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biosectorcom › wiki › Professional_Contributors_to_BIONICLE. So when I was around 12 I decided to sell all my bionicles, mainly because I just wasn't into collecting them as I used to be. Does Lego Digital Designer produce good Bionicle MOC designs? SPIRIT OF ST LOUIS Let us look vary, for example, to certain bugs. The most concerning ip domain-lookup Example: Do not share reconnect to the listening viewer if router from translating. There are so non-encrypted connection, firewalld.

I would personally recommend downloads LDD and getting a Bricklink account. I also wish there was such a program, Denisowater. Boy, would I use it. If you don't care, then that's fine. And like jed1ndy said, you can always go to Bricklink to order the pieces you need. You know what would be really nice? If you could use LDD to build custom models with custom colored pieces and they would make it for you just like they did a few years back, imagine how could it would be to create your own bionicle sets!

It would be nice. Unfortunately, it would also be completely infeasible using Lego's current production practices. Lego molds parts on an incredibly large scale, and tries to have their factories running at peak production at all times—they can't just take a molding machine offline to refill it with a new color for one or two parts that someone custom-ordered.

Even when Design-By-Me was operating, the parts selection was pretty much limited to what was available on the online Pick-a-Brick. The main exception I can think of was Hero Recon Team, which offered a single coinjected Hero Factory chest plate that was not released in any other sets likely as an incentive for people to use the expensive and fairly limited service , and even then that part was produced in a single production run for all future orders rather than individually as orders came in.

Perhaps in the future, 3D printing will get to the point where Lego can fabricate individual parts on demand. But even if they could, there would likely be a hefty surcharge on such a service, to account for the much less efficient method of manufacture as well as the labor costs that already apply to packing and shipping individual parts orders. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Bionicle Lego Build Question. Share More sharing options Followers 0. She was also one of the executive producers of The Legend Reborn.

She married set designer Christoffer Raundahl in September He developed the Pridak and Nuparu Mahri models. In he took part in several BZPower interviews. Garry Henderson is a freelance digital colorist. Skull Grinder , and Skull Warrior sets.

He also designed the sketch model for the Protector of Jungle. He has worked with many different companies as a programmer for almost thirty years. Seventeen years after LoMN's cancellation, he provided the community with the game's final development build. Today, he works at Perficient Digital as a programmer on iOS games. His earliest executive work for the LEGO Group was as a public relations and online development manager starting in In he co-wrote Rahi Beasts with Greg Farshtey. Michael T.

In he took part in a number of BZPower interviews. He has almost 25 years of game experience under his belt, most of which was spent at the company he himself founded. While he is no longer active at Templar, he is now a full-time producer at Saber Interactive. Alongside this, David has also worked as a music journalist for Squidco and eCommerce Specialist at eBay.

Merlin P. Mann is the screenwriter for all animated content, including the Online Animations and Character Animations. He was one of the three inventors of the Character and Creature Building System which debuted in the Hero Factory theme in His favorite two sets from the first wave of the reboot are Kopaka - Master of Ice and the Protector of Jungle. John McCormack is a former art director from the U. Today his work focuses specifically on designing packaging and other marketing materials for the LEGO Star Wars theme.

He designed the sketch model for Onua - Master of Earth. Justin Luchter was interested in music since childhood.

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On November 24, , Lego announced that production on new Bionicle sets would cease after a final wave was released in The decision was made due to recent low sales and a lack of new interest in the theme, possibly brought on by its decade-long backstory and lore. A successor theme, Hero Factory, launched in mid It continued to utilize the building system introduced in Bionicle before evolving into the Character and Creature Building System CCBS that would later be carried over into other Lego sets and eventually Bionicle's reintroduction.

