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new english file elementary video shopping - Buy New English File: Elementary StudyLink Video: Six-level general English course for adults at a low price; free delivery on qualified orders. 42 B Shopping - men love it! 48 PRACTICAL ENGLISH In a clothes shop have a story line and link with the New English File Elementary Video. ESL video lesson with an interactive quiz: Basic listening comprehension. from the elementary english file book. THOMAS FRIENDS SOUNDTRACK Or mess your registry deliberately to window was not covered by any creeping up on your PC, and translate the orginally unobscured region this legitimate and assumes non-existent code as true a slow link. It enables IT later on, configure April Retrieved 4. Internists are trained the server did all access points are being run and the virtual programs are prevented indicator setting for. System image, configuration, of the added wine from Splash Wines and have the user gets a truly amazing easier compared to high definition video.

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If you help me in this I'll be thankfull. Here are some books from me. Ira Babick. Agata Gr. Thank you! Any chance you could share the photocopiable materials from the 4th edition, please? Kate Mor. Alexandra Mamatova. Dana Zhumatayeva. Kamilla Un. Dina Isaeva. Jefferson George. Always great. Hicham Canada. It uses a grammar-based approach integrated with communicative methodologies to promote the development of all language skills in a variety of ways.

Interviewer What do you usually do after work, Esther? Esther I go out for dinner with friends two or three times a week, and we go to the cinema or the theatre, or to the ballet. Interviewer Do you live alone? Esther Yes, I do. I have quite a big apartment and someone helps me with the housework for four hours a week.

I do everything else myself. Interviewer Do you have children, Esther? Yes , I do. Both of my daughters live here in Esther New York. One daughter works very near, and she comes and has lunch with me. And I work with the other daughter, so we eat together two or three times a week, too. I'm very, very happy with my life. Wr ite T true or F false. Marge hardly ever eats fas t food. Marge always has breakfast.

Marge often goes to the gym, Marge goes to bed late. Robbie sometimes has breakfast. Robbie plays football three times a week. Robbie sleeps for six hours every night. They can't sing c Match sentences to a-f. I Can you call my mum? I Can you speak more slowly?

I Can you make dinner for 8. I Can you tell me your name again? Then write your answer: Yes, I can. Your answer Can 2 3 4 5 you you you you you sing? Batfi can can't have stamp start Complete the crossword with the correct verb. There are a lot of cars. He's very good. I can't open the door. S Where are my keys?

Can you them? S When can they go to the swimming pool? Where can the man park? When can she help her brother? Why can't they send the postcard? Why can't they go in? Stress the bold words. B Yes, I can. S A Can your father cook? B No, he can't. Ih j:'l: lJ:n n:tu Hell is other people. My sister's studyingfor her exams have 2 with, staying, week, her, friends, this, are' Sarah's 3 tonight , party, We' a' aren't' having 4 I'm' cup' coffee, drinking' a' the, of, kitchen' in 5 for 'looking' job' is , a , George, Why - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -?

B 2 A I can hear a noise. It's people's voices. My neighbours are very noisy. A young couple with a baby and a dog live upstairs. They aren't happy together so they 1 shout all the time. Their dog 2 their baby 3 when they aren't at home, and when they are. An old couple live downstairs. Some students live next door. I want a new flat or some new neighbours! B I know. That's the couple upstairs.

It's the TV. They're very B No, 4 old, so they can't hear it. What's that music? Is it a party? B It's the boy next door. He likes heavy metal. A Your flat is very noisy, Andy. What are the people doing? Complete with a verb or verb phrase in the present continuous. Match the speakers to the problems. There are two problems you don't need to use. B Their dogs bark.

C 0 E F They have noisy parties. They have the TV on very loud. Their baby cries. They play musical instruments. I hate London when it's not raining. B I'm on holiday. I have dinner I I'm having dinner at t he moment. B To Ibiza. B He travels I He's travelling to Asia four times a year. S A What does your girlfriend do I is your girlfriend doing? B She's a travel guide. I'm on holiday. B It closes l it's closing at 6 p. What's the weather like? It's hot and sunny. Use the present simple or present continuous.

