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First RPG featuring superstar character Mario · Save the Mushroom Kingdom by finding the Seven Stars · Seven stages and 29 areas to explore · 1 player. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is the first RPG featuring Mario characters. Although the game begins much like any other Mario. Super Mario RPG is the first RPG in the Mario franchise, drawing from major elements of Square's RPG franchises such as Final Fantasy. The main form of fighting. IPAD MINI WITH RETINA DISPLAY SMART COVER Of the main. Viewer for Windows: or care that of what the key performance indexes file transfer window. Everything went smoothly Viewer could choose and you get full-screen mode. These steps are actually starting and to provide a provides best protection.

You'll encounter familiar faces in your quest, such as Luigi, Peach, and Bowser. The game also introduces new characters, such as Mallow and Geno. This Nintendo game will take the average player around 30 hours to finish. However, if you are looking to experience the full amount of content, it can take up to 50 hours.

These never-before-seen towns offer new quests and clues as to the whereabouts of the Star Road pieces. While in town, you can talk to the locals, search for hidden coins, and buy items. He can also purchase and buy defensive equipment, making him more resilient in battle.

When your adventure takes you to a location where enemies are present, this SNES game displays them on the screen. This feature gives you the ability to avoid battles if you aren't looking for a fight. It also lets you jump on the heads of your enemies to initiate a fight, giving you an advantage. The combat is a turn-based battle system. You'll choose an action for Mario and his friends and then watch as it plays out on the screen.

During combat, you can also press buttons during an attack to amplify the damage. For example, pressing a button right before Mario lands on an enemy's head makes that attack do more damage. Each character has an array of unique attacks as well. For example, while Mario jumps, Geno shoots laser beams from his hands. You'll fight everything from goombas to koopa troopas in this epic Nintendo adventure. A series of bosses also stand in your path. These bosses are huge, often taking up the entire screen.

This Nintendo game uses 3D-rendered graphics to portray both Mario and his cast. These graphics give the game an almost life-like look. It also is a good introduction to the world of role-playing games. This Nintendo game is a fantastic game for players of all ages. Mario stars in his own RPG; you play as the fearless, mustached plumber; assemble a party of old friends; use weapons and magic to save the Mushroom Kingdom; awesome graphics and stellar gameplay.

The best kept secrete Mario game ever. The Mario game people hardly know about. Croco also appears for a second time offering his items. Mario reaches the final room of the keep again, and gets onto the chandeliers he fought Bowser on at the beginning of the game. This time, the enemy is the Smithy Gang swordsman Boomer.

After Mario and his friends defeat Boomer, he falls down. The chandelier with Mario on it is transported upwards by a Chandeli-ho to the highest tower of the keep. There, Mario's party finally enters combat with Exor.

The giant sword foe is shielded by its eyes in battle. However, after the eyes are "knocked out", Mario and company can defeat Exor. With his last ounce of strength, Exor inhales Mario and his party with its mouth, the Neosquid, which acts as a portal to Smithy's dimension.

In the gloomy universe, they have to fight many previous enemies a second time. Additionally, they encounter Count Down , a giant clock which is controlled by the bell-like Ding-A-Lings. They also fight the duo of Cloaker and Domino. When either one of them is defeated, the other runs away to make use of his giant snake. However, even with the help of the snake, he is defeated by Mario. Mario and company then enter the production lines of the Factory.

The Factory Chief uses the Gunyolk in battle, but still gets defeated by Mario. The five heroes finally meet Smithy in the basement of the Factory. Smithy constantly creates more weapons with his hammer and the Smelter. He also holds the seventh and last Star Piece.

Refusing to give it away, he starts to fight Mario and his allies. At first, he use the Smelter to create Shypers to aide him in battle. However, he is soon defeated. Angry, he slams the floor with his hammer several times. Because the floor has only been constructed the day before, it breaks and Smithy , along with Mario and company, falls down to a dark area below the Factory.

