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The answer is: No. The health benefits we are getting from the yellow-green meat of an avocado is a different story for cats. According to the Pet Poison. Should cats eat avocados? No, your cat should not eat avocado. Even though the delicious fruit has many wholesome ingredients for humans, avocados contain. One of the great things about avocados is that they are safe for cats to eat. Dr. Rebello, Emergency Medical Director with NorthStar VETS. WAZAPP This setting can be applied to. Ensure that the base license is to which is for a specified. The minimum and you for your you, click Apply long as the trees, rename and or can be.

In other animals, toxicity is most consistently related to the cardiopulmonary system, with signs including shortness of breath and cardiac dysfunction. In , the toxin responsible was identified as persin. Persin is concentrated in the leaves and bark of the avocado tree, though it is also present in the seed and skin, from which small quantities may leach into the fruit.

There are differences in the level of persin, and the level of toxicity, in different avocado varieties. Though avocado skins and seeds are known to contain persin, and contamination of the fruit is also possible, there is no evidence for toxicity in cats fed avocado to date. If your cat enjoys avocado, feeding small pieces no more than 15g of ripe fruit is unlikely to be harmful.

But that being said, no real serving of avocado to cats can be safely advised. Considering that avocado contains a known toxin, it is not recommended to intentionally feed avocado to cats. Just as there is a lack of data regarding toxic effects, there is similarly no data to demonstrate a safe intake level for cats. Avocado oil is also popular for the health benefits it may convey for people.

The oil is predominantly derived from the avocado fruit, and would therefore likely be safe for feeding to cats. However, traces of oil from avocado seeds are found in commercial avocado oils. Considering that the seed is a more concentrated source of the toxin persin, this may pose more of a risk to cat health.

Laboratory studies with rats have demonstrated harm when fed avocado oils containing fractions from avocado seed 4. There is no current evidence to demonstrate any benefits of feeding avocado to cats. However, one study from a prominent pet nutrition research institution looked at the use of avocado pulp in feline diets. In the experiment, avocado meal, derived from the pulp leftover after oil extraction, was fed to cats for three weeks.

There were no adverse effects detected, and the research team concluded that avocado meal may be an acceptable ingredient for use in cat diets 5. It is possible that small amounts of avocado fed to cats or included in cat foods could convey similar beneficial properties as they do for humans, but veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists do not have enough information at this time to say whether avocado is beneficial for cats.

Though avocado fruit is known to contain small amounts of the toxin persin, there has been no evidence to demonstrate that this is as toxic to cats as it is to some other animals. The seed and skin have higher levels of persin, and these should be avoided. Check out this US Library of Medicine study on avocado toxicity for cats. Persin exists in greater concentration in the rind and leaves of the avocado. That means if your cat gets ahold of the skin, the brown part you discard, you probably want to take it away.

Since your cat is obviously a lot smaller than you, even the small amount of persin in the green part of the avocado might be dangerous if they eat enough. Another good reason to limit the amount of avocado in your cat's diet is the high degree of calories and cholesterol.

As with the toxic persin, our cats are much smaller and therefore much more susceptible to the dangers of even a small amount. Avocado toxicity can also cause an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea which is never fun for anyone. Check out all of our cute cat shirts for women on our shop!

The part of the avocado you actually should be most wary of, however, is the hard avocado pit at the center of the fruit. It can seem like a ball or toy to a cat, but it's big enough to block airways and cause other problems. For humans, avocado can be healthy for humans, containing lots of fiber and important minerals. Avocado toast was touted as a healthy but tasty alternative to more sugary breakfasts, after all.

Avocado oil is often used for similar reasons and because it can add a subtle avocado flavor to whatever you're cooking. However, many of the same concerns about avocados can also be applied to avocado oil. In particular, oils can often contain higher amounts of persin toxin, as the rind or leaves of the plant are sometimes used in the making of oil. As with the fruit itself, the amounts are not large enough to be a danger to humans.

In small amounts, it may not be a problem. Avocado oil shouldn't be a regular part of your cat's diet, nor should it be used as a dietary supplement of some kind. As an alternative, use sesame seed oil or other oils with similar health benefits and fewer risks. While avocado isn't great for cats, seeing your cat take a bite or two isn't any reason to panic.

Guacamole, on the other hand, should not be on the menu. Cats are antisocial anyway, they don't mind missing out on the chips and dip. You can probably find a dozen great recipes for avocado with a few moment's searching. However, there are a few key ingredients that you'll find in any good bowl of guac. Top of the list is garlic, usually accompanied by onions.

It's a classic pairing that tastes delicious in all sorts of dishes. However, both these tasty ingredients are highly toxic to cats. Garlic is bad, in particular, and is considered to be about 5 times as toxic as onions. Your pet doesn't need a lot of either to have stomach problems. More can lead to really serious problems.

Looking for a gift for your cat loving friend? Check out our funny cat coffee mugs! The most insidious part is that symptoms may not show up immediately, instead taking a day or two appear. As we've already mentioned, the avocado tree produces the toxin persin as a defense against mold and fungus. The fruit, the green part that gets smeared on toast, doesn't have much of the toxin in it and is perfectly safe for human people, though less so for furry, four-legged people.

The avocado plant can be a nice houseplant, particularly as it's cheap as can be. You can just suspend the hard pit in some water and wait until it sprouts. Transfer it into a pot of soil and it will grow into a tall and leafy tree perfect for a home. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the plant including the bark, leaves, and branches contain persin in much larger concentrations.

It may seem like you can simply keep an eye on your cat and prevent them from chewing on a leaf. However, it's important to understand that one way for small amounts of poison to cause a problem is by ingesting small amounts over a period of time. Even if you just miss one leaf every so often, it will add up to a larger problem. Avocado plants probably don't make a great combination with pets.

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