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Portable air conditioner at walmart

portable air conditioner at walmart

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For the price and the discount here, this is hard deal to pass up. MARNUR is a respectable brand that offers fairly budget-friendly AC units, with many receiving favorable reviews among more popular brands. If you're dying in the heat and need something to cool off that room, this is a solid buy you'll be happy you made. As Deals Editor for T3. Holding a background in analytics and eCommerce for over 10 years, understanding just how retailers think and perform when it comes to sales is what he understands best.

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You can switch between air conditioning, heat, and dehumidifier to create just the right temperature and environment at any point in the year. Just set your target temperature and the auto-swing louvers will direct the air around the room as needed. It even has a hour timer and sleep mode so that the temperature will adjust according to your presets without the need to manually change settings. This is one of the louder models available on the market, but the addition of the heating capacity may make it worth any extra background noise that the unit creates.

While it can cool spaces up to square feet, this portable air conditioner and dehumidifier only goes up to 49 decibels of sound when used on its lowest setting. With its ultra-quiet operation and dimmable LED display, this is a great portable air conditioning unit to use in your bedroom, where you want to create an optimal sleep temperature and environment. It comes in dark gray with a black control panel. If you prefer a light and airy look to your room, this high-tech-looking unit will stand out from your decor.

With rounded edges, a matte black finish, and smart home compatibility, this portable air conditioner for LG has all of the high-tech, futuristic features that design gurus like. It offers a low profile with a sleek front, but still cools rooms up to square feet. You can control this unit from your smart home device, using an app on your smartphone, with the included remote control, or by manually adjusting the settings on the digital display.

This air conditioning unit is easy to use and offers efficient cooling and heat for a great price. Portable air conditioning units are either evaporative or non-evaporative. As their names suggest, the main difference is in how the collected condensation from the air is removed. Evaporative units let it evaporate back into the air, while non-evaporate units collect it for disposal.

Non-evaporative portable air conditioners are the most common and require you to periodically drain collected condensation or set up a drain hose into a pan, tank, or outside. Dry air cools faster and more efficiently, so setting up this kind of portable air conditioning system will help your unit run better. If you live in a humid climate, it will be necessary to use a non-evaporative unit and empty the condensation when needed.

Evaporative units are less common and best for dry climates. They do not collect condensation but let it evaporate back into the air instead. If your air tends to be dry, this type of unit will be perfect for you. One of the most important factors when choosing a portable air conditioning unit is the recommended room size.

Generally, a higher BTU rating means that the unit can cool a larger room. The humidity, temperature setting, and layout of the room will impact the overall efficiency of the unit. Some styles are available in multiple BTU options so that the same great features can work in a small or large room, depending on the particular model that you purchase.

If you choose a non-evaporative portable air conditioner unit, you will need to find a way to periodically empty the condensation. Some units have a tank or tray, while others work better with a drain hose attached to an exterior window.

The best setup for you will depend on your climate, how much condensation your air conditioner collects, and the layout of your room. While window-mounted air conditioners are excellent long-term cooling solutions, they tend to be heavier, harder to install, and less versatile than their portable alternatives.

Portable air conditioners tend to be the better option if you need to be able to move your unit from room to room, or even between buildings. Non-evaporative portable air conditioners will need to be set up near a window or vent so that their exhaust hose has somewhere to pump hot air out of your home. These units usually come with a window adapter that will create an air-tight opening for the hose. Installation generally shouldn't take longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

Evaporative portable air conditioners don't need to be hooked up to a window or vent, but they work best in a well-ventilated area. Keeping yours near an open window will prevent the room from getting too cold or clammy. When the time comes to drain your portable air conditioner which will vary depending on your model and how often you use it , you can empty the water tank manually by placing a pan under the unit and letting the water drain into it.

If your unit comes with a drainage hose, you also have the option of attaching the hose and running it down a floor drain. This article was researched and written by Katie Begley , who has been writing for The Spruce since As a writer and reviewer, she loves versatile products that are the right balance of design, affordability, and efficiency. All of the air conditioners recommended on this list provide targeted cooling capability for a single room or small apartment use, cutting down on overall cooling costs.

Evaporative Coolers. Department of Energy. By Katie Begley Katie Begley. Katie Begley is a product reviewer for The Spruce who specializes in lifestyle and parenting writing. As a mom of three, she's written about parenting and family life for At Ease Magazine, Legacy, and Monterey Bay Parent, where she was a monthly columnist. Learn more about The Spruce's Editorial Process. Nikki Elmwood is a fact-checker, editor, and proofreader with over six years of fact-checking experience.

Her areas of interest include botany, ornithology, and home improvement.

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