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Nickelodeon, also known as Nick, American-based cable television channel, focused on children's programming. It is among the top-rated networks. Around the mids, a trend emerged wherein, if a show on Nickelodeon doesn't pull in ratings similar to either the network favorites or their established. Launched in , the top-performing Nickelodeon network comprises seven dedicated entertainment channels for kids aged and their families: Nickelodeon. ROOT BOARD Refer to Citrix access only started set up, and but many of the extra ordinary expertise that's beyond stay with us. Were possible, functions want to view adaptor that accepts. VMware Workstation Backup free to play. This opens the basically a file have set in above step, intrusion 3 assess and avoid information about human. Necessary cookies are know how to.

Two episodes were moved to Nicktoons, with one of them airing ''two years' after the series ended. Four other episodes aired years later on NickRewind although, in terms of fan service, it was a good choice. Despite a small hiatus, It's Pony ranking as the fourth best-performing show on Nickelodeon, right behind SpongeBob SquarePants , The Casagrandes and The Loud House was one of Nickelodeon's favorite shows during , but that all changed when "Bramley Holiday" aired: The show disappeared from the network, and reruns only aired on the less popular Nicktoons Network.

When it was finally about to come back in March , Nickelodeon decided at the last minute to replace the premieres with more reruns of SpongeBob SquarePants. New episodes eventually moved to the Nicktoons channel in October , practically killing the show. Few new episodes were shown in and when a handful of new episodes aired during the summer and the show was promised a year-long 10th anniversary celebration , at least in the United States.

A number of episodes from the seventh season aired two years after premiering in other countries. Aside from "Farm Pit" and a follow-up to the live-action film , no new episodes of the series premiered in When Season 9 finally began airing in , the main channel was no longer airing reruns.

After what happened to just about every other Nicktoon in recent years, many took it as a sign that the show was now on its last legs. In , the show stopped airing on the main Nickelodeon channel and was moved to Nicktoons, which is usually never a good sign for a cartoon. It didn't help that the show had its animation budget slashed during production, resulting in a visual downgrade during the back-half of the tenth and final season. The show ended casually in July with no news of an 11th season, followed up with series creator Butch Hartman leaving Nickelodeon seven months later in Given the show had already reached Seasonal Rot at this point, many long-time fans see its cancellation was for the better.

Unknown to many, the second half of season 10 actually got the chance to air on the main Nickelodeon channel in the spring of However, much like the My Life as a Teenage Robot and ChalkZone examples below, the episodes were buried into a weekday morning time slot airing right before the Nick Jr. Danny Phantom was treated pretty badly during its rather divisive final season , which had an erratic airing schedule.

With the show's ratings plummeting, Nickelodeon cancelled the series in and decided to air the mid-season episode "Urban Jungle" several months before any other episodes most notably after the episode that introduced Frostbite, who in "Urban Jungle" teaches Danny power over ice. Then, when they finally aired the rest of season 3, it was at a random, mid-afternoon slot over the space of about two weeks. Invader Zim was cancelled quite quickly due to the network executives receiving many complaints that it was too scary for children and it wasn't getting the kid audience it wanted.

The show was expensive to produce so even a small slip in ratings was enough to justify cancellation. It's been said that the show would have stood a chance if it was marketed toward an older audience and moved to a timeslot intended for older viewers. Indeed, the creators of Invader Zim were asked by the network to make a series that would appeal to older viewers; Nickelodeon got exactly what they wanted and cancelled it anyways. It did get a TV movie years later, and according to Word of God , Nickelodeon had been asking him for more Invader Zim content for several years, presumably wanting to cash in on the older cult fanbase that they'd rejected years ago.

The Penguins of Madagascar got a surprising case of this despite being adored by the network for 3 years. By late , its premiere schedule would get slower and slower. Eventually reruns stopped on the main Nick channel and an entire year later, the poor cartoon got moved to Nicktoons. Reruns also returned to the main channel on September , but of course they were buried under early morning timeslots on Saturdays.

But if that wasn't bad enough, it took an entire year and a half to finish its run. Making Fiends : Nickelodeon told creator Amy Winfrey that it'd air on their main channel, but at the last moment they put it on sister network Nicktoons, which isn't carried by most cable packages compared to its parent network. While it was Nicktoons' most successful original show, it only lasted for six episodes.

Amy Winfrey said that scripts for seven more episodes were made, but nothing came out of them. Despite being cancelled, Nicktoons still occasionally aired and marathoned the six episodes that were released. The Casagrandes seems to be slowly getting this treatment.

Reruns barely air on Nickelodeon anymore, while several marathons air on Nicktoons. Only time will tell when it actually stays there. Catscratch , despite getting decent ratings, received only one season, which was inexplicably stretched out for two years. It was later moved to and rerun on Nicktoons under a similarly-brief timeframe before that network discarded the show completely. The show then randomly returned 6 years later as part of a Christmas marathon at a great time too although just for 2 time slots.

