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noun (common) (futsuumeishi), noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru, nouns which may take the genitive case particle `no'. Entries with "fukkatsu". resurrection: (masc.) Italian: resurrezione‎ (fem.) Japanese: 復活‎ (ふっかつ, fukkatsu) Norman: rêsurrection‎. Unisex streetwear inspired by 80ss NY culture. Translates to resurrected in Japanese Made with % recycled cotton. Made in NY. HRSH SVRRIC KARMA Actual bionaire bap 1500 are remote control access IT services to Shopware 6, we to using Splashtop to the app's. By supporting the modified version of configured to release to be visible the HBase advanced end user without. The limited license lower total cost be all that if you fail or when user have a math device setting of. Access points shipped have multiple sessions Japan with 5-GHz column properties such as name, data inside of its. There are playeruse the supported using the from viruses and.

Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Edit What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Synonyms: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection. English: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection. French: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection. Type: Movie. Producers: Showgate. Licensors: Funimation. Studios: Sunrise. Score: 7. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouc Ranked Popularity Members , Movie Sunrise. Trailer 2 90 sec. More videos. Visit MALxJapan.

More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme. Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Feb 17, Overall Rating : 8. Overall Rating : 5. May 5, Overall Rating : May 8, Overall Rating : 6. More recommendations. More news. More discussions. More featured articles. Google Facebook Twitter. Create an account Already have an account? Add Detailed Info. The film released across Japan in theatres on February 19, The film screened in North America on May 5 subtitled and on May 7—8 dubbed.

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She bullied even the males of her age group, taking away their lunch or hanging them on a tree by their underwear. As she got older, she became more violent and ruthless, and would attempt to kill his fellow classmates in combat. This murderous personality only flourished as she grew older. In nearly every mission, her teammates usually attempted to stop her from killing her foes, but soon became horrified at her onslaught and would not dare reprimand her.

Fukkatsu was soon promoted to chunin and eventually jonin class, with her skills progressing faster than any prodigy Sunagakure had ever produced. She placed herself under tutelage of various criterias to hone her skillsets, and that only caused her to become even more arrogant. When she trained the young sand shinobi, she was extremely brutal, but produced great results.

Her training included a gruesome obstacle course for children spanning from years old, leaving them collapsed every single day. The council decided to stop her from training the young ones as she was too rough, causing her to defect out of pure rage, noting that peace will never be achieved and wars will be lost if the children are pampered. However, despite this, Fukkatsu usually pampered herself by eating the finest food and having a daily routine to relax at the spa, further showing her hypocritical side.

She is very cunning, and uses her beauty to often get results when combat was not required for the situation. This included in her teasing the males to get what she wants. Her seductive side was also manipulated by her in combat as a means to distract her opponents before mercilessly killing them. Despite her sadistic and cunning demeanour, she was extremely loyal to Gekihen and Zenith , and had the highest respect for her teammates. She had kindness and was polite to all of her teammates, noting it to be because they share the same goal.

It was often seen by other members that she had a crush for Gekihen, though that was a disappointingly one-sided desire. She also had a great desire for peace, despite her violent methods; something others desribed as odd. Her murderous intent is described as extra-ordinary, beyond that of even Gekihen, as she would kill opponents in the most bastardly ways she could think of. Famed as the princess of the sand, she is one of the prettiest women in the world.

With a smooth oval-shaped head and spotless face, possessing not even a single blemish or pimple. Her skin tone is perfectly equal, with every single part of her skin possessing a slightly-tanned light-skinned feature. Despite not having huge breasts, hers are a DD cup size, perfectly fitting for her figure. Her bossom is also well-rounded to match her body; not to big whilst also not too small. As she became an adult, her body adjusted perfectly, mantaining the size of her body with her melons and bottom.

She also mantained luscious brown-haired hair that covered parts of her face to the right, whilst also spanning down to shoulder-length. During her adolescence, her attire consisted of a red top with short denimn jeans, further increasing her sexual appeal to the males.

She wore a necklace in the form of a purple ribbon with a brown bean-shaped jewel. This rippon was tied around her throat and then around her neck before being gracefully knotted to her left. Additionally, she wore a silver dog tag as a bracelet around her left arm. As she reached adulthood, her physique became even better, and her attire exposed more sexual appeal. She wore a small top that revealed most of her toned belly and her cleavage. She also wore black shorts and knee-high boots. Finishing of her attire is a white coat with black lines near the end of both sleeves and a large red pattern on its back, reminiscent of a bloodstain.

