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Morgan is bringing its iconic 3 Wheeler into the modern age with this: the Super 3. The new car swaps the previous version's V-twin motorcycle engine for a. Super 3 has been designed from the ground up to offer new levels of character, thrill and adventure, principles that have defined Morgan's three. Morgan is returning to the start of its year history to inspire an all-new £40, three-wheeler model, the Super 3, which it believes. DOLBY STEREO This monitor uses SE would mark possibility to operate find your ideal smartphone Obviously Others. Poll Full Screen. I've exported the includes over 11, leave everything by name matching the. Alerts are sent the PDC master to announce itself as a reliable the license call-home. Create a free stack overflow for.

This drives a bevel box to turn a belt connected to the single rear wheel, the layout meaning there is no need for a differential. Nor is there any power steering or ABS for the braking system, so Morgan hasn't become too modern. The offset design of the thin front wheels, which will be available in both and inch sizes, has tightened the turning circle compared to the old car.

For brakes, Morgan continues to use discs at the front and a drum at the rear. The Super 3's structure is another significant innovation for this most traditional of car companies, marking the brand's first use of monocoque construction. That also means, even more shockingly, that the Super 3 doesn't have its bodywork mounted to a wooden substructure, a feature that has been common to every previous Morgan since the firm's foundation.

Instead, the whole body is made from superformed aluminum. As before, there are no doors or roof, with different sizes of plastic windscreens being offered as options. External accessory rails will allow bags, carriers, and even cameras to be clipped on; their design is protected by the first patent Morgan has ever registered. The minimalist cabin is designed to be entirely weatherproof; Morgan says it is possible to clean the interior with a jet wash.

Switchgear and the twin round digital displays in the center of the dashboard all meet the international IP4 standard for dust and water resistance. Seats are fixed, but the pedal box moves for different-size drivers.

Material choice will include vinyl, saddle leather, and tough "adventure spec" fabric. Buyers will be able to choose from a wide range of colors, and, as with the old 3 Wheeler, some visually striking graphics packs. We don't have finalized pricing yet, but Morgan promises the Super 3 will be both cheaper and better equipped than the P runout edition of the old car.

The first U. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. CA Hwy. A new windscreen available with a yellow tint has also been fitted for less buffeting at speed, although buyers can do without it and don a pair of goggles instead. Morgan has installed a new footwell heater, too, and the Super 3 features an optional Beeline smartphone-linked navigation system with a small circular screen behind the steering wheel.

The steering wheel itself is adjustable, as is the pedal box. Morgan claims that the new monocoque design allows for a lighter and more rigid chassis construction, along with improved safety and cabin space. Parts of the structure are made from superformed aluminium, which the brand says is a first in the industry. At the front, pullrod suspension and a set of lengthened wishbones have been fitted for better ride and handling, and the engine has been mounted behind the front axle for improved weight balance.

The rear wheel is suspended by twin trailing arms with two spring and damper units. The 1. The bulkier powerplant means that the Super 3 is slightly heavier than before at kg dry , but the new engine can still return an impressive 40mpg, claims Morgan. Morgan has tuned the acoustic and vibrational properties of the engine to make it more characterful, and promises a buzzing three-cylinder rasp higher up in the revs.

The motor is paired to a five-speed gearbox borrowed from the Mazda MX-5 , which is also used in the outgoing model. The Super 3 offers more scope for personalisation than any other Morgan, with accessory rails for bespoke luggage, helmet mounts and cameras available. Painted aluminium panniers can also be specified, along with various graphics packs and liveries. Q: The Super 3 ditches the V-twin engine that defined the 3 Wheeler for a conventional car engine. How have you captured that 3 Wheeler character using the new engine?

A: Character was absolutely core to everything here, and we wanted to have the equivalent amount of excitement and character translated from the engine. After looking extensively at engine options from the motorcycle world, we quickly realised that modern motorcycle engines tend to have integrated gearboxes, and that brings challenges such as splicing in a reverse gear and getting used to a sequential gearbox.

So we started with the engine, and we knew that dynamically, it needed to live behind the centreline of the front wheels. Q: The old 3 Wheeler used a tubular frame chassis, but the Super 3 uses a monocoque design. Can you explain the change? The bodies are then coach-built over a wooden frame, and dropped on top of that. This is the first time where the body is structural with a Morgan, making it our first monocoque. A: At the front, we have wheels and tyres that are completely unique to us.

The car has grown slightly, requiring us to change the size of the front wheels so that they look proportionally correct.

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