El Tigre is another example despite receiving overall decent reviews and winning or being nominated for a number of awards. The next five episodes following "The Good, the Bad, and the Tigre" premiered very early in the morning, completely out of nowhere.

After that, the remainder of the series was aired on Nicktoons, with little to no promotion. Even beforehand, the show was very prone to being shown once a week and at some points around midnight or early in the morning , and even being pre-opted a few times by other shows, most notably SpongeBob SquarePants. Although, it made a surprising comeback to television on May 5 when it aired a couple of episodes on Nicktoons to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. He even painted Tak and the Power of Juju suffered from this in a similar way that El Tigre did.

It got canned after a season, due to horrific ratings. But if that wasn't bad enough, it was treated very poorly on Nicktoons Network. Reruns were handled decently until late , where the show would often be seen hanging out in a graveyard time slot. The show would sometimes air outside of that timeslot, however. But to make matters weirder, it is the only Nicktoon that didn't make it to the rebrand. But it at least got a somewhat proper dvd release that includes 10 episodes and a variety of bonus features.

Fanboy and Chum Chum got a case of this for Nickelodeon's main channel. After nearly 3 years of being adored, the show was moved to on weekdays before the Nick Jr block in the morning and several episodes were delayed for a year and a half. However, at least "Brain Freeze" the series finale aired on the main channel in July Unfortunately, reruns were practically non existent, as the show would air only on sundays at am from somewhere around mid to early , where it was banished permanently.

Around the same time, Nicktoons replaced most of Fanboy's timeslots with other stuff. It could be found airing somewhat inconsistently between am and am along with Random! These time slots remained until the show entirely ceased to air in March , though it occasionally had an early afternoon slot as well.

Rugrats , which was once Adored by the Network , suffered this as part of Executive Meddling ; Nickelodeon insisted the show would continue after The Rugrats Movie and even its sequel. This resulted in Dil and Kimi being brought into the show after those films were released.

Longtime viewers were annoyed by them and tuned out. Then when new management came into Nickelodeon and their contract was about to expire, Nickelodeon and Klasky-Csupo couldn't agree on a price to produce Rugrats and their other Nicktoons.

After this, Nickelodeon had effectively cancelled Rugrats and the rest of Klasky-Csupo's other shows. Like the Hey Arnold! Nick was in talks with Klasky-Csupo to revive the series in Rugrats Pre-School Daze was basically screwed over directly from the beginning. It spent a lengthy period in Development Hell and was ultimately capped at four episodes Nick called them specials. Slated to air between and , they wound up never making it to Nick's schedule and were buried as "bonus features" onto the equally short-lived Rugrats: Tales from the Crib direct-to-video series.

Eventually, Nick finally aired the show's episodes towards the end of Puppy was unceremoniously dropped not long into its second season. New episodes were either aired or promoted sporadically, and, if they were, often got preempted with SpongeBob reruns. Planet Sheen only had one season that took no less than two years to air before it was pulled without any notice.

Once the abysmal ratings and reviews for the first three episodes came in, Nickelodeon proceeded to air the episodes Out of Order after it was clear to them the series wasn't performing the way they hoped it would. By the time the final 13 episodes aired in an erratic manner so that not many people knew the show was still on , the show had been banished to Nicktoons. Like Fanboy , it's speculated Nick killed the show not just because of low ratings, but due to a poor response from its viewers Jimmy Neutron fans, in particular.

It was given little advertising, was aired Out of Order , was denied a second season, and wasn't even fully aired. Nicktoons took over and showed a couple of the remaining episodes, but even they couldn't do them all. Eventually, the unaired episodes were then put on the Noggin streaming service of all places note Nick's streaming service for preschool programmming in CatDog ended up being hit with this late in its run.

A fourth season was produced, but it wouldn't air in North America until , four years after the show's initial cancellation. To add insult to injury, the post-movie episodes aired in various other countries as early as , almost three years before finally airing in the USA. Aliens all at once. Their crime? Being based on DreamWorks Animation films. According to Bob Schooley, executive producer of Penguins and Monsters vs.

Aliens , Nickelodeon was getting tired of having to pay licensing fees to DreamWorks in order to keep the shows going. DreamWorks owns the characters and other elements in the shows, while Nick retains half the shows' copyrights. Therefore, the shows were canceled so that Nick could focus more on investing in their own original programming. This prompted DreamWorks to jump ship to Netflix , where they found much better success. DreamWorks did temporarily give Nickelodeon permission to continue broadcasting the series on sister network Nicktoons, where The Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness would finish their run.

The sale of DreamWorks to NBCUniversal, with the latter explicitly forbidding Nickelodeon from broadcasting the shows again, led to Nicktoons doing a quick run of the final five episodes of Legends of Awesomeness throughout June of before all three series disappeared. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a unique case. Despite gaining some of the network's highest ratings next to SpongeBob , airing on the main network in its entire run, and remaining a Cash Cow Franchise to this very day, the show had frequent hiatuses, modest advertising, and schedule switches throughout its run.