At his request, long-term Bionicle comic book writer and story contributor Greg Farshtey was given permission to continue the Bionicle storyline, with chapters for new serials arranged to be posted regularly on the website BionicleStory. Farshtey continues to play an active role in the Bionicle community and regularly contributes new story details via online forums and message boards. Work on a reboot to Bionicle began in Matt Betteker, who was a junior designer on Hero Factory, was promoted to senior designer for the project.

The theme's comeback was announced on September 19, , with the first wave of sets and story details revealed at New York Comic Con on October 9. The reboot launched in January to a mixed reception from toy critics and fans of the original Bionicle franchise, with the playability of the new sets and the inspiration taken from the theme's first toy wave being praised, but the simplified story and undeveloped characters receiving less positive feedback.

Despite plans to release new Bionicle sets through to at least , Lego discontinued the reboot in due to low sales. Set in a science fantasy universe featuring a diversity of cyborgs , the main story depicts the exploits of the Toa, heroic beings with elemental powers whose sworn duty is to protect the Matoran, the prime populace of their world, and reawaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui, their god-like guardian who was forced into a coma by the actions of the evil Makuta.

The first story arc — takes place on the tropical island of Mata Nui, named after the Great Spirit, and deals with the arrival of the six Toa Mata later transformed into the more powerful Toa Nuva and their adventures in protecting the Matoran villagers from Makuta's minions. A heavy emphasis is placed on the Kanohi masks worn by the Toa, which supplement their elemental powers with abilities such as super-strength and super-speed.

The second arc — is set before the events of the first, on an island city called Metru Nui. It explains the Matoran's origins and how they came to settle on Mata Nui island. The culminating third arc — sees a new team of Toa set out on a quest to find the Mask of Life, an artifact that can save the dying Mata Nui's life. A fourth arc , originally envisioned as a soft reboot of the franchise, introduces the desert world of Bara Magna and its inhabitants.

However, any future storyline was scrapped after Lego cancelled Bionicle later that year and replaced with a new plot that concluded the main narrative in Characters such as the Toa and Matoran are typically divided into tribes based on six "primary" elements: fire, water, air, earth, stone, and ice. Less common "secondary" elements, such as light, gravity and lightning, began being introduced in The storyline, which features a different society, uses a similar grouping method for its Glatorian and Agori characters.

The whole narrative was developed on a multimedia platform by a team of Lego employees led by Bob Thompson [7] and spans online animations, comic books, novels, console and online games, short stories, and a series of direct-to-DVD films — Bionicle: Mask of Light , Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui , Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows , and Bionicle: The Legend Reborn The majority of comics and novels were written by Greg Farshtey , who also published a number of in-character blogs, serials, and podcasts that expanded the franchise lore.

After the toyline was discontinued, publication of these serials continued through to before halting abruptly due to Farshtey's other work commitments. A reboot of the original story, the revival chronicles the adventures of six elemental Toa heroes who protect the bio-mechanical inhabitants of the tropical island of Okoto from Makuta and his minions.

Characters are again divided into six elemental tribes: Fire, Water, Jungle changed from Air for creative reasons , Earth, Stone and Ice. The reboot's multimedia spectrum was scaled back in comparison to the first generation's — online animations, a series of books and graphics novels authored by Ryder Windham , and the animated Netflix series Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One detail the narrative.

Greg Farshtey served as a creative consultant. Lego discontinued the reboot in At the time, the saga was planned to span into at least Initially, the idea of Bionicle faced resistance from company traditionalists as the Lego Group had no experience of marketing a story-based brand of their own. The "war-like" appearance of the characters also went against the company's values of creating sets without themes of modern warfare or violence.

The Bionicle franchise was well received over its venture and became one of the Lego Group's biggest-selling properties. At the time of its launch, one reviewer described the sets as "A good combination of assembly and action figure". Bionicle's rapid success had a major impact on the Lego Company. Stephanie Lawrence, the global director of licensing for Lego, stated "We've created an evergreen franchise to complement the many event-based properties on the children's market.

