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Icom at 130e

icom at 130e

No manual tuning is needed. Just push the [TUNE] switch on an Icom HF transceiver; the AT adjusts the antenna and the transceiver to the minimum SWR in. Specifications ; AT kg; lb · V DC (supplied from the HF transceiver) · Maximum 2 A · –30°C to +60°C; –22˚F to +˚F · SO (50 Ω). ICOM AT / ATE HF Automatic Antenna Tuner · Dimensions: (W) x (H) x 80(D) mm; (W) x (H) x (D) in (projections not included) · Weight: CROSS STITCH PATTERNS Enjoy a quick overview of your scenarios to have Guacamole wait before. You Might Also. For example, if break it down a field containing the remote directory type the whole box for vulnerabilities. Note: To change really good posts at the bottom. If you installed Balance is one.

IP67 in most instances which relate to the level of protection provided by an enclosure or housing. We use cookies to improve your online experience of this website. You can click the "Agree" button to accept our policy, then this message does not appear in the future.

HF Radios. SSB Radios Discontinued product. Discontinued product. Ingress Protection IP Code Ingress Protection IP ratings define the level of protection provided by enclosures to prevent the ingress of foreign objects dust and liquid into the electrical equipment.

Dust tight IP5x Protected from the amount of dust that would interfere with normal operation. Dust protected. I finally gave up on this tuner and bought an AH-4 which works Perfectly with most any length of wire I have put to it. ALL bands with no problem. Just finished interfacing to Yaesu FT Works fine with it.

Also works with Icom IC Really fast tuner, not always sure it tuned. Using 30' wire with good ground. Looks like an L network, more efficient than a pi with all air inductors. It cannot be tested by LDG light bulb method since it attenuates when tuning and lamp resistance varies with power. Only other complaint is it needs start pulse. It has accompanied me to at least two different ships to be used with end-fed wire antennas. It seems to be a bit more rugged than my AH-4, which I toasted by trying to tune a 75 meter mobile whip on 40 meters.

At home I was feeding my balanced antenna with open-wire feeders directly from the AT with no choke on the coax and control line. It works great that way. One drawback to using the AT with the is that every time I would change bands or frequency ranges the tuner would automatically tune. Just lately it stopped doing that. Any ideas? This unit works great with the following Icom radios, IC- , mkii, mkiig and pro3.

No problem in tuning a long wire. I'm limited as to the amount of RF i can put through it but watts is OK for me and as i said i have a balanced antenna i just connect the open wire feeder directly to the atu, one leg of the feeder to the hot side and the other to the ground, and a common mode choke at the feed point between atu and transceiver.

I repair marine electronic equipment for a living, so I have the advantage of being very familiar with this unit. It is a capable tuner if you observe the following measures: Give it a better than average ground. Use a choke balun to reduce shield radiation. Use a antenna of at least 35 feet. My system consists of a 75' random wire, 3 - 6 ' copper ground rods, connected to the tuner with copper strap, and 5 ground radials of various lengths more to come.

There is also a connection to my Grumman aluminum canoe - just for good measure! Getting it to play with non - Icom radios is possible, but probably not in a fully automatic sense. You have to manually start the tuning process for any new frequency. I have successfully interfaced it to my Kenwood TSS, making only minor, easily reversible modifications.

Now when I press the "voice" button that is normally used for the voice synthesizer option - not installed the tuner begins it process. If you want the technical details, send me a email. This line needs to be connected to your radio in a way that causes it to go into the transmit mode, and produce about 10 - 15 watts of rf - NOT full TX power! If all antenna and ground requirements are met, the tuner will find a match pretty fast. My only beef is the unit's inability to tune a balanced antenna.

By design, it wants to end feed a random wire. Sadly, it is not compatible with a balun Should be a interesting experiment. I'm having a devil of a time getting this tuner to talk with a Barrett marine HF radio. The AT manual is very skimpy.

Getting the AT to autotune when it sees a new carrier seems impossible. It appears it needs to also "be told" with a switch. Unacceptable in a marine HF system. I recently got my brand new AT working. I purchased the unit while I was on holiday so I'd be forced to read through the manual for a few days before trying to hook it up. I've ended up with a little black box that attaches to the top of the radio and has a 'tune' button.

This causes the SG to emit a carrier and triggers the AT to start a tune cycle, sending the CW signal for as long as the tune cycle requires. My main gripe is the manual. It seems to gloss over the requirements if it is not connected to an Icom HF set. The pain that I experienced was the "start" input. The manual says words to the effect of "Voltage input to trigger the start of the tuning cycle. Normally 8 Volts, when less than 1 volt is recieved a tune cycle will commence".

What it really means is "ground this input if you want it to start tuning". As its a commercial unit and unlikely to be connected to a non-icom HF set, I can see why this has gone undetected. Still, a bit of a let down.

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