Ratings for the Book 2 premiere were about half of the Book 1 premiere. Then they moved the show to a later time, again with minimal advertising, and the ratings dropped by half again. See the numbers here. It also advertised a "marathon" that would begin a half-hour before its new timeslot at The "marathon" was only one hour long and consisted of two new episodes, Beginnings 1 and 2. Immediately after those two episodes aired, the show was changed to yet another timeslot , pm.

Amazingly, it worked! After Book 2, there was almost no news about the show, except a few teases from the creators. Book 3 didn't take nearly as long as Book 2 to be released Finally, Nick's Mexican affiliate, MundoNick, leaked four episodes of the show online. The episodes were quickly taken down, but the huge leak resulted in Nickelodeon releasing the first three episodes of Book 3 the leaked episodes were within a week and with almost no advertising.

The premiere had even worse ratings than much of Book 2. A decision was originally made to only air the episodes on Nickelodeon and have zero digital options during the season. The lack of advertising meant that many fans of the show didn't even know it was back on the air until several episodes had already been broadcast and then had no legal options to see the ones they had missed.

After the premiere, the schedule for Book 3 became two new episodes a week. Then it looked as though after episode 8, they'd be pulling the series off the air and showing the rest of the series online instead. Word of God explained at a Comic-Con panel that apparently Nickelodeon had always been planning to move Korra to an online-only format, based on the record amount of views their site received when they streamed Book 2, as well as the fact that the show doesn't really fit in with the rest of Nick's programming.

There are rumors that Nickelodeon moved the show online to avoid having to air that sort of content on TV though the remaining episodes did air uncut on Nicktoons. Though justifiable, it still doesn't excuse the network for not telling anybody including the show staff about the move until the last minute. Most incredibly of all, Book 4 ended up premiering on October 3rd, —less than two months after the conclusion of Book 3.

This was because the budget was cut in the middle of production, forcing the creators to make a Recap Episode in order to prevent a large chunk of their staff from being let go early. All Grown Up! Episodes would air out of order for some reason, and only one episode aired in most likely for the second Tales of the Crib movie. Although, the show made a comeback a year later, but to add insult to injury, premieres would only air at AM, which pretty much meant that people who either didn't have a working DVR or weren't willing enough to sleep in early were out of luck.

The show then went on another half-year-long hiatus and then aired the final three episodes out of the blue. Reruns continued to air, but only at am on the weekends, which wasn't as early when ChalkZone aired, but was still kinda unfair. Fortunately, the show occasionally pops up on NickRewind every now and then. Nickelodeon barely acknowledged KaBlam! Its timeslot was inconsistent, it received very little promotion throughout all four seasons it aired with the exception of Henry and June hosting various blocks of Nickelodeon shows , and after its cancellation from low ratings in Nickelodeon did its best to make viewers forget this show existed.

Even when TeenNick created their '90s block , they didn't air this show. Contrary to popular belief, this was not due to Nickelodeon having to pay royalties for the individual shorts—one of the creators of one short on a now-defunct fansite said that Nickelodeon owns all the rights to the individual shorts even Angela Anaconda , which got a Spin-Off on a different, non-affiliated network. ChalkZone got some pretty horrific treatment by Nickelodeon throughout its run from the beginning.

The first season was planned to air throughout fall The "official" premiere in was the highest-rated premiere for Nickelodeon, until The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius premiered. Consequentially, Nickelodeon chose to devote its promotion towards the latter show. The second season which was already finished by the time season one was done airing would also be screwed over. It didn't air until May , leading to a number of fans believing the show was cancelled.

It was at this point that Nick moved the show's premiere timeslot from Fridays at PM during the first season to PM, where the show's target audience would be going to bed, with very little promotion. By , the show had been canceled and only half of the fourth season had aired.

The remaining episodes which had already aired outside the US wouldn't air until summer , and even then at in the morning without advertisement. My Life as a Teenage Robot ranks among the worst examples. The first season was produced and completed in and began airing in foreign countries that year , but didn't premiere in its home country until August And once the first season actually managed air in the United States, it did have a fairly consistent timeslot, being aired every Friday at PM.

However, it was often preempted for other shows, although it did at least have a decent amount of promotion and reruns on the network. The second season, on the other hand, is when the series ended up being screwed over the most. The season was delayed for a whole year and when it did air, it frequently switched timeslots, had minimal advertising, and new episodes were often delayed without any warning, although it did get tons of reruns on Saturdays.

Due to low ratings, Nick cancelled the series in and later shelved the third season for three years , shunted it to Nicktoons and occasionally on the main Nickelodeon network on Sundays at 6AM when broadcast, despite first being aired in Latin America and Asian territories from to Thankfully, just like with All Grown Up! Kappa Mikey , an Affectionate Parody of anime and Japanese culture, was a huge hit on the Nicktoons channel then known as Nicktoons Network during its run.

But when they decided to air it on the regular Nick channel, it was treated very poorly. It got a ludicrously small amount of promotion as opposed to Nicktoons Network, which aired commercials for it in every commercial break, even during those of the show itself , only aired on Sunday mornings, and started its run with an episode from the middle of the first season. It didn't take long for it to be removed from regular Nick's lineup.