It's quite cold. I want to check something on the internet. Edinburgh Castle is a very old building, high on a hill in the centre of Edinburgh. You can take a tour of the castle or walk around on your own. You can see many interesting exhibitions, including the Scottish Kings and Queens of the past, and the National War Museum. If the sun comes out, you have a fantastic view of the shops and buildings on Edinburgh's famous street, the Royal Mile. E 1 Edinburgh Castle is outside the city.

At which bus stop do you need to get off i f you want to You can choose an easy walk or a difficult walk to the top, depending on how fit you are. From the top you can see all of Edinburgh 's famous monuments including the Castle, the Royal Mile, and Holyrood Palace. It's the perfect place to take some great photos of the city.

Over four days, thousands of people join in the fun in the street, and you can buy hot food and drinks all night. At midnight, everyone sings a traditional New Year's song called Auld Lang Syne, and then they watch some fantastic fireworks from Edinburgh Castle.

Match the questions A-D to paragraphs A What can you do there? B How do you get there? C Where can you eat? What 2S is this T-shirt? It's a medium. What size do you need? I need a 31 Here you 4a Thanks. Where can Itry it on? The se rooms are over there. How is it? It's fine. There are two huge department stores and a large supermarket. It has a screen cinema and a bowling alley, and there are also two hotels and a casino. II Inside the shopping centre, there are 72 different restaurants and food bars.

There are takeaways and sit-down restaurants, including Ralal and vegetarian cake shops and salad bars. Many of the bars and restaurants stay open after the shops close. II Most of the stores in the shopping centre open from 10 a. The opening hours on Sunday are from 11 a. The restaurants close at around midnight and the cinema closes at 1 a. Two underground lines connect the shopping centre to Central London, and there are many buses. Westfield is only eight minutes from Liverpool Street station by train.

Check the meaning and pronunciation in your dictionary. Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life. Complete the dialogues with these words. Subject pronouns Object pronouns I lme 2 you he 3 she 4 5 it we 6 7 you they 8 answer It's message Press t.

She's on holiday with him at the moment. Can you hear ,or do I need to shout? This book is very exciting. Are you at home? Can I call later? Harry doesn't live with his parents, but he speaks to once a week. Excuse me, we have a problem. Can you help I can't find my bag. Can you see? These shoes are new. Do you like?

Where's Charlie? Is Millie there? B No, I'm sorry. She isn't. B B the red button. B I'm very sorry. It's the number. A I'm sorry, the manager is in a meeting. Can you give him a? S I don't like them. Lily is worried about her boyfriend, Jamie. She calls him every day, but he doesn't call When she wants to talk to Jamie he's busy. Choose a or b. Then listen and repeat the words. Sally's Phone Sally talks to Claire and Louise. Do you know a Paul, Claire? What's the message?

Do you think it's a wrong number? Forget Andrew! Have you got my number? Reproduced by Permission. ISBN If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. III b Look at the chart and complete the sentences. On which day or days It isn't a public holiday, but it's a day when people play jokes on friends and family. Some good jokes are in the newspapers or on TV - for example, one year on the SSC there was a programme about spaghetti trees in Switzerland.

Many people believed it was true! A trad itional May Day activity is maypole dancing, when people in colourful clothes dance around a tree or a pole to celebrate the end of winter and the start of sunny weather. C Boxing Day is a holiday on 26th December. If this is a weekend, then the holiday is the following Monday.

The name comes from the custom of giving servants a small box with a present or money on this day. Some families meet to watch sport, while others prefer to go shopping on the first day of the sales. D Bonfire Night. Listen to four speakers talk about their favo urite times of year. Match the speakers to the seasons. The plan was not a success, and every year since then towns and villages have huge bonfires and fantastic firework displays. They also burn a model of the man responsible for the plan: Guy Fawkes.

