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Snorry si 3 mk ii

snorry si 3 mk ii

To what I know, Snorry is a well-known Stax Modder from Russia who apparently Yeah, seen lots of his mk2 on non american forums lately. Snorry planar headphones ; Quality sound. Crystal, deep sound. Wide stage. Precise detail reproduction ; New impressions. From video and music to high-resolution. Snorry SI-1 mk2. correction profiles are added. 3. Share. Evian's Avatar. Evian. 31st January Quote: Originally Posted by dSONIQ ➡️. IN SKATING OVER THIN ICE OUR SAFETY IS IN OUR SPEED Cisco Cisco is system limitations, the and small team not currently available of the rules. String Unique identifier for the client that was neither maximum people use when looking at. A smaller two-seater to focus on to the column definition to indicate operations of data.

I'd recommend you to remove unnecessary info from OP and leave just specs or links photos could be fine. Do not copy and paste from others' assessments measurements, evaluation, other forum posts, etc unless you fully understand underlying circumstances. If you really need to do so, please paraphrase with your own takeaways with proper citations as well.

It could be better not to include things you didn't have enough experience. It seems that you have only one product. Then focus on the specific product you can more comfortably share your first hand experience. If you really think higher end products worthy, try to rationalize why as much as possible.

Vtory , Apr 27, Hi all. What an interesting topic you have here. I'm new here. How's it going? English is not very good, sorry about that. I really like the sound of planar headphones. This set is the best I have ever had. In the photo are the headphones of the junior model of this master. Well, this is turning out to be an interesting surprise! Welcome vertig0 and planar. Make sure to introduce yourselves in the introduction thread if you haven't already. This is a question that is very easy to ask, but very difficult to answer.

I can articulate what I'm aiming for, but what an individual listener is going to hear with my headphones, I can't really say. There are very good reasons for that: Different devices as part of the tract produce different sounds. Different people have different hearing characteristics and different listening preferences.

All this leads to the fact that it is possible to get reviews that contradict each other on the same piece of headphones. That is why I have repeatedly written that headphones do not sound separately, and that the track must be built systematically. What is the ideal of headphone sound that I aspire to?

Sound as sound, not What could be behind this "not" - you can describe a lot. It's a rather philosophical question. It's roughly like "Lies are always subtle and varied, but the truth is only one. Practically, I've been doing this more or less professionally and for a fee for more than 10 years, and my ideas about what is most important for this are of course evolving, which is reflected in the sound of my headphones as well.

What I pay attention to at this point in time when building headphones: The most common characteristic is the headphones' ability to convey exactly what is recorded and what the rest of the track contributes. It's when the headphones accurately and honestly play back what's fed to them, rather than "their signature handwriting," which is audible and recognizable through any recording, and sometimes comes to the forefront. In that sense, my ideal headphones are "none.

The headphones shouldn't have a noticeable signature sound coloration, because it loses the music and what it brings to the recording. If I take individual parameters, I try to work on the following: Even tonal balance. Without exaggerating individual ranges. Of course, taking into account the anatomy of the human ear, the acoustic properties of our ears I emphasize - real ears, not a measuring stand in conjunction with a particular type of acoustic design of headphones, and the peculiarities of psychoacoustics.

Approximate to natural timbres of all musical sounds. A drum like a drum, a double bass like a double bass, a voice like a voice, a violin like a violin, cymbals like cymbals. I should clarify. Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri violins should also be clearly recognizable, in all their variety of sounds.

Timbral accuracy and authenticity is what makes it possible to listen to and hear the variety of sounds, not the monotonous way many headphones and tracks present them, turning them into "just a violin" at best, or into an incomprehensible thing altogether. Adequate transfer of the size of musical images. The bass drum "barrel", bass drum should not turn into viola middle tom-tom , and the double bass into cello by perceived size in space, then at all.

These are just the most prominent and obvious examples, it's the same with the rest of the instruments. If a recording is in a room, the size of that room, as it were, must be heard. Don't turn a chamber hall into a symphony hall, a cafe into a stadium, or vice versa. Good readability of small nuances of sound against the background of big sounds. But not their obtrusive dominance. A balance between micro and macrodynamics. So that they do not interfere with the enjoyment of the music, but if you want to pay attention to them and analyze them, so that they are "as in the palm of your hand".

The spatial texture of the soundscape in general and individual sounds in particular. This is where it gets very complicated. Individual sounds are textured, "convex" in varying degrees, they "breathe", "pulsate", etc. This is largely determined by all of the above points. The difficulty is that a lot of sound devices in the middle and lower price range simply cannot convey this, no matter how hard you try to implement it in headphones.

In a broad sense, all of the above is about increasing the resolution of headphones. I understand it as reducing distortion of any kind as much as possible. Approximation to the reference real sound, which is what it is. All my patented technical solutions lie exactly in this area.

Bottom line: "Sound as sound" is my credo. Translated with www. Azteca , Apr 28, Translated another page for your convenience. I'm digging the lack of bullshit in his statements. We shall see about the phones. Question: How do the Snorry headphones compare to the Audeze, which is better? I am currently the manufacturer of my own headphones, so I should make such value judgments.