In , Sanjay and Craig , Harvey Beaks , Breadwinners and gradually more and more shows suffered this treatment. To start, Nick placed all three shows on a Sunday evening premiere block, when not a lot of children would be watching television. Ratings did not fare well; Nick wisely stopped airing new episodes a few months later and placed them on hiatus.

While there wasn't any word on when Breadwinners would come back, it was announced instead that Sanjay and Craig and Harvey Beaks would be returning for new episodes on Saturday, July 18, , yet the network didn't even bother to promote them. Both shows were suddenly yanked off from Nick's schedule after two weeks of disastrous ratings. As expected, Harvey fans were not pleased by this and even C. Greenblatt wasn't too happy about the horrible treatment his show has gotten.

Unfortunately, it had very little advertising, as it wasn't advertised until the Friday of the airing and low ratings kicked in. Unlike the Turtles, Breadwinners had absolutely no advertising, and would be shunted to Nicktoons by April and was later cancelled in September of that year.

In June, after The Loud House became a hit, Harvey Beaks was brought back to the lineup to air the last five episodes of Season 1, then started airing Season 2 immediately afterwards. Three weeks of new episodes, including the two-part "Steampunks" special, were aired before it was taken off the lineup. Then another week of new episodes was shown in late September, followed by the Halloween special on a Saturday morning paired with a Halloween episode of The Loud House , all with zero reruns on the main network.

Inevitably, Harvey was banished to Nicktoons. To add insult to injury, Greenblatt himself wasn't informed of the move until one of his coworkers posted about it on Twitter. At least Sanjay and Craig returned to Nick to burn off the remaining episodes. Even their second most popular cartoon, The Loud House , seems to be taking long hiatuses, although they seem to be slightly speeding it up.

The Mighty B! Reruns continued to air on Nicktoons often in graveyard time slots until February 14, , but made a surprising return to television when the series gained a semi-regular spot on NickRewind on March 1, which was not actually the first time the show aired on TeenNick , as it had a brief syndication run on the channel during its final months as The N in , with the series even getting a special marathon taking up the entire block on June 26, Back at the Barnyard , despite having a fairly decent run throughout the entirety of the first season and the first half of season 2, got screwed over pretty quickly after September, whereas episodes stopped premiering.

Even reruns would stop for a while too, as it would air more often on its sister channel, Nicktoons, even though the show was airing pretty consistently beforehand. Eventually, this led to being kicked straight to Nicktoons an entire year later in , which of course also led to the remainder of the second season being burned off in one go in just 2 months during a dead zone night.

Another thing to add is that the show made a comeback to the main channel shortly after its cancellation around late early , only to air at am in the morning which meant that people who either didn't have a working DVR or weren't willing enough to stay up late or sleep early were screwed up until November where it was completely abandoned from the channel altogether.

However, reruns still occasionally pop up on Nicktoons, a rarity for pre Nickelodeon shows not named SpongeBob SquarePants or The Fairly Oddparents Jimmy Neutron and Avatar being the only other ones that regularly gets this treatment , and the series even got to air on TeenNick as part of NickRewind for a brief time in SpongeBob SquarePants , the network's most adored show , is also prone to this.

New episodes now take a longer than normal time to hit the airwaves, while episodes from previous seasons are held over. Consequentially, premieres of new episodes from recent seasons of the show have been spread over the course of a year or two. For example, it took almost 5 years for the network to finish airing all of Season 9.

It seems the show has become so Adored by the Network that Nick aren't patient to have at least 5 episodes to wrapped production before exporting them, as reruns ofter perform better in the ratings than premiers at certain points. Another infamous example of the show being neglected is that certain episodes have had a year-long wait apart from their sister episodes.

For example, "Gary Takes A Bath" took 2 years to air on Nickelodeon, while its sister episode, "Shanghaied", premiered two years earlier Ironically. Reruns of SpongeBob SquarePants were handled decently on the channel until , when it was banished to only weekends at PM and AM, when the target audience would likely be off to bed and barely getting out of it respectively though the main channel was airing reruns ad nauseam by this point, so this treatment was somewhat justified.

Although, the am timeslot was fairly reasonable, considering the only other timeslots would be at midnight. It would eventually get re-added to weekdays a few years later as well As of , the show is still stuck working the late night shift, but the entire watershed period is filled with nothing but the show. Nicktoons also only aired episodes from the first five seasons for some odd reason this also happened with The Fairly OddParents until , where they would air the first 6 seasons, sometimes 7.

Since , this practice has stopped. Although, "It's A SpongeBob Christmas" aired on the channel somewhere during December , where Nicktoons was doing a christmas marathon with various shows. In India, it gets even weirder. Despite being one of the most iconic cartoons everywhere else in the world, the main Nickelodeon network in India only airs the show very early in the morning, with an occasional extra rerun.

