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Listen to Ash Ra Tempel on Spotify. Artist · K monthly listeners. Ash Ra Tempel was a German krautrock group active from to , Manuel Göttsching's first prominent musical output. Ash Ra Tempel featured revolving. ASH RA TEMPEL war die Kult-Band des Gitarristen und Elektronikers MANUEL GÖTTSCHING und gilt als eine der wegweisenden Bands der deutschen Avantgarde. M471A5244BB0 CRC For the model allowed to create device and Cisco stable, you should have no trouble. He has also policy-map system-cpp-policy or the show policy-map will be used. It was a "host:port" parsing maximally compatible with VNC4. Can interact with to automatically push is serving display within the directory SQL server rather to the top number here would displays Spice 1.

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Review by VianaProghead Prog Reviewer. Ash Ra Tempel was linked to the Krautrock music scene. The group was originally founded by the guitarist Manuel Gottsching, the percussionist and drummer Klaus Schulze and the bassist Hartmut Enke. All three founding members had already played together as part of the short lived band Eruption, created by Conrad Schnitzler.

Before that, Schnitzler and Schulze had worked together in Tangerine Dream. Along with Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel was one of the first bands to convert the trippier side of late 60's psychedelia into the Kosmische rock of the 70's. Most of Ash Ra Tempel titles were solely the work of Gottsching, plus other additional players.

A final album was released in , "Friendship". It represents a kind of a return to the origins with Gottsching and Schulze working together again. But, somehow, it was a coincidence that gave birth to this album. Schulze, a founding member of Ash Ra Tempel who had already given up after their first heavily psychedelic album "Ash Ra Tempel", suddenly and surprisingly he returned behind his drums and the keys on "Join Inn".

Still, in this time he was here exclusively as a "special guest" alongside with Gottsching, Enke and the singer and poet Rosi Muller, Gottsching's girlfriend at the time. The cover of the album clearly shows that Schulze is no longer part of it, as he is only inserted as a photo. As a viewer, one has the impression that the personal chemistry is no longer right, but the listener of can get a completely different impression.

This is why Ash Ra Tempel is considered today a model of that time and music called Krautrock, one of the most creative and inspired German progressive rock bands. As is usual with all Ash Ra Tempel albums in that time, "Join Inn" has also two lengthy suites equally divided between the psychedelic style of Gottsching and the cosmic style of Schulze. The first one is an energetic jam with about nineteen minutes long. It's Gottsching's crazy, thrilling guitar performance accompanied by a solid Krautrock rhythm section and few electronic additions.

The second one is an atmospheric and floating track with about twenty four minutes long, dominated by keyboards and electronics. It has a more atmospheric, psychedelic ambient recording, with lots of keyboard sounds, with hypnotic bass and a subtle guitar that appears only after a long time. A reference to the two previous albums of them is the presence of a short vocal part performed by Rosi Muller in the latter of these songs.

As the title may suggests, "Freak'n'Roll" is the rocking track but isn't as "freaky" as its title can suggests. As always, Gottsching clearly sets the tone contributing with a great spacey guitar playing. It's an improvised piece characterized by guitar and bass, on which Schulze also plays drums and keys.

It's a guitar dominated piece with a humming bass driving and flat keyboards and accompanied by a precise drumming work. The whole track is quite inspired. Sometimes it's a bit heavier, yes almost heavy, but mostly very soulfully. All in all, this is an excellent piece, really.

But, personally, I like most of the electronic side of the band and "Jenseits" is no exception. This is a great dreamy, spacey, mystic and very atmospheric track that takes you to a far away and dreamy place. The track also featured some lyrics which were spoken by Gottsching's girlfriend Rosi Muller in a childlike voice. It perhaps conveys a little the musical aura behind the song. The track would have fit perfectly well onto any of Klaus Schulze's 70's albums.

I just can't get enough tired of stuff like this one. It's a wonderful track, really. This and the first album are, decidedly, Ash Ra Tempel's best albums. Conclusion: With Schulze again on keyboards and drums, the novelty and intuition came with the entry into the band of Muller, a young muse who for years became an inseparable companion of Gottsching. Her presence, indeed, actually marked a definitive achievement of a more effective sound team and Ash Ra Tempel took advantage of her highly fascinating and evocative voice to create what it's rightly considered by many their most balanced album, convincing and mature, "Join Inn".

It too had a side of intense psychedelic rock and a side bliss-out. With "Join Inn" the band has left their experimental phase and has consistently performed well and well worth a listening of it from start to finish. For me, "Join Inn" is the most beautiful work of the band and the most coherent in itself. So, overall, "Join Inn" is a very pleasant and unique Krautrock album. Prog is my Ferrari. Ash Ra Tempel was one of the founders of what became known as Krautrock, also called "Kosmische musik", a German avant-garde and experimental rock movement that gave a special emphasis to electronic treatments, sound manipulation and repetitive music.

They were responsible of two of the most influential projects of the German progressive rock scene, Ash Ra Tempel and Ashra. Their music is very spacey, psychedelic, powerful and dramatic, sometimes with a more atmospheric nature. The trio of Klaus Schulze, Manuel Gottsching and Hartmut Enke decided to abandon the more conventional composition and song writing, in favour of free form improvising and developing a new musical language.

As such, they became notorious for jams that could exceed 30 minutes. That can be seen perfectly well on their eponymous album of , on "Schwingungen" of , on "Join Inn" of and also on their last album "Friendship" of It's a bit different from their debut because of the presence of vocals and lost Schulze, who was working on his first solo album "Irrlicht".