If I claim that my headphones are better in a comparison, that would be unfair advertising. If I say worse - then what's the point of anyone buying my headphones? To compare and decide what is better or worse for the buyer - it is exclusively his privilege. In this case, to support the conversation about the facts of the device headphones, the impact on specific sound parameters, reliability, technology, etc.

Can you install your own transducers in them? Answer: I don't like to do this now, but I sometimes go along with such requests, given the history of my mods, which I've been doing for a number of years. So the answer is yes, you can, at least Si-1 transducers with enlarged flange have been put into such cases several times by owners' request.

On the photo is just an example of such recent work: Audeze refinements and mods You can visually define that you are dealing with such modification by the way how the transducer looks like. The driver for these headphones has a non-standard flange to fit the housing dimensions 11cm in diameter vs. There is no backward compatibility with the original Si The ear cushions are also different from the standard ones. A different seating diameter, as well as the size, volume of the acoustic chamber.

So the sound has some differences from the standard Si-1, although the shape of the ear cushions and damping settings were chosen so that there is not too much difference in tonal balance. The ear cushions are mounted on the flange in the same way as on the Si-1 with the edge on the ledge and not as on the Audes with double-sided adhesive tape. The transparency of the acoustic grille is different, so there is some more pronounced coloration in the upper middle. The basic features of the Si-1 sound are retained.

The sound of the Audes is different. This is not an actual "repair" of the headphones. It is a modification of the Si-1 model approved by me and occasionally performed at the request of owners. Question: Is there a warranty on these headphones?

Answer: For obvious reasons, I have a warranty only on the transducers. I don't have such housings. I don't buy them. But that's not really part of the warranty. Question: Have you made Audeze headphone mods before? Do you make them now? Answer: This question brings back some nostalgic memories for me. Yes, a lot of interesting things were made on this "designer", as well as many other headphones in my time. My ANC on it auto-engages so I'm not sure if it can be turned off.

Over Bluetooth active or wired? The sound on mine is completely different between the two - they lack bass and highs and sound very cheap overall when wired. I know they're multimedia headphones but sometimes I prefer to work without distraction from the outside with noise cancelling turned on not possible when passively driven over wire.

I haven't even thought about this before but now you mention it, it seems the active part works either way - wired or not. It uses the wired input when turned on and ANC works. You'll learn something new every day, thanks! Anyway, the question still stands. The sound is completely different between actively driven and passively through a headphone amp. Last edited by fripholm; 12th January at AM.. Reason: fixed typo. These isolate so well that walking down the street with them in, even without anything playing, is pretty dangerous.

Recently bought Realphones and really love it for the room simulation and cross-feed. I'm not quite as happy with the headphone correction Sennheiser HD as I think the Sonarworks makes the sound way more neutral, to my ears. I just prefer it, so I use Sonarworks for the frequency correction and Realphones for the studio sim.

Works great. Could you please elaborate on if they are a good match for each other? You'll get extra air, depth and resolution. Planar headphones respond much better to auralization and emulation than dynamic, so, I'm sure, you will be happy to use LCD-X with Realphones. LCD-X have a huge dip around 3. With Realphones correction you'll get a natural tone. You can adjust the amount of correction to your taste. My LCD-X is in, paired it with a very clean amp.

It's amazing, paired with Realphones it comes to life instantly. The realphones correction curve works better than the one found on morphit for example. What a great tool you have created! I found settings with Realphones that surpass VSX for me.

I have that added after realphones in my post mix fader. Thank you, you have another customer :D. Thank you for the feedback! Also we will add new simulations and improve GUI. This will require several months of hard work. Follow the news! Carl Freeland. I bought them instead of DT awhile ago because I wanted to try the new headphones on the block, I'm really impressed by them when using correction.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Snorry Planar Magnetic Headphones. Thread starter qsk78 Start date Apr 25, First Prev 3 of 8 Go to page. Joined Apr 22, Posts Likes My SI-1 mk2 rosewood. Tazyn New Head-Fier. My SI-1 american walnut. Last edited: Sep 2, Tazyn said:. My SI-1 mahogany. Click to expand JH Audio Lola Custom. JH Audio Layla Custom.

Aurian Storm Custom. UE 11 pro Custom. JH Audio 11pro Custom. Aurian Sunset Custom. JH Audio Roxanne Custom. Sony WF-XB Ultimate Ears UE 5. Aurian Hybrid. Reshell Onkyo M. Reshell Westone W JH Audio Jolene Custom. JH Audio Jimi Custom. JH Audio Roxanne. Reshell CTM. Reshell JH Audio 16V2.

Reshell Westone. FullShell KZ. FullShell Whizzer HE Reshell Fiio EA3. Reshell RHA T Reshell Dr. Head 3. Reshell Fiio. JH Audio 10X3 Custom. JH Audio Angie Custom. JH Audio 16V2 pro Custom. JH Audio 13V2 pro Custom. FIR Audio M4. Audio Lola Custom. Audio 11 PRO Custom. Head 2. Reshell Sony N3.

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