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We Are the Fury is an American rock band. The band was founded in Toledo, Ohio in , as a nu metal band called Hearsay. The original lineup consisted of. WE ARE FURY are back on the release radar with the song "Remember" featuring emlyn along with new plans and goals. We have seen a taste of what WE ARE FURY can do in the past with releases like "Demons" and their official remix of Illenium's "Lost," but this. KHAYEF REMIX HIJAZI T his page peaks a matrix will improve the when there is. Learn more about GatewayPorts enables listening bridge group virtual. The limit-resource module-type commands listed in did not try backup from a.

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The record has been released via Seeking Blue, a label home to an impressive roster of alumni that includes Said The SkyDabinand Illenium.

Commanderroot We knew we wanted to have track one dictate a certain melody to set the mood, and then have track nine the heavy counterpart be a moodier version of the same melody. Recommended Articles. Dancing Astronaut. We do this at the cost of our planet and then when things go wrong we turn a blind eye. Brookes was more inspired by video game musiclumi legend he credits for his style of melodies.
Macbook pro to apple tv 2 EDM Identity. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Writing for EDM. Categories: FeaturesMusic. Speidel and Brookes use the digital audio workstation FL Studio to make music their music.
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He was finished by an uppercut by AJ, he was finished by an uppercut by Povetkin, and he's now been finished by an uppercut by Fury. Whyte misses wildly again as he fires in a speculative right hand from range. Fury then talks in his ear as they clinch, we've seen that one before! Fury must be an absolute nightmare to box. He's so big, so awkward, such a good mover.

Whyte just can't get close at the moment. Two sharp body shots from Fury to start the round, before Whyte fires back with one of his own. Fury still maintaining that distance, making it very difficult for Whyte to get in and land anything of note. It's easier said than done, but he needs to get in closer and put Fury under more pressure. Whyte shakes his head, after Fury lands. Fury is now goading Whyte, taunting him as he lands to the body. It looks like he might be upping the pace now, the champion.

Good shot from Fury! Is Whyte hurt? His knees looked to have buckled somewhat. Good round for Fury! Referee Lyson lectures Whyte for butting but also Fury for wrestling. Whyte admonished for using the elbow. The referee has to break up a street brawl on the ropes. The Body Snatcher goes to the head with cracking left which edges his first round. Whyte's coach Xavier Miller tells his fighter he's getting closer in the corner, urging him to continue.

But as round 4 begins, it's Fury who lands with another solid shot. Then comes a pause, as Whyte hits an elbow out at Fury after they were told to break. Neither fighter are happy there, after Whyte sustained a cut following a clash of heads - which he's now dabbing at. It's getting quite rough now, as both fighters collide again.

Whyte goes brawling and clinging but keeps getting picked off when at distance. Fury has time to keep pulling up his ill-fitting shorts. Whyte's corner are desperately urging him on, with Fury still nice and calm. Whyte looks slow on his feet, it must be said. He's struggling to get close, with Fury targeting the body with that long jab.

Fury in total control, but nothing significant landed from either. Now came the southpaw Fury, so Whtye switched to orthodox. Fury back to the left lead to set up a juddering right. Where he had brutalised Wilder, now he was out-boxing his brother. They come out for round two, and this time Whyte returns to the orthodox stance, while Fury switches southpaw! This is more tactical than people may have predicted!

Fury then switches orthodox once more, just playing with the mind of Whyte, setting traps and staying awkward. Whyte gets nowhere near the target with a wild swing from too far out. He needs to get in closer. It's comfortable for Fury so far. Whyte surges in, swinging away with Fury on the ropes, but nothing lands and in return he eats a right hand. Pace suiting Fury so far. Fury opened up with orthodox left jabs, note the southpaw stance he had been advertising.

Whyte aimed for the body but Fury got under way with a trio of rights to the head. Here we go! The first bell rings and it's Whyte who comes out as a southpaw! That's a real shock - we all thought Fury might opt for that strategy! Whyte takes centre-ring, with Fury on the backfoot, looking to box from range, as we saw against Klitschko all those years ago. Fury lands with the jab to the head and body, before Whyte fires one of his own to the body.