An increasing number of category manufacturers want to tap into the power of the Bionicle universe, and the key for us now is to manage the excitement to stay true to the brand and the lifestyle of our core consumer. Since its launch, toy critics have said that Bionicle has changed the way children think and play with Lego products by combining "The best of Lego building with the story telling and adventure of an action figure".

In the story, the reason for certain name changes was dubbed as a Naming Ceremony for certain Matoran after doing heroic deeds though the pronunciations remain the same , an example being the name change of 'Huki' to 'Hewkii'.

Composers Paul Hardcastle and Simon Fuller produced the music for the Bionicle commercials used between and , which also featured in the Mata Nui Online Game released throughout An official Bionicle album — featuring music from the bands Cold and Woven and singers Rob Zombie and Kenna — from was originally planned for release in , but the project was scrapped when disagreements arose between the Lego Group and the label Interscope Records.

But the success of the song " Creeping in My Soul " sung by Danish singer Christine Lorentzen for Bionicle's Barraki toy campaign led to the formation of the rock band Cryoshell , who produced music for the theme up until its original discontinuation, and in its wake released their self-titled debut album.

In , Furst announced plans to release a soundtrack for the music featured in the films. Although the plans were originally scrapped in , a film score to Mask of Light was digitally released in , celebrating the film's fourteenth anniversary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the toy line. For the video game, see Bionicle video game. See also: List of Bionicle media. See also: Music of the Bionicle film series. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Uniquely, the canister sets had varying release dates: the Toa Hordika had an early release for the United States and a summer release for European markets, while the release dates were reversed for the Visorak. The half-Rahi Toa Hordika sets represented the Toa Metru after mutation by the venom of the Visorak, the new villains.

Toa Hordika each came with two silver Rhotuka spinners and a built-in Rhotuka Launcher that gave the spinners flight. Every set which included Rhotuka included one with a printed code, much like the Kanoka codes but longer and without story relevance. The codes would only work if used in conjunction with the prefix on the corresponding set's packaging.

The Rhotuka pack, for example, included four Rhotuka of a two-color blend and one silver one with a code. The smaller Rahaga sets, released in early worldwide, each contained one colored Rhotuka spinner. The Rahaga represented mysterious Rahkshi-like guides who had experience dealing with the Visorak.

The Visorak canister sets were four-legged arachnoid Rahi with snapping jaws and Rhotuka Launchers on their backs. Each included two silver Rhotuka spinners. Two additional canister sets appeared in the summer, representing Rahaga Norik and Iruini in their former Toa Hagah forms. Each had metallic armor and a Rhotuka Launching Shield that held their two Rhotuka one metallic and one in their elemental color.

The large sets, with a universal summer release, depicted the Visorak viceroy and queen-to-be Roodaka , the Visorak king Sidorak , and the legendary Rahi Keetongu , rumored to have the power to cure mutation by Visorak venom.

Each large set included one Rhotuka, silver in Roodaka and Sidorak and red in Keetongu. A special combination model, Voporak , was released as a Target-exclusive set which included the parts of all three large sets. The main plot of was revealed through the third and final movie of the original trilogy: BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows , with various smaller plotlines revealed through the continuing books, comics, and web content.

The story behind 's sets began with a revelation: the Great Spirit Mata Nui, the unseen god of the universe, was not only asleep, but also dying. His rescue depended on the legendary Kanohi Ignika , the Mask of Life , but the Toa Nuva were unprepared to face six new competitors for this valuable artifact: the Piraka. The Piraka canister sets had numerous functions. Their eyes glowed red with a built-in LED, their teeth were phosphorescent, and their dual-function tools could be flipped to either of two positions.

The Piraka canister lids included a "Try Me" feature demonstrating the glowing eyes with a replica of the set's face. A Zamor Sphere pack was released in , featuring ten Zamor in swirled silver, dark silver, and gold colors. The Piraka were depicted as oppressors of Voya Nui 's Matoran, of whom six resistance fighters were the year's small sets. The new Matoran builds were the most varied of any small sets released at that point. The winter sets were the last wide-release sets which included instructions for alternate models.