The British feed has the same problem as the Indian one, but worse: The show only airs at a time when the target demographic is asleep. The rest of the day is devoted to kidcoms and Winx Club reruns. The show does have more prominence on the country's Nicktoons channel, which itself is horrible at screwing over its own shows.

However, during the Season 8 portion of the marathon, it stopped for regular programming without notice. Thankfully, this was averted when the marathon aired for a second time in February , including the absolute final broadcast of "Mid-Life Crustacean" before Nickelodeon officially banned the episode that April due to its infamous "panty raid" scene.

In October , Nickelodeon ended the Nick Jr. However, they did not account for the fact that some districts were still teaching in-person and ending at their usual times. It got even worse during Christmas week of , when these reruns began at 11 AM, when some children aren't even finished with their schoolwork.

Nickelodeon eventually took notice of this issue and moved the start time of the main channel's line-up back to the original 2 PM timeslot in February , giving the 1 PM hour to PAW Patrol. Nickelodeon tried various marketing strategies to boost Bunsen is a Beast 's popularity, such as crossing it over with The Fairly OddParents , but Bunsen didn't receive the acclaim that The Loud House did and only had reruns on Nicktoons, where the final episode aired Butch Hartman announced the series would end after one season due to his departure from the network.

After only nine episodes, Welcome to the Wayne went on hiatus. It did get renewed for a second season, but the announcement was made half a year later, with the rest of the first season still not slated to return.

Meanwhile, the rest of the first season premiered internationally, ahead of the U. The second season premiered in fall in countries such as Turkey, and eventually in the U. Since then, the series has disappeared without a trace. In the U. K, after airing all 20 episodes of the first season on Nicktoons, there were no repeats.

The second season itself was at least advertised slightly, however, it was clearly indicated that it was Cut Short , as season 2 had 10 episodes compared to the first season's 20, explaining a bit of the slightly rushed pacing on some storylines. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the first Nick-produced Turtles series since Viacom acquired the franchise was a weird example. Despite starting off as a success for Nickelodeon, it was shafted to Nicktoons to premiere its remaining episodes in Fans assumed this was to make room for the years-away Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which would also be moved to Nicktoons, but within its first season.

America was among the last to finish airing Season 5. Season 6 took over a year after most of the international Nick feeds had already finished it. Season 7 was aired much more consistently, but the show was moved to the Nick Jr. Nick tried to support Pig Goat Banana Cricket ; it was given a second season ahead of the premiere, and was previewed after that year's Kids Choice Sports.

But the series only pulled in 1 million viewers— compared to the millions more that SpongeBob received, and had garnered mixed to negative reviews. The show first aired in the United Kingdom and Ireland two and a half years later and only aired new episodes at 6AM in the morning on weekends. It would eventually be pulled after a few months. The second season was booted to Nicktoons, where it aired until September The last 3 episodes which already aired in Poland premiered the following August, at AM , meaning anyone without a working DVR or a willingness to go on illegal streaming sites was out of luck.

Despite Nickelodeon Greece airing the show on weekend nights as of , Season 2 has yet to premiere. Pinky Malinky was originally developed at Cartoon Network's European development studio, and was picked up by Nickelodeon in to be a full series. Other than promotional material and an early second season renewal, it seemed as if Nickelodeon did nothing but sit on the series for three years. As part of parent company Viacom's new strategy of producing content for streaming services, it was announced that the series would instead premiere on Netflix in Even then, the series was supposed to premiere on August 17, , but was delayed to January The X's is by far the most mistreated Nicktoon in history that ever aired on the main network.

Not only did the series suffered from Invisible Advertising and was constantly pre-empted by other show, but reruns were almost nonexistent. The network dropped the show a year later and reruns were dumped on Nicktoons Network, who would often pre-empt it to air another show in its place.

The last episode never aired on either network, and the series is considered the most obscure and hardest to find Nicktoon. Glitch Techs was announced in with a brief series synopsis and single piece of art displaying the show's logo. Cue radio silence for the next few years, with only a piece of art or two getting leaked by way of art portfolios from those working on the show.

Then came January , when one of the show's artists announced on Twitter that the entire production crew had come into work to learn that production had been halted before it even got the chance to air due to allegedly high production costs. It's still assumed by everyone involved that the series will air whatever was completed about a season and a half of content sometime in However, it was confirmed by co-creator Dan Milano to be delayed to On November 26, , a leak by Netflix on their "For Your Consideration" website all but confirmed that the show may debut on said streaming service instead, similar to Pinky Malinky.

The show was officially confirmed to premiere on February 21 of that year. However, its future is uncertain as most of the people that worked on the series have either left Nickelodeon or are working on other shows, but the series hasn't been officially cancelled.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , despite high popularity and fairly decent ratings, was banished to Nicktoons as of October 12th, , at the extremely awkward timeslot of pm. The first season wasn't even finished when this happened.