Fury then lands with the first solid shot of the fight, with Whyte looking to get inside that huge reach of the Gypsy King. Not an easy task! He's got to close that gap down. And again, Fury lands to the head with the right hand! Not much in it, though! The national anthem has come and gone, and we're about ready to go!

The formalities are nearly complete, and the Gypsy King - dressed in robes - is about to defend his WBC crown. With last trains due to depart soon after midnight — yet another triumph of disorder by Mayor Khan Almighty on a capital Saturday night out — many would be making later the long walk back into town.

Both men are in the ring, and it's nearly time for the mammoth heavyweight scrap to get underway! Tyson Fury really is a born showman! Whyte was razor focussed - Fury, on the other hand, is rapping away, dancing and soaking it all in. Singing every word, he really is as confident as they come. Perk of coming out second, is that you don't have to wait in the ring for what must seem like an eternity. We've just had the whole of American Pie blasting out, while Whyte continues to dance around the ring.

Oh wow, the atmosphere is simply incredible. American Pie by Don McLean echoes around the stadium, and the 94, fans in attendance are all singing along. FuryWhyte pic. Here he is! He looks razor focussed as he makes his way. No time for waving to the crowd, this is Whyte's opportunity to shine! Dillian Whyte is about to make his way to the ring!

As he's announced, he's greeted with a chorus of boos, not too surprisingly, given Fury's popularity. You'd forget he's a Brixton fighter! It's time. Unreal scenes inside Wembley Stadium. Sweet Caroline is belting around Wembley Stadium! And you know what that means, it's almost time for the ring walks! The one we've all been waiting for is next!! After dethroning and dismantling Deontay Wilder, it's brilliant to see the Gypsy King back on British soil - and against British opposition.

Fury bulked up hugely for his Wilder fights, but has slimmed down once more, and I wonder if we'll see a more swift-footed performance tonight, perhaps akin to his wins over Derek Chisora. Few are predicted a Whyte win - but we're all aware of his danger punch: the left hook.

If it lands, Whyte has a chance. Essuman was the deserved winner, with Tetley simply not doing enough to rip away the champion's title. He remains British champ! But, unlike any other fight thus far, it was extremely close, with the result very much unpredictable. And with that one over - though with official confirmation of the result to come - we're onto the main event next!!

Much better from Essuman! He fires in with hook after hook, landing with the left to the head with a terrific shot. Tetley does appear to be tiring here, with one to go Each and every round has followed almost exactly the same pattern. It's Essuman applying all the pressure, throwing more punches but landing with nothing significant. Essuman's gumshield is knocked out for a while, though, with the fight eventually briefly stopped to put it back in.

That's about as exciting the round got. The hands of DillianWhyte have been wrapped. WAR is coming! Some good work from Essuman, who fires in consecutive hooks as he looks to up the pace once more. Tetley has never been troubled once, though. And though Essuman has increased his work rate, the rounds are seriously difficult to call. Again, another round that probably goes to the champion Essuman, who has definitely upped the pace going into the business rounds.

Best punch of the round: An Essuman hook with Tetley's hands low. Other than that, plenty of holding in another quiet round. Good work from Essuman, who looks to be upping the pace now. The champion has never been 12 rounds, so perhaps he's been pacing himself. He launches in with a blistering combination, landing with five or six shots to head and body. Better from Essuman, who looks like he might have hurt Tetley somewhat with a sharp jab.

Nothing major, but he felt that. But, as I've said multiple times, the action is still pretty limited - the judges have a job on their hands Essuman started the better, though, landing a lovely right uppercut and a sharp straight-right in the first half of the round. Another round of very little action goes by.

The action has been brilliant so far tonight, but this one is perhaps only quieting down the crowd Essuman did appear to be slightly stunned by a counter-left, however, but he once again grew into the round as it went along. Essuman is given another warning for ducking in with the head - but it's being brought about by frustration, with Tetley still working well behind the jab. Essuman, known as 'The Engine' will keep plugging away all night, though.

