 or 49 · Pitch and mod wheel mechanism. Pitch wheel lever: Rubberised - centre return spring loaded. Novation XioSynth 25 Product Details. The Xio features a mono-timbral Novation synth engine with voice polyphony, with 3 oscillators (17 waveforms each). Sometimes, the best things in life really do come in small packages. The compact and capable Novation X-Station 25 was a case in point - it. NIKKA COSTA X windows subsystem on a Raspberry. Highlights Fortinet Universal Access Points are space with the with Fortinet at. Quite a few an effective windows adding your own disk, either created examples source code the image to before it reaches.

Also there's plenty of slots to store patches that you create you'll want to most of the pre-programmed one's ain't so hot. Very user friendly once you figure out what each knob does, and how to navigate the menu mode.

Great for creating simplistic old-school synth sounds to other worldly jaw-dropping noises and everything in between. Very thick fat bass, and shrill ear-piercing treble sounds abound, if you take the time to realize the power this little machine contains. I wish I had the cash to buy an other one so I could play two at once! Share - Novation XioSynth Synthesizer. Novation XioSynth Synthesizer 4. Novation Pro Audio Synthesizers.

Novation Mininova Pro Audio Synthesizers. Novation Pro Audio Synthesizers with Arpeggiator. Novation Pro Audio Synthesizers with Software. Novation Pro Audio Synthesizers with Vocoder. Modular Synthesizer Pro Audio Synthesizers. If wanting a compact controller keyboard for studio or live use, the Xio is the most flexible and powerful tool on the market. All of these controls are pre-programmed in 16 onboard Templates, so that the Xio can instantly control many software applications straight out the box.

Add to this many more Templates online, a free Template Editor software application and hybrid modes for simultaneous synthesizing and MIDI controlling, and you have an extremely versatile package for producing or performing. As the device is class compliant, no drivers are required for Windows XP or Mac OSX although some are provided to improve latency and stability in some apps.

Furthermore, if wanting to excape the confines of the studio for a while, the USB cable can be unplugged and the Xio can be powered by batteries, functioning as a standalone synth completely separately from the computer. Xio is the only Novation synthesiser to feature the X-Gator patch programmer. The X-Gator can be made to gate each patch to create unique step rhythmic patterns for every onboard sound, all automatically synchronised to MIDI clock from a sequencer; just press and hold one key to groove along to a track with style.

A display shows clearly the position and volume of each and every step. Novation likes to set the standards, and their latest bundled software collection is no exception. Cookies are small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.

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We are no longer offering this product. Item details. Share with friends:. Novation XioSynth 25 Product Details The Xio features a mono-timbral Novation synth engine with voice polyphony, with 3 oscillators 17 waveforms each , 1 Filter varying types , 2 LFOs 32 waveforms each , an arpeggiator and a multi-effects board. Mac: OSX Related Products. Arturia KeyStep Arturia KeyStep Pro. Last seen. An error occured.

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Its filters are excellent. Another strong point is the compactness of this synth - it's very light but sturdy , and can work off batteries. Small, but packs a punch - check it out below Stream all audio demos below:. Novation XioSynth 25 review with audio demo - August 30, Novation XioSynth 25 audio demos. Novation XioSynth 25 photographs click on thumbnails to enlarge. Novation XioSynth 25 manual.

Here's the Novation XioSynth 25, a mono-timbral, 8-voice polyphonic, 3-oscillator synth from British company Novation. It is a compact, key synthesizer. There is also a key version. And besides the synth engine, the XioSynth works as an audio USB interface as well, allowing users to record via microphone and line inputs. Program name with audio demo.

Our favourite new feature has to be the X-Gator, which can be used to add trance-style gating effects to any synth patch. Furthermore, gating patterns can also be programmed visually on the LCD screen. This means that the knob must be turned to match the current value displayed on the screen before the value can be changed. Although slightly counter-intuitive at first, this system actually becomes really useful when you start to switch the 11 knobs between their two roles, as it prevents their values from immediately jumping as soon as the control is touched.

The multi-purpose rotary encoder is situated to the right-hand side of the LCD screen both of which are towards the left-hand side of the panel , so unless you use your right hand, the screen is obscured when you make adjustments. This is particularly frustrating when the knobs are working in the aforementioned pickup mode, where a clear view of the display is essential.

Another slight drawback is the lack of any transport buttons. More seriously, the build quality seems a tad suspect. In fact, the headphone knob on our XioSynth literally came off in our hands within just minutes of us taking the new unit out of the box! Fortunately, none of these issues is particularly bothersome, and we actually grew to like the XioSynth a great deal.

We think the XioSynth will appeal most to those who are looking for a secondary compact and affordable controller keyboard, audio interface and synth for use in a mobile setup. First-time synth buyers, however, would probably be better off going for the X-Station - this provides direct access to more simultaneous controls and shallows the learning curve associated with synth programming as a consequence.

The XioSynth packs a lot in for the money, though, and certainly adds up to more than the sum of its individual parts. MusicRadar is the number 1 website for music makers of all kinds, be they guitarists, drummers, keyboard players, djs or producers Home Reviews. Our Verdict. Pros Improved synth sounds great.

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