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Choose from a large selection of wholesale touch screen smart tv for use at home and in the office. Monitors and televisions sets are available among our. See all Samsung interactive screens that enable simple touch interactions for various industries. Shop commercial touch screen signage to fit your needs. What are the best large-format touch screen displays? · 1. Chromebase · 2. Elo · 3. Leyard & Planar · 4. LG · 5. ViewSonic. NAS RACK MOUNTABLE It allows connections delivering a better in a groove. Double-click this figure, and replace it with either: 0 everything you need. Sign up or equivalent up to. We did right added to the.

These are often the highest-trafficked collision points in an office and therefore the places where employees would greatly benefit from seeing an interactive map and schedule of the workplace. Large-format displays, especially touch screen ones, help you accomplish this objective really easily.

From wayfinding and conference room booking to internal communications of all types, having touch screens in high-traffic locations will make you look like the office admin superstar you really are. You could welcome new hires, tell everyone about a new product, or roll out a brand new software tool like Robin via these screens.

Make sure you have the right stakeholders and resources to keep the screens up-to-date, and then watch as the employee experience surveys improve. No items found. Learn how Robin empowers people to do their best work. Desk Booking. Room and Space Management. Guest Experience. Employee Mobile App. Desk and Room Management. Return to Office. Introduce Hybrid Work.

Measure Demand and Utilization. Streamline your hybrid work model. Learn more. Content Library. Customer Stories. Help Center. Sign in Request a demo. The top 5 large touch screen monitors for digital signage around the office. Gabrielle Dalvet. The world of large-format, interactive displays can be overwhelming. Large touch screen display features to look for: For the best-case scenario when employees interact with a large format touch screen display in your office, we recommend looking for these qualities to make for a quick, easy and accurate experience.

What are the best large-format touch screen displays? How employee perks have evolved to meet hybrid needs See what leaders are doing to ensure their workplace thrives. Rethinking your workplace software tech stack? Consider these tools. Intro to status boards: Where to place event list and map signage in your workplace.

Subscribe to our newsletter Get the latest from Robin sent to your inbox. Hybrid work. IQTouch TB series is designed to make your meeting more effective. With interactive point touch and built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing, IQTouch TB series is helpful for facilitating presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making. All you need in a meeting are seamlessly integrated into the interactive display, just walk in and get your meeting started.

Built-in Eshare software app lets you connect your own device and cast up to 4 screens at once. Instant digital discussion board and on-screen annotation tool. Never let a single idea slip away. The thin and lightweight panel is designed for easy and hassle-free installation.

IQTouch TE series supports up to 20 points of touch, allowing multiple users to interact at the same time. With smooth and responsive touch, anyone can take notes, write and draw on the screen, making the classroom a truly collaborative space. With a lightweight slim frame design, Windows system and built-in Android 8. IQTouch TE series supports touch recognition that can differentiate your finger, and palm, then react as a pen, or eraser.

Cast your screen wirelessly to share your work or start a presentation, all with the built-in Eshare software. Get Your Discount Now. Touch Screen. IQTouch TB IQTouch TE IQTouch X.

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A Touch screen that will improve presentations and communication in the department while keeping things fun and interesting. Maybe having such an Interactive display monitor is something that is just freaking cool! And you want one. So that you can show off a bit to all your friends?

On the other hand, a small Touch Screen overlay TV could do the job also. I have found you the best options to satisfy all of your needs. You can count on me. I tried to leave no stone unturned and went for a full scale online journey, to figure out which Touch Screen monitors will satisfy you. Overall I did thorough research on around 50 of the top options out there!

And after around 10 hours of research yeah, i was brain dead after that I have to be honest with you. If you were looking for an actual TV with Touch Screen features, with which you could watch movies and different episodes. Which at the same time have some amazing Touch Screen capabilities to click on channels, fast-forward, or even open a drawing app. Then you will only find very few of such TV's currently available in the market.

The first two options in this list are exactly that. However i have found you a variety of other solutions with which you could still stream content and have a Touch Screen simultaneously. I also prepared a guide to show you, what you should be looking for when picking your Touch Screen TV. Here you can find a short summary. If you are reading this with your phone , i suggest rotating it for a better view Thanks! It has an enormous amount of functions and here are the specs:.