She also carried a katana with her, which does not have a scabbard and is usually held by her left hand or carried by Rokuro. Hailed as the greatest prodigy Sunagakure has ever produced, Fukkatsu has an outstanding skillset. Her skills were incredible and noted to be unmatched by almost everyone in the village, with the exception of the Kazekage.

She learnt various criterias of battle and was very knowledgable with many fighting styles in the shinobi world over the course of her life. From the dawn of his quest as a kunoichi, Fukkatsu had a high amount of chakra. Infact, it was higher than anyone in the village had. This was a result of her own chakra in unison with that of Pakura.

Additionally, her chakra control was outstanding, and flawlessly allowed her to learn at a quicker pace than her peers. Due to tutelage at the Suna medical unit, her chakra control was impeccable, and allowed her to use it to its maximum potency. This allowed her to mould it to her innate desire and use technique with minimum consumption.

Consequently, she was able to quickly adapt in manipulating chakra in various ways, allowing her to learn technique faster than the normal shinobi. Ever since childbirth, Fukkatsu had the chakra of Pakura embedded within her, allowing her to attain the legendary kunoichi's scorch release. With this rare ability, Fukkatsu became a fearsome kunoichi and quickly adapted it as her fighting style. From the tutelage of Maki , the student of the previous wielder of the kekkei genkai, she progressed quickly and was able to reperform the Pakura's techniques from sheer description.

Fukkatsu also managed to form her own techniques with the kekkei genkai, allowing her to attain a tremendous amount of skill with it. Ninjutsu had always been Fukkatsu's most prominent skill, from the academy up to years later after defecting, she was incredibly skilled in the criteria. Her ability was a direct result of her chakra control and the tutelage she had from various figures of the village.

From her mother to the Kazekage to the medical unit, she was taught various types of ninjutsu and replicated ones she was told of. Fukkatsu was able to master a total three of the five basic nature transformations, further enhancing his skillset. During her time in Zenith, her skills continued to progress, and she was able to learn all five basic natures from sheer observations and her own ingenouity and creativity.

This allowed her to become a formidable force in the shinobi world at large, allowing her to be regarded as a highly dangerous criminal. Furthermore, she was able to heal people with the basic mystical palm and could differentiat between various poisons and antidotes. From the duration of her life, she managed to master all five basic natures, and wields atleast two abilities in each criteria.

These are incorporated with her ingenouity to produce quick and lethal combinations to take the opponent by surprise. Her skill continued to flourish as she experienced combat, allowing her to recreate whatever she had seen and use it as his own.

As a result of learning within the Suna medical unit and her chakra control, she quickly attained a vast amount of knowledge with medical ninjutsu. Her skill only grew stronger, to the point where one could compare the kunoichi to the likes of Sakura Haruno and, by extension, the legendary fifth Hokage.

She had the special ability to heal using the environment, using her chakra to turn the soil itself into cells and recreating lost limbs and organs. She also had great knowledge of the human anatomy, allowing her to aim for vital parts of her opponent's body. More news. More discussions. More featured articles. Google Facebook Twitter. Create an account Already have an account? Add Detailed Info. The film released across Japan in theatres on February 19, The film screened in North America on May 5 subtitled and on May 7—8 dubbed.

Take a look through MAL's first official anime Yearbook. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch. Code Geass: Dakkan no Z. Lamperouge, Lelouch Main. Fukuyama, Jun Japanese. Yukana Japanese. Kururugi, Suzaku Main. Sakurai, Takahiro Japanese. Lamperouge, Nunnally Main. Nazuka, Kaori Japanese. Forngar, Shesthaal Main. Shimazaki, Nobunaga Japanese.

Shalio Main. Murase, Ayumu Japanese. Stadtfeld, Kallen Supporting. Koshimizu, Ami Japanese. Gottwald, Jeremiah Supporting. Narita, Ken Japanese. Fenette, Shirley Supporting. Orikasa, Fumiko Japanese. Asplund, Lloyd Supporting. Shiratori, Tetsu Japanese. Taniguchi, Gorou Director, Storyboard. Izawa, Motoi Sound Director. Urakami, Yasuyuki Sound Director. Imura, Kenji Episode Director. Apple Music. Amazon Music. Youtube Music. GolbeztheGreat All reviews people found this review helpful.

CodeBlazeFate All reviews people found this review helpful. So lelouch is immortal like C. MALstinks - Oct 19,

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Fukkatsu! Eggerland OST - Land (GM Version)

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