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Wtb byway 700c x 40mm

wtb byway 700c x 40mm

I am keeping this review process short since this is not a brand new tire design, but rather an expansion of the size range into c from B. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WTB Byway TCS Light Fast Rolling Sg2 Tire X 40mm at the best online prices at eBay! WTB ByWay TCS c Tire - Smooth centerline for efficiency with diamond shaped outer knobs delivers a fast ride on hard surfaces and good grip in the dirt -. AEW WRESTLING Substantial improvements including Switch A is elected as the. Unlike previous versions to ensure the functionality and should Install successful Rebooting. Profile Management and from the menu.

We are not allowing any bike rentals or demos until further notice. For online customers, BikeParts. We have experienced very few delays for most of our US customers over the 2 weeks. For local online customers, you can pick up your will-call orders at Peak Cycles. Call ahead for curbside pickup or come to front door and we will grab your order for you. We are committed to slowing the spread of Covid, and to keep our customers, employees, and communities safe. We hope that this horrible situation ends soon and that everyone takes care of themselves both mentally and physically.

If you can get out and walk, hike or ride, then take advantage of it. It certainly helps with stress and anxiety during difficult times. Lastly, don't forget to stay in close contact with friends and family, especially those isolated. Thank you for reading and we wish you well. If you have any questions, please email us at contact bikeparts. Headsets Headsets Headset Parts. Unicycles and Parts. Bells and Horns Bar Ends. Cycling Accessories. I ran 40 psi pretty much all the time as I did with the Overides and they are the same volume.

Tubeless performance was as expected. We have had a lot of rain early on in the season so dry soil is not what we have. Even so, I do not expect this to be a prime choice for full time dirt use…maybe the Venture or Riddler is that tire.

I also used it on moderately paced group road rides. I never felt like I was handicapping myself in any of these conditions with the Byways. The side knobs would be useful in ruts and soft corners where some tires in this vein are very smooth all the way to the bead.

The Byways felt very linear on faster paved corners, steering with no odd transitional feelings, etc. At The Finish: I have to say that these are compelling tires for mixed surface riding in our So Cal conditions. The casing size is just enough, the tire is fast, it rides well, and has some side knobs for increased grip on looser corners.

I like them very much. They are just not as big as the hot patch says they are. And I have to say that annoys me. I have gotten used to tires being bigger than they say they are. But it has been while since I had one smaller. I understand that tire construction is a bit of a complicated thing and I guess exact sizing is a tough target to hit.

We are not being paid, nor bribed, for this review and we will always strive to give our honest thoughts and views throughout. I hear your frustration with the sizing. I wish the tire manufacturers would just give us a bead-to-bead measurement, which would be universal and not dependent on rim width.

That way everyone would be able to figure out true sizing on their own! Yesterday got my Byway They measure at 43mm installed on a 22mm rim. Hope this helps someone. The tires mounted easily and pressurized with little effort but once I put sealant in I started to notice pinholes in the sidewalls. The first night the tires went flat by morning and the pinhole count was modest. This cycle of going flat over night went on for four days and the number of pinholes exceeded a hundred.

You could clearly see a pattern consistent with the underlying fabric weave. Jim Tremblay — Sorry to hear that. I never have had any issues with WTB tires to date, but changes in manufacturing sources or practices are not out of the ordinary in the bicycle business. Sometimes these changes reflect in quality control issues. In my experience, this is not as uncommon as one would hope. In my opinion, that problem you have had, as described, is a warranty issue, unless there is more that I do not know.

Had the same issues with the Byway B x 47 … Sidewalls were punctured with dozens of little pinholes. I am using tubeless tires nearly from the beginning of the tubeless system for my MTBs and now also for the Gravel bike. Never had such perforated sidewalls. There seem to be quite a few people having the same problems.

Nevertheless, now everything is sealed, and I really like the tyres for paved and fast gravel routes. I ride them mostly on cracked pavement and packed dirt. I never learned to trust these tires. A few punctures that led to flats—thankfully never leaving me stranded—and a general feel that I could not get used to.

At about 3, miles the tires seemed to really fall apart—would not hold pressure and felt squishy as all get out. Same story with my Venture 40Cs from the season before. Have the SG2 version of this tyre in 40 well, 38 really mm, C size. Imo the Byways are great on any hard and dry surfaces: fast rolling, great grip.

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WTB Byway Gravel Tire Review

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