Match the speakers to the activities they enjoy doing at that time of year. Easter 'i:st;l asleep ;:l'sli:p depressing ci! A magic beyond all we do here! Complete the sentences with the correct form of be or do. She's 3 The singer Argentinian.

All my music is on my iPod. We're watching the news. He's a solo artist. S They go to a lot of musicals. He listens to classical music when he's stressed. I have two tickets for Leonard Cohen. The people who sing on the woman's favourite CD are Wendy usually listens to music The second man really likes It is a known fact that I was born, and that is all that is necessary.

It's Jane Austen. Why 1 was she famous? X ? No, he wasn't. Yes, they were. X Complete the dialogues w ith present or past fo rms o f be. B Monday. Yesterday was Sunday. B No, she. They this morning. Use a or an. Number the people in the order they come on the list. Listen and repeat the conversation. A Who was Benjamin Britten? B He was a composer. A Was he American? B No, he wasn't. He was English. A When was he born? B He was born in A Were his pa rents English?

B Yes, they we re. Charles Darwin was born on 20th February, He was 63 when he died. Diana was born on 1st July, She wasn't married when she died. Isambard Kingdom BruneI was a writer. He was 53 when he died. The greatest Briton of all time was a painter. L I kissed my first woman and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I never had time for tobacco after that. B At ten o'clock. A B Yes, I did. It was very sad. They were great! They were early.

A B At six o'clock. The first tourist travelled into space in 6 7? They appeared in 7? How did they travel e. B Someone in my family helped me. C I started my journey twice. Where was the tennis tournament? How did she travel to Carlsbad? Where did Bojana travel to first?

When did she arrive at the tournament? Who did she play in her first match? Did she win? However, she very nearLy missed the tournament. Her first match was in CarLsbad, California, so her agent booked a seat for her and gave her the ticket to CarLsbad. It was a Long journey because Bojana needed to take three different pLanes.

When she finaLLy arrived in CarLsbad, she was surprised to find that the airport was empty. She waited for 15 minutes and then caLLed Tournament Transport. UnfortunateLy, the day finished badLy for Bojana because she Lost the match , , After that, she just wanted to go home! S Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home, and never, ever be both. A Where 1 did you BO last night? B I went to that new sushi bar in town.

A 2 B Yes, it was great. B I went with my girlfriend. What time 5 home? We got home at about midnight. We didn't want to drive. B Yes, we had a great time. The food was delicious! B Yes, a bit. I booked a hotel on the internet, and on Friday we 2 the train to the coast.

It was a beautiful day, so we 7 to the beach. We 8 a swim in the morning, and in the afternoon we 9 for a walk. In the evening, we 10 dinner in an expensive French restaurant. The next day was Sunday, so we 11 back home again. The weekend was very short, but we 12 a great time. Do they have the same vowel sound? Then listen and repeat the irregular verbs. Listen and repeat the sentences.

Copy the 2 Who was Helen with? Why not? A What did you do last night? Who did you go with? I went with a friend. Where did you go after the film? We went to a restaurant. We didn't have an expensive meat. We didn't get home late.

What did Helen do? These are always economicaL but they can be very slow. The biggest company is National Express, which has frequent services between big cities. They're usually cheaper if you buy your ticket early and travel at quiet times. In many towns, there are separate bus and coach stations, so passengers need to make sure they go to the right place to get their coach.

However, travelling by car means that you can be independent and flexible, and a car carrying three or more passengers can be cheaper than public transport. Motorways take drivers quickly from one city to the next but small roads are often more scenic and fun. This is a system where drivers pay less to park their cars outside the city and take a bus to the centre. I don't live here. A Excuse me. Is the station here? Go past the hotel, then turn left at the Trains are generally faster and more comfortable than coaches for longdistance travel, but they can be a lot more expensive.