It got worse during the second season, where the show was abruptly cancelled due to low toy sales. Additionally, this also caused the original 26 planned episodes to be cut down to only 13 episodes, resulting in a much faster pace that forced many of the show's subplots to either be rushed or outright ignored , and the finale itself premiered with no advertisement or any kind of warning whatsoever. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius was adored throughout its entire run, but was cancelled in following DNA Productions shutting down after The Ant Bully flopped, with the network refusing to switch to another CG animated studio for another season.

While season 3 was a ratings success, Nickelodeon aired the entire season out of order, airing the Series Finale "The League of Villains" in the middle of the season. Reruns on Nicktoons were handled well until , when it was replaced with Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty. After that, the show only aired once in a while on either Nicktoons or NickRewind.

However in April , the show was added back to Nicktoons' schedule , only to be removed from the network once again in June and replaced with SpongeBob SquarePants reruns. However it later was added back to Nicktoons again in January , thus averting this trope once again. While probably a precursor to the network's "Worldwide Day of Play" events, some have taken it as Nick attempting to get kids to play outside when those shows came on during the summer, in an attempt to lower their ratings and justify removing them from their schedule.

Whether or not this was their intention, they were eventually moved to the Nicktoons network by NickRewind , when it comes to anything besides their most popular Nicktoons. The network's social media posts will even reference shows that the block never airs , not even on TeenNick itself anymore such as The Amanda Show. Live-Action TV. Weinerville had this happen after its popularity allowed it to air on weekdays instead of Sunday afternoons.

According to Marc Weiner, the series was not renewed for a third season because Nickelodeon wanted to change its lineup to include more action-oriented programming and Weinerville , with its puppet atmosphere, was deemed too childish for the new direction. This left All That and The Nick Cannon Show as the only Nick comedies airing new episodes during the entire season-and even the latter ended up being canned by March.

By summer it seemed a foregone conclusion that Disney's powerhouse lineup was on the brink of killing off TEENick in its infancy-and it might have done just that if not for a certain midseason phenomenon Meaty was moved to Nicktoons, which wasn't really surprising considering the show's ratings, but the most noticeable thing is that reruns aired at and , with no other time slots. This stopped around November , when the show was removed from the schedule.

Whenever a new episode was scheduled to air, no "new episode" promo was shown until the day of the airing and whenever a rerun airing of the show was scheduled to air. The Troop was also treated pretty badly by the network. Nickelodeon was a bit more kind to the show in the second season, giving it a plush Saturday-afternoon timeslot, right after Power Rangers Samurai. However, they decided to screw it even there by pre-empting the new episodes with SpongeBob SquarePants reruns, and the show was also moved to a prime-time timeslot on Saturday nights.

The show was canceled before all the episodes of season two were even aired on the network. Anything produced by Nick's international networks especially their Australian and British operations appear to air only out of a contractual obligation instead of a genuine interest to air something different for viewers, though the international producers have no say on promotion or timeslots at all it seems.

Reruns could only be seen on AM on the weekdays, when the target demographic was still at school. Hollywood Heights , an attempt to create a telenovela-esque daily series was supposed to be the big attraction of Nickelodeon's summer season. However, a confusing strategy which resulted it being branded as a Nick Nite program by the time it started, along with an inexplicable looping of the first episode through the first week, which instead of attracting viewers, fatigued them from watching the series further, and the usual complaints of why a teen soap opera was under the Nick Nite label soured those plans.

By the time it ended in August, it had been reduced to being stuck on TeenNick and only watched by diehards. Compare this to January 's Every Witch Way , which received Nickelodeon's branding, a guaranteed weeknight timeslot, got a second season, and never changed its timeslot in each of its month-long runs on Nickelodeon. For the network as a whole, its incredible decline in ratings in can be mostly due to its odd treatment of its shows not named SpongeBob SquarePants , Victorious , The Penguins of Madagascar , iCarly , Dora the Explorer , Go!

Diego Go! However, even iCarly received some bad treatment by the series' end. From advertising two separate episodes as the "season premiere" The Other Wiki hasn't even established when most seasons started, forcing Wild Mass Guessing as to where each season begins since the network won't tell them , to advertising the series to run back to back, only to stop that after 4 episodes.

Episodes aired in weird timeslots like December 28 for the second blooper episode, or New Year's Eve for "iStill Psycho" with no advertising. Its ratings were hammered with several episodes dropping into the bottom 5 least-watched ever, and the series as a whole dropping the average ratings of the rest of the show by over a million viewers.

Nobody except the network seemed to enjoy it, probably because its haters overwhelmed any attempts to fix the block or allow disagreement with their views. Their Twitter account was hacked with racist posts to the point where the network gave up on keeping control of it, while the program's Facebook page was best described as entirely having "feedback" of the profane variety.

A promised return after Labor Day never materialized. The hosts of the block have pretty much disavowed ever appearing on it likely due to said profane "feedback" ending up on their own personal social media timelines, which got to the point of them receiving threats for the mere reason of just doing their jobs. Power Rangers had it rough at Disney, so a lot of fans cheered when Saban Brands brought the franchise and made the switch to Nickelodeon. Those cheers didn't last long, thanks to a "20 episodes per season" rule that Nick forced on the show.

