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C decimal separator

c decimal separator

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Learn more. How to use a coma as the decimal separator? Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. Modified 4 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 6k times. Is there any function to convert or format it? Improve this question. Roby Sottini Roby Sottini 2 2 gold badges 8 8 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

Print the integer part, print a comma, then print the value minus the integer part. Improve this answer. You have the final string in buffer, where you can use it for whatever purpose you fancy. Caution: You have to reserve space buffer to hold your biggest value. Edgar Bonet Edgar Bonet 35k 4 4 gold badges 33 33 silver badges 70 70 bronze badges.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Please have a look at the link he posted. TryParse input decimal separator different than system decimal separator. Convert commas decimal separators to dots within a Dataframe. Convert decimal to string without commas or dots. How to format number with ". Converting double to string with N decimals, dot as decimal separator, and no thousand separator.

Thousand separator without decimal separator on TextFormField flutter. Formatting tick label for the German language, i. How do I change the decimal separator in the printf command in bash? Using Razor view engine - how do I format a decimal value to have commas and two decimal places?

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Just for example; here's a sample of the code. Aug 10, at am UTC. I'm not very good when it comes to using C style strings or much of C for that matter but I put this together to handle your situation. Last edited on Aug 10, at am UTC. Aug 10, at pm UTC. Well that would work for certain situations but not all. For instance, if the number was entered as 5, and it is in English locale then it's not going to need to change the "," to a ".

I need a way to convert it depending on the computer's regional settings. Otherwise, programmers in other nations specifically countries that use , to denote a decimal would be forced to write everything with a period instead. Maybe someone else can elaborate on this, but I believe once compiled, simply changing your locale to a country that uses a comma to test the code will fix this.

Edit: I just did a bunch of research on being able to test the system's locale and I found out that the program should automatically be able to tell what locale their using and adjust number formats accordingly.

I couldn't effectively change my locale using English US to test if this is true, but it might be possible that it works. I'd suggest testing sample code on a machine with a different locale obviously Americans shouldn't be typing 0,05 and Germans shouldn't be typing 0. If not, there is a way to parse a string to convert it to the appropriate locale.

NET use the current thread Culture , which would write different strings to the output according to the locale of the PC I have checked it with visual studio console application and its not showing "," instead of ". I think its issue of culture-info. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Collectives on Stack Overflow. Learn more. C decimal separator? Ask Question. Asked 11 years, 6 months ago.

Modified 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 48k times. Improve this question. Peter Mortensen If you are unware: , is used as a decimal separator in many European countries, such as Germany, France and Italy. Perhaps you have your culture set to one of these place? I've tested this function in a console application and works ok for me. Is displayed with point Add a comment.

Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. You can make sure you get a dot by specifying the invariant culture: using System; using System.

Globalization; using System. ToString CultureInfo. InvariantCulture ; Console. WriteLine withComma ; Console. Improve this answer. Jon Skeet Jon Skeet 1. Offler: I can't reproduce that - that exact code gives me "0,3". Happened at a customers machine. Was searching the Internet to find out why Solution now found at customers pc - Windows Settings where changed. I guess Convert. ToString would be safer than d. ManirajSS: Why do you "guess" that?

In what way do you think it would be "safer"? Show 2 more comments.

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How to Change the Decimal Separator in Excel (including the Thousands Separator)


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We worry that this might easily become too complex, and in general, we want to avoid blocking UI like popups. Ideally, we can handle all scenarios more fluidly without requiring additional user action. KillyMXI We should use this issue to track improvements to this, so let's keep the conversation here until we figure out how to tackle this.

Yes, that's indeed what I had in mind. Like I said, on Windows 7's calc this worked just fine. I think most apps just use the system setting for output well to be honest, many completely ignore them but follow the principle of "be lenient in what you accept for input, but be strict of what you output".

General conference on weights and measures say: Decimal place can be either '. Examples: 10, ten Any calc documentation on numerical entry should point out the importance of numerical unambiguity across cultures, and they should be using , or. Since I just got reminded of this issue thanks to the very interesting!

If you type a number, chances are good that you will never enter thousands separators. So I think for that case it makes sense to accept both. Unless you're copying and pasting a number from somewhere else that was formatted that way ThiefMaster : I agree. That also complies with Weights and Measures, so I like your one better for typing. HowardWolosky : copy paste and typing are different code areas. I-Campbell what is the standard you are suggesting compliance to, and how is it better for end users than CLDR?

CLDR is for what the user is likely to enter, but fails to recognise that the user is a global citizen and may be copy pasting from a website from another country. I-Campbell Thanks. Some of the behavior you propose is breaking i. I would argue global citizen should have their preferences respected, and I would be cautious about re-interpreting pasted values, especially in unit conversion where it can create confusion.

Don't also forget that currently there is no way for user to edit entered numbers. This issue seems to propose both the dot and comma keys to be treated as a decimal separator, the same way Win32 calculator does it, which would on its own be a significant improvement. The discussion seems to have been focusing on resolving ambiguities, but the calculator already supports pasting values, for both "10," and " A compromise could be to make the new behavior optional.