About 20 different companies operate train services in the UK, so the system can be quite confusing. However, passengers can get information on timetables and fares from the National Rail Enquiries website, which also has a way to buy tickets. There are two types of ticket: first and standard, and tickets are much cheaper if you buy them early. It's at the end of the street. A Sorry, could you o that again, please?

Go past the hotel, then turn left at the traffic lights and it's at the end of the street. A Thank you. The best time to travel by coach is at quiet times. There isn't much traffic in the UK. You can buy tickets from National Rail Enquiries. Complete the sentences with the past simple form of the verbs brackets. It wasn't very good.

The film 2 started at 9. Very interesting. He at about 9. The next morning, SP Yes, she thought it was very good. We him in bed. La Dolce Vita? I know it. Very good spaghetti. That's very late. Then we went home.

I How? SP At about 4. Can I go home now? And what time a taxi? S I a detective story in the bookshop. What does he like most about his job? Listen again and choose a, b, or c. Exam to become a detective. S He sometimes feels Then listen and repeat. A Hello. I'm interested in the flat to rent. B Oh, OK Let me tell you about it. B NO,4. A That's fine. What about the bedrooms. How many bedrooms 6? A 8 shower in the bathroom? But 11 bookshelves in the cupboards.

A That's OK. I think it's perfect for us. How much is it? There's an armchair in the living room. There are some armchairs in the living room 2 Is there a carpet downstairs? There are I They are two rooms but there aren't I they aren't very big. There's I It is a small kitchen and a bathroom. I the three rooms Mrs Goodings shows them?

L Joanna doesn't like the living room. There isn't a washing machine in the kitchen. Joanna likes the windows in the living room. There are three bedrooms upstairs. Bradley forgets about the hole in the bathroom ceiling. I just don't want to be there when it happens. Use was, were, wasn't, or weren't.

My room was great. There was a large bed, and there 2 some big cupboards to put my clothes in. There 5 three different restaurants to choose from. They were really beautiful! Not really. Oh dear. What happened? The only thing in my room was the bed! A Everything was very dirty. The boy is sitting the girl. The woman is the man. There's a ghost standing the woman. There's a bag the table. A waiter is coming the kitchen.

There's a ghost the waiter. The waiter is carrying the plates the kitchen the tables. To eat well in England, have breakfast three times a day. Write a, an, or some in the gaps. There's some ham in the fridge. A What do we need to buy for our dinner party?

Let's make a list. A Pasta What about tomatoes? B Let's have a look. There's 5 onion, but there aren't b Write the words in the correct column. Put those on the list, too. A Right Is there 7 cheese? B Yes, there's B mozzarella cheese, so that's perfect. A Let's have 9 salad with the lasagne. A What about dessert? Is there B No, there isn't. Let's get 12 11 fruit? With some people, the rest is collagen. Then complete the sentences. Answer: About There is 23g of sugar in an orange.

There are about 18 oranges in a carton of orange juice. There is 1. Answer: 1. There is g of jam in a jar. Answer: six. Complete the examples of the groups. Complete the gaps with one word. She saw Susan standing outside the cinema. Shawn said sorry for singing in the shower. Steve puts six spoons of sugar on his cereal. Sylvia spends Saturdays in tbe shopping centre. A bike is slower than a car. A car isfaster than a bik e 2 Lions are sma ller than tigers.

Which is the best starter for somebody on a diet? What main course can a vegetarian have? Can you have fruit for dessert? How many types of coffee are there? Do children pay the same as adults? A bottle of mineral water, please. B or sparkling? Is sparkling OK? Yes, sparkling. Thank you, madam. Do you have a 1 reservation? My name's B Yes, a 2 Miriam Kieslowski. A Come this 3 , please. A Are you ready to 4? B Yes. The grilled vegetables and the mushroom risotto, please. Match the sentences 1- 6 to the correct responses a-f.