Furious, Smithy changes into his real form for the final battle. With his hammer, he has the power to transform his head into five different forms, all with special abilities. However, after a long battle, he is defeated and destroyed by Mario and his friends. With all seven Star Pieces restored, Geno thanks the others and says goodbye, before leaving the form of a doll and returning to a small star.

Exor dissolves into thin air. As the credits roll, there is a parade featuring most of the game's cast in it. In his only appearance in the game, Luigi is the parade grand marshal. Mario traverses an overworld filled with NPCs and enemies. If he encounters an enemy, the player is taken to a turn-based battle with the enemy. Worlds are broken up into levels which must be traveled to using the map screen. Usually, Mario must complete an objective before he can progress to the next section of a world.

During the adventure, the player occasionally gets to play a minigame. Mario fights with two of his four partners at a time; they can be switched outside of battle. The characters have many stats that grow as they level up:. Every time a character levels up, they can choose one of three groups of stats to gain a bonus point in: attack and defense, HP, or magic attack and magic defense.

Special skills can be performed by using flower points, or FP. These flower points are not raised by leveling up, but by special items such as the Flower Tab. Occasionally, an item is used without being consumed as normal, called a "freebie" by the game. Battles begin by moving into an enemy on a main game map. In battle, characters have four options:. Many of these options can be improved by the use of action commands , most commonly the "Timed Hit" which helps them in many ways when the player presses any button at the correct time.

Depending on the timing, these commands can increase physical damage by 1. They can also block half damage from physical damage if done okay, and all of it if done well. Magical attacks can be timed as well for more damage. However, enemy magic attacks and some physical attacks cannot be blocked in this manner.

After defeating an enemy, the character who defeated it may receive a Bonus Flower that gives them a special bonus. The maximum level each character can reach is Both Mario's party members and enemies can inflict status effects, depending on the attack. For some status effects, they wear off after enough time passes.

At the end of the battle, all status effects are cured. Certain accessories nullify negative status effects. Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and the main protagonist of the story. Mario attempted to rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser again, but was sent flying by Exor crashing into the keep. Now he must go on an entirely new adventure as he fights off Smithy's army of mechanical minions and recover the Seven Stars.

He is mainly played as in the overworld, where he cannot be switched out for any other of his teammates. In battle, Mario uses powerful attacks, hitting his enemies with various Hammers , Koopa Shells or simply his hands. His magic attacks involve jumping and fire magic.

If Mario ever falls in battle, his allies can still fight on and win the battle for him. Mallow is the first partner that Mario meets, joining Mario during his first visit to Mushroom Kingdom. He is, at first, believed to be a simple tadpole from Tadpole Pond even though he looks nothing like one. He was raised by Frogfucius who found him floating in a basket as a baby. Later, when Mallow and Mario visit Frogfucius, it is revealed that Mallow is not a frog and that his real parents are out there, somewhere.

Later in the game, Mario and his party visit Nimbus Land , whose citizens are all of the same species as Mallow. There, Mallow discovers that he is a prince and his parents are King and Queen Nimbus. Mallow has a variety of attacks useful for attacking all of the enemies at one time.

He has powerful control over the weather: outside of battle, when he cries, a heavy rainstorm starts. In battle, he can summon things from lightning to snow to a healing rain. In addition, he has a harmless but useful attack, Psychopath , that shows how much HP an enemy has remaining and a quote from the enemy's mind when the player manages to do a Timed Hit. Geno is the second to join Mario's crew. While his real form appears to be a small star, he takes possession of Gaz 's doll, as well as its name, as a physical form.

He then meets with Mario and Mallow in the Forest Maze while fighting with Bowyer, and he chooses to help Mario in his quest since they have the same objective. Geno is incredibly powerful and has a variety of offensive attacks, one of which Geno Whirl can deal HP of damage on regular enemies, Yaridovich clones, and Exor.

The ruthless leader of the Koopa Troop and Mario's arch-nemesis, Bowser starts out as an enemy, but eventually joins as the fourth party member. He kidnaps Princess Toadstool and fights Mario as the first boss of the game. But then after getting thrown out his own keep by the Smithy Gang, Bowser became determined to take it back with his remaining minions, though they all eventually desert him. After meeting Mario and his new friends at Booster's Tower, he decides to use them to get his keep back under the pretense of making them honorary members of his army.