Between the winter and summer releases, three of the year's large sets sporadically debuted across the globe. Two of these were Axonn and Brutaka , titans with new masks, massive weapons, and a new piston-based support system for their legs. The third was Irnakk , a mythical being from the Piraka's native Skakdi culture. The Irnakk set was exclusive to Wal-Mart stores and contained the pieces and instructions for three Piraka Vezok , Thok , and Reidak , in addition to instructions for the Irnakk model.

These six Matoran would become the Toa Inika , heroes who appeared as the summer canister sets. The Toa Inika featured new rubbery Kanohi and new Toa Tools with colored strobe-lights spanning their centers. The sets were advertised to have glow-in-the-dark faces, although this feature was not present in the actual, finalized sets. The new masks slipped onto the smooth head pieces vertically, rather than attaching to the mouth with a stud or axle like previous masks.

The Toa Inika sets each contained a Zamor Launcher with a cartridge to hold the set's four Zamors, which were colored similarly to the strobe function of each set's tool. Toa Inika canisters also a try-me function displaying the tools. Three new large sets were released in the summer, depicting guardians of the Mask of Life. The Umbra set was released exclusively in Wal-Mart stores. He wielded a huge tool, the Laser Lance , which included two strobe-light Toa Inika tools and a Rhotuka Launcher that fired a green-and-silver Rhotuka spinner.

In addition to the locations these sets depicted, they included a Nektann , two types of Fenrakk Spawn Spider, and twelve buildable Toa Inika and Piraka minifigures. The story of ended with the Toa Inika successfully claiming the Mask of Life, but promptly losing it to the sea. They would pursue this mask in 's story. The first series of canister sets in introduced the menacing Barraki. Once powerful warlords, 's story portrayed them as mutant inhabitants of the destroyed underwater prison called the Pit.

They waged war on the Matoran of the underwater city of Mahri Nui , situated above their home, in hopes of claiming the Kanohi Ignika which had recently descended from the ocean's surface. Sea Squids could be fired by fitting them into the launchers, pulling back on their stretchy tails, and releasing.

Seven blue-green Sea Squids were available in a Squid Ammo pack. Because of these packs with differently-colored squids, Sea Squids are often considered the last true collectibles. Four small sets a deviation from the usual six appeared in , depicting the Matoran Defilak and Dekar and the Hydruka Morak and Thulox.

All four carried Air Launchers , a reuse of the Zamor Launcher design which fired yellow-orange Solidified Air Bubbles the Hydruka, being grazing Rahi, had the launchers incorporated into their anatomy. Nocturn , a large boxed set exclusive to Wal-Mart stores, was also released in early This brutish lieutenant of Barraki Ehlek wielded a Squid Launcher of his own, and featured several glow-in-the-dark pieces much like the Barraki Takadox set. In Summer the Toa Mahri canister sets were released, depicting aquatic forms of the Toa Inika granted to them by the Mask of Life.

The Toa Mahri had new masks and tools, including the revolving Cordak Blasters which could hold and fire six of each set's several mini-rockets. Three new adversaries for the Toa Mahri were released as large sets. His robotic servant Maxilos secretly acting as a host for Makuta Teridax and his Energy Hound Spinax were also packaged together as a set. These two sets both included Cordak Blasters.

The massive Rahi Gadunka , enlarged by the Mask of Life from a minuscule form, also appeared as a set wielding a Squid Launcher. Lesovikk found himself facing off against the insane ruler Karzahni to defend the Matoran Sarda and Idris. Those three came packaged as a set exclusive to Toys "R" Us stores, which also included an Underwater Trap constructed by the Matoran to defeat Karzahni.