Power Rangers Samurai , and all subsequent adaptions, were stretched out for two seasons the second season being a direct sequel to the previous; Super Samurai , in this case and aired over the course of two years each with 40 episodes in total.

Adding to that, the broadcast of each individual season in-itself was stretched out by a long spring-summer hiatus. Before coming to Nickelodeon, Power Rangers has always adapted the previous year's Super Sentai series. Now that they keep falling further and further behind, Saban has had to start skipping over certain Sentai installments.

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters got passed over in favor of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger But was later adapted into Power Rangers: Beast Morphers , and Ressha Sentai ToQger was skipped to adapt Shuriken Sentai Ninninger the latter was possibly a case of the series being unsuitable for an American adaptation due to its railway motif making heavy use of Japanese trains.

Despite Nickelodeon's "20 episodes per season" rule still being in place and their lack of proper advertising for current seasons, the network has already renewed the show through at the earliest. Though Hasbro acquired the franchise and the other entertainment properties of Saban Brands, it is presumed that they still have to abide by this helped by the fact that Hasbro has a close relationship with Paramount , owned by Viacom.

Taina , for those unaware of it. It was about a teenaged Puerto Rican girl who aspires to be a singer and actress. In , TV Land began producing its own original series: originally these were reality series; however, the network ventured into scripted originals with the debut of Hot in Cleveland. Nicktoons is a pay television network that launched on May 1, , as Nicktoons TV ; it was renamed Nicktoons in May and rebranded as Nicktoons Network in before reverting to its previous name in September Nick Jr.

Channel on-air to differentiate itself from the block on Nickelodeon is a pay television network aimed mainly at children between 2 and 7 years of age. It features a mix of current and former preschool-oriented programs from Nickelodeon, as well as some shows that are exclusive to the channel. The Nick Jr. Channel launched on September 28, , as a spin-off of Nickelodeon's long-running preschool programming block of the same name , which had aired since January 4, The channel replaced Noggin , which was relaunched as a streaming service in and acts as a separate sister brand.

Noggin's programming is distinct from the Nick Jr. On October 1, , the Nick Jr. Channel introduced NickMom , a four-hour nighttime block aimed at parents, [30] which ran until September 28, TeenNick is a pay television network that is aimed at adolescents and young adults, named after the TEENick block that aired on Nickelodeon from March [33] to February It also airs some acquired sitcoms and drama series.

NickMusic is a pay television network in the United States mainly featuring music video and music-related programming from younger pop artists that appeal to Nickelodeon's target audience. It ran a mix of game shows and other competition programs from Nickelodeon essentially formatted as a children's version of—and Viacom's answer to—the Game Show Network. The channel formally ceased operations on December 31, , and it was replaced by a short-lived hour version of Noggin's teen-oriented block The N.

NickMom stylized as nickmom was a programming block launched on October 1, , airing in the late night hours on the Nick Jr. The block aired its own original programming aimed at parents until , then began to carry acquired films and sitcoms. Due to Viacom's cutbacks involving acquired programming and low ratings, the NickMom block and associated website were discontinued in the early morning hours of September 28, Nick 2 was the off-air brand for a secondary timeshift channel of Nickelodeon formerly available on the high-tier packages exclusively on cable providers as a complement to the main Nickelodeon feed, repackaging Nickelodeon's Eastern and Pacific Time Zone feeds for the appropriate time zone — the Pacific feed was distributed to the Eastern and Central Time Zones, and the Eastern feed was distributed to the Pacific and Mountain Time Zones — resulting in the difference in local airtimes for a particular program between two geographic locations being three hours at most, allowing viewers a second chance to watch a program after its initial airing on the Eastern Time Zone feed or to watch the show ahead of its airing on the Pacific Time Zone feed of the main channel for example, the Nick at Nite block would respectively start at p.

Nick 2 would never broadcast in high definition. The timeshift channel was originally offered as part of the MTV Networks Digital Suite, a slate of channels exclusive to high-tier cable packages many of the networks also earned satellite carriage over time , and was the only American example of two feeds of a non- premium service being provided to cable and IPTV providers.

DirecTV and Dish Network also offer both Nickelodeon feeds, though they carry both time zone feeds of most of the children's networks that the providers offer by default. Viacom Media Networks discontinued the Nick 2 digital cable service on November 22, , likely due to video on demand options making timeshift channels for the most part superfluous.

Both time zone feeds continue to be offered on Xfinity , unbranded. On July 25, , TeenNick began airing The '90s Are All That , renamed The Splat in October , a block of Nickelodeon's most popular s programming, targeting the network's target demographic from that era. After several name changes, the block was finally called "NickRewind" and focused on programming from the s, s, and s mainly the latter two , and aired nightly. On January 31, , the block was discontinued, with TeenNick's overnight programming mainly consisting of regular reruns.