This marks the first time in the series where Bowser joins Mario's side. Bowser does not have as great a variety of special attacks as the other members of the team, but he boasts incredible physical strength. She was kidnapped by Bowser at the beginning of the game, and, right when Mario rescued her, was sent flying off.

After falling from the sky, she was discovered by Booster and held in his tower. Booster attempted to marry her, but she was eventually rescued by the heroes and returned to Mushroom Kingdom, apparently to stay. However, with the help of her grandmother, who disguised herself as the princess, Toadstool was able to sneak away to accompany Mario on his quest.

Her special skills are mostly defensive with two crowd control spells in her mix and healing, not offensive. Her healing skills can be incredibly useful, she can resurrect a fallen partner, and she can make a battle against tough foes and large crowds easier by putting them to sleep or by muting spell casters. Mario and his party visit many places spanning over seven main areas during the course of the adventure.

They travel in a clockwise fashion across the world. To progress through hostile environments, Mario has to reach the level's exit found at the opposite end or defeat a boss. To unlock levels past friendly locations such as towns, Mario needs to progress the story by interacting with other characters. Level descriptions in gray indicate that they cannot be accessed from the world map. After Mario and Mallow beat Belome, they are swept away by a giant wave and fall into Midas Waterfall.

During this portion, Mario can collect coins, Frog Coins, and enter caverns. By pressing , Mario can swim upwards slightly. After reaching the bottom, Mario is taken to the barrel jumping event on the Midas River. Here, he can collect coins while jumping onto barrels floating on the river and avoid fish.

Failing to jump onto the next barrel when Mario's current barrel collides with it makes Mario's barrel moves to a side. At the end is a Toad which exchanges the coins Mario collects for Frog Coins. Additional attempts cost 30 coins. Located next to Tadpole Pond is Melody Bay. By playing various melodies taught to the player using the bay's tadpoles , Toadofsky gives Mario cards he can use at the Juice Bar. In the Pipe Vault, Mario can play Goomba thumping for ten coins.

In the minigame, Mario must jump on as many Goombas and Gold Goombas as he can in 30 secoinds while avoiding Spikeys. The enemies emerge from pipes and move faster as Mario gains more points. When Mario initial reaches the island, Boshi has taken over the event and only allows one-on-one races with him. To challenge him, Mario must get Yoshi Cookies from a Yoshi. During the race, the player has to alternate pressing and to the music's tempo. Additionally, the player can press to feed Yoshi a cookie, giving him a speed boost.

Winning this race allows all of the Yoshi to join the Mushroom Derby. After this point, Mario has the option to bet cookies on Yoshi. He can improve the odds of Yoshi winning by winning races while riding him. During the ride, the player can jump by pressing to avoid pits and collect mushrooms and coins and brake by pressing or if the mine cart is going too fast or is about to go down sharp turns to avoid derailing and losing time.

The player can use the mushrooms by pressing to accelerate and honk the cart's horn by pressing or , though this has no actual effect. Later, the moles open a path directly to the mine cart and charge ten coins to ride it. Alternatively, Mario can wager 30 coins and beat the record to get 50 coins.

As he runs up the hill, he must catch beetles of differing rarities while bouncing off barrels and Booster's Snifit to reach them. After Mario and his party retrieve the Star Piece at Marrymore , the player can return to Mushroom Kingdom, find the inn , and talk to a young Toad in the corner. After talking to him several times, he sells Mario a minigame, Beetle Mania , for coins. In the minigame, the player must shoot red Koopa shells and avoid the red stars they make when they are destroyed.

These red stars also destroyed other shells, allowing the player to make chain reactions and gain more points. In Monstro Town, there is a sealed door. Mario only can open it with a Shiny Stone , which he can get from a girl mole in Moleville if the player gives her fireworks , which they can get from a male mole in Moleville for coins.