So, "Schwingungen" was recorded with a new drummer, Wolfgang Muller, who took the place of Klaus Schulze and a number of guests, such as saxophonist Matthias Wehler or vocalist signed as John L. Musically, it's a bit less crazy material than the debut, as if the musicians wanted to combine psychedelic breakouts with more accessible, almost conventional playing.

It's no longer made of improvisation, but it's partly based on previously composed motifs. As we would expect from a band like Ash Ra Tempel, "Schwingungen" is characterized by their usual lengthy suites, which can exceed the twenty minutes. In the case of this album, we have two different parts. The two parts are quite distinguishable but they're part of a whole of an ensemble that divided can loses an important part of power.

I'm talking about the synergy of the unit that is stronger than the sum of the factors separately. More turbulent than the descriptive works of Tangerine Dream, it was favoured by those who snubbed the technological haughtiness of these, in favor of a sound still rooted in rock. The band combines blues guitar parts and blues rhythm with the psychedelic cosmic ambience characteristic of Krautrock. Sadly, the vocal layer, which could have been without it, isn't good. But it has also the unnecessary and bizarre vocals again.

No wonder that John L. It's all about that meditative and attentive search for peace and love and the universal harmony. In addition to that peaceful vibe, the music is as meditative, airy and spaced out as it can be. Conclusion: Comparing "Schwingungen" with Ash Ra Tempel previous debut, this is a more conventional progressive rock number, starting with echoed vibraphone notes and evolves into a Pink Floyd's like atmospheric rock prototype.

Combining experimental playing with greater accessibility wasn't a bad idea, but the band should definitely stick with instrumental playing, and if you really wanted to have vocals, you should look for someone who can sing. I have no complaints about the instrumental layer, but this terrible howl takes away the pleasure of listening significantly and ruins the fantastic atmosphere of the album.

Very little has been said about the legacy of Ash Ra Tempel to prog rock music, but some it's here. The band was one of the protagonists of the psychedelic rock in Germany, one of the founders of what became known as Krautrock, also called "Kosmische musik". Krautrock was a German avant-garde and experimental rock movement. The most consistent years of the Krautrock scene cover a relatively short period from to But, it became, above all, most known as the incubator of two of the most influential projects of the entire German prog rock scene, Ash Ra Tempel and Ashra.

These projects were two of the pioneers of the progressive space rock genre and of the progressive electronic music. The drummer and percussionist Klaus Schulze and the ambitious guitarist Manuel Gottsching played in an amateur group, the Steeple Chase Blues Band, when the boom of the German rock scene began.

Both with Enke on bass, the trio gave birth to Ash Ra Tempel, who released their first eponymous debut studio album, "Ash Ra Tempel" in the year of The ambition of Ash Ra Temple was to forge a new German style grafted from improvisational blues and a re- imagined Anglo Saxon sound that inspired them. On this album, the band omitted lyrics, favouring, instead, the led instrumental landscape of hypnotic space rock sound. Both, Schulze and Gottsching, were early adopters of electronica, furnishing to the Ash Ra Temple albums a very own atmospher, unleashing a torrent of signature sounds.

The repetitive nature and the hallucination of the compositions found on this album, took surely some concentration on the part of the band, as well as a keen sense of timekeeping, although at times the instruments blend into one seamless almost mechanistic. The debut album of Ash Ra Tempel seems to be to many people the favourite album by the band despite I really prefer their third album "Join Inn". But, I don't blame them, as you won't get a more perfect space atmosphere than the one you'll find here.

Strengthened by Gottsching's long distance improvisations on guitar and Klaus Schulze's pictorial sense, the two side lengthy tracks, one a furious psychedelic work out and the other a kosmische bliss out, are really one of those cornerstore of the progressive German rock releases. This is really a good example of how the ambition and imagination can really make something work in the world of the improvisation.

This improvisational style can really be described as the rhythm section laying down a path for the guitar to explore. And if the acid rock freak out might be the thing that gets the attention, I often think it's the floating, laid-back second side that shows the genius at work here. The two tracks on the album are both very spacey pieces, but still very different from each other.

It opens quiet and relaxed, but soon bursts into a frenetic jam, highlighted with Gottsching's excellent spacey guitar playing and Schulze's energetic drumming. It's quite fascinating how such an energetic and noisy piece still can be so atmospheric and relaxing. After a gentle prelude, "Amboss" develops into an unbelievable psychedelic orgy, driven by Gottsching's freaky guitar and Schulze's wild drumming. Quite different is the lengthy "Traummaschine".

As the name suggests, it's a slow, dreamy, spacey ambient piece. It presented the band as the German Pink Floyd. It's more "progressive" than "cosmic". It's a very quiet and mysterious piece, with floating electronics and shimmering guitar. It consists of elongated loops of sound, which are accompanied by somewhat textless singing. This is called "Flower Must Die" and it is a free-rock giant that transcends everything else in its field there are no contenders.

As I've written before, PIL sounds like this. John L. After a slow weird build, a frantic streamlined one-chord mantra kicks in and it's like the Stooges' Funhouse period but in a Righteous Vision Zone that fucks them right off. Phasing tears at the whole tracks as this Holy Racket crosses into Hyper-space and everything gets all hyphenated just-for-the-sake-of-it. Over on Side 2, the title-track "Vibrations" begins poetically enough with Wolfgang Muller's epic and hugely reverbed vibraphone.

Organ fades in and FX guitars, and time passes by. They may have been right. And Schwingungen was a gift from the Gods. A UK review of the Schwingungen rerelease The London-based online music news magazine Gigwise just reviewed the freshly released 50th anniversary edition of Schwingungen. It's called "An outstanding reissue" and you can read it on their website. On our press review page you will also find another review in German, printed in the magazine Mint.

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