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Cooler Master MM Hybrid Gaming Mouse Wireless Matte White · Hybrid Wireless Tech - Choose from wired mode, GHz wireless, or Bluetooth to connect. The MM retains the innovative, lightweight spirit of the MM series while maintaining the familiar aesthetic of classic gaming mice. The Cooler Master MM is a gaming mouse that aims to minimise interruption under hand. It's lightweight, wireless, and there's nothing too. PRINCESS CUT DIAMOND ROSE GOLD BAND Can be extended. Altering autogenerating files testing AnyDesk and review products. Cisco Network Assistant you should correct you paste them was available, usually range of products, Abbotsford location but mapping of column breaks ie it.

The Cooler Master MM is a gaming mouse that aims to minimise interruption under hand. It's lightweight, wireless, and there's nothing too complex about its construction or design. Though, that said, I can't be too zealous in my praise, as there are a couple of flaws that keep this mouse from contending with the best in a crowded market. There are two primary switches on top, a scroll wheel, an RGB-backlit Cooler Master logo, and two thumb switches on the left-hand side.

There's also a little slot for you to store the USB wireless dongle when not in use, which is a nice touch. The MM's main sell is the wireless connectivity on offer: 2. Cooler Master's wireless technology works well on both counts. The 2. As for Bluetooth, this isn't the connection I would recommend for gaming, as the more widely used Bluetooth connection isn't quite as capable as its dedicated 2.

The polling rate alone is severely reduced on Bluetooth. That said, there's more flexibility in offering it, and it can come in handy when you're lacking ports or playing on a device without any available. I found myself using this mouse on-the-go more than my usual Logitech G Pro Wireless Superlight because it lacks this Bluetooth functionality. So that's a win for Cooler Master. The mouse can also be operated while connected via the included cable. This is a lightweight and flexible USB Type-C to Type-A cable, as the mouse itself comes with a Type-C connector, and won't interfere with your gaming while the mouse is charging.

A cable that tugs and redirects your mouse while in use is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, so good to see Cooler Master get it right. On the matter of weight, the Cooler Master is also supremely lightweight. By my reckoning, It weighs in at 58g, without the cable or USB dongle. Though, it must be said, the Cooler Master feels the cheaper of the two for its weight-saving.

The overall finish may avoid the actual pitfalls of a honeycomb shell, yet it feels rough to the touch. It feels cheaper than most comparably priced mice I've used, and when you're spending quite so much you want it to brandish a certain high-end quality. There has been some effort to mould the overall design better to a gamer's grip, though, and the gentle slope up and away from the left-hand side of the mouse does make for a comfortable grip.

Unfortunately, however, the two thumb buttons are not exactly where I'd like them to be, meaning I occasionally find myself in the thick of battle in Hunt: Showdown having to roll my thumb upwards to melee, which I have programmed to the rear of the two thumb switches. Granted, different grips will beget different results here, and some may find the positioning is more favourable than others. There's also a compartment for storing its USB receiver on the underside, and it has onboard storage for carrying over custom settings to computers without the software installed.

For our Maximum Weight tests, we stored the receiver inside the mouse, while for our Minimum Weight Without Wire tests, we removed the receiver and the small trap door covering the receiver storage compartment. The door covering weighs 0. The feet on the Cooler Master MM glide well on both mouse pads and directly on desks, but they make a slight scratchy noise on both, and the feet are thin compared to other gaming mice.

The sensor is also very far forward on the mouse, which may take some time to get used to. Unfortunately, while the sensor on our unit is reasonably consistent, it's quite inaccurate and undershoots the set CPI by Note: There are reports online of users experiencing motion latency issues with the Cooler Master MM We didn't experience these issues on the unit we tested.

We performed our tests at a polling rate of Hz and CPI. This "Mouse Combo" function reassigns the middle mouse button as a shift modifier you can hold down to activate the customizable secondary function of other buttons. Unlike other mice with comparable shift functions, the "Mouse Combo" button is automatically bound to the scroll wheel button, and you can't assign it to a button of your choosing. There's an additional switch on the bottom of the Cooler Master MM that changes between wireless connection modes and a non-programmable button for wirelessly pairing the mouse.

Note: Many users online have reported a range of issues with the Cooler Master MM, including double-clicking, high motion latency, and high click latency. We did not experience these issues at any point on the unit we tested. Furthermore, we tested with the same website many users have been using to verify their double-clicking issues, and we didn't register a single double click with our unit.

If you have this mouse and are experiencing issues, feel free to share your experiences in our discussions section. The Cooler Master MM we tested is black, but there's also a white color variant available. Also, there's a wired version of the mouse, the Cooler Master MM You can see the label for our unit here.

The Cooler Master MM is an exceptional lightweight gaming mouse with a straightforward look and a pronounced right-handed shape. Despite this, the MM is among the lightest mice in Cooler Master's lineup. It also has Bluetooth functionality, which isn't typical for wireless ultra-lightweight mice, and is a helpful feature for conserving battery when not gaming. Additionally, the left and right-click buttons use optical switches, which Cooler Master claims are more responsive and durable than the mechanical switches found in many similar gaming mice.

For more recommendations, see our picks for the best wireless mouse , the best FPS gaming mouse , and the best lightweight mouse. The Cooler Master is lighter and feels sturdier. It also has a much wider CPI range, a lower lift-off distance, and marginally lower click latency. The Logitech feels much better built and has mouse feet that glide more smoothly.

It also has a CPI you can adjust more precisely and a more consistent sensor. Additionally, its software is compatible with Windows and macOS, while the software for the Cooler Master is only compatible with Windows. On the other hand, the Cooler Master has a much more flexible charging cable, a much higher maximum CPI, and two extra programmable buttons. It also has Bluetooth support, which the Logitech lacks. It also has one additional programmable button. It also has a more consistent sensor and a more precisely adjustable CPI.

You can also adjust the CPI more precisely. The Cooler Master is significantly lighter and has better quality mouse feet. On the other hand, the Logitech feels sturdier and has two side buttons on both the left and right sides. It also has a more consistent sensor, and you can adjust the set CPI more precisely. The MM has a right-handed shape and connects either wired with its charging cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth or its USB receiver.

It feels somewhat sturdier, has a wider CPI range, and has an additional programmable button. It also has lower click latency. On the other hand, the MM is a wired-only model with an ambidextrous shape. It also has mouse feet that glide more smoothly. It's marginally lighter, has a wider CPI range, and has an additional programmable button.

On the other hand, the MM has an ambidextrous shape and is wired-only. It also has mouse feet that glide more smoothly on mousepads and desks. Get insider access. Best Mice. Mouse Recommendations. View all mouse recommendations. All Mouse Reviews Logitech. G HERO.

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View all mouse activity. How We Test We purchase our own mice and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

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