The year-old Brit is having some issues getting inside the longer reach of southpaw Tetley. Again, another close round, with Essuman doing the better of his work close range, but finding it difficult to get there. Tetley gets caught has he walks in, looking to land with the left hook. Essuman is given a warning though, after ducking in with his head. Essuman is perhaps sensing that he needs to get closer to Tetley, who has been pretty comfortable on the outside. Another difficult round to score, with Tetley starting well, but Essuman growing into it as it went on.

Essuman, the champion, is fighting at an almost full Wembley Stadium sellout, rather than York Hall - where he was due to be next week. It could potentially bring up some nerves that wouldn't otherwise be there, and Tetley makes a fast start behind the jab. Essuman is busy on the inside, though, and fires away to the body in a competitive opening round.

Difficult one to score. In our final fight before the main event, we have Ekow Essuman up against Darren Tetley, in what should be another cracker. The bout was actually meant to be taking place next week, but it was brought forward after Anthony Cacace vs Jonathan Romero as called off. Essuman, the British and Commonwealth champion, takes on Darren Tetley in the welterweight division, in what is just his second defence. The fighter will be looking to remain unbeaten, with Tetley looking to make a statement.

I could see it going to points and I think Whyte could win on points, I do. He's robust, he's rugged, he comes in and and takes the fight to Fury. As we wait for tonight's chief support, Joseph Parker and Joe Joyce have come together, with both fighters insisting they want a fight. Warren says they'll look to get out in July. Sportsmail spoke to Parker on Thursday, though, and he was getting pretty irritated by how slowly things were moving.

One to keep your eye on in the coming weeks. The ref gives his final instructions to DillianWhyte. Not long now! The main event is closing in! We have just one more fight before Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte take to the ring! What a performance from the Liverpudlian, who moves to as he claims the WBC Silver featherweight title.

Good work on the inside from Ball, who lands two sneaky uppercuts, one with the left and the other with the right, as Lowe continues to bulldoze forward. Lowe is stunned after another massive shot. He turns away from Ball - and bizarrely, the ref allows it to continue for a few seconds.

But in comes the towel, and Ball does make a massive statement. Brilliant, Brilliant performance. Lowe's cut is checked over by the doctor between rounds. He's told he needs to let the ref know if his vision is impaired, but somehow I don't think he'll admit that. Nevertheless, Lowe continues to march forward, looking for a shot that could change the direction of the fight. It's a close round, the closest of the fight so far.

Lowe certainly looked more in it there, but the cut will surely be checked again. Lowe was plastered with Vaseline between rounds, but the cut above his left eye is open once more - it's bleeding badly.

It's a very bad cut. Lowe clearly knows it's bad. His vision must be impacted, but he continues to march forward and throw shots of his own. He's showing an incredible chin and a massive heart in there. The Body Snatcher has arrived! Can Lowe find an answer in round three? Well, it doesn't look like it yet - he eats another massive left, though this time he takes it well.

And there's now a nasty cut over the left eye of Lowe, potentially caused by a clash of heads. It's going from bad to worse for Tyson Fury's camp-mate. What a shot from Ball! He lands with another clean left hand on the chin of Isaac Lowe, whose knees dip! He's hurt! Ball continues to come forward, but Lowe does well to maintain some distance between them, using his reach to stay out of range.

But Lowe's down!! He's flat on his back! Again, it's a massive left hand that lands! Lowe's all over the place! And we're away in this featherweight scrap. Massive opportunity for Ball to make a star of himself overnight, against the much more known Lowe.

Lowe is by far the bigger man in there, and he immediately takes centre-ring, looking to be the aggressor early on. Lowe looks to pin Ball on the ropes, but he eats a lovely counter-left as he throws in the shots. Next up tonight we have Isaac Lowe up against Nick Ball in what could be one of the fights of the night, in what is another all-British scrap. Lowe, another of Fury's camp-mates, was knocked out by Luis Alberto Lopez last time out, and he returns against an unbeaten Ball.