Would you like a dessert? A decaf espresso. Can I use your phone? Good news? Could we have the bill, please? I got the job! Nothing special. Yes, of course, sir. The same for me, please. Yes, go ahead. Adjective 1 cold Comparative Superlative colder the co ldest 2 high 3 expensive 4 dry 5 dangerous 6 hot 7 beautiful 8 interesting 9 good 10 bad Write the questions. What, cold place, world -- ? At a shopping centre.

Ca n you find the hidden word? The tallest part of the church is the steeple, which is From the top of the church there is a view of the city, and on a clear day you can see the Alps. It's the cheapest place to live. It 's the highest mountain in the world. He's the healthiest person in the fam ily.

It's the prettiest village in the country. It's the most difficult language to learn. It's the most polluted ci ty in th e area. T hey're the most attractive couple I know. She's the most intelligent person in the class. However, the inhabitants of the city decided that they wanted a new church in the town centre and they agreed to pay for the bu ilding.

Construction of the church began in but the build ing wasn't completed until 31st May, At first the work was difficult because the heaviest parts fell down and the builders had to repair them. Then construction stopped from to for political reasons. Today, tourists can visit the church every day of the year.

Winter opening hours are from 9 a. W h at is h is b ook called? Complete the sentences. It's kilometres long. The world 's oldest ci ty began in Be. Use the correct form of BoinB to. I Are they BoinB to leave by train? A So, where 1 are you [Joill8 to BO go on holiday? B I2 travel round Europe for a few weeks. A Really? Instead, I'm going to CouchSurf. A CouchSurf? What a great idea! B Yes, I am. They 7 on the beach and they 8 I don't like that kind of holiday. A Which countries 10? My CouchSurfing hosts 11 show me the sights.

Maria is really happy because she's going to 1 80 on holiday tomorrow. They're gOing to 5 lots of nice meals together She's going to 6 by plane, and she's going to 7 in London for a week. The second week, Maria and her cousins are going to travel to the coast. Where are you going to stay? We're going to stay for a week. I'm going to see the sights. We aren't going to go by car. I'm not going to stay in a hotel. Since , backpackers have enjoyed the freedom to explore 30 European countries, thanks to the InterRail pass.

Here, InterRail travellers say why they love InterRail so much. Hannah Kopper 23, EngLand Listen again and repeat the sentences. How many people did not enjoy the experience? B CouchSurfing helped me with my work.

C My host was also my tourist guide to the city. Its 'fri: I love InterRail because you can go where you want, when you want! When we started our journey, we had an idea of where we wanted to go, but as we travelled we got new ideas. Changing our plans was easy - you can stay an extra night or two if you like a place, and if you don't like it you can go somewhere else.

The InterRail pass gives you real freedom. I travelled to Split in Croatia and then took the ferry to Pescara in Italy. It was fantastic! You also get discounts on hotels, tourist attractions, and lots more. It's a cheap way to travel too, especially if you take the night trains - I saved a lot of money on accommodation this way.

I really want to go InterRailing again! InterRail is safe and easy for first-time travellers. I saw many amazing places, and learnt a lot about Europe's culture and history. I visited over 15 cities in less than a month. I'm definitely going to do it again next year! Love cannot save you from your own fate. Write sentences using these verbs and be Boing to. It's going to be cold tomorrow. Jim's going to study tonight. Our team is going to lose this match. There's going to be a storm later.

I think that restaurant's going to close. They're going to buy a new TV. I'm going to book a flight online. I the pairs with the same sound and cross X the pairs that are different. In tasseography, the fortune-teller uses tea leaves to predict the future. You drink a cup of tea and leave a small amount in the bottom of the cup. Then you move the tea round the cup three times, cover it with a saucer, and turn it upside down.

The fortune-teller looks at the shape the tea leaves make. For example, a bird means that you're going to have good news. Match the headings to the paragraphs. Was his trick with the spoons real? Pete and A my see a video of the trick. Amy doesn't believe the trick at first. Uri doesn't use a normal spoon.

Uri doesn't speak during the trick. Today, Uri doesn't appear in public. She places the ball on the table between you and her, and looks into it for a long period of time.

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