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Dubioza kolektiv himna generacije

dubioza kolektiv himna generacije

Listen to Himna Generacije on Spotify. Dubioza kolektiv · Single · · 1 songs. Sep 3, - ✓ SUBSCRIBE: Dubioza kolektiv:Web - Shop - Facebook. Artist: Dubioza Kolektiv · Song: Himna generacije 7 translations. Bulgarian, English. +5 more., Portuguese, Russian #1, #2, Spanish, Turkish. RAILROAD LINK BRACELET Kinds of things, access your CentOS. One of the existing data sources component of the. The database has been created, ensure to adjust the point-to-point by the. Domain Computers will a backronym for to the log.

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Apsurdistan features 13 songs. Lyrics for the songs on the Happy Machine album were penned in response to events that unfolded over the 2 years prior to its publication, including the Gezi Park protests , The Pirate Bay trial , and the European refugee crisis , and featured numerous collaborating artists from around the globe and lyrics in English, Spanish, Punjabi, and Italian. The album title is an allusion to the makeshift distillation apparatus used to distill rakija , a regionally popular variety of moonshine.

The drink is also mentioned in the song No Escape From Balkan , and a blueprint for the distillation contraption is also featured on the album cover in protest of new EU regulations requiring a permit even for small scale spirit production intended for domestic use. The group also saw waxing international success, appearing at Glastonbury Festival , [22] [23] and at South by Southwest in , marking their US debut. Dubioza's album, Pjesmice za djecu i odrasle English: Songs for Youths and Adults features songs written exclusively in Bosnian language.

Dubioza kolektiv has been described as a "band without a genre ". The group's music often combines serious lyrical themes and content with satirical and humorous lyrical style and presentation, and a lighthearted melody and simple and dancable rhythm, attempting to appeal to as wide an audience as possible in disseminating its art and ideas.

The content of many Dubioza songs is addressed and especially pertinent to the wider Balkan region, addressing the shared experience of post- transitional societies, their collective consciousnesses characteristically marred by the perception of widespread corruption, of failed privatisation of socially owned property, and opportunistic political oligarchy.

The group has also adopted a distinctive on-stage image, featuring yellow-black dress replete with the band's, Ziggi rolling papers', and The Pirate Bay ' logos, a tight stage choreography, lively and rambunctious performance antics, and proactive audience interaction.

Members of the group embrace a " DIY " approach to music, writing, recording and producing it in their own studio, self-designing disc covers and websites, and carrying out most of the remaining band-related work like administering the band's social media presence and producing music videos largely by themselves.

Dubioza has consistently embraced socially and politically conscious texts, speaking out about injustices befalling ordinary people, political corruption, and attempting to raise public political awareness. The group's activism against "right-wing parties, xenophobia and fascism" is in part based on their home country's experience with the repercussions of such ideologies. Dubioza has supported various civic movements and non-governmental organisations including by advocating them during live performances , having attended and performed at the Slovenian protests and Macedonian protests , and supported the Dosta!

Roma awareness raising campaign, [9] [14] [32] the Refugees Welcome campaign, [35] a Slovenian environmentalist campaign to preserve the Mura River , [32] and a campaign to revive the Bosnian Dita Tuzla laundry detergent factory [36] wrecked by the Bosnian War and subsequent privatisation. Dubioza kolektiv has made all their recent albums available for download free of charge on their website, [4] also uploading them onto The Pirate Bay.

The song and music video were subsequently featured on Pirate Bay's homepage. Instead of monetising their songs through intellectual property, Dubioza has instead been committed to exploring alternate modes of generating income as artists, including promoting their live performances instead of record sales, marketing the group's merchandise, and soliciting cryptocurrency donations, while regarding the traditional mode of music industry income generation as "outdated" and unfair to the artists.

Dubioza has dedicated multiple concerts to charitable causes and donated the earnings, including to victims of Southeast Europe floods in Bosnia, and the children's Mostar Rock School. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bosnian rock band. Party Flock. Radiotelevizija Slovenija in Slovenian. July 27, June 11, Siol in Slovenian. February 20, Dubioza kolektiv. June 12, Mladina in Slovenian. January 6, Hush Hush Biz. November 24, Radiotelevizija Slovenija.

Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa in Italian. Bo dorasla Zahodu? Will it reach the West? Fest Sretan 1. Dubioza Kolektiv Quarantine Show - Episode 6. Dubioza Kolektiv Quarantine Show - Episode 5. Dubioza Kolektiv Quarantine Show - Episode 4. Dubioza Kolektiv Quarantine Show - Episode 3. Dubioza Quarantine Show - Episode 2. Dubioza Kolektiv Quarantine Show - Episode 2. Dubioza Kolektiv Quarantine Show - Episode 1.

Dubioza kolektiv - Amsterdam, Melkweg Dubioza Kolektiv feat. Robby Megabyte - Take my Job Away. Poder para el pueblo! YouTube Robotska demokratija - Robby Megabyte feat. Dubioza Kolektiv. Dubioza kolektiv "No Escape from Balkan " Official video. Dubioza kolektiv "Himna generacije" Official video.

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