Ball has won all 14 of his pro fights to date, and the 5ft 2in Liverpudlian ill be looking to make a statement tonight. We bring you some more predictions as we build towards the main event. We have Derek Chisora and John Fury now. Tyson is my mate and I know he's listening — Tyson, you're going to get knocked out. That's the only way he [Whyte] can win the fight. He added: 'He has to [fight dirty]. He's going to have to sit on Fury's chest and just keep going. The guy has a longer reach, his head is somewhere up there.

His worked hard on his physical condition, he's trained with brains - for a smart fight. To beat Tyson you've got to be ironside in the ring and I don't think Dillian is ironside, no disrespect. He's got a will to win like you've never seen before. How do you beat that? You can't. That's what it's about. And it's all over! In a flash! Healey is badly hurt by another right hand, and as Adeleye comes in looking for the killer blow, the referee quickly jumps in. Good stoppage. David Adeleye remains entirely comfortable in there, and lands with a big right hand, followed by an uppercut, as the round comes to an end.

There's marking now on the face of Healey, who keeps plugging away. Solid right hand from Adeleye! Again, Healey plods forward, but each time he does so he leaves himself open. And Healey's head is then rocked back by a whipping right uppercut from Adeleye, who then reverts back to the body with the left. Healey is a big, big man, but he's not at all mobile. And you feel Adeleye - a massive puncher - will land something big fairly soon.

Adeleye's coach Frank Greaves in the corner asks him to up his activity, and stop looking for the killer blow. But, he's an experienced journeyman, with nine wins and eight defeats. Perhaps he'll give Adeleye something he's not seen before. Adeleye lands with a right hand, before ducking under the Healey jab and landing another.

Good stuff. Healey has been happy to come forward in the first round, but he's been caught by a number of shots - including a thumping left hook to the body as the round ends. Next up tonight we have unbeaten heavyweight David Adeleye, who is looking to move to as he takes on journeyman Chris Healey.

Adeleye has shown his explosive power in his short pro career, already racking up seven KOs. Tonight's opponent is a southpaw, though, so that could present some problems. Adeleye and his coach Frank Greaves are supremely confident, though, having trained alongside Fury for the entirety of camp.

In fact, they both said they would have gladly stepped in tonight had Whyte pulled out. Regardless, it remains a special night for Adele - who got a tattoo of Wembley Stadium on his arm after just his first pro fight, manifesting what was to come. Let's get it done once and for all! I'll end your career, you're a bum, you're no good. Let's get this fight done. So there's the first win tonight for the Fury family, as Tommy beats Daniel Bocianski on points.

The light-heavyweight takes it , as he moves to A solid six rounds in the bank for Fury, who will speak shortly. The sixth round starts as the fifth finishes, with Fury marching forward and looking for the stoppage. Uppercuts, straight rights, Fury - who has his hands low, unconcerned by anything coming his way - is throwing everything at Bocianski.

Fury is clearly also feeling the pace, though, having put so much into getting the knockout. And the final bell goes. A good performance from Fury, who wins all six rounds. But he'll be disappointed not to have got the KO. Fury starts the round firing in a barrage of punches It doesn't deter Fury, though, who continues to swing away with a bloodied Bocianski totally in survival mode. And Bocianski is down! This time it does count! Fury fired in with another huge right hand, the shot that has done all the damage tonight.

A fortunate Bocianski survives as the bell goes shortly after, but that was a huge right hand! Right on the button! Bocianski is clearly a very, very tough man. The Gypsy King has arrived! Fury's looked solid behind the jab so far, also hurting Bocianski on a couple of occasions with the right hand. But can he get that statement KO? He starts the fourth round with another flurry of punches as Bocianski hesitated when coming in. The Polish fighter is now marked up around both eyes, cut underneath the left.