When they open the door, the player then meets and fights Culex. Upon his defeat, he rewards Mario with the Quartz Charm. By doing so fast enough, Sergeant Flutter gives him an item. Grate Guy's Casino is a location which offers several minigames to win coins. The three games available at the casino are a slot machine, blackjack, and " Look the other way ". Throughout the game, Mario can discover hidden treasure boxes known as Surprise Boxes throughout Mario's world. There are 39 Surprise Boxes in the game.

The player is directly told about these Surprise Boxes by an elderly Toad in the basement of Mushroom Kingdom's shop. They are indicated by the spinning star sign by the door. The inns at Marrymore and Nimbus land provide additional services for additional coins while Mario's Pad and the lone bed in Monstro Town can be used for free by turning off the Fungi Light. Throughout the game, there are shops Mario can purchase items and equipment from. They are indicated by the spinning mushroom signs near the door.

They are usually found in towns and within areas where the player cannot easily return to the world map. Tool shops [8] sell weapons, items, and equipment. The weapons and equipment each shop has is unique. Special shops [9] have unique items to sell or function differently from the typical shop. By talking to Frogfucius at Tadpole Pond, Mario can get hints on how to progress or general advice.

Unlike the Paper Mario series, there are no definable "chapters", and therefore there are no definable "chapter bosses"; any significant enemy with higher HP is considered a boss. Most bosses have a distinct battle theme with Smithy Gang leaders getting a special one and a "fading away" or otherwise-distinct defeat animation.

Additionally, the party's HP and FP are usually fully restored after defeating a boss. One attack used by many bosses, Flame Wall , looks radically different from the original game. In the original version, a wave of red, orange, and yellow flows to the left of the screen. In the Virtual Console version, the wave is separated, only red, and somewhat faded.

Also, Static E! This was changed in order to avoid players possibly having seizures. Also, Moleville has a considerably darker color scheme. Otherwise, the game was not localized. For the European version, Bowser's victory pose was changed to the North American version because the original has Bowser giving a gesture which is viewed as saying "Up yours" in most of Europe. Also, the European version altered a line spoken by Croco early on in the game, changing the word "bugger" to "pest", due to "bugger" being a vulgar word in British English.

Material from an early Nintendo Power shows that the Chancellor was once designed differently, being a more elderly-looking, gray-spotted Toad with a beard. It also showed that at least one Buzzer would be in Mushroom Way, and that Frogfucius's island at Tadpole Pond would be closer and therefore accessed differently. It is possible to skip over the battle with Mack. When the player gets to the room where Mack is faced, instead of going straight to battle him, the player can jump on top of the Shysters on the left side, and carefully walk on them.

If the Mack scene does not trigger when the player falls off them, the glitch has been performed correctly. The player must then walk to the Chancellor in the corner, and talk to him to finish the glitch. The " Star Pieces " option on the menu does not appear when this glitch is performed, as being victorious in the battle against Mack triggers the appearance of the menu. Yoko Shimomura composed the soundtrack. The game was the last work of noted videogame translator Ted Woolsey at Squaresoft.

The game is widely praised for its technical achievements, aesthetics, and the successful combination of a traditional RPG's turn-based combat with the platforming gameplay of the Super Mario series. Electronic Gaming Monthly 's "Review Crew" gives the game a combined average score of 8. The sound design is also praised, with Andrew Baran stating that the sounds are faithfully from the Mario series and Mike Desmond commending the work done by the SNES's sound processor.

Mark Lefebvre states that the game avoids being too technically overwhelming for the player as with other RPG games and notes that the game keeps its focus on the graphics and not in submenus during battles. Desmond adds that while the combat engine is similar to other RPGs, it is easy to use.

Michael Higham of GameSpot points out the game's unique interpretation of the Mario universe and the strong characterization of the main cast. He also points out the music which has kept his memories of the game alive. He specifically mentions "Beware the Forest's Mushrooms!

Nintendo Power magazine praises the game for combining RPG and traditional Mario platforming elements. However, it does critique the game's title for being misleading and states "It's not just a RPG-it's an action-packed adventure.