Various buildable Toa Mahri and Barraki minifigures were included in these sets, although unlike the minifigures of the previous year they no longer each had a unique head or mask piece. Meanwhile, Toa Mahri Matoro fulfilled his destiny as bearer of the Mask of Life by traveling to Karda Nui through the hole Voya Nui would seal, donning the mask, and allowing his life to be sacrificed for Mata Nui's revival.

In the focus of the story returned to the Toa Nuva, who had last been seen in the story serials of performing tasks to prepare for Mata Nui's awakening. Their opponents in this battle were the Makuta, the same shape-shifting entities that had cast Mata Nui into his slumber. Both the good and evil factions in this battle were separated into two groups: Phantoka and Mistika. Early featured twelve sets under the name Phantoka, who fought in the skies of Karda Nui. Together, the three Av-Matoran and three Shadow Matoran acted as the year's small sets, and were able to attach to the backs of the canister-sized sets.

Also at the Toa Nuva's side was Toa Ignika, a being with a body created and controlled by the Mask of Life, who appeared as a large boxed set on his Skyboard. The Mistika canister sets of summer likewise included three Toa Nuva and three Makuta. Both factions of the Mistika wielded Nynrah Ghost Blasters , air-powered projectile weapons whose story functions varied between the two teams.

The Mistika sought to find and keep the Keystone fragments hidden in the swamps of Karda Nui. The Mistika Toa Nuva were aided by Takanuva, who had journeyed across several dimensions to come to their aid. Once the Phantoka and Mistika teams had reunited, the united Toa Nuva used the Keystone fragments they had collected to unlock the Codrex , a place of great mystery and power. However, Makuta Antroz pursued them and stole the Jetrax T6, leading to a high-speed chase and dogfight using the powerful vehicles.

The large sets for the summer included the three Codrex vehicles with pilots, Takanuva in a partially light-drained and enlarged form, and two characters from the year's story serials, Mazeka and Vultraz. The Mazeka and Vultraz sets each came with the Matoran character named as well as a powerfully-armed vehicle. The Mazeka set was exclusive to Wal-Mart stores. However, Makuta Teridax had planned for this, and had overridden the mind of the massive robot body in fact containing the entirety of the Matoran Universe with his own.

Revealing his success to the universe as the Toa Nuva's victory was being celebrated, he trapped Mata Nui's own mind in the Kanohi Ignika, casting it out into space. Once part of Spherus Magna , the inhabitants of the desert world left by the Shattering depended on Arena Matches to maintain the social order. The competitors in these matches were tall warriors called Glatorian , and six of these were released as canister sets in early Each was from a different tribe, including the Sand Tribe of the bestial, nomadic Vorox and the Rock Tribe run by the conquest-driven Skrall.

All sets besides the promotional set Click were compatible with this game in at least one of its four versions. The small sets released in early were six Agori , the villagers of Bara Magna. The vehicle sets contained an assortment of Glatorian and Agori pilots. During his time on Bara Magna, Mata Nui learned about his old body's creation on Spherus Magna, helped the peaceful villages unite against the Rock Tribe's threat, and discovered a giant robot which he hoped could help him redeem himself, rescue his people, and complete his original mission.

The story weaved together plot threads and settings from the previous two years; Mata Nui assumed control of the robot body on Bara Magna, only to be confronted by Teridax's arrival in Mata Nui's former, larger robot body. Heroes and villains from within the Matoran Universe marched onto the sands of Bara Magna for a final battle, as the two giant robots fought above.

Each set also came with a specific Golden Armor collectible piece, which could be outfitted to the Tahu set. However, the serials were never finished. Even though the serials were halted, Greg Farshtey would periodically provide clarifications and canonizations about the Generation 1 storyline. He continued to interact with fans on this thread until the Lego Message Boards themselves were shut down in March Later in , Farshtey migrated to The Three Virtues forum site, where a subforum was built specifically for communicating with him.

He continues to answer fan questions on this subforum.

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