He's also clearly feeling the pace, looking to hold on much more this round. Another good attack from Fury, who doubles up the jab before swinging in with the right hand. Fury then lends another thumping right hand as Bocianski retreats once more - but Fury is caught as he comes in looking for the kill. Nothing doing, but it will have got his attention. There's now some damage above the right eye of Bocianski, who eats another right hand right on the bell.

Brilliant right hand from Fury to start the round! Bocianski was hurt there, and after staggering back immediately goes on the retreat. Fury is now stalking his prey, looking entirely comfortable in the ring as he aims to make a statement in front of the Wembley crowd.

He's given another warning for punching on the back of the head, but it's another good round: The Wembley crowd are given a first sight of Fury on the big screen, and they let out a massive cheer! He's given an early warning for punching behind the head, but it's the Brit who gets off to the better start, landing with a clean left hook as Bocianski came in. Nothing spectacular, but a nice, controlled opening round for Fury, who worked well behind the jab.

Up first in our live coverage tonight is Tommy Fury, who returns to the ring for the first time since August last year, where he put in an underwhelming display against Anthony Taylor - though winning on points. The year-old - yes, he's still only 22 - is looking to show more of his skills tonight, though, against Daniel Bocianski in the light-heavyweight division. Bocianski is Fury's toughest test yet. It should be noted, however, that Bocianski is fighting out of Poland for the fight time, and got knocked out in his most recent fight Regardless, Fury is on a mission to carve out his own legacy, insisting he never intended to make it as a social media star, rather a world champion boxer.

Father John Fury says he sees shades of Gennady Golovkin in Tommy - and while that's perhaps a stretch, let's see what he can do tonight. Unsurprisingly, both promoters are backing their fighters - and both believe a knockout could be on the way.

I only look at the skillsets of the fighters. I think Tyson is a very special heavyweight. I think he'll get to him and I think he'll stop him. John Fury will NOT be happy. The ever-ruthless former former boxer yesterday insisted David Haye would live to regret it if he showed up tonight. But, unfortunately for John Fury, Haye is on pundit duty tonight! Karol Itauma stops Michal Ciach in round two to remain undefeated!

The light-heavyweight moves to with his fifth stoppage win. Any fans of Love Island here? Molly-Mae is in the building, getting ready to watch Tommy Fury in action. We continue with our build-up to the big fight, and why not take a glance at just how Dillian Whyte has prepared for tonight. Read all up on his team getting him in shape, his fight day rituals, training camp details, how he's specifically prepared for Fury's height advantage and more!

Click HERE to read more. He won all four rounds, taking it , moving to Next up will be Karol Itauma vs Michal Ciach. We'll then be starting our live coverage, as Tommy Fury takes to the stage! And up first, we have Sportsmail columnist Johnny Nelson, who believes Fury is in for a hell of a test.

The head tells me Tyson Fury wins but Dillian will go very close to springing a surprise and I think he'll have Tyson down at some point. I know Dillian well and he has a fierce determination to win this title. He previously tested positive for a banned steroid - something he blamed on eating uncastrated wild boar - and later admitted to use of drink and drugs to help deal with depression.

More recently, his fight with Whyte had been somewhat overshadowed by Fury's links to Daniel Kinahan, who earlier this month was among seven people hit with worldwide financial sanctions by the United States. Fury had previously been advised by Kinahan but this week insisted he has "absolutely zero" involvement with the Irishman. It has been a career full of highs and lows.

But despite the retirement, seeing the Gypsy King in a ring again - with potentially an opportunity to cement his status as the greatest British heavyweight in history - is wholly possible. Apart from the few months following his defeat to Alexander Povetkin in , which he then avenged, year-old Whyte had been mandatory challenger for the WBC belt since You are not messing with a mediocre heavyweight, you are messing with the best man on the planet.

Since his first career defeat to rival Joshua in , Whyte has proven his world-level credentials with wins over the likes of Joseph Parker and Povetkin. He is still a big draw in the sport. I was trying to attack but one slip and I got caught with the shot. A rematch with rival Joshua, should he lose against Usyk, is easy to sell and one which could capture the imagination of boxing fans.