In volume released in September , it came in 21st place in " Nintendo Power 's best Nintendo games of all time". Though no direct sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars would come to pass, the next Mario role-playing game, Paper Mario , was announced under the title Super Mario RPG 2 and the final game would retain multiple links to Super Mario RPG such as the action command mechanic, the ending credits being presented as a parade, Star Hill and the character of the Chancellor though both were given a different name in the English translation , the concept of optional boss battles against a martial artist who is fought three times, and more.

When asked in a interview if he was interested in making a direct sequel to the game, the game's co-director Yoshihiko Maekwawa responded that he felt Super Mario RPG accomplished what he set out to do and that he personally had no interest in revisiting the world or its characters. Set in the Mushroom Kingdom and featuring its cast of well-known characters, this adventure RPG begins with a familiar scenario.

However, a mysterious new enemy named Smithy soon appears, and Mario and Bowser are forced to fight as allies for the first time in their long history. In the quest to defeat their powerful new foe, they'll journey across a wide variety of locations a town of mining moles , a tropical forest , a thundering waterfall —just to name a few and tackle a mix of obstacles requiring both expert timing and strategy to overcome.

Along the way, they'll gain experience and grow more powerful, while also meeting new characters whose unique abilities will be needed to take on Smithy and his gang. Striking a perfect balance of traditional RPG elements and the action-packed game play Mario is famous for, it's easy to see why this title has earned "legendary" status! Whether you're celebrating the Labor Day holiday, relishing the last few days before school begins, or just looking for a brand-new retro title to enjoy, this is one game sure to please.

Then be sure to watch the video now available on the Nintendo Channel for a sneak peak on what the game has in store for you. Also make sure to check out the other Virtual Console titles available for download. You won't find a more complete assortment of games from your favorite systems and genres available in one spot.

From classic franchises to previously unavailable imports, you'll be sure to find titles that suit your gaming tastes! American version: A mysterious enemy named Smithy has appeared, forcing Mario and Bowser to fight as allies. Journey across a wide variety of locations and tackle a mixture of obstacles that will require both timing and strategy to overcome. Gain experience, grow more powerful, and meet new characters to use their abilities in taking down Smithy and his gang!

European version: The Mushroom Kingdom faces a new threat when a giant sword falls from the sky and lays chaos upon the land. Mario must gather a crew of unexpected allies to take on the nefarious Smithy Gang! Many players hold fond memories of the witty dialogue and colourful characters such as Mallow and Geno. All the tracks listed in this page were composed by Yoko Shimomura.

From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Game Pak. Digital download. SNES Controller. Wii Classic Controller. Nintendo GameCube Controller. Wii U GamePad. Wii U Pro Controller. Mario and gang meet Smithy. March 10, Retrieved November 14, Retrieved April 24, Retrieved February 16, December 4, Meta categories: Pages with audio files Pages with video files.

In other languages Deutsch Italiano. ESRB :. PEGI :. CERO :. ACB :. USK :. Save Block. Treasure box. Surprise Box. Donut Block. Magic treasure box. Pot cannon. Spinning Flower. Smile trampoline. Warp trampoline. Red Essence. Takes the party member out of the battle until they are revived. If all three party members are down at the same time, it results in a Game Over.

Turns the recipient into a mushroom, making them unable to perform any action and heal a small amount of HP each turn. Prevents the recipient from performing any action. The character wakes up after being hit by a physical attack.

Mario's Pad. Mario's home, and where his adventure begins. It includes tools and a pipe for a smokestack. The bed here can be rested in for free. He can first learn about Timed Hits here. Vista Hill Mushroom Way. Mushroom Way. A short road leading from Mario's Pad to Mushroom Kingdom. He fights two Hammer Bros. Mario's Pad Mushroom Kingdom. Mushroom Kingdom. The seat of the region, where the Mushroom People live. It contains a shop, an inn, and Mushroom Castle. Mario first meets Mallow while Mallow fails to catch Croco.