The TV has the the resolution quality of top TVs, and basically what 4K Ultra HD does, is it makes your images and movies much clearer and gives them this crisp feeling. By ensuring high definition crisp imaging, It's even higher resolution than HD cinematic video imaging. It is a very effective TV to use as a touch screen , which can be used on some of the smart TV's apps.

So that you can easily have multiple people controlling the screen at the same time. Or by connecting it to your Laptop, Chromebook, Mac or other devices, it will allow you to navigate through your device with touch screen capabilities, weather it is with a pen or your fingers, and allows up to around 5 users simultaneously. I shouldn't forget mentioning that the TV can vertically flip also!

Or that it is energy star certified , meaning that it is certified to using low consumption of electricity. You can stream many movies and TV series using Netflix, Hulu and other built-in apps. You will definitely love all its features and quality of streaming. You will be able to draw, play games, and control your TV easily using the Touch screen.

The Music computing LED 4K ultra HD smart display is the newer version of smart touch screen TVs, it has access to wi-fi and you can stream any of your movies and series. It is a smart TV and can connect to Google assists and Alexa also. You can say that this TV is the new version of the last TV, however it can not flip , and does not come in the super large sizes. It is a very well established TV , as many fortune company's use it for creativity sessions, teamwork enhancement, and meetings with Coworkers.

And considering it is not too expensive, it means that it could be used for home use as well , whether it is to entertain your kids with drawing sessions, or for personal use. For an interesting study showing how young children are learning from Touch screens you can click here. This TV is for whoever looked at option No.

It has all the great qualities and still can come at a size of 65" which is a perfect size for a normal household. Personally i like this TV, especially considering that it is a version and is up to date with all the software. With such amazing cheap prices, the View sonic has some drawbacks. After all, you get what you pay for. Nonetheless the monitor still functions really well and has very accurate touch screen capabilities.

Not only does it come at very cheap prices. It is a perfect option , if you want to use the Touch screen feature , and want to use it while connecting it to your Laptop, Mac, Chromebook, or other devices. You can now control everything from your Microsoft office , to your editing programmes , or even Photoshop and your graphical design programmes.

Naturally you can still stream content , however it will be from your online streaming websites that you use on your Laptop or other devices. Now keep in mind, that the smaller versions cheap versions are p quality , which will be totally fine for a small monitor. This my friend, is for you if you are looking for a budget option, if you are on a tight budget but really want a touch screen.

And you already have a laptop or other device. All you have to do is stick the Frame to your monitor, and it will automatically magically become a touch screen monitor. You will be able to draw on the screen, and control all the available functions. Whoever created this deserves some praise.

It is only natural that there are some drawbacks with the overlay Frame method. One is that you will have to have a TV screen or monitor that is not too sensitive and fragile to the touch in the first place. After all, we don't want to have a healthy TV break down because we really wanted to move stuff with our fingers. Another drawback is that the creator seems to have forgotten to adjust the frame so that it can easily stick to your device.

Most users of this frame attached their frame to their TV using a double sided tape which seemed to do the job neatly. When you already have a TV and it works perfectly fine, hopefully you know how to connect it already to your laptop. Then this option is your Go to choice. It will transform your TV into a touch screen. As long as it is not too sensitive to the touch already.

I mean, you are going to put your fingers or pen on the screen, so make sure it isn't the fragile type. The Samsung Flip is easily the best option for the office and working place. It is specially designed for such purposes and doesn't come at crazy high prices like other office touch screens do.

Additionally, we also have a lot of options for smart tv touch screens which are great to incorporate into home entertainment systems and allow users to surf the net, send messages on more right from their living room. Look through Alibaba. Start ordering today from our suppliers and ask them for more information if needed. Supplier Types. Product Types. Ready to Ship. Hong Kong S. New Zealand. Taiwan, China. United States. After-sales Service. Aspect Ratio. Products Status. Receiving System. Screen Size.

Wide Screen Support. Touch Screen Tv products available. Contact Supplier. High quality full hd 32 inch touch screen pc tv all in one pcap touch screen monitor Ready to Ship. Ready-to-ship Products 1 din car stereo touch screen tv 10 inches car stereo touch screen tv android car stereo touch screen tv bluetooth car stereo touch screen tv car gps stereo touch screen tv car stereo android touch screen tv car stereo touch screen tv car stereo touch screen tv 9inch mini touch screen tv smart android touch screen tv suzuki car stereo touch screen tv big discount tv led big flat screen tv cheap big tv 40 big tv

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