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Lpass black itb 7000 plus

lpass black itb 7000 plus

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Lpass black itb 7000 plus feet queen

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Lpass black itb 7000 plus 62
Lpass black itb 7000 plus Lenovo thinkpad 1920
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Arrange the cable with cable holders. The installation is completed. Page 15 Operation of the product 5. Please do not remove the SD memory card before you hear 3 scale beep sound. Page 17 Installation of the PC player 3. Click the start button and the installation will start. If the installation is finished, click the finish button. If shortcut icon appears on desktop screen, the installation is completed. Pull out the SD memory card from the main unit and insert it into the memory card reader as shown on the left picture.

Page 19 How to play the Video 4. Select the appropriate SD memory card and click the OK button. All files in the SD memory card will be loaded on the right window and playback one by one in the sequential order of recording date and time older comes first. Page 20 How to play the Video 7. The graph shown under the playback screen means the degree of X axis front and back , Y axis left and right , and Z axis up and down impacts when an event occurs.

Page 21 How to play the Video 9. Page 23 Function keys in the PC player Icon Description Go to previous or next file Jump to 10 seconds previous or after image Play Pause Play speed control 5 steps- frame by frame, x0. User Settings Capture image format You can change the default Audio recording : setting values in the menu.

I mpact sensor sensitivity : Press the value Window and select the value you want to Recording quality Page 27 How to change the user settings - Route for file save : Select or change the PC folder where you want to save the file. Page How To Change The Time Setting How to change the time setting If you need to change the time setting comparing the GMT world time zone or local summer time, you can change the time setting in the user settings menu as follows. The list of files stored is shown as per sequential order of recorded date and time.

Page 31 How to manage the recorded files 3. In case that all ordinary recording files are deleted and only the event recording files are left, the event recording files are also deleted from the oldest after remaining 30 minutes of memory capacity for newer video recording. Thereafter, by repeating the deletion of older files and the recording of newer files, it records the newest 30 minutes of video. Download the new firmware from the web site of local service provider.

Page 33 How to update the product firmware 5. Pull out the SD memory card from the PC and insert it into the product. Turn on the power and then firmware update will start automatically with the starting beep sound. In order to extend its lifetime, we recommend you to format the SD memory card periodically.

The recommendable format cycle is 2 times per week and the method of format is as follows. Page 35 How to format the SD memory card- method 2 1. Press the REC button longer than 5 seconds then format will start with short beep sound. When formatting, 3 single scale beep will sound. If the format is completed, the beep sound will stop and the product will re-boot automatically. Page 37 REV. This manual is also suitable for: Ipass black itbg.

Print page 1 Print document 37 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter niko Start date May 17, Last edited: May 17, Yooshaw Active Member. Only in Korea can they get away with such gawdy solutions. Theft isn't really an issue in Korea, mainly insurance scam and accidents.

Which is why they like obvious dash cams - prevents insurance scammers from attempting anything when they see the dashcam. The eyes are hilarious though. CAM Amazon. Dual LCD? Are we trying to entertain the thieves or what? Who on earth thinks having a 2nd glowing screen visible from the outside is a good idea? Pier28 said:. We are we trying to entertain the thieves or what? Click to expand Taking into consideration a local Korean market culture and their needs, - I think this is may be a very attractive, unique product and may have a big demand THERE, but for sure not for International Market.

Different markets - different needs. USDashCamera said:. I need to get ahold of my cousins in Korea and start getting the inside scoop. You have to be born korean to understand their "dashcam culture". They do a lot of high quality stuff but many solutions just dont make sense for western market.

I'm second generation Korean American. Half my mother's family has never left Korea. Are you fully fluent?

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ITRONICS IPASS BLACK ITB-100HD (FULL HD MODE) 2012 04 29 lpass black itb 7000 plus

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