I think nobody uses thousands separator when write a number Isn't more logicall respect the decimal separator of language configuration and ignore thousands separator? More logical, maybe, but not necessarily more convenient. The decimal separator in my language is ',', but as a programmer I'm used to use '. So I'd like to be able to use either. This pitch looks like it has everything it needs for review.

In the meantime, we'll keep this idea open for discussion so the community has the chance to provide feedback. Check out our New Feedback Process for more info on the user-centered process we follow for new feature development. I just can't copy numbers from calculator anymore: 10,, is NOT treated as ! The main problem is with the websites who check if the pasted value is ASCII characters and they just fail after I paste "," and "save the memory about my pasted values" until I hide the input field Hello AWS S3 headers parameter section!

I really don't even want such "grouping", but there is no option to disable that feature. Thank you to everyone for the great discussion on this issue. We had the chance to review the idea more closely, and we feel like we need more information before deciding whether to continue. First, the support we have today for accepting pasted values when they are formatted to align with your system settings has one key benefit--it is consistent and predictable with how numbers are represented throughout the rest of the system.

That being said, we definitely understand the user pain point this change is seeking to address. We are generally supportive of this pitch, as long as we can consistently and predictably handle pasted input regardless to what your region's thousands and decimal separators may be comma, period, space, etc. The ambiguous cases are the problem. Is "," "one hundred" or "one hundred thousand"? Thanks to folks who have proposed rules above, but we don't think we've landed on a good set of rules here.

Unlike , where there is only a possible loss of precision, making the wrong assumption here can result in huge swings in order of magnitude. We cannot think of a good way to confidently determine one way or another, so we would like to keep this idea and discussion alive and take another look once we have clearer set of rules we can follow. I think, at least for the first ambiguous paste you will have to interrupt the user. It is possible you have pasted values from one of these sources:.

Let me explain more. The real problem in my case was is not even , or I always have to remove the ','. That settings are just representation, the default must be determined by the service where I paste the number in some standard notation as I know the standard pure number with '. Sure I'm not an expert in the question, but the updated calculator made paste experience for me just painful.

The old version without additional cultural formatting was way better probably not just for me. Yeah I think copying should strip anything except the decimal point, and pasting should try to be smart - if there's only one way to parse use that, otherwise prompt the user. And when typing That will be more effective. I can see the appeal of a configuration-free and dialog-free application in the smartphone era.

But it also puts irresolvable constrains, making the app the least useful for the real world. Some level of flexibility is important to be able to integrate into workflows involving different systems developed with different mindsets As a developer, mainly working with data in culture-invariant format, but having different regional format, the current Calculator logic totally fails the reality check and rendered useless most of the times for me.

I was going to refine my parser logic suggestion before posting it here. But it looks like more fundamental roadblock have to be moved first. My suggestion is to add alternative paste command and alternative parser. Also refine existing parsers for all modes while at it. Fall-through rules inspired by comments in :. This way, the main track will remain consistent and dialog-free.

But there will be a flexible alternative to deal with real world scenarios. I also have to note that "consistent" is not "error-free". I still have to pay attention, or Calculator will ignore the decimal separator when I paste 1. That's why I would rather have a side track that I consciously choose to have all ambiguities captured and confirmed. I like KillyMXI 's suggestion. For instance, if the user pastes " Of course there would be a bit of UX work to make it nice and easy to use.

Everyone is familiar with that functionality. Can I request Standards is default paste, or is that too rude? I think there should be an option to opt for the dot to be the multiplication sign instead, as some countries like Vietnam use it like so. Do you have an example where the dot is used for multiplication but not by powers of ten? It is right in the shot above:.

For the current issue, it's sufficient to mention that in some cultures full stop can even be not a separator but a mathematical operation. Because of this issue, it's also not possible to copy results from converter to the calculator, which is very annoying. But it seems that this topic is dead, last update was almost two years ago.

While there is no definitive decision on how to handle copied numbers, the base principle of allowing for different user input is not influenced. Also it does not work if I go to Control Panel and change the decimal separator for Russian locale to point default value is comma. It still stays comma in my application. So, I have a question. Is it possible to set common decimal separator for all languages of wxLocale?

Maybe it is possible to do using non-wxWidgets way? I need to make it work at least under Windows. GetAppName ;. Post by Gry » Wed Aug 29, pm Hi. I use this code in OnInit function, but effect is: under VS after first launch of app it changes decimal separator in global locale in Control Panel it changes to dot. But it still uses comma instead of dot.

Then I close my app and launch it one more time. This time it uses dot instead of comma. But why it changes global locale settings? I think that it have to change locale settings into current application.

Under MinGW: There is just no effect.. Can anybody explain me all this things? Post by Gry » Wed Aug 29, pm I've already tried this. Under MinGW it works fine. Under MSVS it have no effect

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