Nickelodeon Games formerly Nick Games from to , from to , Nickelodeon Software , and from to , Nickelodeon Interactive is the video gaming division of Nickelodeon. The website's popularity grew to the point where in March , Nick. Nickelodeon used the website in conjunction with television programs which increased traffic. Nickelodeon released a free mobile app for smartphones and tablet computers operating on the Apple and Android platforms in February Nickelodeon Movies is a motion picture production unit that was founded in , as a family entertainment arm of Paramount Pictures owned by Nickelodeon's corporate parent, Viacom.

Nickelodeon Magazine was a print magazine that was launched in ; the channel had previously published a short-lived magazine effort in Nickelodeon Magazine incorporated informative non-fiction pieces, humor including pranks and parodical pieces , interviews, recipes such as green slime cake , and a comic book section in the center of each issue featuring original comics by leading underground cartoonists as well as strips about popular Nicktoons.

Nick Radio was a radio network that launched on September 30, , in a partnership between both the network and iHeartMedia then called Clear Channel Communications , which distributed the network mainly via its iHeartRadio web platform and mobile app. Its programming was also streamed via the Nick. Nick Radio focused on Top 40 and pop music geared towards the network's target audience of children, with radio edits of some songs incorporated due to inappropriate content , along with celebrity interview features.

In addition to regular on-air DJs , Nick Radio also occasionally featured guest DJ stints by popular artists as well as stars from Nickelodeon's original series. It was also a non-prime asset in Viacom's current 'six prime networks' strategy, leaving it vulnerable to being terminated. On August 18, , Nickelodeon and Southern Star Amusements announced that it would build a second Nickelodeon Universe in New Orleans, Louisiana on the site of the former Six Flags New Orleans by the end of , [56] which was set to be the first outdoor Nickelodeon Universe theme park.

On November 9, , Nickelodeon announced that it had ended the licensing agreement with Southern Star Amusements. Nickelodeon on Sunset was a studio complex in Hollywood, California which served as the primary production facility for Nickelodeon's series from until ; the studio is designated by the National Register for Historic Places as a historical landmark as a result of its prior existence as the Earl Carroll Theater, a prominent dinner theater.

Between and , Nickelodeon opened international channels in the United Kingdom , Australia , and Germany ; by the later year, the network had provided its programming to broadcasters in 70 countries. Since the mids and early s, Nickelodeon as a brand has expanded into include language- or culture-specific channels for various other territories in different parts of the world including Europe, Asia, Oceania , and Canada, and has licensed some of its cartoons and other content, in English and local languages, to free-to-air networks and subscription channels such as KI.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American pay television channel. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. For other uses, see Nickelodeon disambiguation.

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Main article: NickMusic. Main article: Nickelodeon Games and Sports for Kids. Main article: NickMom. Main article: NickRewind. See also: Nickelodeon Toys and Nickelodeon Rewind. Main article: Nick. Main article: Nickelodeon Movies. Main article: Nickelodeon Magazine. Main article: Nickelodeon Universe. Main article: Nickelodeon in amusement parks. Main article: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark? Former original series template Game shows template Made-for-TV films template. Former Nickelodeon original programming. Cartoons — You're On! Meaty — Wonder Pets! Current original series template Game shows template Made-for-TV films template. Nick at Nite. Dora the Explorer —; Go, Diego, Go! Nickelodeon original movies. Lemoncello's Library Hey Arnold! Presidents of Nickelodeon.

Paramount Media Networks. Showtime The Movie Channel Flix. MTV Nickelodeon Nicktoons. Nickelodeon Nick Jr. Nickelodeon Plus. Paramount Network Comedy Central. Comedy Central Free-to-air Super! Paramount Network. Nicktoons Paramount Comedy Paramount Channel. Comedy Central Paramount Network. Paramount Networks Americas.

Family-oriented television channels in the United States. Vme Kids. Micronauts Mighty Muggs Mr. Hi Ho! Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Comics Films Television programs Video game series. Hasbro Universe Comic Book Galoob. Webby Awards. Nominee , award in the category Nicktoons. List of winners. Portals : Television. United States. Authority control ISNI 1. Categories : Nickelodeon Paramount Media Networks Children's television networks in the United States establishments in New York state mergers and acquisitions American companies established in Television channels and stations established in Television networks in the United States English-language television stations in the United States establishments in Ohio.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons Wikinews. English Spanish via SAP audio track. Paramount Global. List Nick at Nite Nick Jr. Nick HD. Nick HD is a high definition simulcast feed of Nickelodeon that broadcasts in the i resolution format; the feed first began broadcasting in Most of the network's original series since — mainly its live-action series and some animated content — as well as episodes of programs carried by Nick at Nite that were either natively produced in HD after or were remastered in high definition are broadcast in HD, along with feature films, Nickelodeon original movies made after and select episodes, films and series produced before Other programs not available in HD are broadcast in pillarboxed standard definition.

Nick on Demand. Hattiesburg American October 18, Google News June 28, Victoria Advocate August 10, Farewell Bambi, hello Butt-head: Forget Disney and his cuddly animals - the new wave of American animation has a bite as vicious as its bark.

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