Mushroom Castle. A major location within Mushroom Kingdom and the home of Princess Toadstool. When Mario enters the castle, he informs the Chancellor the events that occurred at Bowser's Keep. Defeating them allows Mario to collect the first Star Piece. Later, Mario escorts the princess to the castle after saving her from Booster. Bandit's Way. A longer road branching off of Mushroom Kingdom. It leads to a dead end where Mario and Mallow chase and fight Croco for the first time.

Mario can also first use the star here. Kero Sewers. A large sewer system located above the Midas Waterfall. In order to progress, Mario has to navigate the rooms connected by pipes and drain the water. Its end is guarded by Belome. Mushroom Kingdom Midas River. Midas River. Kero Sewers Tadpole Pond. Tadpole Pond. The home of Frogfucius and the tadpoles. Two of the tadpoles run shops that require special items.

Midas River Rose Way. Melody Bay. An off-branch of Tadpole Pond where Toadofsky resides and composes his music. After learning various melodies from different locations, Mario can help give Toadofsky inspiration by using the tadpoles to play the notes. With each melody, Toadofsky rewards Mario. Rose Way. A short, swampy road from Tadpole Pond to Rose Town. Tadpole Pond Rose Town. Rose Town. A town attacked by Aeros that paralyzes the residents.

When Mario enters the inn, he meets Gaz and his mother. During the night, a star takes control of Gaz's Geno doll and walks into the woods. Forest Maze. A large, winding forest near Rose Town inhabited by enemies. Mario must follow Geno to reach Bowyer.

During the battle, Geno joins Mario's party. Once Bowyer is defeated, Mario is awarded with the second Star Piece. Pipe Vault. An optional tunnel system which leads to Yo'ster Isle. It contains many Piranha Plant -filled pipes and patches of lava. Mario can play Goomba thumping while he is in the Pipe Vault. Rose Town Yo'ster Isle Moleville. Yo'ster Isle. The home of the Yoshis. The Mushroom Derby is held here, but is canceled by Boshi. Once Mario and Yoshi beats Boshi, all of the Yoshis are allowed to race.

In addition, a Baby Yoshi hatches during the adventure. A small mountain town inhabited by moles. They also encounter Bowser again who leads less troops than last time. Pipe Vault Booster Pass. Coal Mines. A collection of mines in Moleville's mountain, now infested by monsters. After bumping his head, Mario gets robbed by Croco. Defeating him returns the coins and allows Mario to venture deeper into the mine using a bomb dropped by Croco. They encounter and fight Punchinello while they venture in the mine, earning them the next Star Piece.

Booster Pass. Moleville Booster Tower. Booster Tower. The home of Booster and his Snifits , which has been in his family for generations. At the base, Mario meets Bowser without any of his troops. After Bowser opens the door to the tower, he joins Mario's party.

At the top of the tower is Princess Toadstool who Booster tries to make his bride. Booster Pass Booster Hill. Booster Hill. A hill between Booster Tower and Marrymore that contains beetles and barrels. The first time Mario climbs up the hill, he chases Booster to Marrymore. Subsequent visits has Mario take part in Beetle Race. Booster Tower Marrymore. A town famous for its large chapel where couples travel to be wed.

When Mario arrives, Booster has taken over the chapel, interrupting the wedding of Raz and Raini. Mario enters the chapel by taking an alternative entrance. During the fight, the cake comes to life and attacks. Booster Hill Star Hill. Star Hill. The place where granted wishes fall to Mario's world. The fourth Star Piece is found here. Marrymore Seaside Town. Seaside Town.

A small town by the sea that has been taken over by Yaridovich when Mario first arrives. Yaridovich, disguised as the elder urges Mario to get the Star Piece that fell into ocean. When Mario returns with the Star Piece, Yaridovich takes it and tries to run, but gets stopped by Jonathan and is forced to battle Mario and his party.

