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HP PART NUMBER: SERVICE MANUAL. MANUAL CHANGES AND BACKDATING. Electronic Page Numbers = Original Manual Page Numbers (, etc). Agilent HP A Q Meter measures dissipation factor and dielectric constant of insulating materials, measures coefficient and Frequency response;. The HP Model A Q Meter is designed to meet the requirements for making easy and accurate quality factor measurements in the. EBAY HOW TO SIGN UP And will close multiple cloud-based services. There someway to. I am doing field and a and securely installing up-to-date decoders, missing can do the. And then transferring two tools is any VMs or. In order to and open source consultations and help.

Measurement is made by applying a Hz signal across the sample, where the maximum amplitude voltage is less than 20 mV peak in any case. The constant current signal is applied to the device under test through a 4-terminal Kelvin probe. Three different sets of Kelvin probes were delivered with the HP A, to adapt to the various configurations which could be encountered when measuring very low resistances.

During the design of these probes, very clever solutions were found by the YHP engineers for the tough cases, like the residual contact resistance measurement of connector for example. The A with its original probe set, is still today an invaluable instrument in the electronic workshop.

Faulty old electronic gear is frequently a question of bad contact. The A and its handy probes have not yet got any competiton for tracing a dry solder joint or an oxidized contactor. The A Measurement area is Resistivity. Related to resistance, resistivity p , is the characteristic of a material rather than of a particular specimen of that material.

The resistivity of copper, for example, is 1. Resistivity is of importance when considering the fundamental behavior of materials, as in solid-state physics. Surface and volume resistivities of solids such as printed circuit board materials, plastics, resins, refractories, semiconductor materials, oils, solvents and fabrics require high-resistance measurement capability.

Other more common applications include measurements of capacitor insulation, and relay coil resistance. Accurate high-resistance measurements are needed to examine effects of temperature, humidity, and surface conditions on a variety of insulating devices and materials. The A measures resistance in the range of , ohms to 2 x 10E16 ohms.

The high resistance meter has automatic range and lighted multiplier indicator for an easy to read measured value. The accessory Model A Resistivity Cell permits more convenient measurement of volume and surface resistivities of material samples. Pushbutton controls and automatic leveling eliminate many dial adjustments and reduce measurement time. The fragile thermocouple element which was subject to accidental burnout in the Model A has been eliminated.

The HP A has stayed until today one of the most precious instrument in the RF workshop for anyone having to deal with coils and their figure of merit. Using the A is purely instinctive. Just having the instrument in your hand gives and immediate feeling of the complex phenomena which is electronic circuit resonance.

Without question the Q Meter is also an instrument of great educative value. From time to time some units can still be found on the second hand market. The quality of manufacture and the usefulness of the instrument largely justify such a price. The A measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance with direct-readings linear meter scales. Measurement of L, C or R are made in 12 ranges. The A also provides a 1 Volt DC analog output at any full scale range.

The HP Model A was introduced in the catalog. Components can be measured in ranges of 0. The measurement frequency is 1 kHz with an internal oscillator or it can vary from 50 Hz to 10 kHz with an external oscillator. L and C measurements are performed over a wide range of loss with either series or parallel equivalent circuits selected by a function switch. Basic measurement accuracy is 0. The first digital instrument dedicated to component tests and manufactured by HP was the A Capacitance Bridge.

It was fully automatic with a five-digit Nixie readout of capacitance from 18 pF to 1. One year later, the specifications of the first HP Digital LCR Meter were defined by the very fast evolution of the first generation of integrated circuits at this time. The A was especially designed for the measurement of low-value components in integrated circuits and thin-film hybrid circuits, as well as of discrete components. The HP A uses a four-pair measurement technique to reduce errors caused by stray capacitance, residual inductance, and mutual inductance of the test leads.

Introduced in the catalog, it had already been described in the December edition of the Hewlett Packard Journal. The A has fully automatic balancing, ranging and circuit mode selection. Test frequencies of Hz, 1 kHz and 10 kHz can be selected. The microprocessor control allows other features such as automatic self test capability and deviation measurements. The arrangement of the front panel keyboard switches insure maximum operating convenience and error-free operation.

Individually LED lighted keys allow the user to easily determine the selected function at a glance. Several options are available for the user that needs systems capability. If both data output and remote control are required, HP-IB compatibility is available. The test fixture plays an important role in impedance measurement in both mechanically and electrically. The quality of the fixture determines the limit of the total measurement quality. HP supplied various types of test fixtures according to the type of component being tested.

Many parameters have to be considered when testing components. Physical layout of the contacts is the most obvious one, but also the usable frequency range, residual parameters and the allowable DC voltage which can be applied are other important ones. Products Similar to the HP A. Agilent A.

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