Time will tell what the future has in store for Whyte, but the night belonged to Fury - one of, if not the greatest, British heavyweights of all time and a future hall-of-famer. These comments are now closed. A personal trainer sets out to prove there's more to him than his good looks.

Callum Wilson and Michail Antonio discuss the controversial wages of professional footballers. Who is the Premier League's greatest ever set-piece specialist? Fury remains unbeaten in 33 bouts after flooring Whyte WBC champion Tyson Fury produced a stunning one-punch stoppage in the sixth round to beat fellow Briton Dillian Whyte and then insisted he will retire from boxing. Comments Join the conversation. To use comments you will need to have JavaScript enabled. It's a joke that there are 4 different belts for every weight, there should only be 1 world champion.

We rarely see the best 2 boxers fight each other and instead we see this kind of mismatch, but I don't blame Fury or Usyk as clearly they wanted to fight each other but boxing politics or corruption as I call it gets in the way. Reply posted by coolestname, at 24 Apr coolestname.

More replies 42 down. Honestly, for a rare Wembley sell-out fight, it deserved a better undercard. Reply posted by Chief, at 24 Apr Chief. More replies 21 down. Fury never got out of 2nd gear. Easy work for him tonight. The guy is a natural. He made light work of Whyte. AJ wouldn't stand a chance against him. Usyk would struggle immensely too in my view. More replies 35 down. Comment posted by Southsider, at 24 Apr Southsider. Overhyped rubbish. MoonInUranus replied: Exactly right. More replies 29 down.

Comment posted by Derek, at 24 Apr Derek. Hope he does not retire - was looking forward to him battering Joshua. More replies 16 down. Comment posted by Redman, at 24 Apr Redman. Fury is great and Whyte is mediocre. Hardly a shock result.

Reply posted by snew, at 24 Apr snew. More replies 31 down. Comment posted by Ronky, at 24 Apr Ronky. I don't get why people would boo Whyte, by all means cheer for Fury but why boo a fellow Brit who had done little wrong and been a credit to British boxing?

Reply posted by Chris, at 24 Apr Chris. Chris replied: Fury fans are an illogical bunch. More replies 10 down. Comment posted by martello, at 24 Apr martello. Great work Tyson - hang about for Usyk please so we can all watch the undisputed fight. God forbid you fight Joshua as he will get seriously hurt. Reply posted by moochinabout, at 24 Apr moochinabout. More replies 13 down. I think they must have been brain washed by Eddie Hearns lot on sky sports! All his old fighters have crumbled, it was just the Eddie Hearn hype show.

Chief replied: Wilder would get a murder charge if he fought Whyte. If the GK returns please put a better under card on. Reply posted by Tommy81, at 24 Apr Tommy Tommy81 replied: Absolutely. I'd have paid theb25 quid just for the main event but god that under card poor! Essuman v Tetley definitely could have waited a week for York hall zzzzzzzzzzzz. More replies 2 down. Comment posted by Chief, at 24 Apr Chief.

Reply posted by Daniel, at 24 Apr Daniel. Daniel replied: Well all know Fury doesn't want the Joshua fight. Comment posted by xspy7yie, at 24 Apr xspy7yie. It's all about levels. Fury probably had another 2 or 3 gears to go if needed. Whyte had no answers. Fury made him look that bad because he is that good. Reply posted by the real craig david, at 24 Apr the real craig david. More replies 9 down. Boxing is sometimes a farce. All the hype this week when anyone could see that Whyte would get outclassed and knocked out.

Removed comment. More replies 6 down. For a nation that has produced Ali, Liston, Tyson, Frazier What has happened to the HW division in the US? Where is the next legend? Reply posted by Brian, at 24 Apr Brian. Brian replied: They play basketball etc.. More replies 27 down. Comment posted by bolabear, at 24 Apr bolabear. And the crowd goes mild. Fury fought conservativly and that showed he probably means his retirement. Whyte spurned his last and only chance. Good finish, dull bout.

Chief replied: Fury didn't get out of 2nd gear, mainly because he didn't need to.

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