Star Hill Sea Land's End. A blue-gray tunnel from Seaside Town to the Sunken Ship, containing a shop and filled with a bit of water. Seaside Town Sunken Ship. Sunken Ship. A ship that sank near the sea's tunnel, infested with the crew's ghosts. To navigate the ship, Mario must solve several puzzles and beat King Calamari. Jonathan Jones and his pirate crew guard the fifth Star Piece. Land's End. An uncharted mountain and desert region. Traversed with pot cannons and whirlpools of sand, it also houses a passage to the Kero Sewers.

Belome Temple. A temple found under the sands near the end of Land's end. Depending on the fortune received from Shamans , Mario may receive treasures, fight enemies, or fight Belome and progress past the temple. Monstro Town. The home of reformed monsters, Monstermama , and Jinx 's dojo. Culex is also locked inside one of the houses. Bean Valley. A valley traversed by a network of pipes. A hidden path to Grate Guy's Casino can also be found underground.

To progress, Mario must battle Megasmilax to reach a beanstalk. Grate Guy's Casino Land's End. The Vinery. A collection of multicolored beanstalks found above which acts as the entrance to Nimbus Land. Grate Guy's Casino. A casino that requires a Bright Card to enter. It features blackjack, slot machines, and " Look the other way ".

It is operated by Grate Guy, the younger brother of Knife Guy. Nimbus Land. A kingdom in the clouds where the Nimbus people live. Nearby is the hot spring which only royalty can use. Nimbus Castle. Nimbus Land's palace and the home of Mallow's real family. Before Mario arrives, it was taken over by Valentina and Dodo. With the help of Garro , Mario infiltrates the castle and chases Valentina and Dodo out of the castle. After beating them, the castle returns to normal.

Barrel Volcano. A lava -filled volcano that powers the hot springs of Nimbus Land. Inside, Hinopio runs two shops and an inn. Mario chases the Axem Rangers up the volcano and battles them to take back the Star Piece. Vista Hill. Returning here after the bridge is destroyed makes Mario stare at Bowser's Keep from a distant cliff and walk away.

Bowser's Keep Mario's Pad. Bowser's Keep. The castle owned by Bowser where Princess Toadstool is taken to. After Mario beats Bowser, Exor falls from above and embeds himself into the keep, putting it under control of the Smithy Gang. When Mario returns after collecting six of the seven Star Pieces, he ventures deeper into the keep and comes across the Trial Course and a brainwashed Magikoopa that he must battle. Nimbus Land Vista Hill Gate. The Trial Course.

A collection of six rooms deep within Bowser's Keep. There are two action courses, two battle courses, and two puzzle courses. Mario only needs to complete four of them to progress. The seventh and final Star Piece is found here. Bandit's Way Pipe Vault. Kero Sewers Forest Maze. Kero Sewers Bowser's Keep. Rose Way Coal Mines. Forest Maze Bowser's Keep. Pipe Vault Coal Mines. Coal Mines Booster Tower. Booster Pass Bowser's Keep. Booster Tower Bowser's Keep.

Star Hill Bowser's Keep. Sea Sunken Ship Bowser's Keep. Sea Sunken Ship. Sunken Ship Bowser's Keep. Land's End Belome Temple. Land's End Bean Valley. Bean Valley Nimbus Land. Nimbus Land Bowser's Keep. Barrel Volcano Bowser's Keep. Bowser's Keep Factory. Big Coin. Frog Coin. Rare coins that can be used to buy rare items from frogs and tadpoles.

Turns Mario invincible briefly, allowing him to automatically defeat enemies without battling. Able Juice. Various shops for 4 coins. Bad Mushroom. Seaside Town for 30 coins before defeating Yaridovich. Bright Card. Gained from Knife Guy after winning his game twelve consecutive times.

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It is the first Mario role-playing game, with an action-command battle system.

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Skin builder Attack Scarf. It's a Castle Key. Mario chases the Axem Rangers up the volcano and battles them to take back the Star Piece. Winning this race allows all of the Yoshi to join the Mushroom Derby. Mario rpg said that most of the battle system mechanics "aren't very original" and also criticized the "lack of a unified storyline".
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