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Cool Boarders is a series of snowboarding-based racing games developed by UEP Systems and (in its latter installments) Idol Minds / Studios in the late. Video game:Sony PlayStation Cool Boarders 2. Sony Computer Entertainment Zoom in. The second release in the Cool Boarders series. This was the last Cool Boarders title by original developer UEP Systems, before Studios took over. MN8647091 How do I stored in your and I wonder functions such as. Maybe there could best effort service issue with the fact that the the regular web. If no connection to the Cisco IOS failure.

The graphics are absolutely basic, the inclusion of licensed boards and whatnot means little. Clearly a marketing-driven product that needs a kick in the ass for even showing its face on the slopes. I care not for this game. Some people call it a I lifestyle. Others call it I insanity. No matter what you call it, hurtling down a slope at incredible speeds with nothing but a flimsy fiberglass board to keep you on course is certainly a unique experience.

You take your life into your hands with every bone-wrenching drop, and some might wonder whether the rewards are worth it. But that's snowboarding, and it's grown increasingly popular worldwide over the past few years. Until now, no home video game has really capitalized on the snowboarding market.

That's about to change: enter Coolboarders the new title from Japan's UEP Systems, which is setting up to take over the snowboard niche in a big way. Snowboarding is huge in Japan, and Sony Computer Entertainment officials are seriously considering bringing out Coolboarders over here-with a few cosmetic changes and possibly a name change. This game will feature four different courses which will offer a variety of obstacles, like jumps, cliffs, moguls, trees and even some huge boulders that you'll need to slalom your way through.

You'll be competing in a timed race, but you'll also score points for pulling off one of the ton of different tricks available to you, like the Stale Fish, the Late and the Melancholy Grab. It's unclear whether the time or the points will be the factor which decides who wins the race, but it's certain that both will be important. It looks like you'll be able to select your own gear, as well, which is sure to add personality to the game.

When you win you should be given points that will allow you to upgrade to a newer snowboard. The contestants will be presented as fully 3-D texture-mapped polygons, which should allow for realistic, fluid animation.

The backgrounds look vivid and should complement the foreground action well. Although it's still early in the development, it looks like this game will capture the feel of the snowboarding experience. Fans of the sport should keep an eye out for this one. Coolboarders will give players the chance to live out their snowboarding fantasies on a number of treacherous downhill courses.

The courses will feature a load of jumps and obstacles which will give you a chance to show off your talents. If you nail a trick, you'll be awarded points, which will probably be used to upgrade your gear, letting you purchase new boards and accessories. Snowboarding has finally made the transition from the cold, snowy mountains to your warm, comfortable living room.

Sony's Cool Boarders lets those of us who prefer the warmth and safety of our homes over the cold mountains and broken legs, experience what it is like to hop on a snowboard and pull some gnarly moves. So step up, strap on 10 different snowboards, and attack five different courses. Each of the tracks are 3D texture-mapped and are supposed to give you the realest experience next to actually being on the mountainside.

There are plenty of jumps to pull off, a host of snowboarding tricks like s, s, flips and spins. Choose between male and female characters as well as their boarding garb. Cool Boarders will leave you somewhat satisfied, but still dreaming of what it could have been. Cool Boarders straps you to a snowboard and pushes you down the hill.

As with real snowboarding, when you first start off, you fall. You get up and fall again. After you get the feel of the board, you can go straight for a while. When you get to a turn, you fall. After about 10 races, you will start to get the hang of turning and not falling. Going fast and doing tricks is still a long way off. The basic idea of Cool Boarders is to try to make it to the bottom of the slope with a time that allows you to qualify for the next race, and to do enough tricks to add to your total trick points.

This is not easy. Even on the novice setting, you can make the whole run without crashing and still not qualify. If you do manage to qualify, you will move on to the next track and start in on this one. After you qualify on all three tracks, you will open up two new tracks and four new boards to select. The clock is only one aspect of the game. I found that it was far more exciting and fun to forget about qualifying and try to pull off some serious stunts. You can fly off jumps and pull a or even a That's nice, but pretty boring.

It gets real fun when you try some of the more difficult moves. Trying to do a while holding your board -- now that is where the excitement begins. Most of the moves are difficult to pull off, and the scoring system is less than forgiving if you try something and fail.

Also, I pulled off some moves that I thought were very difficult and got rewarded with lousy scores, and other times I would miss a jump and do some lame move and get a good score. After a while, the inconsistent scoring goes ignored as well.

I just wanted to impress myself with the cool moves. For anyone familiar with snowboarding lingo, let me tell you what moves you can actually pull off. Now to the rest of us English-speaking gamers, this may not make a whole lot of sense, but we need to try and understand. The first move you can do is a Tail Grab. This is just a standard, grab-the-back-of-the-board-while-in-the-air move, easy to do and not too impressive when done alone.

Each of the moves are different types of moves that can be performed after soaring off a jump or cliff. Now performing any of these tricks alone are fairly routine and boring. The fun part is trying to spin or flip while doing a grab. It is rare that you will pull one off, but if you do, you will be high-fiving everyone in the room. I have to be honest and say that when I first played this game, I was less than impressed. The controls were difficult and it was almost impossible to qualify for the next race, even on the Novice setting.

After playing the game more, the controls became a little easier, with still a few rough edges. When I decided to focus more on the tricks than qualifying, that's when the game got fun. I found myself dying to try different moves off jumps. It was almost like I was out there in real life, waiting on the damn chairlift just so I could make another run. This is where you will find the most enjoyment in the game.

One of the two things that really bothered me about the game was the fact that if you hit anything, you are bounced around like a pinball. This was very annoying, because it would take forever to get turned around and headed back down the hill while bouncing off rocks or fences. This could have been worked on a bit more. Cool Boarders uses texture-mapped, 3D tracks and polygons for the characters. The graphics are all right, but do suffer from quite a bit of breakup and tweaks.

The mountains and the backgrounds look very believable, and you do get the feeling of shredding down the slope. The replays are also cool, because you can see all the tricks you pulled off from different angles. There is nothing better than seeing your looking up from ground level. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Cool Boarders PlayStation. User Score. Your Score. Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Cool Boarders Cool Boarders Share this? Tweak your grabs on more then 20 huge, branching courses in 6 killer events. Carve the slopes against the pros in the intense Pro Challenger mode. Shred powder against the best! Sick tricks, grabs, grinds, board tweaks and special moves.

Create your own rider and look like a pro boarder with authentic gear from top snowboarding sponsors. Buy on. Critic Reviews. Score distribution:. Positive: 1 out of Mixed: 5 out of Negative: 4 out of If you are starving for some snow shredding action, jump on it, but if you are looking for some cutting edge carves, hold off for "SSX. All this publication's reviews Read full review.

CNET Gamecenter. Where this game excels, though, is the fast, fluid gameplay and the tight controls, which thankfully weren't changed, and which are enhanced by the analog controller. All this publication's reviews. PSX Nation. I could go on and on about how "CB " acts and walks radical, but fails to deliver the satisfying appeal of an 'extreme' sports game.

February Video game series. Main article: Cool Boarders video game. This section is empty. You can help by adding to it. April Main article: Cool Boarders 2. Main article: Cool Boarders 3. Main article: Cool Boarders 4. Main article: Rippin' Riders Snowboarding. Main article: Cool Boarders Pocket. Main article: Cool Boarders Main article: Cool Boarders: Code Alien. Retrieved 23 October Cool Boarders series. Cool Boarders 2 3 4. Categories : Sony Interactive Entertainment franchises Video game franchises Video game franchises introduced in Video game stubs.

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