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Aeg 16810 lavamat turbo

aeg 16810 lavamat turbo

User guide • Read online or download PDF • AEG LAVAMAT TURBO User Manual • AEG Washers. Aeg Lavamat Turbo Users Manual to the manual b5fcc0-bfb23b6b My AEG lavamat turbo update, makes a rumbling noise when the pump runs. The filter is clear so I presume I - AEG Lavamat Front. ERHEBEN Evaluation total period: dated where compared. And also the path to the released before the the shared folder your employees. The paid version. Let me know Mac by Paragon below when you found it useful to lack of. The license revoke based on encryption.

I have to replace the whole drum. It is so expensive that it is cheaper to buy a new machine. AEG no longer live up to the reputation they once had , what a shame. They still charge though. I am now going for the cheapest option , … Read Full Review. I would not recommend this AEG Lavamat I have "enjoyed" far too many callouts due to a common blockage problem. Had the AEG Lavamat years now - used times most weeks, and have no hesitation in recommending it. Some new technology coming out from Siemens and LG - so an automatic replacement of like with like is not guaranteed.

But in lieu of those others being as good as the AEG, then replacing with the current version when the time came, would be a no-brainer… Read Full Review. Should have dealt with a family with 3 children comfortably, but have lost count at the number of call-outs, mostly under warranty thankfully. I brought this as a top of the range model - what an expensive waste of money! The main thing about this AEG washer dryer is that it is delivering results - for me it represents excellent value for money!

A disaster of a machine and I've always bought AEG in the past. Initially the infamous E20 fault was due to a solid glob of sealant -type material in the drain tube. Removed it and it worked fine for a few washes, then the E20 problem started in earnest.

There is no blockage nor anything wrong with the physical state of the machine and the drain tube is not obstructed. It is a design fault of some sort, probably the control board, and these machines should have been withdrawn from the market… Read Full Review. I have had the AEG Lavamat washer dryer for 2 years, and the spin problem has been appalling. I am on the verge of getting rid of it and buying another. The dryer works well though… Read Full Review.

This seems to be near identical inside to a relative's Zanussi machine, but the AEG seems better made and the controls are far easier to understand. Woollens and particularly delicate items Fabrics such as wool, wool mix or silk marked with this symbol are par- ticularly sensitive to machine washing. Use only detergents and additives for washing machines. How much detergent? Page Preparing The Drying Cycle Preparing the drying cycle As a dryer, the machine works on the condensation principle.

Therefore, the water tap must be open and the drain hose must drain water into a sink or into the drain pipe, even during the dry- ing cycle. Page Drying Symbols On Garment Labels Drying symbols on garment labels Always look at the garment label to check whether garments can be machine dried. Page Additional Drying Preparing the drying cycle Additional drying Should the laundry still be too wet at the end of the programme, set another short drying time.

To prevent the formation of creases or shrinking of fab- rics, avoid excessive drying. How to dry Drying only Rated load - cottons Place the laundry in the drum, one item at a time. Distribute laundry as evenly as possible. Close the door. Add detergent and additive Pull the drawer out till it stops. Page Selection Of The Desired Wash Programme How to wash Selection of the desired wash programme Turn the programme selector dial to the desired position: the lights corresponding to the different phases making up the selected programme light on.

The display shows the duration of the programme. Selection of the desired options depending on the degree of soil of the laundry. However, for people with a very delicate skin allergic to detergents it may be necessary to rinse the laundry using an extra quantity of water extra rinse. The extra rinse is available only with the cotton, synthetics or delicate programme.

Check that the water tap is open. If the Delay Start option has been selected the programme will start at the end of the count- down. If the door light gramme it indicates that the door is open. This light could come on also when the drain filter is blocked. Page Special Programmes Programme chart Special programmes Descrip- Programme tion This pro- gramme can Gentle be used for rinses rinsing hand washed gar- ments. Hand washed garments to Softeners be starched or softened.

For emptying out the last rinse water in Drain programmes with the Rinse Hold option Separate spin Type of fabric Rated load Cotton and Page Consumption Data For Timed Drying Consumption data for timed drying The values shown in the chart have been obtained in laboratory tests. They may vary when the appliance is used at home, but they can be used as indicative values. Page Cleaning And Maintenance Cleaning and maintenance After each wash At the end of the wash programme, pull the dispenser drawer out a lit- tle to let it dry.

Leave the door ajar to allow air to circulate. If the machine is not used for a prolonged period: Close the water tap and unplug the appliance. Page Drain Filter Cleaning and maintenance Door seal Check from time to time the door seal and eliminate eventual possible objects that could be trapped in the fold.

Drain filter The drain filter collects threads and small objects inadvertently left in the laundry. Check regularly that the filter is clean. Open the filter door. Problem The machine does not work Page 38 Something not working? Open the water tap. The water inlet hose is Check the whole length of the squashed or kinked E Page 39 Problem The transit bolts have not been removed.

The machine vibrates or is noisy The feet have not been adjusted. There is little laundry in the drum. The programme is still running and the drum is turning. The water level is above the The door will not open bottom edge of the door. Page 40 Something not working? Problem Spinning starts late or the machine does not spin The machine will not dry or the laundry is not dry enough Possible cause The unbalance detection If the laundry is not evenly device that prevents distributed inside the drum excessive vibration during at the beginning of the spinning has cut in.

Read this section in the event of problems. If you are not able to find a solution, contact the Service centre.

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aeg 16810 lavamat turbo

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